a song of jon and his feels


How they react to you being jealous…

Jaime – Would find it amusing and would tease you relentlessly about people being unable to resist the Lannister charm. Of course, after a few moments – and realizing how upset you are – Jaime would do his best to reassure you that no one means as much to him as you. Not even Cersei.

Jon – Would be very uncomfortable with you being jealous. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for you ,so you being jealous would confuse him and make him feel as if he had done something wrong and that he wasn’t loving you/showing how important you are to him enough.

Arya – Would roll her eyes and say that you’re being stupid. She’s with you not with whoever made you jealous. She would tell you this several times in between eye rolls and “you’re so stupid for acting like this.”

Tyrion – Wouldn’t know how to react. Like Jon, he doesn’t believe he’s good enough for you, so the fact that you are jealous of other people talking/flirting with him would blow his mind. He would probably just sit/stand around watching you with wide eyes full of fondness.

Robb – Would understand why you’re jealous, smiling sweetly and chuckling as he comforted you. He gets jealous when other guys look at you or talk to you, so he would understand where you’re coming from. Of course, he would still tease you lightly over it.

Missandei – Would be shy with the fact you’re jealous of people talking/flirting with her. Being her, Missandei wouldn’t even notice someone was flirting with her. And the fact you’re jealous over it would make her blush and giggle in embarrassment. It would make her feel good though, she would know how much you care about her.

Margaery – Would tease you like Jaime would with a knowing smirk. She would be flattered that you care enough to be jealous, but would also make sure to show/tell you that you’re the only one for her.

Dany – Would be really sweet about it all, like Robb. Dany would understand that you’re jealous and why you’re feeling this way. She would sit you down and explain to you that no matter what, she’s with you. She would cheer you up with some light teasing, and end it with a light kiss and hand holding.


I just finished my sketchbook, and every page is now full. I’m a little sad, I really liked that sketchbook.
But I had a few drawings of @thatsthat24 in there (which I already posted) and then I had these, one inspired by his song Birds and one inspired by Anything, both from Ultimate Storytime. Yes I know one of those 3 is not Thomas’s song, it’s from All Time Low by Jon Bellion. There’s a reason it’s included.
The 2nd and 3rd drawings are my first and last drawings in my sketchbook. The first sketch was a vent from a few months ago when I started in the sketchbook. I was feeling crappy and like nothing would get better and was extremely suicidal. The last one is from today, and I’ve been watching Thomas all the time and I’ve become much happier and confident and self-loving than ever before really.

I’m going to try to keep this post about Thomas relatively short (all of my posts about him are so long eek! He just means so much to me!!) but thank you to @thatsthat24 for just being great, I love you!


“Are they ever coming back?” Bran asked him.

“Yes,” Robb said with such hope in his voice that Bran knew he was hearing his brother and not just Robb the Lord. “Mother will be home soon. Maybe we can ride out to meet her when she comes. Wouldn’t that surprise her, to see you ahorse?” Even in the dark room, Bran could feel his brother’s smile. “And afterward, we’ll ride north to see the Wall. We won’t even tell Jon we’re coming, we’ll just be there one day, you and me. It will be an adventure.”

“An adventure,” Bran repeated wistfully. He heard his brother sob. The room was so dark he could not see the tears on Robb’s face, so he reached out and found his hand. Their fingers twined together.

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What love songs do you think match your favorite ships?

Gency: The Score — Oh My Love. This song makes me think of their lives together as a whole. Through the good and the bad and how Genji would tell Mercy each and every word of this song. 

High Justice: Jon Pardi — Head Over Boots. A country soul feeling song to fit McCree’s undying devotion to Pharah. Simply how much he wants to be with his Egyptian Goddess queen. 

Time Dragon: Twenty One Pilots — Air Catcher. This is Hanzo’s inter conflict with falling in love with Tracer, his fear and want of her. In the end, he lets himself fall. 

Widowreaper: Five Seconds Of Summer — Vapor. Its a plead of desperation for the other to stay close and always remember each other. They only have each other now, and they can’t lose that. They can’t lose this love. 

Ana76: Jukebox The Ghost — Girl. It’s a reminder to Soldier 76 about how much love heals and how Ana is the only who can make him believe in such things again. How she brings him back to happier times where love is real. 

BunnyRibbit: Walk The Moon — Shut Up And Dance. Easily how they both are so fun and full of love. How they dance together so perfectly and are in awe of each other. 

