a spoonful of honey

Therapist: so every time you binge, it’s your body fighting to stay alive because you haven’t eaten in so long and that’s why you can’t stop a binge

Me[slightly amused]: ok but I can stop a binge

Therapist: how?

Me: I eat a spoonful of peanut butter, a spoon full of honey, and three glasses of tea

Therapist: but see that’s a lot of calories, you’re craving high calorie things to stay alive

Me[mentally]: well guess who can’t eat peanut butter or honey anymore mother fucker

100 nonbinary little names

♡little one
♡love bug
♡little love
♡angel baby
♡little fox
♡your grace
♡your highness
♡little fox
♡their birthstone (onyx, amethyst, peridot)
♡little bee
♡baby bear
♡cuddle bug
♡little spoon
♡pooh bear
♡sugar baby
♡little frog
♡honey bunch
♡my love
♡my heart
♡boo boo
♡teddy bear
♡sugar bear
♡ginger bread
♡peach pie
♡honey bee
♡pumpkin pie
♡baby bean
♡cutie pie
♡super hero
♡baby bear
♡little lion
♡baby cakes

  • some reviewers: ugh i hate purple prose
  • me, sinking into the viscous pool of purple prose like a spoon dipped into honey, like a tear falling into a puddle, swimming through it like some nightmare fish of the deep who knows nothing except that it is darkness and mystery and strangeness and that it belongs here in the depths of the blue and violet sea, safe from the endless lapping waves above and the sunlight that sparks and flares on their tips, lighting the azure ocean into an endless expanse of jewels: can't relate
Siren Allure Spell

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Sirens are dangerous creatures, who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This spell is used to bring allure to your speaking and singing voice, to enchant those around you.  It is best used when a witch is wanting to kill it at an interview, dominate a speech, or perform like the greatest diva.  And it is so simple!


–tablespoon of honey
–bowl of sea salt
–glass of water


  1. Begin outside.  (If you are near a body of water, this would be even better.)  Toss a pinch of salt in each of the four directions, saying:
    Northern sirens of rivers carving stone and dark depths, aid me.
    Eastern sirens of cliff drops into jetties and sea spray, aid me.
    Southern sirens of pale sands and hot lava rock, aid me.
    Western sirens of endless horizon and ancient shipwrecks, aid me.
  2. Make a circle with the remaining sea salt, large enough for you to stand in, and step into it.  Shut your eyes.  Envision the tide rolling in over your toes, kissing your ankles, and drawing you out waist deep.  
  3. Open your eyes and distribute your honey onto a spoon.  Recite the following chant:
    For words sweetened as fresh honey,
    for song as powerful as hurricane gales,
    for confidence as strong as undertow,
    for appearance as alluring as siren maidens.
    I am one with the sea and the sea is in me.
  4. Consume the honey.  Let its warmth spread over your tongue, along your teeth, down your throat, and into your stomach.  Concentrate on that heat and feel it spread through your veins.
  5. Taking your glass of water, drink the entirety of it.  When you are finished, say: My siren spell begins now and all will be enchanted.
  6. Step out of the circle and your spell is complete.  It should last one full day.

Hope this helps, darlings!

“Lavender Milk & Honey Feel Good” Potion

A simple little potion that anyone can do. And don’t worry I’ll list vegan alternatives for any vegan witches who want to make this “feel good” potion too.

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What You’ll Need

*Vegan alternatives

  • Lavender-infused milk
  • *Lavender-infused soy/almond milk
  • Honey
  • *Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup
  • Your favorite cup/mug
  • Intent

What To Do

  • Warm up your milk.
  • Pour milk into your favorite cup/mug.
  • Spoon in 2 tablespoons of honey/alternative and while spooning say/think “I feel good, I am good.”
  • Stir and say/think “Nothing can bring me down.”
  • Take a freaking sip boos.
Ostara Tea

since i cant do much for Ostara this year i figured the least i could do is come up with a nice tea recipe in celebration for it, i came up with this from what herbs i have on hand here at school. 


