a song about heroin

Heroin, be the death of me
Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life
Because a mainline into my vein
Leads to a center in my head
And then I’m better off than dead

Because when the smack begins to flow
I really don’t care anymore

—  Velvet Underground, lyrics to Heroin
Music Series: Secrets by The Weeknd

Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable writing an imagine with a song that would most likely make Harry out to be a drug abuser. After listening to the lyrics, I assume, and there is much on the internet to support, that this song is about heroin and/or addiction, him not loving his girlfriend, finding time in the company of a stripper…that’s not Harry, so no, not going to write that one, but thank you for requesting.

The next request was also for a The Weeknd song, which I think may be able to be twisted into something useable. Going to try it, at least. I love that the song is a play off of the old 80’s song by The Romantics. Have an open mind with this translation, my loves.

This is “Secrets” by The Weeknd, which you can find HERE on Spotify. Thanks for the requests! xo



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“Beetlebum” is a song by English alternative rock band Blur. It was released as the lead single for the band’s eponymous fifth album, Blur. The single became Blur’s second to reach the number one spot in the UK Singles Chart (after “Country House”)

Damon Albarn has confessed that the song is about heroin and the drug experiences he had with his then-girlfriend, Justine Frischmann of Elastica. In the 2010 Blur documentary, No Distance Left to Run, Albarn confirmed this notion on film. The song’s title is a reference to the phrase “Chasing the beetle” which refers to inhaling the smoke from heated heroin, morphine, or opium that has been placed on a piece of tin-foil. Albarn has stated in an interview with MTV that the song describes a complicated emotion, sort of ‘sleepy’ and sort of ‘sexy’

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Hello. I have read that all geiko/maiko movements (when they dance) have a meaning and that makes the whole perfomance have a meaning, like a story or some kind of beautiful opera (the one you can enjoy in occidental theatres). Is this true? Can you please share with us your knowledge about dances? I hope you can understand my question, english is not m y first language. Thank you so much for this blog!

I sadly know very little about Japanese dance, I don’t really have many resources to learn about it. I will tell you all that I know though!

All Maiko and Geiko of Kyoto perform a style called “Kyo Mai”. It’s heavily influenced by the graceful and sophisticated mannerisms and movements by members of the Imperial Court, which used to be in Kyoto, and came into existence in the 17th century.

Each of the five hanamachi of Kyoto has it’s own, unqiue style of dancing though, because every district follows different dance schools. While I’m far from being an expert, I’d say that you can tell them apart after a while of watching Maiko and Geiko dance.

Gion Kobu’s dance school is the Inoue School, and it’s the most famous out of the five dance schools taught in Kyoto and belongs to the most well-known dance schools across Japan. It derives its style from Noh theater which was founded in the 14th century and used to be watched mainly by nobles. Its dance style is very static and minimalistic, especially when you compare it to Kabuki, and only few props are used (mainly masks), and so is the Inoue style. The Inoue Style breaks down complex emotions and stories into small, seemingly simple and strong and decisive, yet graceful movements.

The Inoue School was founded around 1800 by Sato Inoue who was a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court and also taught the dances used in ceremonies at the court. The Inoue School is only taught in Gion Kobu, unlike all of the other dance schools taught in Kyoto’s hanamachi, which are taught nation-wide.

The head of the Inoue School is called Iemoto, and is basically the dance master. She has pretty much absolute power in Gion Kobu and she is the “model” all of the Maiko and Geiko aspire to become. Her power and influence also expand far out of Gion Kobu, and she is one of the most important figures in Kyoto’s hanamachi and Japan’s traditional dance. They are also the only person allowed to compose new pieces in the Inoue Style of Dance. All Iemoto have been trained from a very young age, usually from ages 3 to 6. They study to become dance teachers and take the position of Iemoto when the last Iemoto chooses to resign or dies and choreograph and manage the Miyako Odori.

The young girls chosen to become the next Iemoto one day are either already part of the family or adopted into it. Every Iemoto takes the title “Yachiyo Inoue”. The current Yachiyo Inoue V was born as Michiko Inoue in 1956 and took up the position in 2001.

All other four hanamachi of Kyoto follow dance schools that are mainly inspired by Kabuki Theater, which came into existence in the early 17th century and used to be mainy enjoyed by common people, because of it’s dynamic, broad and dramatic display of emotions and lavish costumes and secenery.

