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My thoughts on Helpless

Wow I have so thoughts and the majority won’t be super coherent so bear with me.

So upon listening to it again, I have a whole new appreciation for it. Eliza really has the most upbeat and ‘pop’ song of the musical. It’s easy to feel her energy and excitement when she is head over heels in love with Alexander at first sight.

Yet despite the peppy tune, the lyrics are darkly foreshadowing. She was 'helplessly’ in love in more than one way. Yes, she helplessly fell in love at once without any control of her heart.

And she was 'helplessly’ in love with him in another way. She was brought to a state of helplessness by him throughout the musical because of her love for him. Even the simple and repeated hook “I’m helpless” it’s a warning of things to come later that’s masked by the bubbling melody.

Another thing I found interesting when I looked at the lyrics is this:

-Hamilton: And long as I’m alive, Eliza, swear to God
You’ll never feel so…-

Alexander never finished his sentence. For some reason that really stood out to me. Whatever it may mean or if it was intentional, I don’t know. But it was definitely impressionable and his trailing off fits the narrative well. His promise to keep her from feeling helpless was never capable of being kept.

So my sum up of Helpless: a beautiful song filled with hope and new beginnings that is a foreshadowing look into the Hamilton’s lives. Underneath the lyrics, you discover more than one meaning to what she really means by the repeated refrain 'helpless’.

  • RWBY: Foreshadows an eventual shift in tone since Volume 1.
  • RWBY: Welcome to a world of BLOODY REVOLUTION
  • Monty Oum: I like Game of Thrones.
  • RWBY: *suddenly gets darker*
  • The fans: This came completely out of nowhere! It just feels like Rooster Teeth is just trying to be needlessly edgy for no reason!
Endgame as foreshadowed by Jon VI and Sansa IV in A Clash of Kings- Part  #2

Part 1

The chapter immediately following Jon VI is Sansa IV (I think we’ve all been here long enough to know that “coincidental” and “GRRM” cannot, in good consciousness, exist in the same universe). In it, we run into an interesting theme regarding Sansa’s storyline which I will illustrate with the following examples.


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The Weaver’s Song Theory

X : This post recently came up and it got me thinking… I had actually done some research on this, but never really took out the time to type it all out. And who knows, maybe this has already been discussed and I just didn’t see it. Anyway, I found some interesting stuff…

There is a ballad very similar to what the Weaver was singing. It’s called, The Twa Sisters. There are many variations depending on what culture/region you look at, and even the titles differ. Now, I’m going of mostly by memory from what I researched here, but, for the most part the story is this;

There were two sisters (in some versions there’s a third sister mentioned.) The younger one was fair and beautiful, while the eldest was dark and jealous of her younger sister. In some versions it tells of a suitor who loved the youngest one more, hence the older sister’s jealousy. The older sister convinced her  younger sister to go to the sea with her, but ended up pushing her in. The younger sister begged for her help, but the older sister refused, allowing her to drown. Her body floated down the sea, until someone found her (usually a miller). This person/miller then took her body and created a instrument out of her body (usually a harp or violin of sorts). After he had made her body into the instrument, he took it to a merchant’s home to play it for them. The merchants home happened to be the younger sister’s family’s home. When the miller plays the instrument, the younger sister tells or “sings” of her story of being murdered by her older sister. Thus, the older sister is publicly revealed to be the one who murdered her. Some Norwegian and Swedish variants even end with the instrument being broken and the younger sister being resurrected.   x 

There are even real songs about this story, most of them being called Cruel Sister by Old Blind Dogs. Cruel Sister by Mediaeval Baebes. The Cruel Sister by Ruth Notman. All of them slightly different versions of the song. 

Here is the Weaver’s song:

(MAF p. 217-221)

“There were two sisters. they went playing,

To see their father’s ships come sailing …

And when they came unto the sea-brim

The elder did push the younger in.”

Sometimes she sank, sometimes she swam,

’Til her corpse came to the miller’s dam.

But what did he do with her breastbone?

He made him a viol to play on.

What’d he do with her fingers so small?

He made pegs to his viol with all.

And what did he do wither nose-ridge?

Unto his viol he made a bridge.

What did he do with her veins so blue?

He made strings to his viol thereto.

What did he do with her eyes so bright?

On his viol he set at first light.

What did he so with her tongue so rough?

’Twas the new till and it spoke enough.

Then bespake the treble string,

‘O yonder is my father the king.’

Then bespake the second string,

‘O yonder sits my mother the queen.’

Then bespake the strings all three,

‘Yonder is my sister that drowned me.’”



~ Some versions tell of a third sister = Nesta, Elain, Feyre?

In the original stories, it says that the oldest sister killed the youngest, and while Nesta didn’t kill Feyre, she did leave her to fend for herself and go out into the - potentially dangerous - woods.

~ “Their father’s ships come sailing…” = The sisters going to see Mr. Archeron’s ships

As we all know, Feyre’s father was a merchant who lost his fortune after his ships sank on their way to Bharat.

~ Her body floated on down the sea to a miller = Feyre’s journey to Pythian?

This was just my first thought when I read the Weaver’s song…

Miller = Tamlin?

