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Modern Greek Mythology

 Hestia comforts the children of broken homes, she appears to them as a school councilor that always has cookies. They cry in her arms, and she lets them stay with her for as long as she can. She stopped calling home, stopped making strongly worded comments to the parents. All there is left are broken homes and suffering children.

 Hera sits next to her sister, holds her hand and thinks about the broken marriages that lead to broken homes. She listens to the couples yelling at each other while she walks on the streets. She holds the crying women, she listens to the hopeless men. All of the power that a goddess of marriage possesses cannot help the people who were betrayed by their closest ones.

 After a long day, Demeter sits on the ground in her garden, holds a cup of tea in hands that have dirt all over them. She wishes that more people would remember what is under all of the concrete. She feels the dying of her world, and curses those who do not care for it.

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Sweet Dreams (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Word Count: 1,500+

Summary: Reader feels left out from the Avengers and Bucky helps her, then she helps Bucky.

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Nightmares, Social anxiety, panic attacks.

“Hey Nat, could you help me-“.

“No.” She said sternly, cutting me off.

“But I-“.

“No. I’m not going to help you with whatever bullshit you need, okay?” She mocked, huffing off.

Great, way to start off my day.

Why was she mad at me? 

All I wanted was for her to help me out with training and then hang out with me or something, I knew that I was new, but I just wanted to make some friends- I’ve never really been good with the whole friends thing and this sets the bar pretty low.

I tried as hard as I could to shrug off the incident with Nat, it didn’t really work, but the keyword here was tried.

Crying wasn’t an option, they’d all just laugh at me, I had to stay strong- for myself, not them.

Steve and Sam walked in, both sweaty from their jog “Uh.. Guys? Do you think that maybe I could jog with you tomorrow?” I asked gleefully.

Sam laughed as though I had just said the worlds funniest joke “oh, that… it wasn’t a joke?”.

Steve was silent and although he elbowed Sam, a smile was plastered on his face; They laughed down the hallway, making jokes about me.

Maybe this whole ‘Avengers’ thing wasn’t right for me…

Tony was holding a huge party, he didn’t consider the fact that I hated parties and they freaked me out, sure I could act fine and actually be social in small parties, but tony had invited so many people it was ridiculous; to put it bluntly, I was dying inside.

I was really flipping anxious, I approached tony, who- with his female army were blocking the exit “Tony, could you please move?” I asked, as politely as I could in the current situation.

The girls around him laughed at a joke he was saying “Tony? Could you move please?!” I said with more urgency, as I tried to push through but got shoved back. 

No one would care, none of the Avengers even noticed me… I knew I hadn’t met Clint, Pietro or Wanda, but if this was anything to go by I didn’t want to.

“Please, please, let me through- I need… fresh air!” I gasped.

Panic overcame me and all my breath got sucked up into my lungs, I was going to pass out.

This was in fact the last straw.

“ANTHONY HOWARD STARK, COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME THROUGH!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, I could tell Tony was trying to get on my nerves, because not only did he not budge, he also acknowledged my presence.

“Tony, could you move outta the way before I ram my metal fist into your skull” a deep, strained voice boomed from behind me.

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So I Fell For You

50 Prompts 

#27 - Fall

Miraculous Ladybug

Prompt List

Reposting this because I didn’t trust my judgement last night and wanted to do one last proof read and touch up.

- - - -

Adrien knows he is not a very competent human being when he’s really sick.

The first sign is there on Monday as a vague burning in his throat, followed later that day by a slightly runny nose. Nothing life threatening, really only a mild discomfort that does not impact him. The next day he starts coughing a little, just a small burst here and there when he gets that occasional tickle in his throat. His classmates show concern, but he assures them it’s just a minor cold and he’ll be fine, trying to assuage their worry.

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“What’s your favourite type of character? The type you look up to? Or even the kind you wish to marry?”


Girls with stars in their eyes and dragon-fire in their bellies.
Girls with pained lives whose smiles outshines the Moon herself.
Girls whose laughter is like bubbles spilling out of their throats.
Girls who have exhaustion written on every feature but persist anyway.

Girls who are carved from marble having experienced too much to cry anymore.
Girls who form waterfalls and flood rooms with their tears.
Girls who go on adventures high on wanderlust, danger, and nature.
Girls who rather stay at home and don’t mess with any ‘hero’ prophecies outside of creating them in worlds of fiction.