  • ¼th lavender 
  • 1part rose 
  • 1 part lemon balm
  • 1/2 chamomile 
  • ¼th rosemary 
  • a pinch of cinnamon 
  • a healthy splash or two of milk
  • a good spoonful of honey (preferably local) 

boil water,  then steep herbs mixture for  5-10 minutes once steeped strain/ remove the herbs. then add the honey and milk. Serve in your favorite mug and enjoy.

Also dont forget to leave some outside as an offering. (i usually pour it onto the roots of one of my favorite trees) 


ALWAYS research herbs and other ingredients before use to make sure they wont cause any medical complications 

some tips from your local depressed college student
  • cheap paper towels + hydrogen peroxide = acne treatment (just be careful not to bleach your eyebrows unless you’re into that idk)
  • use the acne face soap on your chest, upper back, and shoulders instead, since it doesn’t do shit for your face (or at least not mine)
  • no one is stopping you from bushing your teeth in the shower except yourself (just eliminating that extra step of going to the sink makes it so much easier for me)
  • did you know you’re actually supposed to put on stick deodorant at night??? It has time to absorb while u sleep or stare at the ceiling in dispair whichever works best for u
  • carrots and/or apples dipped in peanut butter = dinner (or just plain peanut butter but it helps to get a lil something extra if you can manage it)
  • if you give yourself an allowance of skip days (i’m talking like 3 or 4 max) then it can be easier to go to class if you remind yourself “i only have 2 skip days left, I’m gonna save them until I REALLY need them” (think of skip days like non-essential items in a video game - you could use them now, but what if you really need them during the final boss battle later on??)
  • the velveeta microwave dinners aren’t great but they’re cheap and better than some other options out there. the mac n cheese w/ meat ones can smell a bit like dog food but they still taste pretty good
  • if you like peppermint hot chocolate - save the after dinner mints you get at places like Chik Fil A and italian restaurants and such and then drop a couple in your mug before you put it in the microwave. boom. 
  • if you’ve got a sore throat, just take a spoonful of honey (or squirt it directly from the bottle to your mouth if you’re a heathen like me) and go find a hot drink
  • for essays - highlight/number/circle/whatever you want to do to make ‘em stand out the quotes you want to use in your paper, then go take a shower or get something to eat or just watch like a 15-20 minute video on YouTube and then come back to your paper, pop those fuckin’ quotes in the right order, and write in the smart bullshit around them
  • okay actually the one thing that I will spend a little extra money on is cough drops bc i get a sore throat all the damn time and the only kind i will buy anymore is Halls Breezers they taste like candy instead of koala shit my personal favorite is cool berry but the orange creme ones are good too honestly these cough drops have saved my life at least six times now
  • coffee is gr9 but don’t forget to have some water every day too dehydration is NOT FUN (speaking from very painful personal experience)
Full Moon Tea

First part you will need:
Mason Jar
Full Moon

Fill up the mason jar with water and lid it. Put out under a full moon to soak up all that energy. Bring back inside next day.

Second part you will need:
Tea of choice. (I personally like berry type teas for the spell)
Mug of choice
Sugar or honey.

Use your Moon Water and make tea with it. After you’ve heated and steeped the tea, add your preference of sweetener. (If you don’t care for sweet tea then just a pinch for affect will suffice)

Now stir. Stir for a good minute, slowly.
While stirring, hum. Doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune or not. Just get lost in the vibrations of your voice and the swirling of the Moon Water Tea.

After around a minute, take the tea and sip. Take your time. Really enjoy your tea. Do so in a quiet room with either silence or water sounds. Get lost in the moment.

Repeat as often as you would like until out of Moon Water.

May it bring you peace if you so which it.