So the younger sister makes it all the way down the sea, until her body reaches a miller’s dam. Once the miller finds her, he uses her body (Feyre being used) to make an instrument. And according to SJM/the Weaver, its a viol… very similar to a fiddle, in which Tamlin plays. 

(TAR p. 177) “Oh, I can play a mean fiddle…” and then on p. 225, where we see Tamlin actually playing the fiddle.

So if Tamlin = the miller, then Feyre = the viol.

~ The resurrected younger sister

As stated above, some Norwegian and Swedish variants of the story end with the instrument being broken (the 3 trials UTM) and the younger sister resurrected. This could easily be a connection to Feyre’s rebirth into High Fae after dying.


While there are many connections that can be made with Feyre’s story and the Weaver’s song, there could also be some foreshadowing… If you’ve been on Tumblr any, you may have come across some posts theorizing who Feyre’s parents are, specifically her mother… the missing mortal queen?? Or something else?

According to the Weaver’s song, after the youngest sister is turned into an instrument and played, she says “O yonder is my father the king” and “O yonder sits my mother the queen.”

Who is this “king and queen” the Weaver talks about? The missing mortal queen? The King of Hybern? Miryam and Drakon? In a way, Miryam and Drakon could be viewed as a type of king and queen where they live. There’s already many similarities between Miryam/Drakon/Jurian’s story, and Feyre/Rhys/Tamlin’s story. Is Feyre connected to Miryam and Drakon in another way than just similar stories?

I could be looking way too into this, but then again SJM doesn’t put anything in her book without a reason.

Thoughts? @sparkleywonderful @cruelwickedthing 

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quick question: can u make that google doc public bc im interested


My google docs page is nothing but unorganized links, so I’ve taken the liberty to copy and paste everything here in a neat and orderly fashion:

Book Four 


  • Zephyrita is the now deleted tumblr of a former staffmember of the show. However, with the help of the handy wayback machine, all of the posts reblogged and made about Katara and Zuko originally being planned as well as info about book four can be found here

Zutara Endgame

Apparently, that piece of artwork was given out as a poster to everyone attended the official season 2 premiere in Korea. I’d sell every non-vital organ in my body for one of those posters. 

Besides the self insert promotions, those are all the links I have with actual quotes or ‘evidence’ backing the claims up. I may make another post in the future with opinion analysis posts, but for now 

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The Bear and the Maiden Fair

A bear there was, a bear, a bear!
all black and brown, and covered with hair.
The bear! The bear!
Oh, sweet she was, and pure and fair!
The maid with honey in her hair!
Her hair! Her hair!
The maid with honey in her hair!
She kicked and wailed, the maid so fair,
But he licked the honey from her hair.
Her hair! Her hair!
He licked the honey from her hair!

Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!
My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
And off they went, from here to there,
The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

Before you get angry about the RT Pride shirts, please watch this LGBTQA+ panel from RTX where they got revealed. Watch this panel featuring only the LGBTQA+ members of Rooster Teeth. Listen to their stories and understand how much they worked to have this shirt made. Understand how much RT is trying to be inclusive of this side of the community. 

RT isn’t always right, and sometimes their content is queerbaity and their jokes are offensive. I won’t defend them on that. They’ve done a lot of things wrong.
But this! This is the right thing to do! This right here is a step in the right direction, and fuck me if I’m not going to support that.

I want RT to improve; to be better than what it is now. We can still be critical of what they do wrong, but we need to remember to support the right steps and celebrate the small victories too.

And for everyone who thinks they’re trying to ‘scam the queer community out of their money’, I guarantee you, they’re chasing off a lot more ‘dude-bro cishet’ customers than gaining new LGBT ones.This move was a risk they took because they want us to feel welcomed in this community, even if that pushes their bigot customers out. That is so important. These are the kind of decisions companies need to be making right now; to make the LGBT community feel welcomed over the bigots.

They still have their problems, sure, but they really are trying.
Day 5 has a lesbian character who’s sexuality isn’t treated like a joke in any way.
Last season of RvB featured 2 other lesbian characters.
And the newest RWBY album featured a song that foreshadows Yang/Blake, much in the same way Boop foreshadowed Ren/Nora though at the time, canon made it clear they were just friends.

I know we want more; I know they need to be doing more.
But right now, these are good things. Let’s celebrate these small victories and encourage them in continuing this trend.
If you want change, you need to support that change. Be critical, always be critical. But support is still important too.

Ed Sheeran Cameo Analysis // Game of Thrones

So it seems that the whole fandom is somewhat split on the not-so-very-subtle Ed Sheeran cameo in the 1st episode of Game of Thrones season 7. Although one can say that Ed Sheeran’s cameo was totally unnecessary, have any of you ever considered the importance of the song that Ed Sheeran sings in the scene, and what events it might foreshadow in the upcoming of season of GOT???

