a sporting life!

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TWITTER  NAME : @ highballjordan ( personal ), @ GL_2814.1 ( verified ) 
NUMBER  OF  FOLLOWERS  ON  TWITTER : 6,436 ( personal ), 13.6mil ( verified ) 
WHAT  DO  THEY  POST  ABOUT ? petty subtweets @ Bruce Wayne ( personal ), space shenanigans ( verified )
FACEBOOK  NAME : Harold Jordan ( Hal ) 
WHAT  DO  THEY  POST  ABOUT ?  bitter sports/life updates, pics of day to day life 
WHAT  KIND  OF  PICTURES  DO  THEY  UPLOAD ? selfies, jet planes, cool pics of space
SNAPCHAT : xxhighballxx
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  THEY  UPLOAD  ON  MY  STORY : videos of him during test flights, selfies, pics of food & drinks 
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  THEY  UPLOAD  DIRECTLY  AT  PEOPLE : selfies, super close ups of Bruce’s face during League meetings, clips of Batman speaking with the sped-up filter 


TYPE  OF  PHONE  THEY  OWN : BlackBerry KeyOne 
5  LATEST  PEOPLE  THEY  CALLED : Carol, Barry, Barry, Jim, Ollie 
WHO  WERE  THEIR  LAST  5  MISSED  CALLS  FROM : Jack, Jack, Carol, Dinah, Jack
LATEST  TEXT  AND  WHO  FROM : Jack: I need a babysitter. Are you around? 
LATEST  PICTURE  THEY  TEXTED :  an extreme close-up of Bruce’s left nostril that he sent to Barry 
LATEST  VIDEO  THEY  TEXTED: A video sent to Dinah, giving her an update on his latest mission in space 
TYPE  OF  PICTURES  ON  THEIR  PHONES : Lots and lots of space pics as well as the 2343284375 selfies Barry & Sierra  take after stealing Hal’s phone when he’s drunk . 
TYPE  OF  VIDEOS  ON  THEIR  PHONE : Videos of stupid shit Barry and Sierra do after stealing Hal’s phone  
ANYTHING  ON  THEIR  PHONE  THEY  DON’T  WANT  PEOPLE  TO  SEE : explicit pics sent to him from @lifewilled

5  MOST  USED  APPS: snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram, & web 
WHO  THEY  CALL  MOST  OFTEN: Carol, Barry, & Jim 
WHO  THEY  TEXT  MOST  OFTEN: Barry, Dinah, & Sierra 
LATEST  VOICE  MESSAGE  AND  WHO  IT’S  FROM: Jack yelling at him to stop ignoring his calls 
BACKGROUND  PICTURE  ON  THEIR  PHONE : Some nebula probably

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you almost never realise when it’s going to be the last time you speak to someone, visit a special place, or do something you love with people you love being around. but then it’s over and you wish you could go back and do it all again, but you cant, so dont take those moments for granted 

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,


I’ve always wanted to do that! 🏐🏀


This video blows me away! 😍😱😍🏐🏐😍😱

All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it’s impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not to strength to suffer
—  Niccolò Machiavelli