a sort of psa


    if you play ANY sort of villainous character - from a pick-pocket to a full-scale serial killer - and i follow you, please know that i’ve come into this FULL WELL what i’m signing up for. i don’t expect you to soften your character for me, i’m not going to complain when they aren’t nice to my characters, and i honestly probably love watching them do what they do. not all characters are going to be the “good guys”, or the type of villain that can be redeemed. not everyone has a tragic backstory that makes them do the things they do - some people enjoy it, others just do it because they can, and for some it’s all they know. yes, there are villains with a soft spot or two - this doesn’t mean they need to change everything. our characters become friends/lovers even though my character is a “good guy”? you keep doin’ you. keep stealing those purses, killing those people, burning those villages to the ground. 

        tl;dr - I DIDN’T FOLLOW YOU BECAUSE I WANTED SOMETHING SOFT AND EASY - you keep bein’ a villain, babe, cause you’re  just as excellent as the heroes.

Just a lil post to say one thing: A lot of people have been referring to the younger Hanzo AU as “your AU” when messaging me and while I love this AU to bits -and y’all can see the fruits of that lol- it’s actually not my idea!

The amazing @qyoo​ came up with this AU in their shimadacest week piece and also made this other delicious piece with younger Hanzo, I’ve only been given permission by Qyoo to play with the concept! \ (•▽•) /

Just saying this because Qyoo makes such good art and y’all should def go shower them with some well deserved love!

(They also created another super cool AU that has spawned an amazing fic and I’m consistently amazed by the great content created by people in this tiny corner on the fandom, you glorious beasts you ლ(´ڡ`ლ) )

A Gentle Reminder:

Please, you need never apologize to me for:

  • Writing me a “novel”
  • Writing me conflict between our muses because it’s the natural response in a given situation.
  • Needing some space for yourself or taking a rest day/days.
  • Feeling insecure about your writing (or real life things)
  • Speaking to me in asks or IMs

You don’t need to <3 I understand. And all these things are JUST FINE <3 :)


I am the sort of roleplayer who uses NPCs. These are characters that are not my main character, and are open for either roleplayer to use to advance the story. Sometimes you need outside characters (especially bad guys) to make a story - I am interested in writing stories with you so I am interested in sharing those characters with you. It is not godmodding to use an NPC or decide what they’re doing. I absolutely encourage it. NPCs are objects of the plot, and they should be able to be moved around with the same ease you can move around the key for that locked door or your muse’s jacket in the cold. You can even introduce NPCs yourself.

I will generally bold or italicise dialogue from an NPC to show that my muse is not the one speaking it, or make it otherwise obvious from context. If you are not comfortable using NPCs you need to tell me in advance of us starting a roleplay. 


so this really isn’t directed at anything or anyone specifically, but it is in response to a few things i’ve seen on my dash recently that i’d like a chance to respond to. this is mostly in relation to my bellamy personally, but i know that other people in this fandom follow the same sort of ideas. the main point of the whole thing will be this:

i know that the blakes can be toxic and i know that bella.rke can be toxic.

i still choose to play both relationships out. there are multiple reasons for this. one, octavia is bellamy’s most important person in the world. she could beat him up a thousand more times and he’d still be there for her. is that unhealthy? yes. is his reliance on her good? no. he views their relationship as something to be defined by tbh. he doesn’t know who he is when she’s pissed off at him because he’s always been big brother and that’s who he knows. so he’s lost and broken. let me be clear: the fact that he puts his worth in his relationship with octavia isn’t healthy. but it’s part of him and we see in canon how he’s working on it. and he’s making progress. he doesn’t try to convince her out of the conclave, he accepts her part. he doesn’t stop her from starting to lead, he stands by her side instead. we forget that there was one time where octavia told bellamy she loved him and he didn’t say it back. this isn’t anything new with the blakes… it’s just who they are. and they’re working on their relationship. and that’s a good thing. it’s not there yet, but it’s getting there.

now onto bellamy and clarke. everyone who knows me or has read my blog knows i ship them romantically. i’m not hiding it, nor will i try to hide it. i can’t write it out with everyone, which is why i have mains. slowburn mains. because, let’s be clear, i don’t want it to happen on the show right now. but that’s not really what this is about anyway. it’s about toxicity. and, yes, bella.rke can be very unhealthy. they are reliant on one another in a way that is too heavy. clarke does manipulate him from time to time and he’s done it to her, too. but i choose to explore it anyway because i think they’re important to one another (romantically or not, it’s clear how much they mean to each other) and they are a team. they do work better when they work together. they make bad choices when on opposite sides. like killing 300 sleeping grounders or stealing a bunker with people still left outside.