Junkmetra: Jess Glynne — Hold My Hand. This song shows both how strong they are individually but how much they need each other’s support. Symmetra simply wanting Junkrat close and how Junkrat is always there for her.

Zen Hack: OneRepublic — Something I need. Sombra’s confession to Zenyatta. How he simply is what she needs. He’s become so important, that the one life she does live must be with him. 

Bad Behavior {Jon MoxleyxReader}

Summary: Moxley’s in his feels, she’s toxic. 

(This imagine was inspired by this song

He was always the first to wake up when he stayed the night at her flat. Mentally commanding himself to go back to bed and absorbed the shared capacity he missed so much when he slept alone.

A soft groan from her lips interrupted his thoughts when she rolled away from the sunlight that was peeking through the blinds.

He pleaded for her not to wake-up, not just yet at least because if she woke up that meant Moxley had to leave. And when he left he wouldn’t see her until 9, which was 12 hours without her. Which is probably why he was so cranky all the time because he’s so anxious to get back to her.

She glimpsed over at the flashing alarm clock before sprinting out of bed. “Shit Mox, why didn’t you tell me my alarm went off?!”

Because I didn’t want to spoil our morning even if it means more to me than it does to you. And maybe, quite possibly, you look cute sleeping.

But he couldn’t tell her that, even if he wanted too mainly because she never had time for his feelings. She was so on-the-go he never even had time to ask her when he would see her next. It’s why every second with her was so precious.

She was pacing her bedroom floor in nothing but her black lace thong and hickeys from last night credit to Mox. He possessively watched her slip on her pencil skirt in a hip swaying motion that mocked his morning wood. His hand slid under the sheet, palming at his prompt package that twitched when she bent over to prey through her closet for her nude pumps.

Her second alarm echoed off the walls signaling her with 15 minutes left to spare interrupting Mox from rubbing one out.

He through the sheet off his bare body and slipped on his boxers that were disbanded last night.

He cleared his throat, brushing a hand across her lower back soothingly. “I'was uh, thinkin.. maybe you could come to one of my matches after you get off tonight?”

She leaned back up from her bent posture, Mox receiving a sweep in the face from her long locks. “Oh goodness, I don’t want to be a distraction.” She says, unashamed with her breast bouncing with her balance as she tries to slip on one of her heels.

Her hand grips onto his muscular shoulder for support, sliding the other one on. “And besides, friends don’t bring their fuck buddy’s to their occupation.”

She was too busy buttoning up her blouse to acknowledge the disappointed look in Mox’s eyes.
He was so out of control when it came to her, he hardly even felt like himself anymore. Even if she wasn’t his, he was hers. But what if she decided one day she didn’t want him anymore? That she found a posh, educated, stable guy at her work and not some rugged indie-wrestler.

The peck of her lips suspended his distress thoughts only to have her pull back. “You’re staying the night again, right?”

No. Nope. Absolutely not. I’m ending this before you do. I’m going to be the one to walk away, not you.

Another kiss was sealed to his lips before he could respond. Her tongue brushed along his lower lip in a seductive taunt that obeyed Mox to let her in. Their tongues momentarily danced while her hands found their way to the waistband of his boxers. Mox let out a throaty groan when her hand slipped underneath and grasped his bulge.

“You’ll be here when I come back, yeah?” She whispered against his neck, stamping delicate pecks while she stroked him.

“Y-Yeah.” He managed to get out.

She smiled victoriously, leaning up on her toes to press a closed kiss to his mouth before taking her hand back.

“See you later!” She calls, swinging her luxury purse over her shoulder and strutting out the door.

Her lips were bad behavior, and he’s in danger.

All My Agony Fades Away (When You Hold Me In Your Embrace)

My entry for day 2 (Bed sharing/cuddling) of Fifteen Days of Valentine.

This has probably been done before, but I based it off one of the first things I ever wrote for Sansa and Jon, right after the season 6 finale, but never published.

The title is from the song All I Need by Within Temptation. That song gives me so many Jonsa feels!

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Rating: Mature

Implied/Referenced Past Abuse

Seeing Jon again had been a flicker of light in the ocean of darkness her life had become. In his arms she’d felt warm and safe and whole again, if only for a couple of moments, but he hadn’t held her like that since that first day at Castle Black. Sansa wasn’t even sure it would feel the same.

