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Heads up

With my new Stayfocusd extension that forcibly limits my time on Tumblr to 45 minutes a day and the fact that I have three exams and a paper coming up in the next seven days, I’m going to be pretty scarce on here.
I’ve been unable to self regulate my time spent being productive versus messing around online and it’s reached a point where I can’t keep kicking the can down the road without risking my academic career.

So to all my friends and followers, I’ll be pretty inactive for the next two weeks or so, at least until my spring break. I have my queue set up to keep my blog relatively active but I myself won’t have much time to talk.

If we’re friends and you want to be able to reach me just send me a message and I’ll give you my Skype/Facebook/Kik.

I hope everyone has a great day!

hi cuties ! just as a very gentle, general psa of sorts to all my lovely followers: i do understand that cheryl is not the most well-liked character in this fandom. i know that most people find her irritating and annoying and bitchy (which she is ! lmao trust me, i know). however, because i have dealt with this on this blog and others where i wrote more antagonistic characters, please remember that cheryl is still a person. i reserve the right to not respond to starters / memes / other ic things in which your muse is antagonizing, belittling, or discounting cheryl. more often than not, she would either roll her eyes and walk away (which is not helpful for ic interaction ! ) or start a fight. i prefer not to start interactions with an argument, as it sets a generally BAD tone for the rest of our writing. if you would like to come and PLOT out history for our muses, i am more than happy to let that happen, and there can be plenty of bad blood between them. but unless there has been a CANON interaction that would presuppose our muses’ enmity ( such as altercations with veronicas or bettys ), i ask that we plot anything hostile beforehand. i love cheryl, or i wouldn’t be writing her, and while i understand she’s not that easy to get along with, any muse starting fights out of the blue is really not ideal. i’m adding this little blurb to my rules in a bit, so THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, flowers !!!! 

               when MULTI-MUSE ACCOUNTS ask to SPECIFY A MUSE       ;        it’s NOT because they want to be ANNOYING.          it’s to make it EASIER FOR THEM           but also EASIER FOR YOU.          by SPECIFYING A MUSE,            you will AUTOMATICALLY help them think of AN ANSWER   //     STARTER    //      IDEA on how to say certain things INSTEAD of having them think CONTINUOUSLY on who they should pick OR if they picked the right muse.             A MULTI-MUSE BLOG isn’t easy maintenance             &             sometimes THE MUN behind ALL THE CHARACTERS  needs a LITTLE BIT OF HELP  with choosing who to pick.           so BE HELPFUL        &          SPECIFY A MUSE WHEN ASKED.


I am the sort of roleplayer who uses NPCs. These are characters that are not my main character, and are open for either roleplayer to use to advance the story. Sometimes you need outside characters (especially bad guys) to make a story - I am interested in writing stories with you so I am interested in sharing those characters with you. It is not godmodding to use an NPC or decide what they’re doing. I absolutely encourage it. NPCs are objects of the plot, and they should be able to be moved around with the same ease you can move around the key for that locked door or your muse’s jacket in the cold. You can even introduce NPCs yourself.

I will generally bold or italicise dialogue from an NPC to show that my muse is not the one speaking it, or make it otherwise obvious from context. If you are not comfortable using NPCs you need to tell me in advance of us starting a roleplay. 

Hey guys

just popping in to make a little announcement. at this point i think it’s safe to say that, unless it’s for a commission, i won’t be drawing much undertale fanart. while i still love it dearly, i lost steam to draw fanart for it, so i’m going to make the most of the situation and focus on other things, mainly my original art and characters. i feel like it’s about time i did that, since i’ve been drawing mostly fanart these past few years.

There’s a possibility that I will draw ut art here & there but keep in mind that it is a slim chance. if that’s a problem for any of you, feel free to unfollow, i understand, and appreciate you sticking with me thus far.

i was contemplating making this post because i know a lot of you followed because of my ut art, and i’d be lying if i said i didn’t feel a bit guilty, but it can’t be helped. anyway, it will be quiet around here, so feel free to follow my main blog https://lrstudio.tumblr.com/ since i will be posting my original art to it more frequently.

so yea, tl;dr from now on there will be little to no undertale art from me, unless it’s for a commission, or when/if my desire to draw fanart returns from the war.

anonymous asked:

Something I noticed: 5x07 promotional videos with Nadalind kissing. Happy Nadalind fans getting excited. The vast majority of Silverhardt fans being respectfully quiet and not yelling at the Nadalind fans. 6x07 promo: Silverhardt kissing. Silverhardt haters ALL OVER that video, yelling at the ship and Juliette. Attacking any Silverhardt fan who dares show their support. 😒

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is true, but I can say it lines up with my fandom experiences for the last six years.

That being said, this is for all the fans, Nadalind, Silverhardt, slash shipper, or indifferent: stop. attacking. each other. Discourse is one thing, but jumping on each other because you ship different things is just painfully immature, not to mention unnecessary.