Pontocho follows the Onoue School of Dance, Kamishichiken follows the Hanayagi School of Dance, Miyagawacho follows the Wakayagi School of Dance and Gion Higashi follows the Fujima School of Dance. These dance schools use a much wider set of moves and are visibly more dynamic than the Inoue School of Dance. Kamishichiken’s and Pontocho’s dance schools are especially close to Kabuki. All of these dance schools are highly technically demanding and require a good deal of strength, especially in leg-muscles, and general physical health. In Kyomai and in a lot of traditional Japanese dance, deep emotions are coveyed via subtle, graceful movements. While the movements are much less dramatic, dynamic and “athletic” than what we are used to from many traditional western dances, they are performed with absolute precision, elegance and the constant strive for perfection.

Out of the five, I’d personally say that Miyagawachos dance school is the most upbeat and dynamic and the easiest to enjoy for the untrained eye.

Other hanamachi in different parts of Japan follow different dance schools - pretty much every hanamachi has “their own" (although they are usually taught nationwide). The differences are often remarkable and easy to see, even for the untrained eye, especially since no other hanamachi in Japan dances Kyomai, and therefore their movements are often more dramatic.

Most of traditional Japanese songs talk about old folklore, heroes and heroines, the beauty of nature and the four seasons and love, be it unhappy, unrequited or happy and most songs performed by Maiko and Geiko are about love and nature.

The movements of the Maiko and Geiko accompany the lyrics of the song and often tell a story. There sadly are only three traditional Japanese songs to which I know the full English translation, the Gion Kouta, Harusame and the Kamishichiken Yakyoku. The Gion Kouta (”Ballad of Gion”) is about the beauty of the Gion district and Harusame (”Spring Rain”) is about a courtesan leaving her district after paying off her debts, to live a new life with her lover and the Kamishichiken Yakyoku is basically an ode to Kamishichiken and its beauty.

However, I do know the general plot of some other ones as well, for example: “Himesanja” (my favourite), “Three Princesses” is about three princesses, sisters, who all fall in love with the same prince. The song is about their fighting and wrangling, which eventually leads to the suicide of the youngest princess. The song “Natsu Wa Hotaru” is about catching fireflies in the summer.

Once you know about the lyrics or even just the general plot of the song, the dance immediately makes much more sense. I think the Gion Kouta is a great example for this, listen to it once ot twice while reading the lyrics and then watch Maiko or Geiko perform it and the movements will make sense.

Hands and fans can be used for a very broad variety of movements and the mai tenugui is usually used to smybolize some sort of headwear from the Edo Period. When you see a Geiko biting down on it, it’s a sign that the character she is portraying is in great emotional turmoil; this is a classic gesture taken from Kabuki of women in despair.

Sometimes other props like hanagasa, floral hats, or cherry blossoms or wisteria blossoms are used, but I can’t really tell you about individual movements with those.

If you are interested in learning more about the Inoue School, here is a link to a fantastic documentary about the current Yachiyo Inoue V succeeding her grandmother, Yachiyo Inoue IV, who passed away in 2004: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wVExO0O1x4

And here are some videos of dances that I’d recommend to get an idea of the different styles of dancing used in Kyoto’s hanamachi:

Suzume Odori - danced by Gion Kobu’s Maiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Kabuki Odori - danced by Pontocho’s Maiko and Geiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Konchiki Odori - danced by Miyagawacho’s Maiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Komachi Odori - danced by Gion Higashi’s Maiko (a special dance only performed durig the Gion Matsuri)

Kamishichiken Yakyoku - danced by Kamishichiken’s Maiko and Geiko (the final dance of the Kitano Odori, sometimes also performed outside of the odori for special occassions)

Ayame Yukata - performed by Geiko from Gion Higashi during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Kishi No Yanagi - performed by Geiko from Kamishichiken during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Seigaiha Part 1 and 2- performed by Geiko from Miyagawacho during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Genroku Hanami Odori - performed by Geiko from Gion Kobu during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Yoshiwara Suzme Part 1 and 2 - performed by Geiko from Pontocho during the Miyako No Nigiwai

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Marzipan is just a candy it's not drugs lol

it is but the song is called Heroin and she’s talking about needing medicine.. and she’s references Latina/ Columbian/ Cuban drug cartels/ Florida drugs & such in many songs / old twitter accounts.. and also street names for drugs (like “Daisy Chains” ) so I could see it being about Heroin disguised as Marzipan?

