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Trolls Week 2017 Day 5: Song For Someone. “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick but Branch’s belting out the Letters to Cleo cover.

It’s been a long crazy adventure trying to decide which song to go with( I had tons, mostly depressing or metal) but in the end I felt that this suited Branch pretty well. I don’t know if I’ll have it colored today but here it is.

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We really drop so much in K-charts! It’s not even been a week! 😭😭 is DNA flopped?

dna is #4 on melon, what are you talking about? srsly people who don’t even use korean streaming sites need to stop saying dna flopped, we’re going against huge digital monsters + it’s fall aka the season of ballad songs, and yet dna has never been out of the top 5 on melon real-time chart ever since it was released. even more, spring day was released 7 months ago but it’s staying on #7. how many groups (especially male groups) can have a 7-month-old song on the real-time chart? i’m so tired of people saying dna dropped in charts so it flopped. the comeback literally just started officially last night and you don’t even know how korean streaming sites work or the user ratio of those sites, so pls for god’s sake, stop.

Fuckboy! Kim Jaehwan

Masterlist & other Fuckboy! Wanna One can be found (here)

“When you love something, it loves you back in whatever way it has to love.”

  • Jaehwan is the type of fuckboy who gets dump by others
  • He is the lead singer of the super popular rock band in his university
  • He always has a crowd cheering for him whenever he performs
  • He will flirt with literally all the girls who managed to get backstage tickets
  • They get infatuated really easily with his smooth lines and sweet voice
  • Even if he serenades them with the exact same song and uses the same greasy pick up lines
  • He has a reputation of changing girls quickly
  • One day it will be Chungha, the next week it will be Naeun
  • But rather than him dumping them
  • The girls are the one who breaks up with him
  • Why?
  • He’s the literal definition of a hot mess
  • His apartment is so MESSY and let’s not even talk about his locker at school
  • Dishes are piled in the sink, there’s a mountain of laundry that isn’t touched and the sofa is covered in dust
  • Dating Jaehwan comes with 99 problems
  • He never gets his shit together as his assignments are all undone on his table
  • So the girls usually dump him as they become fearful when they noticed how different he is from the glamour of the stage
  • To be fair, the girls don’t really say why they broke up with him
  • They sort of want to brag they dated the ‘dream boy’ of their uni
  • It’s a bit embarrassing to reveal that they dated a hot mess
  • So they make up stories saying that it was because they had something on
  • You live next door to Jaehwan but you knew nothing about your neighbour
  • All you knew from the landlord that he was a boy around your age
  • This person was never home and when you first moved in, you left cookies outside the apartment
  • Two days later, you had received a box of chocolates with a bright yellow post-it note saying 'thank you’
  • You do hear music playing once in a while and the occasional whiff of ramen
  • But you have never spoken to him
  • One day you had come home at 4am after staying up all night studying for a really important quiz
  • You also had to finish up a group assignment since your groupmates literally did nothing but you couldn’t afford to lose 5% off your grade
  • You were drained to say the least as you also had to climb 5 flight of stairs as the lift somehow broke down the day before
  • Once you reached the 5th floor, you literally sat on the stairs since you were so exhausted
  • That was when someone held a can of coffee to you
  • You were like is this a ghost????
  • But Jaehwan laughed and introduced himself as your next door neighbour and told you he saw you and thought you needed it
  • You were shocked that this cute boy infront of you was the neighbour whom you have never met before
  • And the fact that he was apparently leaving at this hour???
  • But he continued saying that he was heading out for band practice and left you as he climbed down the stairs
  • It took you a few cups of coffee later to remembered that your neighbour was Kim Jaehwan

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Pink Flower (by Branch)

A single pink flower stood in a field of gray.                                                     Each day the morning wind would make the flower sway.

A Troll spied the flower and sees her happy dance.                                          The Troll is angry he will never have that chance.

He rolled a large rock near and blocked out all her sun.                                   She shook her little head and giggled at the fun.

With all her strength, she grew and reinforced her stalk.                                  She pushed into the light, and she surpassed the rock.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                      But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced

The Troll stacked sharpened sticks around the flower’s girth,                  Shielding all the raindrops from roots beneath the earth

With relaxation and ease, she uncurled her leaves,                                   Toppling the sticks so she could drink as she pleased.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                      But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced.

