a special evening with demi lovato

  • parents: why don't you do anything right?
  • idol: you are very special
  • parents: you're useless
  • idol: I appreciate everything you do for me
  • parents: you're too fat/skinny
  • idol: you are beautiful
  • parents: crying won't help. stop this drama.
  • idol: stay strong
  • parents: don't even start
  • idol: i love you
  • parents: i don't understand why you love this idol
Wonderland (Chapter 5B)

Chapter 5B

Any signs of a hangover immediately shed upon seeing the lengthy model and Taylor’s face broke into a toothy smile. She did not hesitate to hop onto the taller girl to give her a crushing bear hug; Karlie wrapped her arms around Taylor’s waist immediately upon contact.

“Oh my God, Karls, I can’t believe you’re here!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Well, seeing that I finished my Dior shoot early so why not take a red-eye flight to come see the birthday princess?” Karlie said with feign nonchalance.

Taylor released the younger girl from the hug, but still stay perched up on Karlie.

Taylor had her arms wrapped around Karlie’s shoulders while she stared at the younger girl affectionately, “You’re so sweet,” Taylor obviously knew from the sound of Karlie’s voice that she’s had it planned beforehand which made it all the more heartwarming.

“Yeah, yeah,” Karlie shrugged followed by a sweet peck on Taylor’s lips, “Happy birthday, hun.”

“Thank you,” Taylor said cutely, not expecting Karlie to initiate such a sweet and affectionate gesture.

“Mmm, so tell me how much you drank last night ‘cause still tasting it on your lips.” Karlie teased.

“That is a good question.” Taylor said followed by a chuckle.

“So are you gonna get down and invite me in or should we stay at your doorway all day?”

Taylor chuckled before shaking her head, “I’ll invite you in, but I’m not getting down. You can just carry me as I show you around.”

“Do I look like royal carrier or…?”

Taylor shrugged.

“You’re lucky it’s your birthday and the fact that the morning look doesn’t look too shabby on you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Taylor mocked Karlie from earlier.

The two entered with Karlie still carrying Taylor and the first room the two enter is the living room.

“Wow,” Karlie uttered upon still seeing the balloons, confetti, alcohol bottles, and cups littered in the extremely homey-looking living room.

“You had quite a night yesterday.” She added.

“Yeah, I’m going to call someone to clean this up.”

“So, as much as I’d love to look around your home, I actually have something planned for us today.” Karlie said.

“Really?” Taylor asked with child-like excitement.

“Yes, I mean, I know you live here and all and have probably seen it all before, but I wanted to do something productive on your birthday, y’know? Not that staying in bed all day with you is not super appealing right now.”

Taylor laughed, “Hm, both sounds great.”

Karlie nodded with a smirk on her face.

Taylor began to place chaste kisses along Karlie’s jawline, “You sure you don’t want to stick with option two?” She questioned in-between kisses.

“Haha, I’m not giving in. Now go get dressed – something warm.”

Taylor raised her eyebrows at Karlie, “Something warm in LA?”

“We’re going a bit north…”

“Can you tell me where we’re going?”

“I’ll think about it. For now, go get dressed.”

“Fine, walk me there.”

“Gosh, you are so needy.” Karlie joked, “I don’t even know where your room is.”

“Go upstairs.” Taylor deadpanned.

Karlie shot her a side glare, which just made Taylor laugh.

“I’ll tell you after you get up there.”

Karlie carried Taylor up her many steps with no problem.

“My room is the one all the way to the left.”

Just when Karlie and Taylor were about to enter Taylor’s bedroom, Demi steps out of the opposing guest room.

Demi stared at the two with wide eyes and her mouth agape before closing her mouth into a teasing smirk and wiggling her eyebrows up and down, “Get it, Taylor,” she mouthed to Taylor who saw her, but Karlie didn’t as she was facing Taylor’s room.

Taylor laughed as Demi reentered the guest room.

“What’s so funny?” Karlie asked.

“Nothing!” Taylor said as she hopped down from Karlie, “Thanks for the ride, royal carrier! I’m going to go freshen up now. Feel free to do whatever. The remote is on the nightstand.”

Karlie did not hesitate to hop into Taylor’s white, king-sized bed. She was terribly jet lagged from her red-eye flight.

“Please wake me up when you come out. I really want to go through with my plan for today. And you should pack a pair of pajamas and fresh outfit too.”

Taylor made a confused face yet again and asked, “Can you tell me now where we’re going, please?” Taylor pleaded cutely.

Karlie smiled at the sight and said, “Nope!”


“Babe!” Demi called out as she hopped into bed where Selena was still sleeping soundly.

“Baby, I’m still so tired and my head is banging. Please let me sleep some more.” Selena whined softly.

“Aww, my poor baby.” Demi said before placing a chaste kiss on Selena’s temple.

“Why are you awake? I swear you drank more than I did.”

“Eh, I don’t know why I woke up, honestly. Oh, and I just wanted to tell you to prepare yourself because Taylor’s probably getting laid right now so you’ll probably wake up sooner or later anyway.”

“No way! With whom?” Selena questioned as she turned around swiftly to face Demi.

“I couldn’t see her face, but she was super tall with blonde-brownish hair.”

“Is it Karlie?”

“Ooh, probably. That’d actually really sweet if she flew all the way from New York just to see Taylor on her birthday.”