Sansa felt a shiver run down her spine despite the roaring fire and the layers of furs on her bed. It would never be truly cold in here, in the Lady’s chambers. It was why Jon had insisted she take them instead of her own old rooms when she’d finally convinced him to take the Lord’s chambers.

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Delitoonz |Word-Count: 730

Prompt: Exotic male dancer AU.

(WARNING: Slightly NSFW)

((Song I listened to while writing this, cuz I feel like that’s needed: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert))

Jon, or Delirious during work hours, danced like no fucking other. His body was captivating in every way possible, with the ways that it turned and moved in a symphony of intricate movements. He used this talent of his to his advantage and used it to pay off his lingering college funds. And truth be told, he loved his job, it was nice being able to finally show people what exactly he was made of.

So here he was now one stage, in the red tinted spotlight. Clad in his black spandex booty-shorts and faded navy blue Dr. Martens. This moment was his, he felt it in his bones.

He stood there; head bowed low waiting for the music to kick on. And once it did at the beginning beats before the vocals he looked up, making what he called ‘Pretty-Eyes’ to the crowd as he subtly searched through it. It always helped to have someone or something to focus on. So he caught the eye of a beautiful bearded man, choosing him as quickly as they met eyes.

He popped his chest in and out to the first set of lyrics, mouthing each word. He’s heard this song so many times while practicing this certain dance, he was going to perfect this if it was the last thing he did.

He slowly guided his body to the left, then advancing forward and to the right, leading with his hips as he did so. He continued to do this until he got near the end of the stage before bending his elbows, positioning his arms into an ‘X’ formation in front of his chest. He dragged them away from his chest, touching his own skin as he did so. He did his cute head roll, a look to his side, fluttering his eye lashes and smiling cheekily.

He turned in a circle, gyrating his hips in a pattern of a figure 8 then two rough thrusts to the one side and two more rough thrusts to the other side. His arms were behind his head gripping his own hair as he moved.

Jon sunk down to his knees, eyeing the man he’d looked at in the beginning only to see he was being eyed just as hard. He bit his lip, placing his palms on the stage, giving a buck of the hips and a few more after that.

He hopped up just as gracefully as his other movements, turned around, and strolled back down the stage. He gave a gentle wave and a toothy smile, walking backstage after the song ended. He could hear the crowd cheer and chant, his heart soaring with pride.

Jon got dressed back in his normal clothes. His clothes were baggy and layered since it was cold outside.

“Del, there’s a satisfied customer who rented room 13 who wants to see you.”

“Ok, thanks. I’ll be right there,” He grabbed his backpack and walked out into the common area.

He waved to the bartenders before walking down the large hallway of rentable rooms. In those rooms, private dances were bought along with little add-ons among other things.

He entered the assigned room, closing the door after him. Jon immediately met the gorgeous eyes of the man. He stared at this man during his entire routine; he couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.

“Hey there,” Jon smiled awkwardly, setting his bag down on the floor next to the door.

“Hey,” the man smiled back, “You’re an awfully good dancer.” Jon had heard the praise many times and of course it was great to hear, but it never made him weak at the knees like it did right now.

“Oh, thank you,” He placed his hand on the back of his neck, but remembered that this man was probably here for a reason. “So, what can I do you for?”

The man was confused, but recovered quickly, “I actually just wanted to ask if you’d possibly like to go one a date,”

Jon’s eyes widened.

“What? Seriously?”

“Yeah! I-I mean, if you want to of course.”

Jon smiled impossibly wider.

  “Sure, that’d be nice.” He nodded, “My name’s Jon by the way…”

“I’m Luke,” They shook hands. “And I hope to be seeing you again.”

“You will, trust me.” Jon winked making Luke laugh.



S/O MARRIED BEFORE AND HAS A SMALL CHILD(how they would feel around the child and your ex)…

Oberyn – Adores children and would love your child as he loves all eight of his own. From the first meeting, he’d love your child and go on to care for and spoil them without a second thought. It wouldn’t bother him that you have a child from a previous relationship, although he would tense up and make smart remarks whenever your child’s other bio parent was around.

Sandor – Would be very cautious for the first few months he knows your child. He’s a “hard” man and doesn’t want to risk hurting your child. Once he does begin to get comfortable being around your child, he’d be wrapped around their finger and very protective. Like Oberyn, he’d hate having your child’s other bio parent around and would often try to make that person out to be a horrible parent so your child didn’t have to go around them – even if the other bio parent was really nice.