Hands ripped at her petals, fingers plucked at her leaves.                               Was left broken and still in the field on her knees.

Flower pulled herself up, inhaling the warm breeze,                                        Cast off her ripped petals and she shed the dead leaves.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                        But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced.

“Your happiness is lost in this cold field of gray.                                               Why don’t you just whither? No one loves you anyway.”

The flower did not cry, she stood strong in her place.                                              “I forgive you” she breathed. A sweet smile on her face.

The Troll had hurt the girl, she did not have a chance.                                       But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced

The Troll stared at the flower, Still spiteful and mean.                                        Not understanding what he’d clearly just seen.

“I took your warm sunshine, still you dance in the wind.                                         I took your fresh water, still you dance in the wind.

I rip your pink petals, still you dance in the wind.                                                    I crush your sweet spirit, still you dance in the wind.”

The Troll tired and sad, no energy to lie.                                                         “Why are you still smiling, and why can’t you just die?”

The sweet, pink flower laughed, “Silly Troll, don’t you know?                              It’s simply my nature. That is all I can show.

Good and bad is in all.You can choose what to see,                                              And I don’t know how to be any way but me.

((After True Colors Recovered))

“Sad Troll,” said the flower, “Dance with me, take my hand.                                   I see you are lonely, and I’ll be your first friend.”

The gray Troll smiled. He decided to try,                                                          Then saw colored flashes lighting up the gray sky.

“How are you doing this?” The Troll’s eyes open wide.                                     She said, “Don’t be afraid, my friend, don’t run or hide.

If we let it, the gray will take over our mind,                                                Leaving us bitter and angry thoughts left behind.

When happiness fills you, it throws open those doors.                                       I’ve always seen color. Branch, that rainbow is yours.”

The world had hurt the Troll. He thought he had no chance.                              But come the morning wind, the Troll and flower danced.

Whew–got this one in just under the wire.  Trolls Week–2017. Day 5–Trolls Song. I don’t really bond much with songs or lyrics.  But Branch wrote this poem for Poppy.  Maybe he will turn it into a song some day.  Hope you enjoyed it!  (Big thank you to R3-0 who edited this mess into something readable).


On this day in music history: September 21, 1985 - “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written by Mark Knopfler and Sting, it is the biggest hit for the veteran British rock band. Knopfler is inspired to write the song while shopping in a New York City appliance store with his wife. In the electronics department, he overhears a store employee staring at a wall of TV’s all showing MTV and openly criticizing the images he sees. While recording the track at AIR Studios in Montserrat, Sting visits the band while the recording is in progress and contributes background vocals to the song. He receives a writing credit (at his publishers insistence) since his “I Want My MTV” line borrows the melody from The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”. Issued as the second single from “Brothers In Arms”, the nearly eight and a half minute long album track is edited down to 4:38 for the commercial single release. Original LP pressings feature a slightly shorter version running 7:04 to conform to the formats time constraints. A third edit running just over four minutes excising the songs second verse is serviced to radio stations. Entering the Hot 100 at #87 on July 13, 1985 (the same day the band performs it at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in London), it climbs to the top of the chart ten weeks later. The success of the single is in part due to an innovative music video directed by Steve Barron, that features color tinted footage of the band combined with early computer generated animation. “Money For Nothing” wins a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, and the MTV Video Music Award for Video Of The Year in 1986.

My Jonerys Fanfics on AO3 and FFnet

Hi Jonerys Family!

It’s a beautiful day! Jonerys is still canon and BoatSex is still going on as far as we know LOL!

I FINALLY GOT MY AO3 account so you can read my 2 fanfics and future works on there. Just in time for Jonerys Appreciation week next week!

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Missed Moments (4 chaps, COMPLETE)

A re-imagining of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s relationship from the last episode of Season 7. Additional scenes building up to the Union of Ice and Fire in Season 7’s final episode, “The Dragon and The Wolf.” First Chapter takes place at Dragonstone after the Dragon Pit. Spoilers for Season 7!

