a song of ice and attire

“Hrakkars are a breed of white lion native to Essos. The hrakkar pelt made by Khal Drogo is a favorite attire of Daenerys.”

Nothing too crazy in terms of design but I don’t know if I should do drawings on really mundane/real life animals like lions, aurochs, tigers, etc. thoughts?

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Daenerys & Jon in Eastwatch. 

While it’s easy to say that Dany is now simply dressing to adapt to the climate in Westeros, here we can clearly see she is starting to match Jon’s attire. She now has light details of fur around her sleeves and collar. Not only that but the pattern of the outer coat is reminiscent of the spiked pattern of the Stark sigil. She may be Fire & Blood and wearing her three dragons in silver, but visually we can see that she is starting to come to Jon’s side. 

Dragon Tree Presents

Poetry Night

Sunday, October 15, 7:30pm EST

Balmung, Goblet Ward 5, Plot 49

Free Admission

Come ready to share with your best poetry for the evening! With All Saints’ Wake around the corner it would be a great time to share your spookiest, creepiest, death-loving poems! Scare, gross out, and mortify your audience! Feel free to enhance the atmosphere by dressing up in your eerie attire.

  • Sign-ups are at the event. Give Frederique Sombremont or staff a /tell. You will be given a /tell when you’re next on stage.
  • This is for poetry, songs, storytelling, and play scenes. If you wish to perform another genre, don’t hesitate to ask. I usually say yes.
  • Original and non-original work accepted, including song lyrics.
  • Musical numbers are fine as long as the emphasis is on the words.
  • Dancing is okay.
  • Getting audience participation is acceptable.
  • Your work does not have to be IC but please note that the poem is OOC.

concept: It’s just the right temperature for enjoyment; barbecues being hosted by both the mafia and the agency, cicadas screeching a song that tunes out all silence, a sky as blue and cloudless as Chuuya’s softened eyes is painted, stores start selling thinner shirts and shorter pants, summer has fully grown and flourished after the first of three months of heat and student freedom. Various festivals are taking place around Japan and the sun won’t stop kissing Chuuya’s bare skin as he walks the streets of Yokohama in a thinner and shorter attire. Dazai admires the summer, the sun burns against his skin and makes him feel alive and the look on Chuuya’s face when he’s relieved from an ice cream cone brings a smile to his own. Summer just came around and they both hope it doesn’t end soon.



Someone Kissing his S/O

First Kiss with S/O

S/O Wearing His Clothes

Pregnant S/O

Being Called Daddy in Public




Short S/O

Meeting Parents

Love at First Sight

Long Distance Relationship

S/O in a Cat Costume

Kidnapped S/O


Spanking (NSFW)


Rocky Horror Picture Show

First Date


New Ground (NSFW)


Tending the Garden (NSFW)



S/O’s Birthday


Top 5 Songs

Zoo Trip


Fave Musical

Dream Car

Dream Home

Ideal S/O


Date Night Clothes

Lingerie (NSFW)


Disney Movie





Fave Novel

Prom Attire

Fave Stuffed Animal

Fave Cartoon

Fave Horror Movie

Halloween Costumes


Fave Video Game


Ice Cream

Fave Snack

Fave Candy

7 Deadly Sins

Death Note

Cuss Word

Dick Size



Fave Halloween Movie

Pet Peeves

Boku no Hero 

Teen Wolf

Fave Animal 

Sweater Weather 

“Kill the Kitten, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the Kitten and let the Cat be born.” 

Debuting our Updated Jon Snow in Stark Attire!

“Winter is coming and we know what is coming with it.”

“The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it.”

“My Watch is ended…”

Dance Upon The Ice

Eleventh Doctor x Reader

From Anon: Can I get an eleven imagine where reader is a figure scatter (mot like professionals, just for fun) and the doctor doesn’t know, and one day he follows her to the rink without her knowing and watches her practice??? Please :) lol sorry if that’s super specific

Thank you for requesting anon! I hope you enjoy this, I know I enjoyed writing it! Also, thank you for being my first request!!

