a song of ice and fire

Imagine if you could hire somebody to
-proofread your fanfiction
-appreciate your fan art
-be a shoulder to cry on when your favourite character dies
-high five when your OTP has a moment
-stand in line at book shops for you to get new books

We need Fandom Hoes.


dead ladies club: appearance and personality ( mbti )

— rhaella targaryen, queen of the seven kingdoms, intp

He is so sweet and kind ;;❤️! I was so shy and he said that I don’t have 2 be shy >\\<. But then, we’ve talked very very long D:. When we talked at the autograph place, I asked him what color his underpants has. Very productive question. He laughed and offered me chocolate. When I asked him if he could paint a smiley, he painted me a heart ;-; (“Cause you’re sweet”) I was there quite early and had so much time to chat with him💕! In the end I asked him if I could hug him and he said: “Of course you can, Steve. You’re the first one who asked me today!” (Again, I was there very early). And then he stood up and hugged me very long and my heart exploded XD! And the hug was photographed by some people. W. T. F. At the shooting he remembered me and I was allowed to hug him again ;^;❤️. I even dared to ask him a question at the panel 💪🏻 ps I was the one who screamed “DON’T DIE"😂