 TUMBLR  |  AO3  | FFnet

The Half-Blood Prince and Dragon Princess (6 chaps, ONGOING)

A Game of Thrones: Harry Potter AU. Inspired by the work of @bloomsbury.

16-year old Jon Snow enters his first year of Hogwarts and meets Princess Daenerys Targaryen on the train ride there. Has elements of Harry Potter SS/PS, the GOT TV series and the ASOIAF books.

AO3 |  FFnet



On this day in music history: September 21, 1963 - “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Easy Listening chart for 8 weeks on September 7, 1963. Written by Lee Morris and Bernie Wayne, it is the second chart topping single for the pop vocalist born Stanley Robert Vinton, Jr.. Written in 1950, the song is a hit for singer Tony Bennett the following year, peaking at number sixteen on the Billboard Best Sellers chart. It is also recorded by R&B/Doo Wop vocal group The Clovers in later 1954. Their version peaks at number fourteen on the Rhythm & Blues chart in February of 1955. Vinton’s version is recorded at Columbia Studios in Nashville, TN in just two takes at the end of the session. The song features such top studio musicians as Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph, Grady Martin, and Charlie McCoy. Released in late July of 1963, it quickly becomes a smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #78 on August 10, 1963, it races to the top of the chart six weeks later. Bobby Vinton’s recording of “Blue Velvet” in part inspires David Lynch’s 1986 film of the same name, and is heard several times throughout, by Vinton and is sung by actress Isabella Rossellini. “Velvet” becomes a belated hit in England in 1990 when it is featured in a commercial for Nivea body lotion. The re-release hits number two on the UK singles chart, also peaking at number seven in Australia and number nine in Korea.


Dianakko Week: Day 5 - Spellbound/Enchanted

Word Count: 851 Words

“Akko~!” a sing-song voice called, wandering the halls. “Where are you~?”

Akko ducked lower under her desk. She desperately read and reread the spell in her textbook. How had she gotten it wrong? All the spell was supposed to do was show one’s true feelings for another!

“Akko, where are you? Do you… do you hate me?” the voice asked sadly.

“Damn it, Diana,” Akko muttered, standing up.

Akko exited the classroom and whistled, getting Diana’s attention. Diana walked over to Akko and hugged her, refusing to let go.

“Diana, I can’t breathe. You have to let go,” Akko said.

“Oops, I’m sorry.” Diana let go and settled on clinging to Akko’s arm instead.

“God can you just… go back to your room? I wanna go to bed,” Akko complained, trying to pry Diana’s fingers from her arm.

“Only if I can come with you~” Diana said.

“Diana, you can’t.” Akko sighed and sat down against the wall.

“And why not?” Diana pouted and leaned her head on Akko’s shoulder. If Akko looked her in the eye, she could see that Diana’s pupils were shaped like hearts.

“Because it’s my room, and Sucy will never let me hear the end of it!” Akko said.

“But Akko,” Diana uncharacteristically whined.

“Good God,” Akko mumbled. “How about this? If you go to your room tonight, you can spend the entire day with me tomorrow, deal?”

“Deal!” Diana exclaimed, planting a kiss on Akko’s cheek before bounding off to her room.

Akko blushed red and hoped that the spell would wear off soon. Seeing Diana act so strangely concerned her. Akko stood up and walked to her room.

“What took you so long?” Sucy asked without looking up from her mushrooms.

“I got caught up studying a spell is all,” Akko said, heading to her bed and changing. “I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow. Good night guys.”

Akko crawled onto her bed and went to sleep.


The next morning seemed to come all too quickly. Akko told Lotte to ignore the person knocking rapidly on their door when she heard her teammate climbing down the ladder.

“What if it’s Amanda, Constanze, or Jasminka?” Lotte asked.

“Tell ‘em to shove it,” Akko grumbled, rolling over.

However, she was rudely awakened by someone shouting “Akko!” on the other side of the door.

Before Lotte could even blink, Akko had dressed and opened the door wide enough for her to see the other person clearly.

“Good morning!” Diana chirped. “I brought you—”

Akko put her hand over Diana’s mouth and awkwardly waved bye to her friends before stepping into the hallway.

“What’s the big idea showing up at my room this early in the morning?!” Akko demanded, taking the apple Diana held out to her.