Robb –Grew up with younger siblings, he’d be great with kids. He knows how to be a perfect blend of silly and serious so he can be a substitute parent when your child’s other bio parent isn’t around but also so he could be a sort of friend to your child, not wanting it to seem like he was trying to replace the other bio parent. He’d actually be okay with being around your ex since he’d be comfortable in your relationship and knows he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Jon – Also grew up around siblings, but his melancholy personality makes it difficult to be comfortable around people he doesn’t know. As long as he got to know your child alongside getting to know you, there wouldn’t be any problems. He’d become very affectionate toward your child and a really good friend, always willing to listen to them – even if it was just baby/toddler talk that’s often hard to understand. He’d be okay with your ex, although sometimes feel a little out of place in the beginning your relationship.

Tyrion – Is surprisingly very good with kids. He often uses himself as the butt of his own jokes while teaching your child how to read “big” words, and he would always tell them long, elaborate stories at bed time. He wouldn’t hide his mistrust of your ex, after all, “How could any intelligent person let someone like you go?”


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Imagine sharing a bed with Jon to keep warm and him realizing how nice you feel next to him, and how in love with you he is.

——— Request for becomesjustanotherstory ———

You were sound asleep, snuggled into his side unconsciously for the warmth he provided. On the one hand, Jon knew he needed to get what little sleep he could before he had to be up the next morning. Or, rather, that morning, considering the next day had already started by nearly two hours.

But on the other hand, you looked beautiful when you slept, and Jon didn’t want to go to sleep, for fear the girl he loved would be gone when he woke up.

Your Not So Typical Ryden Theory

Cape Town, Africa consists of three words. What else consists of 3 words? My Chemical Romance, same with Fall Out Boy. FOB, MCR, and P!ATD–three bands ((holy emo trinity)), and two out of that three that consist of three words. 3+3+3=9. Nine? Like Nine in the Afternoon?
“Back to the street where we used to say, man it feels good to feel this way”
Which one? Mikey or Gerard? We’ll go with Gee bc it’ll work better. Gerard Way starts with g, ends with -ay.  Pretty. Odd. can be described as being gay as hell. About a year after the album was released Ryan left his one true love with Jon tagging along. A year is 356 days, and there are fifteen songs on Pretty. Odd. When you divided that amount into the number of days that are in a year, you get 23.something. Two members left Panic…take two away from 23 and it results in 21.
21? ((hahahatwentyonepilotshahaha)) Now remember, it’s been seven years since Ryan and Jon left. 21 divided by 7 is three. And finally, what’s three words long? Ryden is real…

defending robb stark

or: annmarie word vomits about robb stark for an obscene amount of time

oftentimes, I see people complaining about Robb Stark for his perceived villainy. “he doesn’t care about his sisters!” “he throws away his entire war effort for some girl!” “he wasn’t being king to protect anyone, he was just doing it for revenge!” “he’s a hypocrite and he treats his mother horribly!” I feel like some of this has come from the show’s portrayal of Robb as an older man with a sixteen year old mentality, who does throw away the war for very little reason and who often does sideline Catelyn (although this is really the writers’ fault). but book!Robb is nothing like this, and I think people need to separate the shows from the books. so, in the interests of length and time, I’m going to look at two of the major reasons why people hate on Robb: his marriage to Jeyne, and his legitimization of Jon. (lots more below the cut lol)

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Medieval AU x Social Media presents: AU/Canon Divergence where a tourney was held in Winterfell coinciding with the celebration of the harvest in the Seven Kingdoms. Ser Jaehaerys “Jon” Targaryen accompanied his mother Lady Lyanna from Dragonstone to visit their kin in the North. Upon meeting the Starks, Ser Jon’s eyes were caught by the eldest daughter of his Uncle Ned, Lady Sansa Stark. Learning from that night’s feast that the lady fancied stories about knights in songs, Ser Jon opted to join the jousting on the morrow in the hopes of catching her attention, and to crown her Queen of Love and Beauty. The knight did emerge victorious but couldn’t follow through with his plan of giving the crown of winter roses to Lady Sansa, not when his hands were obviously shaking as his nerves got the better of him. So he gave the wreath to his lady mother and left the stands, feeling quite the fool. Later that afternoon however, Lady Sansa has aked him if he wanted to be shown around his mother’s childhood home (and the knight didn’t want to presume, but was that a blush dusting the lady’s cheeks?); Ser Jon easily accepted, not wanting for another opportunity to get to know her pass him by.

