a spring festival to remember


About the pot of flower Yixing mentioned in his Weibo today: 

“My first time on the Spring Festival Gala 
I’ve never seen such a large spectacle
I was afraid to take out my phone so I stealthily took a photo of the pot of flower 
In the past, I always watched this pot of flower from home 
The dream that I had for tens plus some years, was fulfilled satisfactorily today…”

The flower Yixing mentioned is a type of Narcissus called the Chinese sacred lily. It’s a type flower you associate with Chinese new year as it blooms in the winter and that it symbolizes yearning and reunion. Chinese new year is basically the largest annual human migration, as so many people try to go back home so they can be reunited with their family. A lot people in China (on average of 700 million according to wiki) have the tradition of sitting down with their family to watch the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV. 

I also remember seeing those little pots of flower on the television screen…on the important people’s tables near the very front of the stage. I’m glad he got to sit at a VIP table and also got to sneak a photo or two but most importantly, I’m happy that he got to check another dream off of his list.

[AU] A Spring Festival To Remember || iceypast

A night full of wonderful festivities in the town of Magnolia. The town was known for it’s random festivals that happen within the year. This year theme was a Spring Festival. Nice weather was approaching the town and flowers were starting to bloom. Nothing excites festivals than the celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia. Spring was her favorite season since she was very into flowers. Her mother Layla would grow flowers all over the family’s garden and she taught the celestial mage what each flower meant. It was a tradition for Lucy to attend the Spring Festival, only because it reminded her of the memories she had with her mother.

Walking around the crowd, the blonde could just smile at the atmosphere around her. The fact that people were excited and wanted to take their own flowers home, it made her a little happy inside. The moon was shining brightly and Lucy couldn’t stop staring at it. Clumsy as she can be, she was out of space and collided with someone who was in front of her. Falling back, the blonde rubbed her head gently. Gosh Lucy, get your head straight She looked up, panicking slightly at the person who she just bumped into!

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?!” She panicked before realizing who it was that she bumped into.

“Oh Lyon! I feel so bad now! I’m so sorry!”