Easy DIY Cough Syrup

A natural easy cough syrup you can make at home! Original recipe found in Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs, a beginners guide

Take once daily during cold season to stave off the sniffles and cough. 3x daily if you’ve caught sniffles and woke up icky! 

I used most of the honey pictured, a good table spoon of garlic, half the onion and the branch off the ginger. 

(Do not feed honey to infants under 12 months. Melt brown sugar and water instead for infants.)

Peel ginger by rubbing it with a spoon! Peel then Cut the onion in big sickle moons. Compost the peels and ends, save the unused portions in the fridge! 

Slice ginger in large pieces, place everything into a cold pan!

Cover everything in as much honey as you can! Oops! The pan is too small! Switched pans in the next photo! (Do not feed honey to infants under 12 months. Melt brown sugar and water instead for infants.)

Much better! Cover with MORE honey! Until the onions are fully covered/or floating!

Heat on LOW for 20-30 minutes, until the onions are soft.

A little frothy = a little too long, but its ok! Just remember for next time to heat for 5 minutes less, still totally usable but I might have cooked some of the delicate nutrients out of the raw honey. (I did 35 minutes here! DX )

Strain warm honey syrup into a bowl or measuring cup. Compost the bits!

Pour into reusable clean containers you saved from previous condiments! Wide mouth is best for dipping little spoons in for kiddo! Let cool on counter for an hour or so, then place in fridge and take daily until gone! 

I’d recommend tossing any leftovers after 4 weeks, but honey IS a preservative, so technically it could last longer than that, but better to be on the safe side. 

It has a very strong onion-garlic taste.

I am not a trained professional in botany, herbalism, or medicine, I am not a physician or doctor.  

Words of Honey Glamour Spell

A spell to help your compliments sound as sincere and honest as they are; help others take them to heart and to brighten their day.

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You Will Need:

🐝 Honey
🐝 Mirror
🐝 Warm Water

(Warning this spell may be a bit messy due to sticky honey)

Time of Day: best to be performed first thing in the morning


🐝 Mix your honey in a bowl with your warm water until it is a consistency in the middle of honey and water.

🐝 While looking in the mirror apply some of the honey-water to your lips (I recommend using a popsicle stick or spoon, something other than fingers)

🐝 “My words are as sweet as honey, to those who hear, let them soak into their hearts, and make their day sunny”

🐝 Lick your lips after saying this and taste the honey and sweetness, desiring it to be like the words you speak for the day

🐝 Once you have finished your spell you may was your lips of any sticky honey left over and then may begin getting ready for the day

Fasting tips/ tricks/ info Credits to: @fastgirldreamin

fasting tips/tricks/info

Note: I’m always open for Ana/Mia/Fastingg buddies. KIK me at thinnestana if you need one!
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Alright, we all fast. Some do it for 12 hours, some for 72 hours.

What happens when I fast?
First 3-6 hours:

-your body is using up all the sugar and carbs (glucose) in your body. You feel normal. It’s all good.
6-36 hours

-your body is now using fat cells (and will continue to do so after this point as well) but it’s not what your brain wants, so you might be craving foods like pasta and bread and very sweet things because your brain literally thrives on carbs and such

After 36 hours:

-your body is now using PROTEIN to get its energy, you might be experiencing muscle cramps because your body is breaking down muscles and fat to get the energy it needs.


-drink water!! Not only does it keep you healthy but your body is losing a ton of water because carbohydrates cling to water, so when they’re being used, so is the water.

-drink 0 cal vitamin water. You need vitamins especially if you’re doing a particularly long fast. It keeps your brain healthy along with everything else.

-if you feel like you’re going to pass out, but do not want to eat, you may have low blood sugar. A spoon full of honey should help (or a small bottle of juice)

-after 36 hours of 0 cal fasting, if you still don’t want to break the fast, try doing a liquid one (so things like fruit juice, watered down tomato soup, almond milk etc)

-IF YOU ARE DRIVING DURING A FAST, DONT! Your reaction time, and overall reflexes/thought processes are hindered MAJORLY after about 15 hours.