Girls with gold and silver magic flowing molten hot through their veins.
Girls who love and live so freely they seem to turn into wind before your eyes
Girls who trust very little and have dulled locks on their lips that only few have the key for.
Girls who sing as smoothly as a siren’s call luring you willingly into their soothing, blanketing embrace

Girls who scream at the top of their lungs for what they believe in, voices resembling sonic shockwaves more than symphonies but beautiful in it’s discord nonetheless.

Girls who can barely raise their voices above a whisper, with storms full of lightning, wind, and thunder all brewing inside them that could level cities.

Girls who are beaten, bloody, and bruised but still spits hatred right back into life’s eye and laughs, keeping within them a kindness and empathy that flourishes through their rage.

Girls who are knocked to the ground and stay down, almost tragically beautiful in their spun-glass fragility, believing themselves to be beaten but still refusing to be shattered, with golden tears freely streaming down their battered cheeks and bruises resembling galaxies in their vastness - they are simply bidding their time until they can get up again, although some of them don’t know it yet.

“But I know girls like that, they aren’t just characters, girls are real.”
And that’s why they’re my favourite.


Girls Are My Favourite by Beq (me)


Imagine the raptors getting upset whenever they see you kissing Owen because they think you’re trying to hurt each other.

You grinned as you pulled Owen into a hug, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. “You ready to take your lunch break yet?”

You glanced down as you heard the raptors snapping and barking at the two of you. You grinned and waved at them, keeping one arm wrapped loosely around Owen’s torso. They continued to pace beneath the catwalk, their agitation clear in their harsh whines as they strained to look up at the two of you.

You tilted your head to one side and frowned slightly, “What’s gotten into them?”

Owen glanced at you, grinning in amusement, “I think they’re protective of you.”

As if to prove his point, Blue let out another bark of irritation, her eyes fixed on you. You pulled away from Owen, moving to grasp the railing. “Hey girl,” you soothed, “It’s okay.”

The raptor whined again, turning in a circle and giving you a look that resembled a pout. You reached your hand into Owen’s feed bucket and tossed down a scrap of meat. She snapped it down and seemed to relax some. You smiled, “That’s my girl.”

Owen grinned and rested his chin on your shoulder, his arms snaking around your waist, “Careful, if you keep being this good with them, I’ll be out of a job.”

Blue let out another yap of irritation as she saw you so close to Owen, her entire body tensing. Owen pulled his arms away, raising them in a gesture of surrender, “Okay, okay, I get it, keep PDA to a minimum around the Raptor Squad.”

Gif Credit: Raptors

Morphine You Moron ~Spencer Reid~

Summary: You and Spencer are kidnapped and you are tortured. 

Warnings: Explicit torturing and angst. 

Pairings: Spencer x Reader and a bit Platonic Derek x Reader. 

Author’s Note: 


So I just want to say thank you for 236 followers! Yay! I know this is not a massive milestone but every little bit counts. :) 

So please if your a new follower and you want me to write something, talk to me about something, anything really, shoot me a message. 

I really hope y’all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Stay safe guys x

“You can kill me. You can torture me. You can rip me apart limb from limb. But for the love of God please don’t touch her.” Spencer’s voice echoed through the empty room. The man standing between you and him merely chuckling. 

You screamed out as another lash landed on your bare back. Your body arched forward, trying to pull as much away from it as possible, but your restraints kept you firmly in the same place. Your arms were tied above your head and your feet just touched the ground. 

Fifth day of hell. 

Spencer stiffened and pulled violently on the restraints that kept him station to a pole. 

“Please! Stop!” he screamed out. “Please. Please!” 

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anonymous asked:

After seeing how natural H is at holding babies I kinda want someone to write a fic where his wife is really struggling with bonding with their first born & he’s super supportive when she’s scared to hold their baby. Be all like “just a baby love. & they want Mommy” & when he hands their baby over & said baby snuggles into his wife’s chest & he’s all like “yeah they want mommy, you’re doing so good. I love you so much” god he’d be so supportive & help bring your confidence up when you’re unsure

He’s striding the space at the end of the bed, a black tee hanging loose on his body, speckled with dribbles of spit-up and baby sick and a little damp in places from the cries his daughter let off and it probably smelt a little, with black boxers, that clung to his hips and probably hadn’t been changed in a few days, cradling his daughter in the crook of an elbow as he brought his other hand up to wipe over his tired face, to rub at his tired eyes and to run through his greasy hair to push back his fringe that tickled his forehead. His wife, sitting upright in the bed and being supported by plenty of pillows behind her, watching as he tried to soothe the little girl in his arm. Eventually giving up with walking the carpet and wearing the floorboards out and taking space beside his wife on the mattress, kicking his feet up and resting his baby on his chest. A yawn escaping his lips.

