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38, 20, 12 :)

12: Talk about the worst dream you’ve ever had.
Once I saw that my dog died and I was trying to wake him up but I couldn’t..I woke up crying.

20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
In high school huh?Well,the only thing I remember is that in the first year I fought with a teacher so badly because she didn’t like me,the same teacher didn’t like my older sister BUT she liked my older brother,she likes boys more than girls.She didn’t like any girl in my classroom.So when I finally graduated high school,last year,I carved her car with my keys..

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
Okay!Well,the song Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison reminds me of my mother,because she was and still is the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen.Gasoline/Cat People by David Bowie reminds me of my dad,because it’s his favourite DB song.Michael You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For by Duran Duran reminds me of my brother,because his name is Michael.Wishmaster by Nightwish reminds me of my sister,because she loves Nightwish.There are many other songs that remind me a lot of my Tumblr friends like Rio by DD reminds me of @grumpylikethewolf ,A View To A Kill by DD reminds me of @notoriousjohntaylor etc.

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First things first, I really loved the episode. I thought it was great how they referenced all the current running storylines (Arastoo, Hodgins’s invention and of course the BIG ONE with the gambling-ack).

  • I don’t even care what anyone says, Aubrey is the best and of course this episode was made for him, LOL. “I bet this was delicious once.” “Please don’t eat that, Aubrey.“ I DIED. LMAO. 
  • I really liked the case, it was really fun and Joanne was awesome, haha. 
  • I’m still cracking up at Brennan’s face when Christine was singing the song at the beginning of the episode. OH THE HORROR.
  • The end scene was just the cutest thing ever. Precious family is precious.

But yeah, let’s be real, the necklace scene was the standout scene of the episode. AND OMG!!! Of course, as ever, it was beautifully acted by David and Emily.

And I swear to god, no one does MAN IN LOVE better than DB. Nope. It honestly makes me a little teary eyed, the look in his face just makes me sigh so hard. God dammit, he just loves her so fucking much. Of course his guilt is coming into play already, but he absolutely meant every single word he said. But of course, when he was putting the necklace on her I was torn between awwwwwwwwww but also noooooooooo (lol) because we all know how he paid for it, eeep.

But the best part of the scene is that Brennan recognizes that something is off. She knows him, and his blasé attitude about the sobriety chip is not something to be taken lightly- and no fancy necklace is going to sway her attention from that, lol. Good lord, I can’t wait to see what happens next. D&E are absolutely mesmerising to watch AND they always, ALWAYS, nail the emotional scenes.

ETA: And that was the 206th episode!!! Can you even believe it??? I’M SO PROUD OF OUR SHOW!!!

Crazy In Love
David Byrne

David Byrne covering Crazy in Love by  Beyoncé.

This one is hilarious because (other than it’s DB doing a Beyoncé song) he only knows like half the words. Personally I’d love to hear a studio version of this cover, but this is pretty entertaining nonetheless.


Lisa Robinson: You’ve written at least one really good rock'n'roll song every year.

David Bowie: Incredible sort of luck and a shred of mercenary attitude got me that far.

LR: Isn’t It hard to write good rock'n'roll songs?

DB: Not if you’re desperate enough. And not if you passionately want to be a rock'n roll star and be lionized and have eulogies written about you. Then you write a bloody good rock n’ roll song. If you don’t, you’re not going to be a rock n’ roll star.

LR: Why are you attracted to all that?

DB: Because I do what I want very well. I’m a good synthetic. I’m the first really synthetic rock star. There is no other. 

Lisa Robinson interview, 1977 from Spin Magazine.