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Preference: Finding out You’re Pregnant...

Jon Snow – Jon would feel absolutely horrible. He’s grown up with the personal vow to never have children, especially bastards. Being a Night’s Watch brother would only make his guilt even worse since there is no way he could help with the child at all.

Sandor Clegane – Sandor would be absolutely terrified. Maybe more than he is of fire. He clearly doesn’t have that high of an opinion about himself and he wouldn’t see himself worthy of being a Father. He would think constantly that all he was going to do was screw the child up. But he wouldn’t leave you to raise the child alone.

Robb Stark – Robb would be ecstatic at the thought of having a child. He would make sure you had everything you wanted and needed and have all these ideas and dreams about being as good of a Father as Ned was.

Oberyn Martell – Oberyn loves the daughters he already has and he would love any other child he was given. Bastard or true born child, he would care for them at Sunspear, train them to defend themselves, and do anything in his power to give them anything they could ever need and want.

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I need some cute sibling shit. You got any fluffy big brother headcanons?

Edd: You both will pull silly pranks on one another. Silly faces, whoever laughs first has to take out the trash. I feel like he would do that thing where you guys make up your own language.

Tom: You get your favorite songs stuck in his head, and so he hums it, in no time the both of you are singing it. You both will scare each other, and always laugh at the end ‘cause you both got spooked. Chill days, you both will just be sitting around and just talking.

Matt: You both can talk about literally anything. DRESS UP. “Let me do your hair!” Randomly start singing whenever given the chance. If you need anything he’s got you.

Tord: You both play video games a lot, but it’s always 1 vs 1 to see who is really the superior sibling. “You remember when___” always talking about your childhood. LOTS of inside jokes.

Eduardo: You both will argue over the littlest things, but completely forget about it later. Play fighting, a lot of it. You both always go to the movies together when there is nothing to do. 

Jon: Making food together is always fun. Give each other silly nicknames. He will always calling you to make sure you’re doing good. You both always tend to stay up and watch spooky things, even if Jon is a scaredy cat.

Mark: He’s always asking about how you’ve been doing, ‘cause he’s always curious on what you’ve been up to. He will find DIYs on the internet and the both of you will do them together. Will take you on random road trips.

Sebastian's Playlist- Songs he & his girl would dance to

-“Untitled (how does it feel)”- Matt Bomer
-“Let’s Groove”- Earth, Wind, & Fire
-“Pony”- Ginuwine
-“I Gotta Feeling”- Black Eyed Peas
-“Blurred Lines”- Robin Thicke
-“I wanna dance with somebody”- Whitney Houston
-“Party Rock Anthem”- LMFAO
-“Love Shack”- B-52’s
-“Shout”- The Temptations
-“Moves Like Jagger”- Maroon 5
-“Can’t Help falling in love”- Elvis Presley
-“Baby Got Back”- Sir Mix-a-lot
-“Sexyback”- Justin Timberlake
-“Sexy and I know it”- LMFAO
-“You Make me Feel”- Cobra Starships
-“Raise your glass”- P!NK
-“Everybody”- Backstreet boys
-“Get Low”- Lil Jon
-“Cheerleader”- OMI
-“Ice Ice Baby”- Vanilla Ice
-“Old Time Rock N Roll”- Bob Seger
-“Hot in Herre”- Nelly
-“L-O-V-E”- Nat King Cole
-“Kiss”- Prince
-“Love Me Like You Do”- Ellie Goulding
-“I Won’t give up”- Jason Mraz
-“Gold Digger”- Kanye West

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Ship: Zen x V ^^ (and if you're up for it, a song you feel represents each character by themselves o:)

[[hhh i can’t find any songs that i feel can relate towards Zen and V by themselves, but i do have a few that i think go well with them being together~

Would You Rather (in V’s POV) although this song is mainly surrounding V, i feel as if his relationship with Zen could be helping him get better which is why i included it as for them being together rather than for V alone.

Rico & Miella x TELYKast - Worth Fighting For (Otero Remix)

Jason Mraz - I Won’t Give Up

Jon Bellion - Guillotine

Simple Plan - Take My Hand

Simple Plan - Save You 



((With the help of my friend I give to you this short Preference of the sex positions of a few GOT men. I…this was actually really embarrassing for me to talk about. I mean, I write smut but having to actually think about the exact positions…haha))

Jon Snow – oral/on his knees Is there any other kind that best descrbes Jon’s? I mean, I just have a feeling after Ygritte complimented it, this was Jon’s go to move lol

Robb Stark doggy This has to do with Robb being the young wolf. I don’t think I really need to say much about this haha

Tywin Lannister Missionary Because he’s boring and he doesn’t see the point in doing something fancy when it all results in the same thing.