“S’our little girl, darling. There’s nothin’ to be scared of. I don’t think these cries are for daddy. I think they’re because she wants a cuddle with mummy,” he hums softly, turning his head and directing his eyes up to the woman beside him, a smile soft but barely there on his lips, “c’mon, she wants you, love. Give ‘er a cuddle and then I’ll get he dressed and put her to bed and we can have a cuddle ourselves. We haven’t had one in a while.”

“What if-”

“Don’t think about the what ifs right now. Don’t put your mind in a state of unsettlement. She’s going to cry. She’s going to be a bit disgruntled by the change. She’s been here for a couple of days now and you haven’t,” he sees her face drop and a pang of guilt settles in his chest, “no, no. I worded that horrifically. Baby, she can’t be dependent on me all the time. I don’t have the mothering nurture that you have. I don’t have boobs either and I think she’s tried latching on to me a couple of times. Felt a bit weird when she clung to me,” a soft snicker leaves her mouth as the smile rises on his lips, “she wants you, doesn’t she? Just a mummy cuddle. Because daddy needs a wee and, well, I haven’t quite got the skill of doing that one handed.”

His fingers, delicately, drag up his daughter’s bare back, her nappy loose on her hips but still secure to her lower half. Squirming on his chest as her tiny toes brushed up the material covering his abdomen.

“You think I’m not half as terrified? I’m so scared,” he admits, his chin dropping to his chest as he presses his lips against the baby-shampoo scented hair upon his daughter’s head, “I’ve never been a dad before. Much like you’ve never been a mum before. But, I think we’re doing alright so far, yeah? She’s settled in perfectly. Loves sleeping. Loves eating, too. Christ, I’m confused as to where she’s gotten this appetite from.”

“You eat a lot. You think I don’t notice but,” his wife grins and drags a foot up his calf, “I notice.”

“Busted,” he mutters beneath his breath before chuckle, “take her. Get cosy with her now that she’s calmed down a little. You’re her mum. Nothing you do is ever going to be wrong. Cuddle her against your chest, talk to her, love her. That’s all she wants from you, okay? She’s freshly changed, been fed, been burped. All she needs is a mummy cuddle before bed.”

His wife, wearily and a little hesitantly, took the baby from his chest, hearing her soft grunts and grumbles of a parent change, gulping thickly as she settled her little girl against her own chest. Cradling her in one arm as she trailed her fingertips down the baby’s belly and down a leg, tickling at her tiny toes. Harry watching in awe and rolling onto his side.

“See? She loves you so much. She knows you. You carried her for nine months. She knows your heartbeat. Your smell. Your touch. She loves your warmth. She’s been in that exact warmth and comfort for nine months, hasn’t she, hm?” Harry drapes an arm across her legs and cups her hip with his palm, “you’re doing so good? I know it’s hard being a new parent and I know it’s scary because we’ve never done this before but you’re amazing already and you’re the best mother to her. I wouldn’t want anyone else doing this with me.”

“She’s okay, right? Like this, I mean. She’s okay here?”

“Of course she is,” he presses a kiss to the sole of his daughter’s tiny foot and grins, “you look like a natural. A complete and utter natural. There’s nothing to be unsure of, do you understand me? Don’t pay any mind to parenting blogs or websites because we all parent in different ways. As long as our little girl is content and perfect and happy where she is, I think we’re doing something right,” he looks up towards his wife, seeing her staring in awe at the little baby curled up in her arm, “and right now, I think she’s pretty happy where she is. Don’t you?” xx

anonymous asked:

At the risk of being horribly random, are you and Azraeltree both doing okay? I had a really weird 'did this just really happen or not?' kind of dream where hard times were on the horizon for you two and I was just like noooooooooooooo! T.T So yeah I just really wanted to check that is really was just a stupid dream XD

Okay… uhm… That question was kinda triggering me this morning when I got it since I’m someone really insecure and scared…  That took me by surprise to receive such an ask… because honestly… it hurts. Why send me such an ask ? Why plant seed of fear inside my brain ?

So I set it aside for a few hours to think properly… see… I’m really scared to lose people I care about and especially @azraeltree who have been in my life for a while now… she is always there, cheering me up, brightening up my day, rping, being total goof, sharing songs… I couldn’t be more happier to have her in my life.

