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Modern Greek Mythology

 Hestia comforts the children of broken homes, she appears to them as a school councilor that always has cookies. They cry in her arms, and she lets them stay with her for as long as she can. She stopped calling home, stopped making strongly worded comments to the parents. All there is left are broken homes and suffering children.

 Hera sits next to her sister, holds her hand and thinks about the broken marriages that lead to broken homes. She listens to the couples yelling at each other while she walks on the streets. She holds the crying women, she listens to the hopeless men. All of the power that a goddess of marriage possesses cannot help the people who were betrayed by their closest ones.

 After a long day, Demeter sits on the ground in her garden, holds a cup of tea in hands that have dirt all over them. She wishes that more people would remember what is under all of the concrete. She feels the dying of her world, and curses those who do not care for it.

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“What’s your favourite type of character? The type you look up to? Or even the kind you wish to marry?”


Girls with stars in their eyes and dragon-fire in their bellies.
Girls with pained lives whose smiles outshines the Moon herself.
Girls whose laughter is like bubbles spilling out of their throats.
Girls who have exhaustion written on every feature but persist anyway.

Girls who are carved from marble having experienced too much to cry anymore.
Girls who form waterfalls and flood rooms with their tears.
Girls who go on adventures high on wanderlust, danger, and nature.
Girls who rather stay at home and don’t mess with any ‘hero’ prophecies outside of creating them in worlds of fiction.

Girls with gold and silver magic flowing molten hot through their veins.
Girls who love and live so freely they seem to turn into wind before your eyes
Girls who trust very little and have dulled locks on their lips that only few have the key for.
Girls who sing as smoothly as a siren’s call luring you willingly into their soothing, blanketing embrace

Girls who scream at the top of their lungs for what they believe in, voices resembling sonic shockwaves more than symphonies but beautiful in it’s discord nonetheless.

Girls who can barely raise their voices above a whisper, with storms full of lightning, wind, and thunder all brewing inside them that could level cities.

Girls who are beaten, bloody, and bruised but still spits hatred right back into life’s eye and laughs, keeping within them a kindness and empathy that flourishes through their rage.

Girls who are knocked to the ground and stay down, almost tragically beautiful in their spun-glass fragility, believing themselves to be beaten but still refusing to be shattered, with golden tears freely streaming down their battered cheeks and bruises resembling galaxies in their vastness - they are simply bidding their time until they can get up again, although some of them don’t know it yet.

“But I know girls like that, they aren’t just characters, girls are real.”
And that’s why they’re my favourite.


Girls Are My Favourite by Beq (me)

Morphine You Moron ~Spencer Reid~

Summary: You and Spencer are kidnapped and you are tortured. 

Warnings: Explicit torturing and angst. 

Pairings: Spencer x Reader and a bit Platonic Derek x Reader. 

Author’s Note: 


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“You can kill me. You can torture me. You can rip me apart limb from limb. But for the love of God please don’t touch her.” Spencer’s voice echoed through the empty room. The man standing between you and him merely chuckling. 

You screamed out as another lash landed on your bare back. Your body arched forward, trying to pull as much away from it as possible, but your restraints kept you firmly in the same place. Your arms were tied above your head and your feet just touched the ground. 

Fifth day of hell. 

Spencer stiffened and pulled violently on the restraints that kept him station to a pole. 

“Please! Stop!” he screamed out. “Please. Please!” 

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Imagine the raptors getting upset whenever they see you kissing Owen because they think you’re trying to hurt each other.

You grinned as you pulled Owen into a hug, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. “You ready to take your lunch break yet?”

You glanced down as you heard the raptors snapping and barking at the two of you. You grinned and waved at them, keeping one arm wrapped loosely around Owen’s torso. They continued to pace beneath the catwalk, their agitation clear in their harsh whines as they strained to look up at the two of you.

You tilted your head to one side and frowned slightly, “What’s gotten into them?”

Owen glanced at you, grinning in amusement, “I think they’re protective of you.”

As if to prove his point, Blue let out another bark of irritation, her eyes fixed on you. You pulled away from Owen, moving to grasp the railing. “Hey girl,” you soothed, “It’s okay.”

The raptor whined again, turning in a circle and giving you a look that resembled a pout. You reached your hand into Owen’s feed bucket and tossed down a scrap of meat. She snapped it down and seemed to relax some. You smiled, “That’s my girl.”

Owen grinned and rested his chin on your shoulder, his arms snaking around your waist, “Careful, if you keep being this good with them, I’ll be out of a job.”

Blue let out another yap of irritation as she saw you so close to Owen, her entire body tensing. Owen pulled his arms away, raising them in a gesture of surrender, “Okay, okay, I get it, keep PDA to a minimum around the Raptor Squad.”

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Tooth (Blurb)

“Daddy! Dadddyyy! Help!”

Harry jumped from his seat in the living room and jogged down the hallway toward the sound of his daughter’s cries, worried that she had fallen or broken something and was hurt. He finally found her in the bathroom, standing on her little step stool and examining her face in the mirror with a very worried look on her face.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, rushing to her side and squatting down so he could see her better. He didn’t see any blood or bruises or cause for concern, but the look on her face worried him.

“Daddy, something’s wrong with my tooth,” she said, turning to him with her mouth open slightly and one finger pressing into her gum.

Harry frowned and moved her hand away from her mouth so he could have a look. Everything looked normal to him, except that one of her bottom front teeth seemed to be on a bit of an angle. He finally realized what was going on and grinned, feeling his heart slow down a bit.

“Looks like you have your first loose tooth,” he said, standing up again.

This explanation didn’t seem to sooth his little girl as she looked up at him with wide, terrified eyes, before turning back to the mirror and opening her mouth to look again.