I mean…what does anyone get out of that? Moreover, what do you think it says about your ship to the rest of the fandom, if all they ever see is its shippers attacking people, and putting down other ships, characters, and even the actors who play them?

So cut it out. And if you see other fans doing it, maybe tell them to cut it out too. We have seven episodes left. Just seven! After that last episode airs and the credits roll, it will never be like this again. Ever. Sure, there’ll be new metas, maybe, the occasional new fic or fanart, fans discovering the show for the first time on streaming sites and blogging about it.

But there won’t be anymore of that “new episode this Friday!” feeling we get now. There won’t be any more promos, sneak peaks, new photos from the next ep, theorizing about what wild thing the writers will think of next. No more of the writers trolling us good-naturedly during hiatus. No more of Bitsie giving names to things, or posting drinking games during the episode.

It’s going to be different, it’s going to feel different. And while we’ll always have the show to go back to, it will be going back. Never forward. We’ll be loving something that was, not something that is.

So enjoy this now, while we can. And try to remember that whatever our different opinions are on various parts of the show, we all love this show. We have that in common. And we’re all gonna miss it when it’s gone.

Seriously, I don’t kid around about harassment anymore guys

So I wake up to the usual fandom BS I do just about once a week.

Double check my publication to make sure it’s accurately labeled so far as content/character tags

Respond in kind

And now I’m going to go have my breakfast and play around with my fur children. 

So if I ever respond snappishly to asks or block people willy nilly in your opinion on here or any other platform I post to, hopefully this as one of many examples of what I deal with on a weekly basis, if not more, helps make a teensy bit more sense. 

I’m really tired. And there’s not enough coffee in the world to make people like this tolerable. 

                    using a super old icon, but I’ve been feeling a little down as of late, because it seems like people aren’t really that interested in my main verse ?  so I’m going to set some things straight.

                    please don’t follow me PURELY because you’re looking to rp with a Quinn or Dianna face claim. I have spent so much time trying to develop my main verse, and it’s incredibly hurtful to know that I get more likes out of my starter calls for canon verses than the ones I make for my main verse, because that’s not why I’m here ?  there’s a reason why I moved pages: because I found it more difficult to write in canon. anything set in those verses are, and always will be, SLOW REPLY. I understand that zombies and the like aren’t for everybody, and that’s fine, but if you’re just here because of the character I play and the face claim I use, then please unfollow. I don’t like to have my time wasted.

                    on an additional note: I ship chemistry. so unless we’ve had a good few threads going, and I can gauge how well our characters get along with each other, please refrain from sending me ship memes. and yes, this also includes canon characters. even if I love a certain ship, I still have to know that there is chemistry there before accepting our muses as a ship. there are no exceptions to this rule.

                    and this concludes my page psa. thank you all for sticking around for so long. I’m going to get to threads as soon as possible.

I am sorry for complaining…I don’t do it too often, but every now and then something really does bother me and I want to just, let people know that.  I try to keep everything to myself, because I know folks don’t like negativity.  Sometimes though, it gets to be unhealthy to just keep it in too.  I try to never tag it so at least it’s kept right here in tiny litter box.  If people want to sit here in the litter box with me and play (and poo a little), you’re more than welcome.  I am not perfect, but I try to make it a nice place to mess around in.

Claude Giroux #3

Requested by Anon:  can you do a claude giroux imagine? it can be about anything! btw your drabbles are amazing

*Thank you sooo much! Here it is. Not romantic but really cute. :) And also kind of a PSA of sorts? This was inspired by this story so PLEASE check this out. I hope you like it! Also, look at me posting a Claude Giroux drabble when, in all honesty, I really don’t want to deal with him right now. That last Seggy penalty (!!!!!!) wasn’t even supposed to happen. No PPG and Schenn hat trick was supposed to happen. Huhuhu But was I even expecting anything better? We’re talking about the Stars here. I love them but man, that team will give me trust issues. And they just wasted all the greatness that is Kari and Devin. IDK why I even let myself hope sometimes. ANYWAY. You’re probably a Flyers fan. Congratulations. :)*

Shameless plugging: Please please vote for PK Subban on the NHL All Stars fan voting. 🙏🏽 thank you!!

Word count: 1, 042

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

You rummaged through your bag one more time, trying to look as inconspicuous you possibly could as the one of only three women in a bookstore full of men and boys, clamoring for the newest release in the sci-fi world.

Your cousin has been begging you to pick a copy for him today since he was going to be stuck at school and he’s scared that if he doesn’t get the copy today… they’ll be sold out by the time he actually gets to the store. This is one of the reasons you’ve stuck to your Kindle.

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PSA of sorts

My boyfriend calls me princess. However, this does not mean he treats me like a toddler and humiliates me in a sexual abusive manner. He thinks I’m ‘breathtakingly adorable’, and that I’m brilliant. He respects my intellect and loves me for who I am. We don’t need to act out pedophilia in order to find comfort in one another, we discuss our feelings like adults. I love him dearly, and he loves me just as much. You might call it vanilla, but I call it a healthy relationship.