now onto the reason i explained this… i may know that both relationships can be unhealthy. but i choose to play them out while exploring this unhealthiness. it’s important to remember that not every relationship people write is going to be good and healthy and beautiful. they might be dark and angry and that’s okay! isn’t that the whole point of writing these characters anyway? exploring both sides - the good and the bad. 

the point of this whole thing is to remind people that, if they take a hard look at my blog, they’ll see those toxic moments. i want to show it because it’s canon and it’s real. and i hope i do it justice. i hope i show that, yes, this isn’t always good, but that’s the world these characters live in.

and i know this isn’t just me. i know a lot of people who write these characters understand the good and bad dynamics of the relationships they choose to explore. many relationships on this show can be unhealthy at times - jonty, marper, kane/bellamy, kane/octavia, linctavia, cle.xa, murphamy, memori, braven, abby/clarke and all the other millions i’ve missed. they all have their good and bad because that’s real. so i just implore everyone to remember to not assume that maybe someone is oblivious just because they choose to explore something you aren’t into. 

and, at the end of the day, treat others the way you want to be treated.

Authors responses to various stimuli- a PSA.

An illustrated guide using terminology from both tumblr and Ao3

Me-an author- when I get a like or a kudos on a fic: 

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Me when I get a bookmark, Reblog or tagged in a rec list: 

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Me when I get COMMENTS 

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me when the comment is just a message telling me to fix a typo

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Me when I post something and it get’s no response but still has a ton of views: 

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As a reader you have the power to inspire authors and artists with your reactions to their work. Use that power for the greater good of the fandom, and remember to treat others as you want to be treated. 

It is fine to want to send comments and critiques to authors- some of us even appreciate it. But Its so rare to get comments that as a reader its important to remember that if you DO send a comment you are talking to a person who put a lot of time and effort into creating and sharing something. Be nice, be courteous, and if you do send a correction- consider taking the time to send some positive encouragement as well! 

For those of you don’t leave comments- consider taking the time to do so. They mean more to authors than you realize. 

And for those of you who consume content, enjoy it, and don’t take the time to leave any sort of reply- come on… you can click a button >_> 

That’s all! 

answer the following for your muse so people know how shipping works on your blog.

REPOST. don’t reblog.

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5 Misconceptions About India

1. Indians do not speak Indian. Sort of like how Chinese is not an actual language (shocker right?). There are many languages in India, with Hindi being the most popular.

2. Saying the word ‘desi’. Desi usually refers to Southern India but overtime it has grown to refer to India as a whole. It is easier than saying Indian because then people get confused with Native Americans. Desi is also associated with countries that share the same cultural values as India, like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.

3. Not everyone in India lives in poverty. Yes there is poverty in India, but there are also some filthy rich people.

4. Bindi’s are not tattoos. The amount of people who have come up to me and asked me if they are tattoos is somewhat insane. Why would you get a red dot tattooed on your forehead? They are actually sort of like a sticker that you put on your forehead. Also bindi’s are not only red dots, they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

5. Curry in general. What most western people think is curry is actually what is known as sabzi (sub-gee). Sabzi is a mixture of vegetables. It is usually known as curry when there is meat involved. ex. Chicken Curry, Fish Curry. The actual curry is the sort of gravy portion of the dish.

oh my god

the new Bill Nye show is 

real bad


It’s like what you would do as a parody of a show.  We had to go look up who wrote the show after we watched like, a 3rd of the first show?  A Jimmy Fallon Show writer.  And seriously, it’s like the cringiest Jimmy Fallon skit level cringe.  It reeks of over production- some REAL out of touch people behind this show with too much money and nobody with enough power or instinct to tell them “this is a horrible idea”.  It’s the worst kind of THIS IS WHAT THE KIDS THINK IS COOL THESE DAYS RIGHT?   I mean maybe it’s a case of Bill himself trying to do something cooler or different but it doesn’t feel like it, it feels like he’s sort of trying to be his old self and do his old shtick but with a bunch of new forced jokes 

all being forcefully fake laughed at by a 


Yes, straight outta 1995, this show is filmed with a live studio audience that apparently has been instructed to sound as fake as possible.