Distance relationship is… hard. Especially when it’s so far away, sometimes it make the both of us bitter, because we don’t want it to stay like this. I want to see her, I want to be able to hold her hand, to kiss her and to tell her how much she mean to me.

But you know. Relationship have up and down. And what I find the most amazing with her is that we communicated and tell how we feels, we are honest between each others, telling what make us uncomfortable, our insecurities… and it’s clearly the healthiest relationship I have ever been in.  There’s up and down, there’s bumps… but… it’s what make me appreciate and love my girlfriend.

Whenever we got a nice time to relax and chat after sharing our discomfort… it feels comforting. There’s not a day I don’t dream to see her… and I hope I’ll be able to reach to her really soon, nothing would make me happier then to meet her and get to spend real time at her side.

I love her, and it’s not gonna change any soon~<3

Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 8 (NSFW)

Originally posted by romanandme

The seasons had changed, the air was cold and crisp, the sky darkened to match.

It was late November, decorations adorned every building and the lead up to Christmas was clearly on everyone’s minds.

Bill and I had decided to come out for a little walk, just to get outdoors for a bit.

We’d stopped at Starbucks and I’d picked myself up a latte, an essential for the colder months.

I walked hand in hand with Bill down the park path, joggers and mothers with their pushchairs passing us by.

I gripped the coffee in my free hand tighter and took a sip, almost shivering as I felt my body heat up for a split second.

I buried my face in my chunky scarf in a bid to warm my nose, Bill seemed to acknowledge that I was cold and released my hand to wrap his arm around my shoulder and pull me close to his body.

“Better?” He asked and I nodded gratefully, holding my coffee in both hands so they’d be warm too.

“I love the cold weather but I don’t like being cold.” I spoke, taking in my surroundings.

“You seem to feel the cold though, a lot more than I do.” He replied, shoving his free hand into the pocket of his longline, khaki jacket.

“I’m just a cold person, babe, inside and out.” I grinned and I could almost imagine him rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses but he had a smirk on his lovely lips.

In an instant Bill had moved behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and managing to keep me steady as the quick change in position made me wobble slightly in my chunky, chelsea boots.

“I have something to tell you.” He whispered into my ear, still walking with me in his arms.

“Hmmm?” was all I replied, unable to turn my head much due to being so bundled up.

Bill span me around to face him, taking ahold of my free hand that wasn’t wrapped around the Starbucks cup.

“You’re gonna make me fall over if you keep spinning me around, I wore these boots to make a fashion statement, not to break my fucking ankle.” I commented, looking down momentarily just to make sure my ankle was still in place.

“Relax, drama queen. Now, I probably should have asked you before I booked anything but I know you’d have had a fit at the price. But, I’ve booked us a little vacation, flights and everything.” He informed me, pursing his lips and waiting for my reaction.

“A vacation, at this time of year?” I questioned, an eyebrow raised.

“Yep, a vacation at this time of year… to New York.” He grinned and I gasped, almost dropping my coffee.

“No way, you’re lying!”

“I’m not lying, it’s all booked and we leave on December 12th. A cosy apartment with everything included, wifi, balcony with a hot tub, the lot.” Bill continued, a wide smile on his face, his cheeks adorned a tint of red from where he was chilly.

“Oh my god, Bill!” I gasped, jumping into his open arms and wrapping my legs around his waist, not caring that my already short, smock dress was probably displaying more than just my black tights.

Bill caught me with a laugh and held me tight, supporting my weight while I still somehow managed not to spill my coffee.

He knew that it was a dream of mine to go to New York at winter time, to see all the sights and to experience the magic of the big apple.

Money was no objection and I could have planned the trip myself, but I always felt guilty, like I had more important things to spend my money on.

“You really didn’t need to, Bill. I’m so thankful just to be with you, just to be yours.” I informed him, rubbing my nose against his.

“God, I really love you.” He whispered and kissed me softly, causing me to smile against his lips.

That was the first time he’d every told me he loved me, he’d told me he was involve with me as I did him, but he’d never said those three words properly.

“I really love you too.” I mumbled into the kiss and this time, it was him smiling.

I’d stopped caring about people knowing about us or saying anything about me in the press, my past was worth nothing to me anymore, only my future with Bill was important to me these days.

It had been around a month since we made things official and almost every magazine and gossip website in the US had some sort of article on our relationship, confirming it to the world.

Our moment was interrupted when Bill’s phone began to ring, he sighed and placed me on my feet.