Jaime Lannisterreverse cowgirl I’m actually not sure why my friend chose this one for the Kingslayer but I like the idea sooo

Ramsay Boltonany bdsm, Christian Gray crap I don’t think there is any other sex position/types of positions that could define Ramsay better.

Sandor Against a wall, tender. Against the wall to fix the height difference? or because he just likes holding his lover up. Raw and tender because its sandor he wouldn’t want to hurt you

Daenerys Targaryen: Wants to start a war for the crown she believes belongs to her by right, as the heir to her father, who was King, as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Doesn’t know for sure how the people of Westeros would feel about it.

Fandom: What an entitled, selfish bitch! 

Stannis Baratheon: Started a war to win the crown he believes belonged to him by right, as the heir to his brother, who was King, a as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Knows for sure that he’s not particularly popular with the people of Westeros.

Fandom:  Yeah, go Stannis! Stannis is the one true king! #StannistheMannis

Daenerys Targaryen: Is 16. Has one chapter in one book where she is having sex for pleasure (not particularly graphic or described in detail) with her lover Daario, who she’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Booo, what is this book, Fifty Shades of Grey? She’s turned into a foolish hormonal girl and clearly cannot ever be a competent ruler.

Tyrion Lannister: Is in his mid-20s. Has multiple chapters across three books where he is having sex for pleasure (in some cases quite graphic and described in detail) with his lover/prostitute Shae, who he’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Shae is a bitch, but Tyrion is cool.

Daenerys Targaryen: Led by her idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including her inability to really understand and properly read her direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: She is clearly completely incompetent and can never be a good ruler.

Jon Snow: Led by his idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including his inability to really understand and properly read his direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: Jon is the man! He is the hero of the book, Azor Ahai, the Prince that Was Promised, all three heads of the dragon combined, future King of Westeros, future King in the North, and the Song of Ice and Fire.

Daenerys Targaryen: After violently conquering the cities in the (ancient and “civilized”) Slaver’s Bay, and deciding to stay and rule in Meereen, abolishes slavery, but then tries to conform to other local customs as much as possible, making compromises.

Fandom: How dare she interfere with other cultures and impose her cultural norms on the (rich) people of Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai, denying their rights and freedoms to enslave the people from other cultures! GRRM clearly meant her to represent white colonialism, George W. Bush, and Satan, rolled into one!

Stannis Baratheon: After violently defeating the wildling army, decides to settle the (”uncivilized” and “wild”) wildlings south of the Wall, but makes no effort to understand their culture, imposes another religion on them, and lets its priestess burn their sacred trees.

Fandom: Stannis is awesome. #StannistheMannis

Fandom: Clearly, hatred for Daenerys has absolutely nothing to do with sexism. 


“It’s… beyond words, really,” you said after you walked up to the edge of the Wall and looked north. It was snowing and the winds blew heavily at you but for the moment, you did not seem to even feel them.

“That’s what everyone says,” Jon told you, slightly grinning about the fact that you were this impressed. It kind of gave him a break from all his usual problems. “Later on, it just becomes cold.”

ignore my intrusive thoughts

okay so the peach scenes are always used for gendrya, and I think for arya it’s particularly evident (still steaming about gendry “ringing bella’s bells” is just one such example) but I just always feel like gendry repeatedly says no to bella and doesn’t want anybody touching him because he’s a bastard. an unclaimed one, but still a bastard.

jon is really touchy about the subject of his parentage as well, and I feel like he said at some point it was because he didn’t want to have any children like him (this could’ve been in my head lol) and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that’s the same for gendry

  • he grew up poor - his mother worked in an alehouse
  • he lost probably the only thing that mattered - she died when he was little
  • he entered an apprenticeship - he found a purpose in his life
  • he assumed that his master grew tired of him and SOLD him - that purpose was torn away
  • he finds a friend in arry - only to find out that she’s arya of house stark and they can barely be friends

all of this is caused by his status as a lowborn boy. unwanted. unloved. why would he risk passing all of that on to a child that didn’t deserve it, a child that he would never even know?