Or it could easily / likely just be about candy & heroin like Cruel World

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Grape, Pomegranate, Black berry, Tangelo And Papaya? :)

Grape: if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d like to see Prague sometime :)

pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

The moment just after I upload a new chapter of my story or put up a new poem or whatever. It is quickly replaced by anxiety, but that one moment…it’s glorious.

Black berry: is your life an action film, a comedy, a romantic comedy, or drama?

I’d like to think it’s a comedy! 

Tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?


Papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?

Chocolate by the 1975. Not in the whole drug addiction implications (obviously), but the tune and the beat is really very very me. I read somewhere that this song is about heroin though, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Thanks so much for asking <3 <3

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Most bands write songs about drugs like aic about heroin and nirvana about stuff you know...And people listen their songs and does it have to mean that they have problems with same thing like drugs? Is the lyrics meaning that important? Explanation: ,,I'm high" or something in lyric or you know...People have to do something with drug who listen them? Like ,,Are you on drugs cause you listen songs about drugs and stuff?" Get it? I'm struggling with that i dont want to people think that bout me

Hey anon!

So first of all: listening to music about drugs and the struggles with them doesn’t mean that you actually are into drugs.
Music is music, and real life is real life. I mean I also listen to some death metal with awful lyrics, but that doesn’t make me a murderer, right?

And people need to know that AiC and Nirvana etc lyrics aren’t only about drug problems, they also deal with a lot of other issues and topics and they help many people dealing with their own demons. The meaning of lyrics is important to some people, others don’t really care about it.
I myself listen to the lyrics and I really appreciate good lyrics with a good meaning, but I also don’t really care if they’re just stupid, as long as the lyrics aren’t Nazi stuff or any shit like that it’s ok.

It’s really awful that people associate you with drugs just because you’re listening to music about them, and I’m really sorry about that :(

You really need to explain these biased people around you that
1. neither AiC nor Nirvana glorify drugs in their lyrics, their lyrics are mostly dealing with the problems and struggles they bring.

Kurt Cobain even said:
“Drugs are waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem. They’re no good at all.”

2. listening to music about drugs doesn’t mean you’re into them!!
People need to understand that being into grunge does not mean taking drugs, being into metal does not mean praising satan, being into rap does not mean you’re a douchebag/ gangster. People need to get rid of these stereotypes dammit

Grunge music, and especially Nirvana and AiC, is about lot more than just drug abuse. It also deals with other personal issues and other topics. As I said, it helps many people who are struggling with similar problems and I guess their intention was also to show people how horrible substance abuse is.

So, my dear anon, listening to it does not mean you’re into drugs yourself and you should be proud of your good taste in music ;)

(sorry for the long response lmao)

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(2) I also think she's referring to barrie in heroin and maybe in change. In honeymoon she talked about him in the blackest day but I feel like on this album, to me at least it seems this way, that she expressed remorse not just for how she handled the breakup but also the relationship when they were together and the pitchfork interview when she started to cry after she spoke about black beauty proves my point

awe :(

I believe Cruel World is about him and that song also mentions heroin and she talked about how they lived in their sort of cult classic obsessions & how dark he was and wouldn’t speak for days. I wonder if he was doing heroin.. 

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The direction Lana is going with this album seem very strange and unclear but the same was said when she was working on Honeymoon and it turned out to be a gorgeous album. Singles are meant to generate hype & promote the album so it doesn't surprise me she made upbeat tracks featuring some artists. I really don't think Summer Bummer is going to be that bad tho. I'm actually excited for it. What I am most happy about is that tracklist being fake and Yosemite definitely being on the album

I’m glad to hear that Yosemite will be on the album.. that fake tracklist sort of bummed me out for a minute because I’m looking forward to Yosemite.. and I thought naming  a song “In My Feelings” and another “Heroin”.. well.. And I agree about the singles. Everyone has different tastes, I’m sure those who like rap/ hip hop will love Summer Bummer 


Lorde - A World Alone

You’re my best friend, and we’re dancing in a world alone.