Requests are still open! Don’t be shy! xoxo

Title: Dance Upon the Ice 

 Word Count: 2,534

 You paced your room wondering how to go about what you were about to do. “Okay, Y/N. You have been through so many things harder than this. You’ve ran away from home with the Doctor, gone to hundreds of different planets, through so many places in time, fought aliens, saved the world with him. This is fine. Just…do it.” You urged yourself, but no matter how many times you repeated this, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. This was going to be one of the most difficult things for you to do: Go to the ice skating rink without telling the Doctor where you’re going or what you’re doing. You came to a stop in the middle of the room when you thought of this and hit your forehead with your palm, and let them slide over your face. “This would all be so much easier if you just told him…” You muttered through your hands, but skating was something you were still relatively a newbie at. You hadn’t gone to a rink in months, and only started about a year ago. You loved it, and you wanted to share your favorite hobby with the Doctor, but you just weren’t ready. Thinking about having the Doctor come and watch you skate made your stomach churn and flutter all at the same time. You took a deep breath, and spied your skates underneath your bed. You quickly grabbed a back pack, and stuffed them along with other skating attire in it. You had to go. You missed it so much, and you were dying to get out and do something…normal. You wouldn’t trade the day you decided to jump in that big blue box with the alien from Gallifrey who was now your best friend, but every once in a while it was nice to do things that reminded you who you were and what you liked to do before you started traveling. “Alright. Let’s do this. Time to elude the Doctor.” You rolled your eyes to the ceiling, “Should be easy right?” You asked yourself, but before you changed your mind again, you swung your bag over your shoulder and walked out to the control room of the Tardis. “Hello Y/N!” The Doctor greeted as you made your way down the stairs. He twirled and started to hit buttons and pull levers getting the Tardis ready to take off to the next adventure. “Where would you like to go? Is it my turn to choose? I don’t really care honesty, I’m good with whatever and wherever, as long as it’s cool! Fun and cool!” He babbled on, making you grin and giggle. “Actually Doctor,” you slowly started, slinking your way around the controls. “I was hoping that maybe we could go to Earth. To home. Just for a few hours?” He spun to face you with a puzzled look on his face. “Why would you want to go back there?” He asked, remembering the reason you left in the first place. “I just…I want..wanted to…” You stammered trying to find a reasonable excuse. He crossed his arms, and cocked his head at you, smirking at you. “Come on Y/N, you can tell me.” “I just want to go and walk a bit..see what’s different, what’s the same…see where I come from again.” You finally landed on hoping it would work. “Well why didn’t you say so! Let’s go! What point in time do you want to go? I’ve been to London both in the past, and future, both equally as fascinating! Personally I would probably pick–” “No!” You interrupted and when he looked at you this time, it wasn’t just confusion, it looked like there was a little worry in his eyes. You went over and held his arms, and smiled at him. “No Doctor, I just want to go to say, a year after I left? I want to see recent changes. Well, as recent as the year I’ve been gone from there.” “Oh…” He answered and then snapped back to his levers. “You got it! Alright, what do you want to do a year after you left? Get some fish and chips? Go to some shops? Maybe go roam the parks for pigeons?!” You felt a stab of guilt at how excited he was to even do this with you, but you were going to have to let him down even more. “Doctor…I was hoping..I was hoping to go about…alone.” You looked at the ground, wringing your fingers. “Oh…oh..” He quietly said and when you looked up into his green eyes, not only was there confusion and worry, but hurt as well. “Well alright..should I..should I just wait somewhere for you..or..is this a permanent stop for you..?” You were taken aback by his question, that he would ever think that you would leave him. “Doctor! No! No, no, no!!” You closed the gap between you and wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. You squeezed him right and lifted your face to see his. “Look at me.” You prompted and when he didn’t right away, you grabbed his chin and made him meet your gaze. “Never. I promise you. Never will I be leaving you. Ever.” You meant it, and he saw that you did. He kissed your forehead and pushed one last button, the Tardis starting to wheeze, taking off for home. “Alright, Y/N, we are here!” The Doctor claimed, pulling one last control to land. “Okay, thank you Doctor! What time is it?” You asked making your way towards the front of the Tardis. The Doctor pulled up the time on one of his screens, “About 4:30 p.m.” “Perfect!” You whispered under your breath. “Okay! How about I meet you here at, let’s say 7?” You called back, and he nodded. “We can stop and get a bite before we take off.” You suggested, so this wouldn’t be a total “you” trip. He smiled at you, and made his way to the side of the control panel. “Go! Get out of here, I expect lots of stories by the time we meet back up.” You smiled and reached for the door, when you realized you forgot. “Y/N? What is this? Do you need it?” The Doctor asked, and you cringed. “Crap…” You thought as you slowly turned around to see him holding your backpack curiously. “Oh! Shoot yes, thank you!” You scurried up as fast as you could, snagged it and made your way back to the door but before you could leave the Doctor asked you, “What’re you doing? Taking a class?” “Um…no. Not exactly.” Your brain was racing to come up with an excuse. “Just some stuff to leave for…for a friend! Yeah, they’ll know then I’m okay.” You hoped that would be enough to get him off your trail, but he looked at you quizzically. “Alright, well, see you!” You quickly called before he could ask any more questions, and out the door you went. The Doctor watched you go, and began to wonder what on earth you were going to be doing. “No pun intended.” He smiled to himself and went to his screen to turn on the outside video feed to see which way you were going. He watched you peek around your shoulder as you walked away from the spaceship, and then began to jog away. “She’s up to something,” He claimed, lifting the screen away and leaning on the console. “But what? Why would she want to leave things for a friend to say she’s okay a year after