a sport that's not hockey

"Get Low" is actually about Hockey

To the window

To the wall

To the sweat drop down my balls 

To all these bitches crawl 

To all skate skate motherfucker

To all skate skate god damn

To all skate skate motherfucker

To all skate skate god damn

Imagine that in middle school Kiyoko was a sporting legend. She excelled at track and field, especially in sprints, pole vault and the hurdles, and she also played basketball, baseball and field hockey on the side. However, she suffered an injury to her leg before entering high school and had to give up her athletic life. Her friend Yui saw how she felt about this, and dropped hints about the boys volleyball team needing a manager. Kiyoko joined out of curiosity and she hasn’t looked back.

anonymous asked:

which sport would everyone play?? and by everyone...i mean like the paladins + Allura and coran...

Ooo this is interesting

-I dont know why but baseball comes to mind for him
-probably experimented with basketball

-Soccer but is really bad at it
-mostly benchwarmer
-srry lance

-Martial arts is a sport technically right?
-Also probably hockey??

-Swimmer thats the only sport I can see him doing
-pretty good

-roller derby
-a little sassy asskicker

-Is super cool at golf
-also does roller derby with pidge
-people are terrified at their power together

-He definitely does rugby
-probably tennis also
-maybe track?

My heart goes out to the Sens. Good luck in the playoffs, play for him. Just wish we werent playing against each other in the first round.
No matter which team you root for, these moments bring us closer than any other sport and thats what I love.

RIP Mark Reeds