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CSBB Countdown: Artist Spotlights

(We’re counting down to the 2017 CSBB! Posting begins August 22nd!)

We’re so grateful to have so many talented artists participating in the Captain Swan Big Bang this year! We have an incredibly wide variety of types and styles of art, and we know you’re all going to be blown away by these amazing visuals.

As part of the CSBB, we did spotlights on our participants, where we asked them lots of questions and then shared their answers and some of their favorite works. We posted these spotlights throughout the past several months, but we have all of them here for you to look through again!

(Please keep in mind that we’ve had artists drop out since their spotlights were posted, but we still want to give those people some love, so they’re still included here!)

Click here to check out all the Artist Spotlights, so you can get to know our artists and look at some of their lovely artwork!

Captain Swan Sunday Spotlight

Hi fandom!

Whether or not you’re sticking around for Season 7, I think we can all agree that we already have oodles of material to keep us happy in Captain Swan heaven for a good long while.

In conjunction with Captain Swan Day activities run by the lovely @cat-sophia​, I will be rewatching one CS “Spotlight” episode every Sunday and if you can spare 45 minutes to join me (figuratively) then I would love for you to all get involved.

Along with my own precious thoughts and random flail, I’ll be reblogging gorgeous creations surrounding the featured episode from our very talented fandom. Come join in!

We have so much inspiration to draw from their beautiful love story, so let’s keep creating and perpetuating the message about what makes this ship and this fandom so close to all of our hearts.

If you have suggestions for the first spotlight episode, drop me a message or leave a comment.

Much love, shipmates xoxo

Nintendo Spotlight 2017 recap
Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

Want to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories? Well now’s your chance!

Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

Click Keep Reading to see part one of the interview!

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