a song of ice and fire

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

“Let us look upon this head,“ prince Doran commanded. Areo Hotah watched the white knight, Ser Balon Swann. 

He watched the Sand Snakes. 

He watched the Princess Arianne and her dead uncles paramour Ellaria.

 Serve. Protect. Obey. That was his task. All the rest had eyes only for the chest.

Bowing, Maester Caleotte took the chest from the hands of the white knight and carried it to the dais. Within was a scull.

"The Mountain rides no more,” the prince said, gravely. He had tears glistening in his eyes.

“Was his dying long and hard, Ser Balon?” asked Tyene Sand, in the tone a maiden might use to ask if her gown was pretty.

“He screamed for days, my lady. We could hear him all over the Red Keep.”

“Does that trouble you, ser?” asked the Lady Nym. “Ser Gregor was a bloody brute, all men agree. If ever a man deserved to suffer, it was him.“

"That is as it may be, my lady. But Poison is a foul and filthy way to kill.”

The prince left it to Ricasso, his blind seneschal, to rise and propose the toast. “Lords and ladies, let us all now drink to Tommen, the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.”

The white knight did drink, as was only courteous. His companions likewise. So did the Princess Arianne and many nobles with her. But many did not.

Chief amongst those were the Sand Snakes, the bastard daughters of the prince’s late brother Oberyn. Obara let them fill her cup to the brim, then upended it to spill the red wine on the floor. Obara left the hall. After a moment Princess Arianne excused herself and went after her.

Later, Arianne turned to Balon Swann.“I have always been fond of swans. No other bird is half so beautiful, this side of the Summer Isles.”

“Your peacocks might dispute that,” said Ser Balon. This one is not so easily seduced as was his Sworn Brother.

Ser Balon spoke to Prince Doran “Her Grace informed me that I shall escort her daughter back to King’s Landing. Prince Trystane would be welcome in King’s Landing as well,”

“Of course. But now you must excuse me, ser. Obara, would you be so kind as to help me to my bed? Nymeria, Tyene, come as well, and bid your old uncle a fond good night.”

So it fell to Obara Sand to roll the prince’s chair from Sunspear’s feast hall and down a long gallery to his solar.

 "You cannot seriously intend to send Trystane and Myrcella to King’s Landing,“ Obara said as she was pushing. “Do that, and we will never see the girl again, and your son will spend his life a hostage to the Iron Throne.”

“Do you take me for a fool, Obara. There is much you do not know.”

In the Princes’ chamber Obara gave the skull a mocking kiss. "This is a start, I’ll grant.”

“A start?” said Ellaria Sand, incredulous. “Gods forbid. All those who had a hand in murdering Elia and her children are dead.

"It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym.

“Oberyn wanted vengeance for Elia. Now the three of you want vengeance for him. You have four sisters, I remind you. If you should die, must they seek vengeance for you? “

"This war has already begun”, the prince announced. “I am not blind, nor deaf. I know that you all believe me weak. Your father and I worked more closely than you know … but now he is gone. The question is, can I trust his daughters?”

Tyene answered for the three of them. “Set a task for us, any task, and you shall find us as leal and obedient as any prince could hope for.”

“I want your oath. Will you swear to serve me, to do as I command?”

“We swear.”

“Obara, you will go to High Hermit-age to beard Darkstar in his den. The time is not yet come for Dorne to openly defy the Iron Throne, so we must needs return Myrcella to her mother, but I will not be accompanying her. That task will be yours, Nymeria.”

“And what of me?” asked Tyene.

“I want you in King’s Landing too. This new High Septon is not the puppet that the others were. Try and get close to him.“

"I know you will not fail us, cousins.” Arianne went to each of them in turn, took their hands, kissed them lightly on the lips.

“Unbowed, unbent, unbroken, ” the Sand Snakes said, together.

 A Feast for Crows Chapter 38 (The Watcher) - shortened



That was the best part, the dreaming. She dreamed of wolves most every night. A great pack of wolves, with her at the head. She was bigger than any of them, stronger, swifter, faster. She could outrun horses and outfight lions. When she bared her teeth even men would run from her, her belly was never empty long, and her fur kept her warm even when the wind was blowing cold.

