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Philando Castile’s family reaches $3 million settlement with Minnesota police

  • The Minneapolis suburb where a police officer fatally shot Philando Castile in 2016 has reached a settlement with his mother, Valerie Castile, the Associated Press reported Monday. 
  • According to Valerie Castile’s attorneys, the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota, has agreed to pay nearly $3 million to avoid a federal wrongful death lawsuit over the 32-year-old’s July 6 shooting death.
  • The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, St. Anthony’s liability insurer, will pay out the $2.995 million settlement, which requires approval by a state court, according to the AP. Read more (6/26/17)

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Florida made history with the state’s first ever transgender pride parade! Originally this was a separate mini parade, but after we did our parade, the parade organizers decided to not only put us in the big parade, but also LEAD it. So the largest gay pride parade in Florida was lead by proud trans folk and our allies! I’m so glad I got to walk in this parade alongside such amazing people ❤💛💚💙💜


“Are you sure you don’t want some company?” Ellery perched anxiously on the armchair in his daughter’s room, watching her pull dresses from her wardrobe and toss them into a pile on the floor. “I could book another ticket; take a week or two off work.”

“I’m sure Papa; I’m twenty-one - I need to do this on my own. You don’t even like libraries very much; you’d find it awfully boring.”

He chuckled. “I suppose you’re right. I can’t quite think of anything more dull than spending my first overseas adventure staring at old books.”

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