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any "studying dark magic in the middle of the night" apprentice sorceress prompts?

1) “You’re going to hurt your eyes reading in candlelight like that, you know.”
The sorceress startled, slamming the book shut and trying to look innocent. The effect of innocence was thoroughly ruined by the slammed book and the fact she promptly began coughing dust. 
Her mentor raised their brows, about as convinced by the display as one might expect. “Come to me if you have any questions, and for Morgana’s sake, put the lights on.”
“You’re not angry?” 
“Curiosity is natural. I would prefer you to come to me about this than cause inadvertent harm because you don’t know what you’re doing and are too tired to focus on your other studies. We will talk about your deception in the morning.”

2)  She didn’t mean for the spell to go wrong. Nobody ever meant for these things to go wrong. The demon stepped over her immaculate blood circle as if it were nothing, no cage at all. It shouldn’t have been able to leave the circle! Her heart raced in terror.
“Your pronunciation was a little off, dear,” was all the demon said. “Show me.” It took the book with a long-suffering sigh, flicking through the sorceress’ notes, before sniffing. “It’s better if you use other people’s blood as a beginner. Easier to control than your own.”
“Um, thanks,” she managed. 

3) The project went perfectly. Of course it did - she always excelled at her studies. She studied the other apprentice, eyes glazed over, mind pliant to her will, with glee. The rush of power was giddying. She’d started small, mice and spiders, but this…oh it was nothing on this. It just felt right. The next step, the ultimate step, would be to have her mentor. For now…
“Wake up,” she whispered. “And forget.”


Magical Role Switch AU inspired by @an1me-character!
My headcanons:
- Prince Cedric has completely (long) black hair because that incident never happened
- Sofias cape is way too long, she regularly trips over it
- she also likes to snuggle up in her long cape to comfort herself after a failed spell
- Sofia was sent to Cedrics Kingdom to learn from their royal Sorcerer. As she introduced herself, she noticed the Prince owning the Amulet.
- Cedric calls her ‘Little Miss’ which she highly dislikes
- Sofia doesn’t call Cedric by his name because she thinks that ‘if you give something a name you’ll get emotionally attached to it’

I want to see more designs and hear more headcanons! Perhaps tag me?


Aaaand here’s more crossover for SVTFOE x STF in comic haha~ I’m gonna title this one “Cellphone” hohoho… the last one was a bonus sketch. I just love drawing exaggerated battle stances.. XD @txtmodernsofia @clarichi @katzelicht @hains-mae

In the “Sofia the first” wiki saids that his hair reflect his personality being made of both good and evil. 

So I was thinking in this Au, where Cedric do the duplication spell in himself (like Sofia do in “Sofia the second”) and ends making a separation of his both parts (good/evil) instead of a copy of him.
I thought that is most correct that the white hair’s Cedric was the evil one for two reasons: 

1.Because his white bangs appears with his eviless, and 

2. Beacuse I think that the original one needs to be the black hair’s Cedric, you know, he born like that. 

So, thats basically the Au. The evil Cedric is “The great” ;like he used to calls himself, and the good Cedric is “The sensational”; like Sofia calls him :)

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All he’s ever dreamt of is the freedom to be who he is unapologetically without fear of persecution but never once did Merlin think he’d be caught up in the midst of all the chaos himself. The city has introduced him to a whole network of others just like him: sorcerers & creatures of magic that know him, if not personally then for his prestige. His influence is only beginning to grow– And Merlin is ambitious enough to take it all in stride.

RC9GN + Miraculous AU

Okay basically, here are a few things:

  • Randy and Marinette are cousins from her father’s side.
  • Randy, being supportive of Marinette’s love life, becomes buddies with Adrien, along with Howard and Nino (which Howard did not agree to).
  • Alya and Debbie joining forces to investigate about Ladybug and Chat Noir teaming up with the Ninja.
  • Rachel and Rose would be “Squee-sters.”
  • Bash would probably try to flirt with Chloe, but she rebuffs his affections. Also Sabrina has a crush on Bash.
  • Randy knows that Marinette is Ladybug and Marinette knows that Randy is the Ninja.
  • Despite Adrien and Randy being pals, when they are Chat Noir and the Ninja, they bicker and argue to no end, which it annoys Ladybug.
  • The Sorcerer and Hawkmoth would be partners in creating and spread their “Stanked Akumas” or “Akumatized Stank.”

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drabble prompt.. rhack + amnesia?

Sooooo - I haven’t read Sugar and Gold yet, but this is definitely inspired by some sort of vague Handsome Sorcerer AU.

Handsome Jack/Rhys, Handsome Sorcerer AU

Every night while Rhys sleeps, Jack spins a little more of his memory away.

He starts with Sasha. Fiona goes next, then Yvette. Jack saves Vaughn for last - Rhys knew Vaughn the longest, and he takes the most time and care to extract. Those strands of memory wrap thick and cobalt around his fingers, reluctantly parting from Rhys’ forehead when Jack draws his hand away. Rhys sighs but doesn’t awaken.

The human mind is amazing, really. Rhys’ brain fills in the spaces left behind with the only memories he has left; every morning he awakens a little more completely Jack’s.

(Drabble Meme)