Women in Ice Cells: The Mother of Dragons

So far in the Women in Ice Cells series, I’ve examined the characters of Elia Nymeros Martell and Joanna Lannister, both notable members of the Dead Ladies Club. Today I’m going to be tackling another member: Rhaella Targaryen, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, mother of Rhaegar, Viserys and Daenerys. While Aerys is often talked about by a number of characters, Rhaella is rarely mentioned in comparison. Aerys’ name appears 165 times throughout the books. Meanwhile, Rhaella is mentioned, by name, a grand total of five times. For such a major character, in-universe and out–a queen, and mother to one of the main characters in the series–that’s frankly shameful. In light of that, I’m going to take a look at what we know about her, and what this could tell us about her character.

Warning: this essay talks about rape and abuse. Please stay safe and don’t read it if you think this will trigger or upset you. 

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x. generations ago the earth was destroyed by nuclear warfare– the human race seemingly wiped away from history. except for those who were not on the earth at all, thirteen stations orbited the planet the once called home, upon seeing the destruction they came together to form the ark. a place to live, to survive until the earth was once again an inhabitable place for humans. it is an imperfect home though, two generations prior sickness spread, decimating the population on board and threatening the survival of the human race, and causing a ban on the one child rule, allowing families to grow and replace those who were lost. but now it is worse.

now– now the ark is dying, no longer able to support it’s population for more than a few months. and in a society where every crime is punishable by death the choice is clear. 100 of the prisoners under age 18- too young to be floated, will be sent to the ground on orders of chancellor robert baratheon. sent to die. sent to live. sent as a broken hope to the ground.


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Of Ice and Fire

My first game of thrones fanart ever. I swear. I’m almost through watching the series a second time and I haven’t drawn a thing to it yet. It’s a pity, especially since the white walkers are metal as fuck!
the tourney at ashford theory and sansa’s future husband

This is a repost from reddit, you can find the original thread here.
Interestingly, Aegon doesn’t exist. So… sub in Jon for Aegon? :)

In the Hedge Knight, Dunk and Egg go to a tourney held at Ashford to celebrate Lord Ashford’s daughter’s 13th name-day. Lady Ashford has 5 champions fighting on her behalf and anyone who defeats a champion ends up replacing their opponent as a champion for Lady Ashford. In the end, the 5 champions who end up defending Lady Ashford are:

  1. Lyonel Baratheon
  2. Leo Tyrell
  3. Tybolt Lannister
  4. Humfrey Hardyng
  5. Prince Valarr Targaryen

When you look at the names of the champions’ families and the fact they fight for a 13 year old maid, especially with the family Hardyng, we find out that they correspond strongly with Sansa’s suitors in A Song of Ice and Fire.

  1. Sansa’s first betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon
  2. Sansa’s then planned to be wed to Willas Tyrell
  3. Sansa’s married to Tyrion Lannister
  4. Sansa’s now being betrothed to Harry Hardyng

The fact that GRRM put Hardyng in that mix is what really makes me think this is a sly foreshadowing of Sansa’s future husband/suitors in TWOW and beyond. But, there’s one suitor that we have yet to see, the Targaryen suitor (foreshadowed by Valarr Targaryen).

I think this makes a particularly strong case for Aegon VI Targaryen being a suitor for Sansa in TWOW or ADOS. It would round out the set nicely and lend credence to Sansa playing a large role in Westerosi Politics in the upcoming books.

Why Aegon and not Jon?

You might say “Aegon’s not really a Targaryen! He’s Varys’ puppet and a Blackfyre to boot! Wouldn’t this hint at Jon being Sansa’s future suitor?”

To that I say: For this foreshadowing, what matters are the family NAME of the suitor and not the actual blood of the suitor. Joffrey would be considered the Baratheon even though he’s a Lannister because of his name, and thus Aegon would be considered a Targaryen even if he’s a fake, so it works out.

Additionally, Aegon is planning his invasion and will need allies.