“It’s actually nine o'clock,” Diana explained, peeling off the apple sticker before Akko ate it. “I came earlier, but you weren’t awake.”

“How early was this?” Akko asked through a mouthful of apple.

“Six o'clock.”

Akko nearly choked on her apple and held her hand out to prevent Diana from worrying herself.

“Diana, you can’t just show up at peoples’ rooms at six o'clock!” Akko exclaimed.

“I won’t do that anymore,” Diana said, almost robot-like.

Akko sighed and dragged her hand down her face. She grabbed Diana’s hand, tossing the apple core into a nearby trash can.

“Come on, let’s go relax in the court yard.”

Akko and Diana arrived at the courtyard and leaned against the wall. Diana sat behind Akko and began to braid her hair, humming a song that she knew Akko liked.

Akko closed her eyes and sighed. How had she gotten herself into this mess? Had she really messed up the spell that badly?

“Hey Diana, you know a lot about spells, right?” Akko asked after a few moments.

Diana hummed in reply, taking a hair tie and tying off the braid.

“Do you know what that spell did to you? The one I cast on you last night, I mean.”

“It did exactly what you think it did,” Diana answered, wrapping her arms around Akko and pulling her close.

“W-What?” Akko asked.

“The spell did reveal my true feelings about you. I want to be with you every day, from the minute you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Right now, there’s a small portion of my brain yelling that I need to stop, but that portion is being drowned out by the spell.

"I know that after this spell wears off, I will probably become distant. You will probably ignore me out of embarrassment, and it will just be awful for both of us.” Diana sighed.

Akko twisted herself around so she was facing Diana and pressed their foreheads together.

“You’re sorely mistaken if you think I’m just going to let ignore me after this. I’m never letting you go.”

As Akko moved her lips towards Diana’s, the spell wore off. And instead of pushing Akko away and running, Diana closed the gap and kissed her longtime crush.

It was the happiest the two had been in a long time.

anonymous asked:

I've recently started talking to this guy I like, about a week ago, when out of the blue he calls me his girlfriend. We had flirted but had been on no dates and hadn't kissed. After that, we were texting and he tells me about his father who was abusive. he wrote me a song in which he calls me his hope. ever since I gave him my number he messages me every waking hour of the day. I know you're not a therapist, but what do I do?

Jesus Christ.

Okay, so he sounds like a stage five clinger. If you’re contacting me about this, I’m assuming it’s because his behavior is weirding you out. Some people like this kind of…um…attention? But I’m with you - it’s too much, too soon. Yikes.

You have a few options here:

1. Be honest. Tell him you like to get to know someone before becoming official. Tell him you believe it’s much more meaningful that way - that you’re not just hopping into the romance but instead taking your time learning about one another so you can properly appreciate each other. I’m emphasizing this statement because it can potentially make it sting less for him. But at the end of the day, your boundaries are IMPORTANT, and he needs to respect them. Tell him straight up that you need him to move at a pace you’re more comfortable with, and if he doesn’t respect this, kiss him goodbye.

Pros to this method: it’s honest, and honesty is the best policy. Also, this is the best approach to take if you’re still potentially interested in him (it was unclear by your message if that was the case) (no one would blame you if you’re totally ready to bail though), because it sets a precedent of respecting one another’s boundaries. Compromises are a natural part of relationships.

Cons: let’s face it - men can be scary. Many handle rejection poorly and lash out. I have been in your position before and have been honest about my feelings, only to be stalked, harassed, called a cunt, the works - and that’s not exclusive to one man. Sure, honesty is the best policy, but fuck honesty if your safety is on the line.

2. Ghost him. Just stop talking to him altogether. I don’t think this requires much explanation.

Pros: it’s easy, and most importantly, it keeps you safe.

Cons: it’s cruel.

3. Phase him out. This is kind of a blend of options #1 and #2. Bring up your feelings about him moving too fast, and start talking to him less and less until you’re not talking to him at all. This was my favorite option back in the day because it’s less cruel than ghosting but still helped to prevent me from getting stalked.

Pros: still pretty safe, not quite as cruel as ghosting.

Cons: you have to tolerate this dude in small doses for a week or so. Also, sometimes they just latch on for dear life and never leave!