her leaving? I don’t think she’s been in contact with anyone not that I’ve seen at least.” He began to pace around the room coming up with and then crossing off things that you could possibly be doing. He came to a sudden stop, “I hope she isn’t in any trouble, I mean why else would she be trying to keep me from going with her other than she’s worried for our safety? I need to go after her! Keep her safe!” He snagged a jacket off one of the Tardis beams, and darted to the doors. Once he closed the big blue door behind him, he began to briskly make his way in the direction you had gone. You took a deep breath and let the familiarity of London fill you. “Well, I’m home.” You uttered, and even though you recognized a lot, much had changed. You felt a little out of place, and hollow. As if you were an intruder in someone else’s home. It made you melancholic to see some of your favorite places closed down, or something new in its place. Even the sidewalk you were you going along on was new, and for the first time in a year, you felt yourself yearn for home. You shook your head to clear it, and get back into what you came here for. “Ice rink. Ice rink.” You repeated and as you came to the small arena, you just hoped it would still be up and running. Luckily enough it was, and your heart began to beat faster with excitement, and a little smile appeared on your face. As you made your way to the front door, your gut got an odd feeling, telling your brain you were being watched. You stopped, and turned around and looked left and right, but didn’t see anyone explicitly staring or following you. Nothing but the busy streets of London. You shrugged, “Must have been my imagination.” After you walked in, the Doctor popped out from the doorway of the entryway of another building he was hiding in. “What could possibly be here that’s dangerous?” He asked himself, and when he was sure you weren’t coming out, soon followed. You had made your way to a changing room, where you finally took out your attire and skates. You put on your black tights and a leotard, placed your hair in a bun on top of your head, got your skates on and headed out to the ice. It was all that busy. Only a one little family, a couple, and two skaters practicing. There was music playing over the loud speakers, and after you did a couple warm up laps around and didn’t eat it, you felt happy about how quick you got back into the swing of it. The next song that popped on was one of your favorites from Coldplay, and joy radiated through you as you began a freestyle routine to it. You spun, and jumped, and twirled with fluidity and grace, not being able to help the smile plastered on your face. After the song ended, you practiced all that you could so you could get your fill for a while, not knowing the Doctor was sitting in a seat, secretly watching you this whole time. “Oh my sweet Y/N, you are beautiful.” He whispered and smiled, captivated in every movement. After about another hour of engaging skating and watching, he noticed you started to skate back to the locker rooms. He gathered himself and quickly ran out of the rink. “Do I have a surprise for her!” He claimed as he ran out and down the streets back to the Tardis. When you got back, you felt happy, and a whole. “Have a nice evening?” The Doctor asked as you dropped your bag by the stairs and made your way up the ramp to him. “Yes, a lovely one. Thank you for bringing me here.” You hugged him tightly. “Of course!” He answered, as you both let go of the embrace. “Has much changed?” He asked, “Surprisingly yeah, more than I thought would be. I guess that’s what time does though right?” “Indeed!” “Want to grab a bite, there’s still a pretty good fish and chips place down the road we could go to.” You asked, trying to change the subject of the day. “Actually! Before we do that, I want to take you somewhere that I remembered while you were gone.” The Doctor claimed, grinning from ear to ear, trying to remain composed as to not give away his secret trip to the rink and discovering your secret. You shrugged, figuring you could wait to eat, and honestly were ready for another adventure with him. “Sure thing! Let’s go!” And with a press of a button you were off to who knows where. It didn’t take long for the Tardis to land, and the Doctor ran in front of you to the door. “Alright! Here we are! Yes! Excellent!” You giggled at him, walking not far behind. “Well, spill it. Where are we?” “Somewhere I think you’ll really quite like. Somewhere perfect for you.” He claimed, rousing your curiosity even further. “Well tell me then!” “No, here. Look.” He remarked and he slowly opened the door to an outside place, and it was beautiful. It was all…ice. Every inch of every surface was ice. Sparkling and glittering in the light, sending off white, purple, pink, and blue sparkles all around us. You were speechless and then all of a sudden had so many questions, but before you could ask them when you turned to face him, he had your skates in his hands, holding them out to you. “Yes. I saw you. You are amazing, and I want you to know that. This,” he looked out towards the icy plain ahead, “this is for you. Just for you. I always take you places that I teach you and show you how things are. While I’m sure you’ve never been to a planet entirely made of un-meltable ice, you can show me a thing or two here. So here.” He placed your skates in your hands, tears filling your eyes. “Go and be beautiful.” You found yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him tight. You couldn’t believe the Doctor had followed you and now knew what you were hiding, and you couldn’t even remember why you didn’t want him to know in the first place. Happy tears fell from your eyes and you kissed his cheek. “Thank you. Thank you so much Doctor.” You whispered in his ear. You quickly changed, and went out into the beautiful landscape. “Oh! One last thing!” He called out to you, and quickly ran back in the depths of his spaceship. Then all of a sudden, Fix You came flowing out and filled the outside. You couldn’t help but laugh, and looked at him gratefully as he leaned on the door frame, knowing how happy you were. You skated and skated and skated, and more music kept playing. You finally came back up to the Doctor who was enjoying watching you. You grabbed him by the hands, and forcefully pulled him out on the ice with you. “Come on spaceman, it’s time to teach you something I know!” You both laughed and skated hand in hand until the sun on this planet began to drop on the horizon, and even then, you skated a little bit longer. Both of you were genuinely happy in this moment, and that’s all either of you could have ever wanted.

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