“I was just brushing my teeth, daddy! I promise! An’ then it started wiggling; I didn’t mean to make it loose!”

Harry chuckled and knelt down again, reaching out to smooth his daughter’s hair back.

“No, it’s okay, love,” he said, “When you’re little like this, you’re supposed to have loose teeth. It just means that your big teeth are trying to grow in and they have to push the little ones out of the way. That tooth is going to fall out pretty soon.”

She seemed completely frightened by the idea.

“Nooo, daddy! I don’t want it to fall out!”

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when it is a little's period (for daddy's)

•care for her, let her know daddy cares about her in your special way. such as; offering the heating pad, talking to the “monster” in her tummy (cramp(s)), cradling her in your arms and giving her your undivided attention as needed. ((also, offer medication if she’s in extreme pain.))
•comfort her, rub her tummy during those 3-5 days of hell and baby her, we may not say it but we love when we’re babied at that time, it makes us feel infant-weak and as vulnerable as can be.
•help her, if she’s impatient with putting on her pad/tampon, guide her and calm her down, especially if she’s running late for work and trying to be a Big girl.
•soothe her, lull her to sleep during these awful, restless nights when it’s painful for her to sleep.
•let her hold you, don’t push her/shove her to the side. let her hold you and let her feel loved during this time, she feels useless because her body is hurting her and she feels lifeless because it’s extremely painful.
•let her know you’re there for her by coaching her through a contraction (cramps DO contract, hence the reason that pregnant women call theirs contractions as well) and working your hand into her stomach (gENTLY) and if she cries, let her, THAT SHIT IS PAINFUL and she needs to let it out.
•ways to help her through it if you’re this far and are clueless about how
-don’t be a dickhead, make time for her (especially LDRS)
-give tummy rubs/tummy time, let your little regress in your arms through the pain, but note she IS in pain and does not want for you to just shove her to the side if she’s in pain and you’re horny.
-let her have all the chocolate in the world, this is fUCKING MISERY okay? bend the “no sweets” rule right hERE.
-sing to her, even iF you suck at it, so she calms down during her episodes at night (honestly daddy does this for me and that helps so much) and let her never forget that her daddy DOES CARE (!!!!!!!!!!!)
-give her a bubble bath - run warm (not bOILING hOT) water for her, make her get undressed and wash her off as she plays with her toys (preferably? get in there, this is a GREAT bonding method that will also lead to more memories in the future.)
-remind her to take her birth control (if she’s an older little/already on it) (honestly just do it, do NOT let her miss a day)
-this one goes without saying ; but LOVE her.
make her feel loved, spoil her with maybe a new stuffie, cuddle her all the fucking time, give her baths, play with her, give her tummy time and times to regress, let her be a messy girl when she eats, the cravings are MONSTERS okay?
this … is your baby girl. these days come and go, but she will always stay.
be a good daddy and don’t be a dICKHEAD.

James- William Nylander

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

Ok anon, I don’t know if this is angsty enough for you, so if it isn’t let me know! There’s drama too! So sit back and enjoy!

Warning: Drama, angst, cussing

Anon Request: Could you eventually do a really angsty imagine of William Nylander being jealous of you hanging out with a guyfriend?💙


              “Babe. Babe. Babeeeeeeeeee.” You poked Willy’s cheek, attempting to wake him up.

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A RobRae college student/TA AU! :D I finally got around to writing for this ship after wanting to for so long. I guess I get oddly inspired at 2:30AM. Anyways, Dick is based more on his comic version than cartoon version (because I prefer him that way), so yeah. Expect a bit of goofball cuteness. Enjoy!

“I’m going to fight this,” she seethed through gritted teeth, slamming the file of papers angrily against the desk. “There’s no way in hell he can give me this grade and get away with it!”

To say that she was fuming would be an understatement.

Raven was on the dangerous path to murder. Her hands were shaking from the fury of the emotion.

A comforting hand was then suddenly on her shoulder, steadying her, and bringing her back to a semblance of reality. Leave it to Kory to remind Raven that homocide, no matter how tempting, was never a viable option.

“I know that English is your favourite course, but Raven, arguing with the TA isn’t always the best idea,” Kory warned her softly, not unsympathetic to her plight.

Raven was shaking with rage. It was all she could do not to crumple up all her hard work into a ball, and toss it towards the wall. She’d never admit it, but tears burned the backs of her eyes, yet she refused to cry in front of anyone.

He was going to change the grade, and she was going to make him. She wouldn’t leave his office until he did. Kory rubbed her back affectionately, not knowing how else to soothe the distraught girl.

“This is going to ruin my overall grade! This paper is worth over forty-five percent of the final mark, and my GPA will be done for!” Raven snarled, her lips curled back as her jaw clenched.

“I understand,” Kory conceded, running gentle fingers through her best friend’s short, silken hair. “I will go with you, if you like, as moral support.”

Always the enduring best friend, there wasn’t anything the red-haired vixen wouldn’t do for Raven when she needed her most. Especially when it concerned their grades and performance in school. Both of them had a lot riding on scholarships, and to lose any of them would mean a likelihood of dropping out entirely.

So, together, they marched towards the TA’s office, as the room number had been written and highlighted in their course manual, and mentally prepared themselves for a brutal standoff.

With jitters and nerves, they both stood outside the daunting office door, and Raven carefully raised her fist to knock against the wood. She had steeled herself, told herself that she deserved better than this, and she’d even taken to fix her clothes so that she looked the proper part. She would be taken seriously this time around.

“Come in,” came a deep, male voice from the other side.

[The rest is under the cut!]

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