Anywho, in summary: my heart wants you to be honest with him, but my brain says run. If homeboy has an eggshell ego, honesty can be difficult, sometimes even dangerous. You know him better than I do, so use your best judgment. 

Sorry - Long Night Part 3

Summary: Peter seeing the reader in one of his messes ends in a revelation, song of the day Sorry by Halsey 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: still not happy. Pretty graphic car crash, drunk driving, lots o’ blood, death, anger, angst, swearing, anxiety, underwear

Length: 1.6k

Part 1, Part 2

Announcement: I’m a terrible person yell at me in the comments or whatever as always let me know if you want to be on the tag list! Tag List @nedslaptop @rileywrites-parker @cuteparkers

Its been a week since Peter talked to you about the puppy love and heartbeat protocols, and things were oddly normal. You two spoke in passing and helped each other in class but beyond that nothing really special had happened. Peter had gone back to being Spider-Man and sending his easier homework back to Stark Towers to be completed for him, Tony still made him do the harder work himself so he kept learning, and you were back to long nights in the library. 

Peter knew from being your boyfriend for over a year and also from your fairly active Instagram page that going out on Friday’s was part of your routine, but he also knew that you were always a safe person, and never one to lose control. That may have been one of the reasons Peter always decided to go and scope out Times Square Friday nights, and especially patrol Broadway when the shows started letting out as the mix of drunk tourists and walking people never seemed to mix well. What he didn’t know is that you and your best friend had gotten your hands on some last minute tickets that night for a musical that you had been dying to see, so when he spotted your face leaving the crowd he was a little bit shocked, but shock was nothing compared to what he felt next. 

He felt joy, seeing you laugh with your best friend and seeing you run across the streets in the night. He loved seeing your face light up as the lights in Times Square shone down on you. He stopped paying attention as you walked down 7th Avenue knowing that you were at least wandering away from the epicenter of the madness of the night. He stayed perched on top of one of the billboards climbing around the back of it to stay focused and get better vantage points when he heard screams and tires screeching, followed only by more screaming. As fast as possible he swung to where the noise was coming from, and the first thing he saw was a body in a car along with so much blood. Bodies were spread across the sidewalk that the car had crashed into, but most worryingly was the body of a man hanging out of the front of a car, shattered glass and alcohol were the only sights and smells Peter could process for a split moment.

“Karen call an ambulance and Stark’s medical responders. Now.” Peter demanded, going up to the person splayed across the hood of the destroyed car. More smells of alcohol overwhelmed Peter’s senses as he got closer, lightly webbing them to check for a pulse. There was none, so he rushed over to the bodies on the ground, and thats when he noticed you. 

“Fuck fuck fuck” He yelped “Karen where the fuck are the responders”
“Peter there is one two blocks away” Karen replied quickly
“Can you check vitals on the others” He said, webbing up your injured wrist, causing you to sit up. 
“Pet-” You started muttering but luckily he cut you off really quickly.
“Hello ma’am I’m here to help. You seem to have hit your head when this car drove into the pedestrians. You’re going to be alright” He rushes, trying to convince himself. 
“Let me help you.” you say “Even slightly concussed and with a broken wrist I’m better at anatomy than you” you add in the softest tone possible, knowing Peter can hear. You see the slightest nod from him and you begin to assess the situation, prioritizing those closest to the car. “Ok start with asking pedestrians to back up unless they can give medical care, that will give me a moment.” Peter does as you tell him, but he keeps an eye on your steps, making sure that you don’t stumble, hurting yourself more. Luckily you were at the fringes of where the damage had happened, so your injuries were small, and your friend was completely unscathed, but Peter couldn’t help but worry.

“Web those bodies, their wrists are where they will lose the most blood, and these ones suffered from blunt trauma, which means if they’re not dead yet, they’ll need surgery, which we can’t do. So right now all we’ve got is webbing up cuts. This one needs an ankle splint” Peter keeps following you around, crafting splints and makeshift casts out of webbing as first responders come to take the first round of patients into care. Sadly there were a lot of people, the car had driven along the sidewalk for nearly a block when foot traffic was quite high. The medical responders knew that you needed help, but they also knew you were helping the hero do what they didn’t have the manpower or materials to immediately do. After everyone else was taken care of you sit on the curb holding your head in your hands. 

