a song for tonight and a beginning for tomorrow


Lin x Reader

(kill me, i have sinned)(sort of)

“What on earth are you doing right now?” a voice asked you from behind.

“Winning,” you replied, focusing on the game that was in front of you.

You had been playing Dance Dance Revolution for the past hour, working your ass off to win as much as you could. You hadn’t lost yet.

Your boyfriend came behind and watched as you did the last move and win the round.

“Pfft I can totally beat you in this game.”

You smirked and turned to look at him.

“I don’t think so, Linny boy. You may be on broadway, but I am the true dance master in this household.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“You bet your ass it is.”

You looked straight into Lin’s eyes. They held a silly twinkle, the kind when you new this whole adventure would most likely end up with some kind of make out session and donuts.

“Bring it on,” he said. You laughed and handed him the remotes to the game.

“Good luck,” you told him, falling down onto the couch.

He chose the song All Up In My Face and began the game.

You had to admit that he was good at this, but it was nothing that you couldn’t handle.

“There, I got to your level,” he said gloatingly.

You swallowed the rest of your water and and got up off the couch, grabbing the other set of controllers and setting it to one of the hardest songs.

“If you can beat me, I’ll buy you a donut tomorrow, if I win you’ll actually come to bed with me tonight,” you said to him.


The music started up and you stood in your beginning poses.

The music was fast, but you held your ground. The both of you were laughing and giggling through the entire thing, even as Lin fell down.

“See, I told you I would win.”

You stood over him as he laid on the grown, tired and sweaty.

“Alright, I give. You win.”

You smiled and held out your hand for him to grab.

“Come on, let’s shower and go to bed.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said, picking you up and carrying to the shower.






“You are the worst type of person,” Lin huffed as he flopped back down onto the bed.

“Strawberry donuts are great Lin and I will fight you if you saw otherwise.”

“Whatever babe, but it’s weird.”


“Why am I dating you again?” he asked, rolling towards you with a small grin on his face.

“Because you love me,” you gushed, placing kisses all over his face.

He started laughing, grabbing your arms and pinning you to the bed.

He gave you a loving look before lowering himself down to kiss you softly.

“Ya know, if I didn’t know how tired you are I would expect this to be going in a completely different direction,” you smirked.

He rolled his eyes and leaned down again, kissing you harder. Then he shifted and wrapped his arms around your waist, rolling over so that you were on top of him .

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Lin.” 

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Legend of Welp #62

King of Hyrule: Link, my boy! Thanks to your warning we have imprisoned the traitor Ganondorf and the kingdom is spared a terrible fate!

King of Hyrule: You’ll be happy to note that we shall also be taking measures to prevent Hyrule from coming so close to disaster a second time. We begin our plans to eradicate the Gerudos tonight.

Link: That’s, um…good?

King of Hyrule: I have never trusted those desert folk, and now a messenger of the Goddesses confirms my suspicions! It is a fortunate day, indeed. Tomorrow, there shall be war.

Link: Uh huh. Cool, cool. Zelda, can I borrow your Ocarina for a smidget second?

****One Song of Time Later****

Gerudo Chief: Link, dear friend. We thank you for your warning that the desert king’s plans would lead to such disaster. We do not trust the mark of the three goddesses as thoroughly as Hylians do, but your description of Ganondorf’s battle style is proof of your battles with him.

Gerudo Chief: Alas, this also means that our laws must change to reflect what we now know. From now on we shall be cutting all ties with Hyrule and attempts by Gerudo to even interact with a Hylian shall be punished with death, and vise versa. We don’t know how our kind will survive… but it is what must be done… Oh, are you leaving so soon? 

****Another Song of Time Later****

King Zora: Link, thanks to your warning we were able to convince the Hyrule king to send Ganondorf over to the Zoras’ domain for a diplomatic meeting, where he was promptly drowned. 

King Zora: Unfortunately, though we tried our best to make it look like an accident, the kingdom of Hyrule has declared it an act of hostility. We are now at war with Hyrule as well as Gerudo.