And one of the worst aspects is the fact that it is all sort of done with the attitude of a PSA tumblr post, or “Umm, did u know” meme.  Like, it has this super ham fisted slant to everything- basically the EXACT OPPOSITE of Bill Nye’s old show and really the opposite of like, any other time I’ve seen him speak.  It’s hard to properly describe the childishness of some of the stuff we watched.  Like example- I’m fully on board ‘climate change is real and govt needs to actually do shit about it even though shit might be really fucked already’- I even joked at the very beginning of the show that “it’ll go all silent now and zoom way into his face, while he yells CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL into the camera for 30 minutes” and dude, I wish that had been what happened.  I wish they had just gone full angry old man with it, like Penn and Teller style or something. That, or actually be super objective and actually try and convince and TEACH people things.  They do not try to do this.  It’s meant for adults apparently but it’s the most childish take on trying to ‘teach’ that I’ve seen in idk how long.    

The least bad part that we saw was when we flipped forward to the segment with the Veritasium guy on it, when he and Bill sort of do the talk show segment.. but the thing is like, they’re not teaching you anything then, they’re just talking about filming the previous segment, which was Veritasium guy interviewing some super farmers markety looking people at a farmer’s market and asking them what they think of GMO’s while a bunch of horror music plays… like, you know, “OHHH THEY THINK FOOD IS SCARY XD OHHH IT’S SOooOOOooOo SCARY XDD”.  Like, literally the easiest joke to make……. and clearly they make the Veritasium guy also do this sarcasticy shit like, different from his actual show.  It soooo reeks of over-direction. Like some fucking autuer is behind this shit.

I recommend watching just to maybe experience the slow dread that my bf and I experienced.  WHY BILL, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Seeing comments on Nightwish stuff be like

“This doesn’t sound like Nightwish.”

“This isn’t heavy enough to be Nightwish.”

“It isn’t Nightwish without Tarja.”

“This isn’t Nightw–”


FRIENDLY PSA that changing the fc of a canonically fat character from someone who actually is fat to someone who isn’t is the LITERAL DEFINITION of fat erasure. THIS IS NOT OKAY

Yet another PSA

Hey guys, I just finished cleaning out our inbox with all of the submissions and asks and everything. That being said please please pleaaase start sending in your submissions again. We love hearing your crazy experiences and we wouldn’t be much without you guys. Also if you don’t see your story posted yet don’t be offended we have hundreds of things in our queue right now and it posts on a schedule so things stay organised. Also don’t forget once we get a good bit of notes on the post with our person blogs there will be some sort of contest!!!

Ao3 Update

So today I decided to finally try to get my fic up to date on Ao3. I’m up to last summer, but I did a year’s worth already, so I think that’s pretty good.

I also changed my Ao3 username so it’s easier to reconcile my fics there with my fics on ffnet - I’m TrinityEverett on Ao3 now (I have astrum_presul as a pseud, though.)

So if you happen to be scanning the Castle fic on Ao3 and wonder why the everloving hell so much of my fic is on there and backdated (except for a couple I messed up and can’t get it to register the backdate), that’s why! Just me.

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Eldritch screeching came from the fog. (@noneuclideaneyes)

While this kind of occurrence wasn’t as rare as it should be on the island, DiMA was quite sure he’d never heard something so.. unsettling, in all his long years living there. The screech didn’t have the same throaty quality of a fog crawlers, nor the insect like crackling of a mirelurk queen. It was uncomfortably loud too considering his location on the top of a mountain.. the only creatures he knew of that could make such an ear splitting call all belonged to the ocean, and he was far enough away from the shore.

It seemed most of Acadia had heard it too, Chase being first on the scene to join DiMA outside and peer into the mist, weapon held at the ready.

“What was it? Did you see which direction it was coming from?”

DiMA shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know, and aside from the shuffling of feet behind him as the braver residents came forward, everything was silent.. eerily so. Even the birds had stopped their singing. It felt like he had a bad connection to his audio sensors, muffling any input.

“I think I’m going to.. go. Down there?” He waved a hand towards the mist, his voice slow, monotone, almost dreamy. “Yes, you stay here. I’m going to take a look.”

