a staircase

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Apparently there was a professor giving a tour of the college to a few high schoolers awhile back. They took the kids up a staircase that is barely used... And they found two kids in the staircase, one was giving a blowjob. Luckily the teacher ran them off before the kids saw.

I awoke a few hours before dawn to dizziness.  After bathing and drinking water, I resolved to get a better bearing on my surroundings, identify a few pieces I could take with me, and leave this place.

After what seemed to be hours, I found myself to be completely lost in the castle.  I made my way through a winding staircase which was obscured behind a shelf in the study.

Winding through long, subterranean tunnels, I came into one lit well by torches and candles.

There, I came into what appeared to be the family crypt, with coffins, tombstones, and urns spread about.  My phone, which has been offline since arriving, unable to find a signal, read 6:30 AM, but being underground, I cannot see the light that must be beginning to pierce the sky.

Update: Spiral Staircase

So this is where I am so far with the spiral staircase. It is currently functional in game as a decorative object. I’m tearing apart code and building new in an effort to make it work. The animation part will be easy. Coding is a pain..lol.