****More Song of Times Later****

Impa: I poisoned him and made it look like an accident. Unfortunately, the Gerudo aren’t convinced and are waging war against Hyrule. Also, because I failed to protect a guest of the king I’m being replaced. I fear Zelda is incredibly upset…

****Yet More Songs of Times Later****

Darunia: When you played that song of yours and cleared our caverns of those blasted dodongos I knew I could trust you, Link! So when Ganondorf came asking for our spirit stone like you said he would we prepared an explosive ambush!

Darunia: Unfortunately, the king of the desert was a strong foe. We lost many taking him down. Though Hyrule would normally never wage war against us Gorons, I fear our crippled army won’t survive the king’s retaliation…

****Sixty Freaking Songs of Time Later***** 

Royal Guard: Your Highness! The Gerudo visitor was attacked in his sleep by some child wearing a balaclava wielding an improbable number of bombs, bows and arrows, and a whole lot of magic! He’s been killed!

King of Hyrule: An act of terrorism? Tighten security! Replace those slackers we call guards with actually efficient warriors, preferably hired Gerudo and Gorons. Place Hyrule under the control of the police. And most importantly, be sure that my daughter Zelda steps foot outside her room without a guard again! I don’t care if I must place the whole kingdom under martial law!

Link, in the distance: Are you freaking KIDDING ME???


Ganondorf: So you’re saying that if I don’t betray the king and go after the Triforce and instead use my position as a trusted guest of his to influence his decision making over Hyrule, I can achieve my dreams of having power and NOT incite the wrath of the Goddesses and end up with a sword plunged in my brow?

Link: Just… just don’t kill anyone, ‘kay? 

Ganondorf: Hmm… ruling a prosperous and beautiful kingdom in secret for the rest of my life does sound more rewarding than having a desolate wasteland beneath my heel for just seven years… I might just consider it…

Link: ‘Kay. Cool. I’ll take it. I’ve got a freaking fairy to find. Goodbye.

Supercat Ficlet: Until the Stars Fade Out

Fic prompt from @kara-lesbihonest

Song lyrics prompt:

“I could kiss you for hours
Who’d have thought
I’d be in your mouth
Loud and clear

Do you feel it with me?
How am I certain to fit
All of your needs
Master of all of your needs

Lyrics are from “Hours” but I mostly listened to “Two Weeks” by FKA twigs while working on this.

It’s late and Kara’s already in bed and half asleep when her phone buzzes. She knows it’s Cat even before she uses her x-ray vision to look through a couple of pillows to check the notification lighting up her phone.

There are only two words:

Come here.

Fully awake now, Kara slips out of her pyjamas and into her Supergirl suit. She briefly entertains the idea of just showing up as Supergirl, but in the end she takes a change of normal clothing. Kara knows that Cat knows, but this is one of the things they don’t talk about.

Cat’s not in her office when Kara arrives a short time later. She’s standing on the balcony, a drink in one hand and her cell phone still clutched in the other. Cat is looking down at it in distaste, as if it were the device which betrayed her and not her own fingers.

“Miss Grant?” she calls hesitantly.

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Watch Peter Capaldi Give A Beautifully Emotional Reading Of An Astonishing World War I Letter
In celebration of Letters Live returning. Warning: it's pretty moving.
By Kimberley Dadds

They finally posted the video of Peter reading from Letters Live! This was a while ago, something I nearly forgotten about because I couldn’t have access to view/listen to it. Anyway, it’s here (and hear!) now at a little over 11 mins long, so enjoy! :)

Also, here’s the full letter Peter reads (he paraphrases here and there):

I have just been through one of the most extraordinary scenes imaginable. To-night is Xmas Eve and I came up into the trenches this evening for my tour of duty in them. Firing was going on all the time and the enemy’s machine guns were at it hard, firing at us. Then about seven the firing stopped.