“What can I do to help you. Please.” Peter kneels by your face, his gloved hands resting on your knees. “At least let me swing you out of here”
“Spidey you know thats too obvious.” You retort, stifling frantic tears. 
“Fine then, Stark Medics, I’ll tell them to take you to my dorm. I’ll meet you there” he fights back.
“Fine” You snap, not out of anger but just sheer pain. 

After about 20 minutes Peter was finally able to climb up the side of his dorm room without being spotted. He crawled through his window only to see you asleep on his bed, wrapped in his comforter. “You gotta wake up” he says, wanting to assess your concussion more before he lets you sleep. “Come on you gotta get the suit on so we can see if you’re ok. Come on” he said as he tapped the Spider emblem on his chest. 

Your eyes open up and you say “I don’t uh. I don’t think I can actually get my clothes off with my hand webbed.” you nervously mutter out, chuckling a bit. Peter’s eyes widen from the closet where he’s grabbing sweats to throw on over his boxers.
“Right! Right okay I can help you with that. That I can do. Yes.” He rambles, as he gently takes off your jacket and shoes first, and then shakily taking off the rest of your clothing, cringing at how torn everything is and the blood caked on the sleeves of your shirt. He slides the suit over your legs and very carefully pulls it over your hips and cuffs it around your wrists, then pulling it over your bloodied shoulders. “Okay sorry this is going to be awkward but the mask…. for the AI…”
“I’ve got it Peter, I understand.” You place the loose mask on your head, pressing the spider on your chest. 
“Hello darling” The sweet voice of Karen reaches Peters ears as she starts assessing your minimal damage. 
“There’s nothing more we can do, other than actually put a real bandage on my wrist. The concussion isn’t too bad but theres no threat in it.” 

Peter gingerly takes the suit off of you, removing the mask carefully and stashing them away in his closet. He digs around his drawers finding some clothes that would be comfortable to sleep in. He helps you get into them, being extra attentive of your newly forming bruises on your ribs and legs. He cuts the top layers of webbing carefully from your wrists, and gets a small ointment consistency substance that dissolves the rest without harming your skin at all. He carefully wraps up your wrist with bandages after disinfecting them. You sit patiently as he cares for you, not minding the attention that you honestly had missed deeply. 

”Peter we need to talk about this sometime” You softly call out, not wanting to make your head worse.
“Sleep. We’ll talk in the morning. Do your friends know you’re safe?” 
“Peter.” you retort. 
”Please” he pleads.
“I’ve already told everyone I’m here and safe, I’ll see you in the morning Parker.”

The second you fall asleep Peter’s brain begins to wander about how much pain he’s caused you. About how he would be outrageously reckless one day and careful the next during his heroic efforts. He thought about the hours he spent ignoring your calls, and how he still knew your birthday and your mother’s favorite song. She used to play it as you both sat in the living room of your apartment while you both studied and she cooked in the kitchen for you both. He thought about how blind he was when he decided that fighting to keep you was a lost cause almost immediately after you left. How he would do something stupid whenever things got really good with you, like leaving one of your dates to help someone. He thought about the way you looked at him with such love and such pain that nobody could replicate. He thought about how much better you could do, how you could get anyone in the medical department to fall for you with one glance.

Peter settled down on the floor, using a sweatshirt as a pillow still trapped in his thoughts wondering if the problem was him, if he just couldn’t help that he couldn’t believe anyone would actually fall in love with him. He thought about how sorry he was for letting you leave. He thought about everything he did wrong, from the day you both met when he accidentally spilled water on your skirt.  

“Someone will love you, but someone isn’t me.”

jenkinspoehler  asked:

Either is fine - hope you get well soon! I have had the lyric "love does not compel, no, it converts me" stuck in my head for the last two weeks, b/c it's great. I've just finished uni and I'm job hunting, so everything is a swirling horror, but I am teaching myself guitar and I'm loving it so far. What's your favourite song to play on the guitar?

aw, hey!! i’m so happy 2 b your earworm. it’s like you’re carrying me around everywhere and can’t escape my love. sucker.

my favorite song to play on guitar is “wings” by josh ritter!