Selena sighed, “It is, which is why all of this is so confusing. I really wonder what they’re doing with each other – not like that, but like this “hook-up” thing just doesn’t seem so hook-up like.”

“What do you mean?”

“They hook up, but they always talk almost all the time and birthday presents and now Karlie flew all the way over here to see her on her birthday. Those are things couples do.”

“Maybe they’ll become a couple…?”

“I hope so, but what Taylor said is that that won’t happen. I just don’t want her to get too attached and then fall for Karlie and then nothing more comes out of it and she’s heartbroken again, y’know?”

“From what it sounds like, Karlie sounds just as invested as Taylor does considering she flew all the way out here just to see her. But, I don’t know Karlie that well to make any sort of judgment. Also, Taylor is an adult so we just have to let her be, y’know? Plus, she looks so happy.”

Selena nodded, “You’re right and I’m going to try to squeeze in any minute of sleep I can get.”

Selena scooted in closer to Demi to place her head on her chest and to place her arm across Demi’s abdomen and fell back into slumber rather quickly.


35 minutes had passed by when Taylor came out wrapped in her robe and her hair wrapped up as well. Her make-up was done and now all she had to do is get dressed and blow-dry her hair.

She saw the model sprawled adorably on her bed, still fast asleep.  She almost didn’t have the heart to wake her up, but she knows Karlie would be unpleased with her if she didn’t wake her up to go through with the plan she has for her birthday.

“Karlie, wake up. I’m almost done.” She tapped softly, but enough to get the model to stir up.

“Oh yeah, awesome. You look great.” Karlie commented with her eyes half-closed.

Taylor laughed, “Thanks? I’m not even dressed yet but okay.”

Karlie rubbed the tiredness from her eyes and processed what Taylor said, “Ohhh…”

Taylor proceeded to her closet to put on real clothes. She picked out a dark green turtleneck sweater that goes down mid-thigh and leggings.


The two came out of Taylor’s humble home and got into the black Escalade that Karlie rented.

“We could’ve used my bodyguard’s car or something, y’know? No need to spend so much money.”

“Eh, but then you would’ve known I was coming and there’d be no surprise. I loved your reaction this morning.”

“So can I know where we’re going now?” Taylor asked eagerly.

Karlie chuckled, “Fine, I’ll tell you now. We’re going to Big Sur.”



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I’ve said it before and I will say it forever — I HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! It’s no secret that this last year has been tough for me. But the outpouring of support and encouragement that I’ve received from all of you is honestly what has got me through even the most difficult days. If I ever feel down, the stories and understanding from my fans make me realize I am not alone. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful to every single one of you. It’s amazing how through struggle you can find strength. I’ve been so touched and inspired by the personal stories you’ve shared with me. So many of you have overcome depression, addiction, and other trials, and that is amazing! I feel like we are all stronger than we can even realize. Each of your stories gives me comfort and reminds me that we are all in this together. Every one of you is truly special, and I love you all so much!

I feel the need to write one of these every year. I write them for me, so I have something to look back on, to remember who I was and how I felt. Last night was one of the most powerful nights of my life. When I tell people I like 5th Harmony I usually say it a bit jokingly because I know that people’s extent of knowledge about them is that they are a girl band with a song about Michelle Obama, if they even know that much. To me they are more. March 14, 2014 I heard fifth harmony open for Demi Lovato and I immediately fell in love with their voices and the way I felt when singing their songs. I went to their meet and greet and watch from afar as people got to meet them and just by the way they interacted with others, I knew that these girls were special. Psychology says that if you force yourself to smile, you will eventually feel happy. So when listening and singing along to a group of girls where each and every song is about empowering girls and confidence and not giving a fuck what others think, I eventually feel it. I have never felt more confident in myself than in the past few months when I have been listening to Fifth Harmonys album on repeat. Each and every lyric that gets stuck in my head isn’t a sad one, it’s one that makes me feel like a fucking superwoman and it makes me happy. So I really don’t care that people think I’m a freak for liking fifth harmony because all I know is that when I listen to them I am confident and I am happy. And getting to experience them yesterday, to get to know their personalities and meet them and watch them perform from just feet away made me realize how much they have changed me for the better. March 14, 2014 I saw Fifth Harmony perform for the first time, I saw them meet their fans wishing that could be me. March 14, 2015 I met Fifth Harmony and I screamed along to every lyrics just feet away and I was happy. These five girls have written and performed music that has given me the confidence to be myself, and for that I owe them the world.


I’ve seen some people I follow posting sad things and I just want you guys to know that I’m here anytime you need me. You’re not alone. I will always be here to listen to anything I don’t care if you take it out on me either. Just as long as you know that I’m here for you anytime you need me. I know I’ve been falling off on lifting up people’s spirits and trying to make them smile, but this is for EVERYONE. Even if you’re having a awesome day I want you to know that you are SPECIAL, you are BEAUTIFUL, and to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. I love you guys. 

According to E! Online, Josh will be attending the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

The star power just doesn’t seem to end for the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival!

With just days before the big two-day event takes place, even more musicians have been added to the lineup as special guests and presenters.

As if performers Jennifer Lopez, The Weeknd, Kanye West and Demi Lovato weren’t enough, Jared Leto and Josh Hutcherson are also going to be joining in on the fun.