He made a face of confusion and I assume it was because he didn’t recognise the number but he answered the call anyway.


I could hear someone speaking and almost instantly Bill broke out in a grin, he pulled the phone from his ear and held it outwards, pressing the speaker button.

“Hello? Anyone there? This fucking thing…” The voice rang out and I instantly recognised it.

“Alexander, you’re on speakerphone, watch your mouth.” Bill warned, shaking his head while I laughed quietly.

“Sorry, Bro! Just wondered what you were up to, seeing a lot of you online these days.” Alexander chuckled, making Bill and I look at each other.

“If you’ve got something to say then just say it.” Bill sighed and I had to cover my mouth to hide the laughter.

“Well, fine. Seriously though, dude! I can’t believe you’ve been screwing Mya this whole time, wait, I actually can believe it. We all knew you’d get together, it seemed too good to be true that you were just best friends.” Alexander guffawed on the other end of the line and I almost flushed in embarrassment at his choice of words, Bill merely ignored him and took him off speakerphone to continue the conversation.

I decided to let Bill talk to his older brother in private since he hadn’t had much contact due to their heavy workload lately, so I wondered down the path of park further and continued to sip at the last of my coffee.

I watched a tan boxer running away from their owner, chasing after a pink frisbee and leaping to catch it in their mouth. I laughed to myself and finished my drink, throwing the paper cup into a trash can that was located beside me.

I was too busy observing the dog as it continued to play, to notice that Bill had finished his phone call with Alexander and was now stood beside me. It was only when he wrapped an arm around my waist that I acknowledged his presence, I leaned into him.

“Alexander says hi.” Bill chuckled, watching on at the boxer dog who was now running circles around his owner.

“He’s got a way with words.” I replied and Bill visibly cringed at the way his brother was so outgoing.

“He invited us to a gala Thursday night, some big charity event in Beverly Hills.” Bill informed me and I nodded with a shrug.

“God, that’s real short notice but I’m pretty sure we’re both free to go, now filming is completely done and I don’t have any other commitments.”

“I’ll text him later to let him know.”

“What charity is it for?” I wondered, lacing my fingers with Bill’s and continuing our slow walk.

“Raising money for clean water in Sierra Leone, for pumps and fresh pipes.” Bill explained to me, our hands swinging between us.

“I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that literally everyone in your family knows about us…”

“Your assumption is correct, Mya. Everyone in the whole, wide world knows we’re together.” Bill snorted, bringing our joined hands up and placing a gentle kiss on my knuckles.

I was just about to make a smart ass comment but was stopped in my tracks when a little girl, no older than four, ran straight into Bill’s legs and fell back onto her bottom.

We both immediately stopped down to help her and her bottom lip almost immediately began to tremble, tears forming in her eyes.

“Hey, sweetheart. No need to cry, it was just an accident, are you hurt?” Bill soothed, taking the little girls hands and helping her up as I dusted her jeans off.

She sniffled and shook her head in response to Bill’s question and looked behind her, we followed her stare and saw there was a lady in her mid thirties running towards us, her face a vision of concern.

“Millie!” She shouted as she got near, scooping the toddler up in her arms and kissing her head.

“It’s okay, she just ran into me and took a little tumble, I don’t think she’s hurt.” Bill reassured the mother, who instantly relaxed.

“I’m so sorry, guys. She’s like a steam train once she gets going, kids these days have no sense of danger.” The lady sighed, brushing the little girls curls from her face as she rested her head against her mother’s shoulder.

“It’s fine, along as she’s okay.” I replied with a small smile, wrapping my arm around Bill’s narrow waist.

“She’s fine, I’m sorry for interrupting your day.” She apologised, smiling before departing from where we were stood with her child in her arms.

Bill and I looked at each other and let out a giggle.

“She was so cute, did you see her little curls?” Bill asked and I nodded with a grin.

“She was a beautiful little girl.”

“You know, I’d love a daughter. I know it’s a thing that a guy always wants a son first, but I’d really love a little girl first. Just to know that she needs me to protect her and care for her, I’d love that.” He sighed, tilting his head as he thought about it.

“Soppy.” I teased, bumping into his side.

“Be quiet.” Was all he replied, playfully pushing me back.

It was comforting to hear Bill talk about our future, especially stuff that would have such a huge impact. It had gotten me thinking about his marriage proposal, he was adamant that he wanted me as his wife but I was so scared of commitment, to be truthful… I was scared of getting hurt.