For some reason nobody even tried to stop him, merely watching blankly as he turned his back on them all and started to make his way down the winding trail towards the forest. Something was pulling him along, making him put one foot in front of the other.. an impulse of sorts, impossible to ignore. DiMA wanted to find whatever had made that noise, even though in a rational mind he’d have desired more to run in the opposite direction.

“Hello?” He called out, hating the way his own voice disturbed the ethereal silence. “Is there anyone out here?” Small twigs snapped beneath his metal feet as he delved deeper into the still forest, mist swirling around his ankles with every step. The place seemed to be holding it’s breath, waiting for.. something. He felt like an intruder in his own home.

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SHIPPING INFO   /  answer the following for your muse(s)
so people know how shipping works on your blog.    

REPOST. Don’t reblog.

WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: Legit I wouldn’t even know how to choose. I mean, I have some extensively plotted out ships that I just love, and honestly any of the ones where they knew each other in high school I’m a sucker for. Then again, I have ships that I just started writing where they didn’t and I’m just as in love with them. 

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?: Pretty much anything, I don’t really see anything that could get too crazy as far as shipping with Jake, so

I don’t really think with writing that it would be uncomfortable, as long as the youngest person is of age. Of course, Jake is generally into women his age, or older but YA KNOW. (He really digs moms)

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: I KNOW THAT IT DOES NOT SEEM LIKE I AM, but I am. I strictly ship with everyone chemistry. Not only do our muses need to work well together, but our writing styles have to work too. I have reaaallly bad ADD, and if I can’t get my brain to react to the writing, it just wont happen. And that’s not to say that I write better than anyone else, or anyone is better than anyone here, my brain just has a very specific way that it works, and I have to cater to that. 

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NSFW?: When there is booty they are doing the tooty fruity. okay that saying made no sense. And idk I’m actually really bad at deciphering this because like I don’t view sex as that big of a deal, but I guess just whenever you are expressing that there is nudity and contact that’s when it’s ‘NSFW’ 

Heavily plotted ships: @xperhapsonedayx​, @giiilbcrt @gwenmatory, @thequeencfhell, @spckenmind

Kind of plotted out/in the works (correct me if I am wrong lmao): @lenasbeacon, @ironandsteel, @notjustoneofyourmanytoys (only because we didn’t really plot JakexKatie, since it’s canon lmao), @siswinchester, @badasshybridqueen


DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?: I would prefer it, just so we know we’re on the same page with the ship and whatnot.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: I’m surprised my nickname isn’t FedEx if we are being honest.

ARE YOU MULTISHIP?: I am. Each ship has it’s own verse, and it’s own little details in his back story that are different so he fits into it. I have a general background for him that a tweak for the threads.

ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?: I get very invested in ships. very. invested.  [Keeping this answer bc I feel you.]



  • Just ask is the easiest- Chances are I will say yes, and we can start working on ideas.
  • Send me memes (maybe not shippy ones AT FIRST to get a base for how our characters interact?) Or if you send a shippy meme plot a little bit for me. 
  • Understand that, even though literally 90% of my threads are ship themed, that each one of those ships has been plotted about pretty thoroughly. I can’t ship if I don’t know how the characters respond to each other. I don’t know why, though I think it has something to do with me losing muse for threads that aren’t very plotted out.
  • Realize that Jake is just as complicated as the mun, and just may not mesh well with your muse. And if he does, it will still take him a long time to open up/trust your muse with his heart. 

TAGGING: @xperhapsonedayx, @lenasbeacon (bc hi new friend), @giiilbcrt, and anyone else!
TAGGED BY: @ironandsteel

Alright so most people have seen the nicknames extra page in the back of volume 21 by now, but I’m not sure how many people read Ronald’s and actually registered something it says which is VERY IMPORTANT

this photo quality is absolutely rubbish, I’m sorry, but I don’t have my usual camera on hand. Anyway -

it says;
Assistants: “I thought I’d seen orange hair and glasses before, he’s a McD-nald’s character!”

ignoring the fact that the translator spelt hamburglar wrong, lol… I see a lot of people I know have seen this (including up until now, myself) calling Ronald blond, or half blond, at least.

He’s not blond. And he never was. He’s a ginger.

you can see it especially when Yana draws him (and orange seems to be his designated colour, doesn’t it?),and the anime isn’t even any different. If you compare him to Eric-

Eric is blond. Ron is ginger.

and pardon the MS Paint, but…

He is, without doubt, a very pastel ginger. And he has been this entire time.