-gum. sugar free gum is a life saver when cravings pop up (normally about 17 hours in for me)

-coffee/caffeine pills/diet pills are all great 0 cal appetite suppressants !

-0 cal sweeteners like Splenda can make water or green tea taste great.

After Fasting:

Your stomach should have shrank if you fasted more than 15 hours, so when breaking a fast:

-try something high carb, low cal, such as plain oatmeal (100) and half a banana with cinnamon (60)

-eat it slowly so that you have time to register that you’re full, a too full stomach after a fast hurts!

-then wait at least 3 hours before your next meal, which should include some protein

-make sure you don’t binge!!

🕊✨ Just Angelic Things: ✨🕊

- Warm milk tea with a spoonful of honey
- Iridescent highlighters
- Big fluffy blankets
- Antiques
- Just a little more vanilla…
- Abandoned places overtaken by nature
- High ceilings and open spaces
- Scribbled poems and scriptures on the closest thing to write on at the time
- Big windows with flowing curtains
- Natural light–as much as we can get or too much to bear.
- “Old soul,” but actually ancient. Possibly pre-existing time itself.
- People watching
- Meddling (either good or bad)
- Daydreaming of times you can’t quite remember, but still feeling a sense of nostalgia for how things were.
- Flowers laced in your hair to make up for the empty space above your head
- Being restlessly awake at ungodly hours of the morning
- Cloud watching & stargazing
- Strongly resonating with things out of the blue
- Feeling tingles or a burning in your core when seeing or hearing reminders of the Divine
- Gilded in bronze, silver, copper, & gold everything
- Humming tunes to ‘modern’ songs because you have long forgotten the hymns you used to sing

11 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence

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Nighttime Sleepy Tea Potion

A simple spell potion for when you need to get some shut eye. 


  • moon water 
  • 1 part chamomile buds
  • 1 part catnip
  • optional: bag of passion flower tea
  • honey to taste

Bring the moon water to a boil, then add catnip, chamomile, and passion flower to a tea diffuser pour the moon water over the mixture into a cup. Steep for five minutes, then remove diffuser. Add at least one spoonful of honey to tea, then stir counterclockwise while visualizing the excess energy leaving your body. Sip before bed, breathing slowly and drinking in the moon’s calming energies. 

Potions - Warm Night

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Hi witches! 

Who doesn’t love a warm, steaming, insanely sweet hot chocolate? This one will radiate happiness and comfort.

let’s get started shall we ?

For this cup of heaven you will need

              • milk / powder chocolate / powder cappucino / honey / acacia honey / vanilla honey / vanilla sugar / vanilla extract / cream & sprinkles !

how to ?

     • fill one half of the mug with milk and the other half with cream, mix it slowly while pouring happiness and warm feelings into it.

• drop one spoon of each honey and mix, imagine the honey being liquid sunshine.

• then drop half a spoon of vanilla sugar and three drops of vanilla extract. mix.

• put it in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds.

• take it out and add the chocolate and the cappucino powders. 

• stir and sprinkle the sprinkles on it.

It’s done !
Enjoy this calming drink !

Witcher Toffee

Dairy Free

The things you’ll need

  • 1 cup honey
  • ½ cup agave
  • 2 cups almond butter
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon almond extract

Let’s get started!

  1. Mix honey, agave, sea salt and extracts in a medium sauce pot and place in a candy thermometer.
  2. Cook the mixture on low heat for 12 minutes, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula. Do not allow the mixture to exceed 250°F.
  3. Add almond butter and cook for an additional 2 to 3 minutes or until it pulls away from the pot.
  4. Remove the mixture from the heat and using a spoon to place it into your mold.
  5. Allow the mixture to cool in the molds and remove them once they have hardened.
  6. TaDa! This Witcher Toffee will make an alliance with your taste buds!