I was so afraid of letting my guard down and I’d had a pretty shocking high school experience that scarred me for life and completely influenced the way I saw the world, the way I saw people.

Things with Bill had moved fast but it didn’t feel like it, I think us being so close for a year really helped that because we got to know each other so well and us sleeping together definitely helped with the intimacy aspect.

I don’t think I’ll ever regret opening up to him, giving all of myself to him. Not ever, because I finally feel like I’ve found someone who I want to spend the remainder of my life with.

The night of the gala rolled around and we were dressed to impress… mostly.

I was clad in a beautiful, sleeveless navy blue dress that stopped just above my knee, it had a few layers of underskirt so it had slight volume. My blonde hair was in messy waves with a section tucked behind my ear, exposing one of my discretely stretched ears. I felt uncomfortable and not myself in my outfit, so accessorised with a pair of low top black converse and I also adorned my usual gold watch.

“I think you’re the first girl I’ve ever met whose worn converse to a fancy gala.” Bill laughed, wrapping his arms around me from behind and resting his chin upon my shoulder.

“I’m not like other girls that you’ve dated and I felt weird being in a dress. If I had my way, I’d have shown up in jeans.” I replied, adding some nude gloss to my lips and admiring my completed make up.

My eyes were covered with different shades of bronze and warm shadows, my false eyelashes made my appears appear bigger and tighter. My cheeks were perfectly contoured and highlighted, and my brows filled in boldly.

“I think you look insane, and with you being in a dress it just makes it easier for me to do this…” He trailed off, reaching downwards and running his hand up my dress, finding the waistband of my thong and shoving his hand inside.

My head tipped back against his shoulder as I felt him rub his long fingers against me, my hips bucked against his hand. My eyes fluttered shut and my glossed lips were parted, small pants escaped them.

I was almost ready to yank my underwear down and bend over the bathroom counter, to surrender myself to him completely. But to my dismay, Bill’s hand stopped moving and left my underwear, causing my eyes to snap open.

Before I even had the chance to complain Bill interrupted me with a laugh, straightening out the sleeves on his black shirt.

“We’ll be late.” He shrugged and I growled quietly, yanking the hem of my dress down and running my fingers through my hair to give it more volume at the roots.

I composed myself and took a deep breath, catching Bill’s eyes in the mirror.

I took a moment to gaze at him, he looked gorgeous in his Calvin Klein suit pants and his shirt, ready for his matching blazer to be added.

He took my breath away and I couldn’t help but feel like he was too good for me, way too good for me.

“Stop doing that.” Bill remarked, folding his arms across his chest and staring intently at me in the mirror.

“Doing what?” I frowned.

“I can see you doubting yourself.” He replied and I sighed, spinning around and bracing myself against the granite sink on the counter.

“I wasn’t.” I shrugged, biting my lip.

“I know when you’re lying, I can tell you’re lying even before you tell a lie.” Bill chuckled, stepping forward and placing his hands against my waist.

“Everyone doubts themselves sometimes.” I told him, resting my hands against his toned biceps.

“Not as much as you do.” He muttered, leaning down to place a kiss on my lips.

I sighed into the kiss, not wanting to be anywhere else but in his arms.

Bill was the one to pull away, resting his forehead against mine and brushing his nose against mine.

“We need to leave or we’re gonna be late and I don’t particularly feel like dealing with Alexanders’s wrath tonight.” He spoke and I nodded, wiping my thumbs over his lips to remove any traces of my lipgloss.

Bill was the one who drove us to the gala, the ride was quiet and the only contact we had was his hand resting between my thighs but it wasn’t sexual only loving.

I can’t lie, I really wasn’t in the mood for this event. The whole concept was brilliant and I can’t express how much I love and support the work of these wonderful people who spend most of their time raising money for multiple charities, and I try my best to donate money whenever I can.

But, the thought if being surrounded by so many people I didn’t know made me anxious and on edge.

Bill squeezed my thigh as we pulled up outside the venue and I can only assume it was because he could tell I was tense, he seemed to be able to feel every one of my emotions.

“Calm down.” Bill soothed, taking my hand in his own and bringing it up to his lips to kiss it.

I instantly relaxed at the feeling of his lips against my skin and I cracked a small smile.

“Let’s do this.” I said, undoing my seatbelt.

This was our first proper event as a couple and it was quite a public one, I knew there would be professional photographers there and it was inevitable that we’d be captured.

I didn’t care though and my anxiety vanished once we were in the building, all because Bill was at my side.