   I was in my dug-out reading a paper and the mail was being dished out. It was reported that the Germans had lighted their trenches up all along our front. We had been calling to one another for some time Xmas wishes and other things. I went out and they shouted “no shooting” and then somehow the scene became a peaceful one. All our men got out of their trenches and sat on the parapet, the Germans did the same, and they talked to one another in English and broken English. I got on top of the trench and talked German and asked them to sing a German Volkslied, which they did, then our men sang quite well and each side clapped and cheered the other.

   I asked a German who sang a solo to sing one of Schumann’s songs, so he sang The Two Grenadiers splendidly. Our men were a good audience and really enjoyed his singing.

   Then Pope and I walked across and held a conversation with the German officer in command.

   One of his men introduced us properly, he asked my name and then presented me to his officer. I gave the latter permission to bury some German dead who are lying in between us, and we agreed to have no shooting until 12 midnight to-morrow. We talked together, 10 or more Germans gathered round. I was almost in their lines within a yard or so. We saluted each other, he thanked me for permission to bury his dead, and we fixed up how many men were to do it, and that otherwise both sides must remain in their trenches.

   Then we wished one another goodnight and a good night’s rest, and a happy Xmas and parted with a salute. I got back to the trench. The Germans sang Die Wacht Am Rhein it sounded well. Then our men sang quite well Christians Awake, it sounded so well, and with a goodnight we all got back into our trenches. It was a curious scene, a lovely moonlit night, the German trenches with small lights on them, and the men on both sides gathered in groups on the parapets.

   At times we heard the guns in the distance and an occasional rifle shot. I can hear them now, but about us is absolute quiet. I allowed one or two men to go out and meet a German or two half way. They exchanged cigars, a smoke and talked. The officer I spoke to hopes we shall do the same on New Year’s Day, I said “yes, if I am here”. I felt I must sit down and write the story of this Xmas Eve before I went to lie down. Of course no precautions are relaxed, but I think they mean to play the game. All the same, I think I shall be awake all night so as to be on the safe side. It is weird to think that to-morrow night we shall be at it hard again. If one gets through this show it will be an Xmas time to live in one’s memory. The German who sang had a really fine voice.

   Am just off for a walk around the trenches to see all is well. Goodnight.

   Xmas Day.

   We had an absolutely quiet night in front of us though just to our right and left there was sniping going on. In my trenches and in those of the enemy opposite to us were only nice big fires blazing and occasional songs and conversation. This morning at the Reveille the Germans sent out parties to bury their dead. Our men went out to help, and then we all on both sides met in the middle, and in groups began to talk and exchange gifts of tobacco, etc. All this morning we have been fraternising, singing songs. I have been within a yard in fact to their trenches, have spoken to and exchanged greetings with a Colonel, Staff Officers and several Company Officers. All were very nice and we fixed up that the men should not go near their opponents trenches, but remain about midway between the lines. The whole thing is extraordinary. The men were all so natural and friendly. Several photos were taken, a group of German officers, a German officer and myself, and a group of British and German soldiers.

   The Germans are Saxons, a good looking lot, only wishing for peace in a manly way, and they seem in no way at their last gasp. I was astonished at the easy way in which our men and theirs got on with each other.

   We have just knocked off for dinner, and have arranged to meet again afterwards until dusk when we go in again and have [illegible] until 9pm, when War begins again. I wonder who will start the shooting! They say “Fire in the air and we will”, and such things, but of course it will start and tomorrow we shall be at it hard killing one another. It is an extraordinary state of affairs which allows of a “Peace Day”. I have never seen men so pleased to have a day off as both sides.

   Their opera singer is going to give us a song or two tonight and perhaps I may give them one. Try and imagine two lines of trenches in peace, only 50 yards apart, the men of either side have never seen each other except perhaps a head now and again, and have never been outside in front of their trenches. Then suddenly one day men stream out and nest in friendly talk in the middle. One fellow, a married man, wanted so much a photo of Betty and Nancy in bed, which I had, and I gave him it as I had two: It seems he showed it all round, as several Germans told me afterwards about it. He gave me a photo of himself and family taken the other day which he had just got.