  • One could argue he already has the Martells because he’s Elia’s son. A marriage with Arianne would not be necessary to gain the allegiance of Dorne.
  • By TWOW he has already captured Storm’s End, thus giving him a stronghold in the Stormlands.
  • Jon Connington mentions that the Golden Company still has friends in the Reach, which probably makes courting Margaery unnecessary
  • The Lannisters are on the throne and Aegon’s biggest enemies. They’ll never be able to win the allegiance of the Westerlands.
  • Both Aegon and Jon Connington seem to have abandoned hope of Daenerys joining them soon, and have already begun plotting to conquer Westeros

The 3 Kingdoms Aegon has left to win are the North, the Riverlands, and the Vale. And guess which girl has the strongest ties to each of those Kingdoms? Sansa Stark, heir to Winterfell, niece of Edmure Tully, and currently betrothed to the heir to the Vale.

If this foreshadowing is true, what does this mean for TWOW?

  • It means that Harry the Heir is a stop-gap solution, a true red-herring if there ever was one, and will soon be killed or out of the game.
  • It means the isolationist Vale saga should come to an end by TWOW, and the Vale will have to take sides in this war if Aegon happens to be a suitor for Sansa. 
  • It means either LF has abandoned the Vale-Hardyng plan for Sansa and is using her to woo Aegon, or maybe LF’s no longer in power and Sansa is left to meet Aegon on her own.
  • It means that LF and Varys conflict will finally come to a head. At this point, we must assume that Aegon is championed by Varys while Sansa is being championed by Littlefinger. But if Aegon appears to be enamored or interested in having Sansa, you’ll have to wonder if LF will just let his prized possession just waltz into Varys’ hands.
  • It means that the Dornish Alliance with Aegon will be a lot more complicated that we think. Arianne and Doran would definitely want Aegon to marry Arianne to cement an alliance, but what if Aegon demands their allegiance by virtue that he’s Arianne’s cousin? If he goes after Sansa, I wonder how they will react.

What probably will happen

If anyone believes this is a precursor to a great romance, you’d have to take a look at all of Sansa’s previous suitors. Joffrey, Tyrion, Willas, and Harry are all suitors Sansa was forced into choosing, something that was out of her control. Moreover, none of the pairings ever seemed to have a happy ending. Harry the Heir looks to be another Robert Baratheon, so I think we can assume Sansa isn’t going to fall in love with him either.

If we follow this pattern, Aegon will not likely be a suitor Sansa chooses for love, or even chooses at all. Likely this will be another political ploy Sansa will be forced to face, and none of those have had a happy ending. I think this is just more and more problems for Sansa (especially if they marry and Dany shows up).

Finally: What happened to the suitors at the Tourney of Ashford?

We don’t know what’s going to happen in TWOW, but we do know what happened in the Hedge Knight.

  • None of the 5 champions ended up marrying Lady Ashford
  • No information was given about Lady Ashford afterward
  • Humfrey Hardying was wounded in a fight in a Trial of Seven during the tourney and died of his wounds
  • Valarr Targaryen ended dying from the Great Spring Sickness

I’d like to think this foreshadows Harry’s imminent demise (perhaps by LF or another party) and Aegon Targaryen’s death by greyscale (courtesy of Jon Connington). He has doom written all over him anyway.

As for Sansa, she’s still left to deal with Harry. I don’t think she’ll marry him because Aegon will come by soon. Whether or not she marries Aegon is up for debate. All I know is there is no happy ending to any of these pairings.

TL;DR Aegon and Sansa will be paired up sometime in the future. The ending’s not going to be good.

Edit: Just so you know, I don’t claim to believe this theory 100%. The evidence for Arianne/Aegon hooking up to get Dorne is convincing as well. Still, I do think Aegon/Sansa is now a possibility we must consider, especially since it marks a showdown between Varys and Littlefinger who champion Aegon and Sansa respectively.

Edit 2: So apparently this observation has been made before. Here’s the link:http://nobodysuspectsthebutterfly.tumblr.com/post/28846787945/re-reading-the-hedge-knight-for-the-bazillionthEven if people have picked up on this detail, it’s definitely fun to discuss the implications.

Edit 3: People have been throwing around a bunch of ideas for a name for this theory; my personal favorite is the The Fifth Suitor Theory as suggested by /u/DrDalenQuaice