a spooky boys life

Psychic: *reads my mind* 

 My mind: Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh him I love Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh Dun Josh 

 Psychic: what the frick

Hiking (Connor Franta)

    “So why did we come to the woods?” You ask Connor.

    “Because,” he answers, holding your hand, “We need more nature in our life. And this hike is the perfect way to do it.”

    As you climb up a small hill, you take notice of your surroundings. Trees everywhere you look and leaves making a blanket on the ground. You hear a crack every single time you and Connor take a step. And there’s a slight breeze that blows you hair back just a little, relaxing you. It also just rained yesterday, so you can smell the sweet scent of the soil.

    “I guess,” you whine. “But I would have preferred staying in today and watching a movie with you.”

    Connor chuckles. “You are more antisocial than me, and I’m the one who is an Internet addict!”

    You laugh with him, but not because he’s right but because you just rather prefer spending time with him in the comfort of your guys’ home. “Whatever. Let’s just keep walking.”

    A little while of walking in complete silence goes by. But it makes your heart feel warm. You and Connor can go for hours without talking, but you guys still speak volumes. Somehow you can feel Connor telling you that he loves you by just squeezing your hand,putting his arm around your waist, or even just taking a quick glance at you. Just listening to the sound of the birds or a stream closer by gives you a soothing feeling.

    Finally, Connor breaks the silence by saying, “The first one to the stream first wins!” Then he take off sprinting.

    You are caught off guard, but you take him up on his challenge. You are quick on your feet to dash after him, trying to keep up. But Connor only gains speed.

    After playing cat and mouse with Connor for a few minutes, you are able to catch up to him when he stops. He puts his hands on his hips, wrinkling his eyebrows as he catches his breath. “What’s wrong babe?” You ask, also catching your own breath.

    Connor takes a quick look all around him. Then he confesses, ‘I think I ran the wrong way. This doesn’t look familiar.”

    You do your best to try not to panic so much. It’s just a small problem. “Well let’s just go back the way we came and then we can find our way out,” you suggest.

    Connor takes ones last scan around, then agrees. “Okay.” He walks over to hold your hand and then you both begin to walk back the way you guys came.

    At first, things seemed fine. Your surroundings looked somewhat familiar, and it also looked like Connor knew where he was going. But after a while, you start to notice that your vision got a little blurry. It not your eyes though. You can tell that’s it fog all around you guys. You are about to say something when a cold gust of wind hits you both that makes goosebumps run up your arm. You rub the side of your arm, hoping to feel warm again. Your nerves are very high right now. “I think we’re lost,” you finally say.

    Connor sighs. “I know. But it’s so weird. This fog came out of nowhere.”

    For some reason, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You don’t know if the same happened to Connor, but you say, “I don’t like this.”

    “It’s okay,” he says unsurely. “Let me check to see if Google Maps shows a way out.” Then he takes out his IPhone and start to touch the screen.

    As he searches on his phone, you take another look around. You can’t even see the trees in front of you anymore. You stop your movement because you think you hear the sound of leaves cracking, but you just shrug it off, thinking it’s your imagination.

    Connor sighs again, but this time, you can hear the frustration along with it. “It’s don’t get any signal.” Then he roughly shoves his phone back into his pocket.

    You try not to panic as you suggest, “Here, let me see if I get a signal.” You take out your own IPhone. When you unlock it, you press on the Google Maps app. But when it tries to calculate your location, it gives you a message saying that their is a connection error. And sure enough, you don’t receive any data either. “I don’t get any either.” Conor doesn’t say anything, so you have to ask, “What do we do?”

    Connor won’t stop looking around as he answers, “I don’t know. Maybe if-”

    The sound of leaves rustling on the floor makes you jump, moving closer to Connor. You and Connor look in the direction of the sound, but of course, you can’t see a thing. Then it gets closer.

    “Let’s just keep going,” Connor whispers. Then he start to pull you as you guys begin to jog in the opposite direction of the noise.

    It’s a little harder going through the woods now because you have to worry about keeping up with Connor along with trying not to run into any trees. But you are not so careful with your feet when you trip on a tree branch on the ground. You fall on your face and you feel the instant pain through your head.

    Connor hears your thud and rushes over to you. You are already getting to your feet as he helps you. “Are you okay?” He asks concerning.

    You nod as you put your hand to your head. “Yeah, I think so. Connor, I don’t like this. I’m scared. We have no idea where we are.”

    Connor opens his arms to bring you in. You lean into him, feeling his tight arms around you. “It’s okay,” he assures you. “I didn’t mean for us to get lost or to be stuck in this fog, but at least we are together. You are safe with me.”

    Then again, you guys are interrupted by the sound of leaves breaking. Still in Connor’s arms, you both turn. This time, you both just stay frozen, hearing whatever it is get closer. A few daunting seconds go by, and you can finally make out a figure coming through the mist. Your heart starts to race as you can also make out an animal next to it. You hear it growl. “You folks okay?” The figure yells.

    It get close enough, and you let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in. You can now see that it’s a police officer, with his trained dog. The dog is still growling, but the officer tells him to stand down. A feeling if relief runs through your body.

    The officer laughs a little. “Sorry to scare you two. Are you okay? The fog has gotten really heavy today.”

    All of a sudden, things don’t seem as scary as they were a few seconds ago. “Yeah… we’re okay,” Connor answers him, a little confused.

    “I can see you two are a little shook up. It’s okay. They sent a few of us here to find any people who got stuck in the fog. It came without warning, and we knew hikers like you would might get lost. So just follow me back to my car if you two need a ride out of here.”

    You look at Connor and he smiles while he shakes his head. You know he feels just as relieved as you. Then he wraps his arm around your waist and starts to follow the officer.