   Well must finish now so as to get this off to-day. Have just finished dinner. Pork chop. Plum pudding. Mince pies. Ginger, and bottle of Wine and a cigar, and have drunk to all at home and especially to you my darling one. Must go outside now to supervise the meetings of the men and the Germans.

   Will try and write more in a day or two. Keep this letter carefully and send copies to all. I think they will be interested. It did feel funny walking over alone towards the enemy’s trenches to meet someone half-way, and then to arrange a Xmas peace. It will be a thing to remember all one’s life.

   Kiss the babies and give them my love. Write me a long letter and tell me all the news. I hope the photos come out all-right. Probably you will see them in some paper.

   Yours, Jake

Anniversary Surprise


I woke up today to the smell of pancakes and cinnamon toast. Two of my favorites. I got up and slipped into one of Nate’s sweatshirts which reeked of weed and cologne from the night before. I  quickly walked to the kitchen, feeling my stomach growl.

“Good Morning baby.” I greeted Nate followed by a quick peck on the lips.

“Good Morning to you too and also Happy one year Anniversary.” He responded, starting to set up the table.

Shit I almost forgot. I needed to go the mall and get a few last minute things for my surprise for Nate.

“Happy Anniversary to you too.” I sat down and began eating.

“My god Nate this is amazing.” I complimented, my mouth still full of food.

He laughed at my lack of manners but thanked me. I quickly finished my breakfast and told Nate that my best friend Julia and I were going to the mall and I’d be back soon. I got my keys and walked out the door. I drove to Julia’s house and honked my horn a couple time before I saw Julia walk out the door and flip me off for making so much noise.

“You have to stop honking and just text when you’re here or you’ll wake up my neighbors and trust me you don’t want to do that.” Julia scolded me.

I laughed it off and drove to the mall. When we got there, I dragged her straight to Victoria’s Secret. She rolled her eyes knowing exactly why I was here.

“Do I have to be here for you to pick out an outfit for Nate just rip it off of you as soon as he sees you?” The annoyance clear in her voice.

I walked straight up to the bombshell bra and looked for the sexiest one there. Once I found it I picked my size and matching underwear and went to check out. Julia seemed relieved but I wasn’t done yet. I then dragged her to Fredericks. I went in there and went straight for the garter belts.

When I found the one that went perfectly with the rest of my outfit and purchased it. To reward Julia for her patience with me, we got ice cream and I told her my plan for Nate, which she covered her ears for most of it. After I dropped her home and drove back to Nate and my place. I parked the car and grabbed my bags. I walked in and noticed how quick it was.

“Nate?” I called out but got no response. I put my bags in the closet so Nate wouldn’t find it and then looked outside. Nate’s car was there so I knew he was home.

“Nate, baby where are you?” I called out again followed with no response.

I began walking up stairs, when I saw a very dim light coming from our bedroom. I slowly walked towards the room and slowly opened the door.

“*Gasp* Oh my god! Nate!” I came face to face with a shirtless Nate on my bed with candles lining the room and rose petals on the bed.

It was extremely cliche but also very arousing. Nate didn’t say anything and just got up to the speakers on the dresser and pressed play. Slow Motion by Trey Songz filled the room and my ears. This was our favorite song and I always teased Nate saying he should dance for me to this song and night he finally was.

Nate still not speaking comes up to me and grabs my wrist guiding me to the bed where he lays me down.

“Tonight is my night to show you how much you mean, whatever you had planned can be postponed for tomorrow because today is all about you and your need.” He says his voice raspy and deep making my panties become damp.

Nate crawls on top of me and begins grinding to the song. Rotating his hips and whispering the lyrics in my head was all he needed to do for me to go crazy. My underwear were soaked at this point and I had began moaning.

He was moving very slow to go along with the lyrics of the song, leaving me in complete agony.Nated began kissing and sucking on my neck making sure to leave marks all over me. ¾ths of the way through the song I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ugh Nate just fuck me already!” I groaned.

“Your wish is my command.” He said before slamming his lips into mine.

Our lips moved in sync as I felt Nate’s hand move down to my shorts and began rubbing me over my clothes. I moaned in the kiss and tugged on his shirt begging for more. He broke the kiss and took his shirt off giving me time to take mine off too.