Alexander was quick to find us, introducing us to multiple people and obviously he was unable to resist cracking a few jokes about our newfound relationship.

“I’m so glad you could both come at such short notice, I hope you’re both ready to splash the cash to make some peoples lives a whole lot better!” He exclaimed, leading us to our table.

The hall of the venue was decorated in white sashes and blooming flowers, there was a stage that was lit up by a backdrop that was displaying a slide show that included pictures of past projects in Sierra Leone.

Our table was at the back in the sea of others, it had a basket of flowers that matched the others in the hall and a few bottles of champagne sat in a bucket of ice.

The venue was filling up nicely and within minutes every table was occupied, including ours.

I was unsure of who we were seated with as Alexander had vanished to no doubt prepare for his speech since he was the one who had organised this whole event.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as I noticed a male in atleast his late thirties, who was in the seat next to me, unable to take his eyes off my bare legs.

I shifted uncomfortably under his stare and my movement caused him to meet my eyes and my skin crawled, he didn’t seem to notice because he leaned forward and rested his chin on his hand.

“I’m Alan, Alan Gates.” He spoke and I nodded with an uncomfortable smile.

I didn’t have the chance to reply to the stranger because Bill had wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him, sensing the tension by the look in his eyes.

Bill’s jaw was tense and his body rigid, he was almost hurting me with the grip he had on my shoulder.

I tried to shake off the feeling of tension and avoid the man as much as I could, once he sore how Bill had his arm around me he backed off, completely turning away and facing the stage, I let out a sigh of relief.

The night went smoothly and the gala was a success, a lot of money was raised and we both donated over $5,000 each.

But I could tell there was something on Bill’s mind because he wasn’t his usual self, he briefly said goodbye to his brother and a few other people before we departed, heading outside to his Volvo.

The air was crisp and I shivered, rubbing my arms to will away the goosebumps.

It was unusual of Bill not to offer me his jacket but I brushed it off, assuming he didn’t notice that I was cold.

We climbed into his car and Bill had barely given me the chance to fasten my seatbelt before he was flying out of the car park, I braved a glance in his direction and noticed that he was gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were white.

I thought it was probably best to keep my mouth shut because I hadn’t quite figured out if maybe I’d done something wrong, although I couldn’t think of anything I could have possibly done to upset him.

The ride home was the most awkward thing in the world and I could tell that Bill had something to say, he was just holding it back.

Neither of us had spoken a word, not even when we pulled up outside his house, we only climbed out of his car. I didn’t bother waiting for him either, I merely walked straight to his front door and waited for him to unlock it.

Once inside and away from spying eyes, that’s when Bill let rip and it all came spilling out.

“I saw the way that guy was staring at you, Mya! He was looking you up and down like you were a piece of meat, I wanted nothing more than to punch him in the fucking face.” Bill spat, his hands clenched into fists at his sides.

“You’re being ridiculous, Bill.” I rolled my eyes and kicked off my converse, shaking my curls out as I padded into his kitchen to grab myself a glass of water.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Mya. You know how much it annoys me, I feel like you aren’t listening to me.” He groaned, rubbing his hands down his face in frustration.

I resisted the strong urge to do it again and instead grabbed myself a glass from the cupboard, taking it over to the water dispenser that was built into his fridge, filling it up with ice and then water.

I hopped up onto the marble counter top and leaned a hand against it while sipping on my water, bracing myself for the calm before the storm because there was no way Bill had finished his rant.

I smiled innocently at him and he all but ripped his suit jacket off in anger, throwing it over the back of one of the chairs that surrounded the dining table.

“You’re mine, Mya. I don’t want any other man thinking of you in the ways that I have you, it pisses me off.” He shouted, getting visibly worked up.

“I’m not your property, I’m your girlfriend. I don’t know what your problem is, you’re acting like I loved his attention but in reality, I got away as quickly as I could.” I calmly spoke back, setting my almost empty glass down next to me.

“My problem is that I don’t want guys hanging around you, you’re mine.” Bill repeated, stalking around the counter and heading towards me.

His hands pushed my thighs apart and he settled between them, his face so close to my neck that I could feel the hotness of his breath against my skin.

I scoffed and pushed him away, knowing his intentions almost immediately.

“You’re fucking insane if you think I’m gonna have sex with you after the way you’ve spoken to me tonight.” I angrily said, hopping back down from the counter and walking away ready to go and get undressed.

“Don’t walk away from me, Mya.” He warned and I froze on the spot, spinning around to face him on my heels and setting my hands on my hips.

