a sorceress girl

chadeatspastaforbreakfast  asked:

I have a question about where Worldview takes place. Is it a separate world entirely or a future version of our world? or something else? I just saw the ask about Papyrus and Zig mentioned the "paper the ancient Egyptians used" so does that mean Egypt a place in the worldview setting? I'm probably just looking waaay too deeply into things but i thought I'd ask (maybe i missed a post where you mentioned where worldview takes place...?)

(Probably something similarly based off our world but it DEFINITELY has a MUCH different and MUCH more diverse history - especially since this world holds so much MAGIC in it. I not just any world can sustain magic skeletons, cat girls, sorceresses, actual NINJAS and whow whoever or whatever ELSE could be running around in this - whatever it is I’ve started to create. xD THAT being said, I would take aLOT of this early stuff with a grain of salt, and as time develops and my ideas take more solid form, I’ll have a better idea of what to note as canon or what to note for development - etc.)