“A World Alone” is the last song on the standard edition of Pure Heroine, and it’s perfectly placed – for that reason alone, to respect the intent behind beginning an album with don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk and ending it with let ‘em talk, we’ll talk about this song last. We’re saying goodbye to Pure Heroine today.

I’ve talked a lot about respecting this album, about respecting the mindset where it comes from, and that’s still important. “A World Alone” is the culmination of everything that makes this album interesting, and messy, and a little bit ridiculous. Pure Heroine sits uneasily in the space between experiencing something with your whole heart and knowing that what you feel won’t last forever. You’re in love with your friends but you’re all going to difference places after you graduate. You’re a mess and you’re either giddily happy or howlingly lonely and every time you take a breath it feels like too much, but. But. There’s a tiny machine in the back of your mind, piercing through all the adrenaline, that’s already filing all of these feelings away – a mental photo album you might look at again in five years, ten years, twenty. Laughing Under a Street Lamp in the Middle of the Night, dated “the summer of the year I turned 17.”

“A World Alone” exists as the culmination of an album’s worth of tensions: being vs remembering, fake friends vs. real friends, what becomes too much vs. that which isn’t enough; teenagerhood vs. Teenagerhood. “A World Alone” is a small song. It’s intimate. It’s Lorde and one person, one “you”. People are talking but they don’t matter. People are talking but something about locking eyes with this one person send you somewhere else. The song starts, fittingly enough, with a sunset, and with my favorite line on this album: I feel grown up with you in your car. I know it’s dumb. We’ve all felt that way before - the assumed maturity, the way it pushes your lips into a shyly sly smile, the way your shoulders drop, purposefully languid. There’s the strange confidence that swallows you whole, and then the stinging in the back of your head. I know it’s dumb. This could so easily be an entirely different line: I feel grown up with you in your car, but I know it’s dumb. Instead, they’re offered up as concurrent realities. The warmth in your chest and the vaguely embarrassed giggle in the back of your head coexist, a syncopated joy, like a midnight Morse-code. This song is full of pointed not-contradictions. We’re biting our nails, you’re biting my lip. A pause. I’m biting my tongue, she says, a three-tiered physical counterpoint. We, you, I. That’s what matters. Another not-contradiction: They’re studying business, I study the floor, and you haven’t stopped smoking all night. They. I. You.  Constellations of people become constellations of emotion, and sometimes you ache as its happening, you can feel the people you love getting mapped onto inevitable frameworks as you all change.

I haven’t said the world “millennial” yet this week. I’ve been saving it for this song, just for a moment – I think there’s no doubt that Lorde is an internet-savvy, self-aware teen, and there’s also no doubt that she’s at least encountered the countless think pieces decrying millennials as selfish, and self-absorbed, and obsessed with the Internet. Maybe the Internet raised us, or maybe people are jerks, she says, and even though Lorde delivers anything with a deadpan uncharacteristic of a pop musician, there’s an audible shrug behind the last half of that sentence. Maybe people are jerks. Maybe you’re a jerk. She doesn’t care anymore. The album’s great opening statement, don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?, ricochets through nearly a dozen songs and comes to rest here.  Where the opening line is a question, uncertain not of itself but uncertain of you, “A World Alone” knows you feel the same way. Of course you think that it’s boring how people talk. Where “Tennis Court” begins with a declaration of roles (baby be the class clown, I’ll be the beauty queen in tears), “A World Alone” lives in a quieter dichotomy. You’re my best friend, and we’re dancing in a world alone.

There’s a feeling that people call that having butterflies in your stomach, which has always seemed silly to me. That feeling is definitely called you’re sitting in your room trying not to want something, and your phone is lying on your chest, and it vibrates, and your whole ribcage shakes not just with an incoming text message but with the force of your want, with the way you hope it’s the person you’ve been waiting for but you know, probably, that it’s not.

This album lives in the space between those vibrations, not the first second where you just feel like your teeth are shaking out of your skull, but right after, where the feeling isn’t dulled but where you can step back and say – wait. Wait. Does wanting this so badly make me silly or young or both? Will the way I have goosebumps because I’m hoping so hard fade some day? Is this going to be a picture in a photo album? Sure. Probably. But for now it’s just you and the person you were always hoping would call you, and you’re dancing in a world alone.