It was silent for a moment and I cocked my head to the side.

Or what?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes.

What happened next completely caught me off guard and I let out a yelp as I was suddenly pushed against the wall that connected to the stairs, I blew my hair from my face where I’d become dishevelled from Bill’s fast actions.

“I’m gonna show you that you’re mine.” Bill informed me, keeping me pinned against the wall.

“Like I said, I’m not sleeping with you.” I growled, pushing against his weight but it was useless, he was a lot stronger than me.

Bill didn’t reply, he only crushed his lips against mine and one of his hands left my waist but then relocated to the side of my neck, where he cupped my face.

I can’t deny that I didn’t completely melt into the kiss, almost forgetting that we were in the middle of a fight and I definitely can’t deny that there was a wetness developing in my underwear.

Seeing him so worked up and possessive was actually a big turn on for me, he probably knew this.

I groaned when I felt him bite my bottom and he pulled away, our eyes never leaving each others.

We didn’t speak and I guess we’d probably finished arguing for now.

It was completely silent as Bill pulled me away from the wall, turning me and pushing me backwards to the direction of the dining table, making sure to guide me so I didn’t trip.

We halted movements once I felt the wood against my backside and I moved one hand back to touch to table.

Bill was breathing heavily, just looking me up and down with a distinctive look of hunger in his eyes.

“You know, you’ve been a real asshole tonight.” I told him, tucking my hair back into place behind one ear.

“Then let me make it up to you.” He said slowly, unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt and exposing his smooth chest.

I chose not to reply, only let Bill continued doing whatever it was he was about to do.

He shoved me back onto the table and I gasped, scared we were going to break the piece of furniture.

In an instant he was back between my legs, our mouths fighting for dominance and I struggled to undo his belt as his large hands were up my dress, searching for my underwear to pull down.

We were both successful and managed to complete our tasks because soon my dress was half off and exposing my breasts, Bill was also only left in his suit trousers.

I wasted no time in yanking them down his legs at the same time as his underwear, his erection springing out.

I was expecting Bill to just get on with the job at hand but instead he took my hand and helped me off the table, using the motion to spin me around so I was no longer facing him.

He shocked me again as he shoved me downwards so my cheek was pressed against the cold table surface and he help it there, moving closer to me and rubbing himself against my wetness.

I attempted to back into him but Bill was holding me down really hard and I could barely move.

“Please.” I begged, my fingers curling against the table top and almost scratching it.

Bill hummed and only pushed the tip in, I let out a whimper at the feeling of only being partly filled when all I wanted was him to fuck me.

I was almost ready to burst with anticipation when he finally entered me fully, very quickly finding that one spot that would soon drive me over the edge.

I didn’t care in that moment that Bill was pounding into me so hard that my hips were hitting against the table and causing me pain, it only made me wetter.

Bill knew how to drive me crazy and he knew I’d grown to love being treated roughly during sex, it wasn’t long before I was practically screaming his name as I came all over him.

He let out a grunt and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling so it made me move myself upwards on the table and I ever so slightly faced him.

His teeth were sinking into his bottom lip which made it fuller than usual, he also had some of my left over lipstick smeared on his face and neck.

I was breathless and still recovering from my orgasm but I could tell Bill was on the edge of his and the minute he met my eyes, he was groaning out my name and his movements slowed down before they came to a halt.

I observed the scene around us while Bill took a moment to recover and loosen his grip on my hair, there were clothes strewn across the room and my underwear were hooked over a lamp which elicited a laugh from me.

Bill’s position changed and he supported my body by holding me up with his hand on my stomach, his other resting against my leg.

“I don’t want any other guy ever looking at you.” Bill spoke, shaking his hair from his face.

“I don’t think you can stop that.” I replied, turning back to look at him.

“I’ll put a ring on your finger soon, don’t you worry.”

I couldn’t help myself and rolled my eyes, evoking a groan from Bill.

See? I told you he was adamant.


- Sorry i was so slow in updating this story, thank you for being patient. I hope you enjoy this filler and I just wanna warn you that there’s gonna be some big stuff happening between them soon so get ready! 

Taken [Chapter 2]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

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Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

“Heh, you’re cuter when you’re asleep.”

You jolt awake from the familiar voice to meet face to face with Suho. You immediately bring yourself back into an upright position, instinctively moving back from him, only to hit the wall.

He let’s out a laugh at your reaction. You scowl.

“I hope you slept well.” His eyes sparkle dangerously. “And thought over what I said.”

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