He reached behind my back and undid my bra throwing it across the room. He kissed his way done my torso coming down to my shorts. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down with my underwear. He started kissing my inner thighs. He licked my center once and began blowing, sending chills down my spine leaving me shivering. He looked up at me and winked before connecting his mouth on my clit.

He sucked and tugged on my center, my whole body in utter pleasure. He could tell I was getting close so he started tongue fucking me grazing my G-spot every time. Just enough to make me go wild. I felt my core begin contracting telling me I was about to reach the edge. Nate could tell to which only made him go faster.

Seconds later, I reached my high and Nate just stayed there just letting me ride my high out on his tongue. He got off the bed for a few seconds to get a condom, leaving shaking from the mind blowing orgasm he just gave me. He came back and took off his pants and underwear allowing his hard on to spring up and hit his stomach.

He climbed on top of me and then flipped us over. He picked me up and positioned me on top of me and let me slowly let him enter me until he was fully in. When I finally adjusted, I began bouncing up and down. My moans and his moans filled the room completely, overpowering the music that we didn’t even realize was still on.

I loved to watch Nate’s face while I ride and tonight was no different. His face was scrunched up with his eyes squeezed shut and his his mouth parted slightly. Just looking at him made me closer to my high. I laid my hands on his chest to give me more leverage which only intensified the feeling. Which caused me to dig my nails into Nate’s chest with out noticing .

“Shit fuck Im so close” Nate moaned

Seconds later I reached my high and triggered Nate to reach his. we rode our highs out. I rolled off of him and began trying to catch my breathe.

“Ugh Y/N… do you… want to.. smoke a joint up with me?” He said still trying to catch his breathe

I giggled and gave a small “of course.”

Sing me to sleep; Jack Gilinsky

I walked in Jack and I’s shared apartment after a long stressful day of work. I slammed the door shut and slipped my shoes off. I took my bag off my shoulder and carefully placed it on one of the racks it usually was on.

I walked over towards the fridge and grabbed a cold bottle of water and a small snack from the cabinets. I walked deeper in the apartment, looking for Jack who was no where to be seen. I walked in our shared bedroom and saw a note sitting on our dresser.

It said that he had gone out with the guys and he wouldn’t be back until around 8:00. I looked at the clock on my phone in my pocket. It was only 6:30 so I had some time to kill.

My stomach grumbled meaning I was hungry. I decided on ordering a pizza. I dialed the pizza places number and ordered my food. After ordering, I put on a pair of sweats and one of Jack’s shirts. I went to the living room and put on Netflix, waiting for my food to arrive.


Around two hours later it was 8:30 and Jack should be home any minute. I went to our room and sat down at the desk in the corner. I flipped open the laptop screen and went straight to my emails. I saw that I had a new one from my boss. It was an email telling me that I had to write a new article to publish.

I grunted and slammed my head on the desk in front of me. I already had so much on my plate! I was extremely stressed out.

I hadn’t noticed that Jack was back until I felt his warm strong hands wrap around my waist.

“What’s wrong baby?” Jack asked concernedly.

“Work.” I replied rolling my eyes and leaning my head back in to his chest.

His head leaned over mine and read the email on my computer screen. His jaw was tight and he looked perfect from any angle.

“Listen how about we go to bed early tonight and we can do all our work and everything tomorrow.” He suggested removing his grip from my body. I liked the idea and lifted myself from the chair.

I followed Jack in the bed and cuddled up to him one I entered the bed. I felt his hands drift to my hair and begin to play with it.

“Sing me to sleep Jack.” I whispered in the dark silent room.

“What song?”

“Any.” I answered waiting to hear his sweet voice. The sound of his voice started to sing my favorite song. I closed my eyes shut and began to drift off and soon Jack’s voice faded and we were both fast asleep.
This is just a short imagine. The only real reason it’s so short is because I wrote it on my phone and not my computer but anyways, I hope you enjoyed. *not edited*