In the books, the song that Ed Sheeran sings appears in the 3rd book of ASOIAF. Like the Rains of Castamere, & The Bear and the Maiden fair, the ballad “Hands of Gold,” are all particularly suppose to reflect on the events past and upcoming in GOT. In A Storm of Swords. The ballad “Hands of Gold” appear when Tyrion goes to see a Bard to help Cesie prepare for Joffrey and Margaery’s upcoming wedding. When Tyrion meets up with the Bard, the bard sings him a song, the “Hands of Gold” in order to warn Tyrion that he is aware of his secret relationship with Shae. This ballad is used in an attempt to blackmail Tyrion, and also provide foreshadowing for later events to come.

In the books and the TV show, Tyrion later kills his “lover” Shae after discovering that she had been sleeping with his Father Tywin Lannister. And he specifically kills her by choking her with a long golden chain. This is specifically foreshadowed in the song when the bard sings: “And a chain and a keep are nothing compared to a woman’s kiss.” The word chain in the line is suppose to represent Tyrion killing Shae with a golden chain and how maybe killing her was never really compared to her kisses and sex. Meaning that killing her should have felt good and satisfying, like her sex and kisses. Though really, it did not feel good to him, despite him discovering that she was sleeping with his father. (He really did love her in the books–despite her just using him.) And that’s why to him it didn’t feel “good,” because it was his “love” for a whore that made him unable to feel good for killing a person who betrayed him. The next line is the chorus which the Bard sings is: “For hands of gold are always cold but a woman’s hands are warm.” Gold is famously symbolic when it comes to represent house Lannister. When Tyrion kills Shae, you could say that his “hands were cold” due to the fact that he felt drained and just all out unhappy and angry. Or specifically that his hands were “so cold” and filled with cold aggressiveness, wanting to choke the life out of her. (Also possibly representing that Lions are known to fight with aggression and are cold fighter to their prey.) Then Shae dies, her hands still warm.

So what does this mean for the TV show?

When Arya meets up with Ed Sheeran, this song is what attracts her to come sit with him and the soldiers. I find it quite odd that they specifically chose Ed to sing this ballad when story-wise, it was suppose to be sung around the time of season 4. And Shae is dead. Tyrion is with Daenerys. What more could you possibly use this song for other than provide entertainment this late in the game?

The Valonqar Prophecy.

In the books and the show, we are specifically told that Cersei is the eldest of the Lannisters. Despite being twins with Jamie she came out of Joanna’s womb first. Cersei thinks that it may be Tyrion who will kill her in the end, however most fans speculate that dramatically, it may actually be Jamie. In the books and show it is clear that Jamie loves Cersei and would burn cities to the ground just to be with her. But in the books, it is unclear if Cersei truly loves Jamie or if she is just using him as her side lover. (She is greatly complex in the books.) By A Feast of Crows, Jamie rejects Cersei entirely finally realizing how fucked up she is.

Here’s the strongest hint. When Ed sings the line: “For hands of gold are always cold but a woman’s hands are warm.” Could this foreshadow Cersei’s end with golden Lannister hands being wrapped around her neck? Physically, Jamie does have a golden hand. When the line says “hands are cold,” maybe this represents that by the end, Jamie will no longer be in love with Cersei and use this to his advantage to choke the life out of her. Symbolically, representing that his hands are ruthlessly cold, killing her with no more love for her left in him. We know by the plot synopsis for episode 3 season 7 it specifically says that “Jamie learns from his mistakes.” Could this mean that Jamie will finally realize his mistakes about Cersei and leave her for Brienne??? (wishful thinking… *_*) Episode 1 had already given us some tension between the twins. Perhaps episode 3 will finally give us the true Jamie character development that we got in the books.

And now that Game of Thrones is slowly reaching it’s endgame, will it finally be time for Jamie to wrap his hands around Cersei’s neck and choke the life out of her?

So yes, Ed Sheeran’s cameo is GOT may have been completely unnecessary and just plain useless. However we can’t argue with the fact that there is an importance in which he provides his cameo in. Could the song he sings actually be a plot device used to possibly foreshadow the ultimate downfall of the Lannister house and the death of Queen Cersei? Or truly, was it nothing really?

[cover] canyon's song
[cover] canyon's song

original song @ adventure time

piano cover and chords interpretation @ me

this song is so so lovely and i could just go about my day and all of a sudden i remember this song exists and i tear up 8,)

also i totally think this song is a foreshadowing to islands miniseries 



I know you are looking for a sea that lies beyond your reach

A                                                     D                         E

But I’m hoping my heart can stop you before you reach the beach

F#m                    C#m

I know you have places to go

F#m                  C#m

I know that you want the sea


But I’m hoping my heart will grow

               C                         D   G

And that you’ll come back to me

the original song doesnt have much instrumental so i used my own chords when i played this. feel free to use this chord for ur own cover! just link back to this post (and tag me bc i totally wanna see it!!)

the crystal kingdom song was foreshadowing quite a bit, huh!

I saw beyond the omniverse,
Far past the places we should see,
But for my vision I was cursed,
Torn from my home and family

Kept from our children, lovers, friends,
Subject to laws we did not make

This is where separation ends

What it sounds like is that the song is from the point of view of souls that were, or almost were(?) assimilated by the Hunger. Souls that were almost convinced of the terrible truths of creation, but not quite, because John didn’t have the Light of Creation in this universe.