Pure Heroine begins with don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk and ends with let them talk, a deeply obvious strangely beautiful symmetry that’s simultaneously just as overblown and much smarter than people always seem to give Lorde credit for. It’s an obvious emotional progression, right – you worry and you worry and then eventually you take a deep breath and it’s all alright, it’s just you and a real person. It’ll be over soon and it’s temporary but for now that doesn’t matter. And that’s obvious, sure, but isn’t that the beauty of this album? Just because something’s obvious doesn’t make it not true. Just because something’s blatant doesn’t make it not beautiful. Just because everyone talks about what it’s like to be a Teenager doesn’t mean that being a teenager isn’t like that, just a little bit. We really do want things way too much. We really do never stop talking.

Stiles Imagine:On your period

Sitting on the couch you sniffled lightly hunkering down deeper into the blankets that surrounded your body. Mother nature had decided to hit this week and she hit hard. You had barely moved from your living room couch all day. Every now and then you got up to get something to drink or change out the movie but other than that you ignored everything, even your text messages.  Your favorite Disney movie was playing on the T.V screen but you weren’t paying attention to the signing, dancing characters that lept across the screen to their true love. You were more focused on  the pains that were hitting your lower abdomen again and again. Sadly the Midol that you had taken hadn’t taken effect yet.  
“Ugh, why me?!” You groaned slamming your face down into a blanket as yet another wave of pain overtook your lower body. Hearing the door open behind you footsteps padded into the living room where you were sitting.
“How you feeling babe?” Peeking out from the fluffy blanket a bright eyed Stiles was looking at you with a concerned look across his face. “You haven’t answered my texts all day so I got worried.” Nervously his eyes scanned your half hidden face.
“Sorry, I feel like crap.” You grumbled turning so your head was pushed deeper into the warmth of the blankets.
“Sorry you feel so crappy.” Sitting down next to you he wrapped an arm around your waist tugging you up slightly so that you were sitting next to him. Blowing a stray piece of hair that had fallen into your face you gave him a weak smile. “How about some candy?” Pulling a bag of your favorite candy out of his pocket your eyes light up brightly. Eagerly you reached out for it before his had swiftly moved it out of the way.
“Stiles! Give it here!” You groaned as you tried to push your way out of the sunken in couch. Reaching out for it with one hand Stiles waved it around jokingly laughing as you desperately made grabs at it. Letting out a huff of air you collapsed back into the crossing your arms. Turning so you had your back to him you glued your eyes onto the T.V as the main heroine jumped about singing another song.
“Y/N come on, please don’t give me the silence treatment. I haven’t seen you all day.” He grumbled. “Have the candy, I bought it for you.” Holding out the bag towards you he shook it lightly to get your attention. “Y/N, please. Say something.” Moving closer towards you he wrapped his arms around you pulling you closely against him. Still holding the candy out towards you greedily you grabbed at it. Quickly you opened up the top of the bag nearly sending candy flying everywhere. “Alright. I gave you candy, now say something beautiful.” Shotting him a questioning glance you laughed slightly.
“Stiles I haven’t showered in god knows how long. I’ve been wearing the same sweatpants since Monday, it’s Wednesday. My hair is a mess, I have no makeup on and you don’t even wanna know the last time I put on perfume. I’m as far from beautiful as it gets.” You explained popping another piece of candy into your mouth. Smiling brightly he laughed slightly tucking another piece of stray hair behind your ear. God I really need to fix this bun. You thought as Stiles gazed you down.
“Y/N you are, and will always be the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.” Peppering your face with kisses you giggled loudly trying to push him away.
“I love you Stiles.” You said after you managed to recovered from the kissing attack.
“I love you too.”

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what about "i'd fuck you" songs?

My Heroine - The Maine

Please, Please - McFly

Can’t Keep My Hands Off You - Simple Plan

Baby, It’s Fact - Hellogoodbye

Make That Girl Mine - Scouting For Girls

Fool’s Game - This Century

Hot Mess - Cobra Starship

Chelsea - The Summer Set

Pratap Pothen’s next directorial,
scripted by Anjali Menon,
cinematography by Rajeev Menon,
music by Ilaiyaraaja
*ing Dulquer Salmaan & Dhansika
~shooting begins July~