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How to dismiss this bullshit argument from fascists that race and IQ are related?

The absolute level of abstractions you have to reach to even make this arguement is honestly mind-blowing to me. “This made up thing that holds no real world value might correlate to this social construct that holds too much real world value.” Like, what are we even talking about?

And to be quite honest, it doesn’t matter. The correct response to this is to not take the bait. By even arguing with them about this, you are conceding a point that you shouldn’t concede, which is that intelligence should even matter when it comes to basic human rights and liberation.

Tell them that theoretical people who score lower on IQ tests deserve the exact same rights as everyone else.

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do you count half white half black as black?

I don’t subscribe to this half and half nonsense, race is a social construct, unless your parents are 2 different species…you aren’t mixed with anything( and last I checked that’s not scientifically possible)

unless you are self hating garbage, everything with black lineage is black to me…not half black or quater black but just blickitty blacketty black. if you are racialized as black and deal with anti-blackness and have black african ancestry(i.e continental or afro-diasporan) you are my people…idc if you have other ancestry…you can put cream in coffee at the end of the day that shit still coffee.

I will say this though, I would never tell anyone what they should self identify as but with that said if you are someone who is black on monday and mixed on tuesday, I would personally categorise folk like that as non black poc and I categorically don’t trust black folk that self identify as mixed anymore than I do whites and other non black folk.

I have no time for part time blacks.

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Ok - placements that lack conventional beauty?

Conventional beauty is just as much a social construct as the concept of ugliness, so the same facts apply. I don’t know why you are pushing me to do this sort of thing… If you are insecure or questioning your physical appeal, that’s not something astrology is supposed to solve or confirm/deny, that’s entirely an interior issue that you have to reverse for yourself. Taurus/Libra/Venus rule conventional beauty: that’s all I’ll say. I don’t want to support self-loathing.

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PLEASE tell us how vegetables are a social construct

so a long time ago humans were trying to figure out edible plant matter, right

and because they didn’t have fucking microscopes or anything they were like “okay we have to divide them in some way that is easy for us to figure out”

so they COULD have divided them up by like, color or some shit

like all the red things are called noogles and all the orange ones are called fuckips and all the yellow ones are called snarglebutts or whatever

but they didn’t

they divided them by taste, which makes sense if you’re trying to sort edible plant matter, the whole point is eating them so why not sort them by the most likely reason you need to know the difference between them

so all the sweet tasting things are called fruits and all the not sweet tasting things are called vegetables

except like other than that there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all??

like potatoes are roots and broccoli is a flower and pumpkins are fruits and celery are stalks

but we’re putting them together because they don’t taste sweet

and lemons are juicy and wet but not sweet but they’re fruit for some reason but tomatoes aren’t even though they’re also juicy but not sweet and carrots aren’t even though carrots can be sweet

meanwhile apples are genetically more closely related to fucking roses than they are to shit like blueberries but because they both taste good in pie we put apples and blueberries in the same group and roses are a different thing 

like, there’s a good reason why we sort plants this way, and that reason is “it’s easier to make food if you know vaguely what it tastes like beforehand,” and sorting plants by genetic family also makes sense if your reasoning is “i want to know what plants are related,” but they’re both sorting groups that humans made up and we could just as easily sort by color or shape if we decided that was an important thing we needed to know and that’s why it’s a social construct

Can I just say







just FYI, if someone says they want to “have a debate” or, even worse, “have a civil debate” on the internet about a social issue that doesn’t personally affect them, they’re usually of a particular kind of asshole

and there is one thing to remember about this kind of asshole:

they would pretty much uniformly lose SPECTACULARLY in any forum requiring actual debate rules, because an actual, formal debate doesn’t let you move the goalposts

you’re not bad at debating if you can’t out-talk someone who’s only there to fuck with you and never accept anything you say or cite, and who wants to keep you there by pretending you’re losing an actual, real debate with them so you’ll feel stupid if you refuse

but you aren’t, because intelligence is a social construct and there is no actual debate taking place, so, like

don’t get trapped trying to prove things to assholes. stick around and do it for fun, or do it because it’s educational for others, or do it because you’re passionate, but don’t do it to win the argument because thaaaaaaat’s not gonna happen

there is no argument, only zuul

Gender isn’t something you have, gender is something that other people do to you. That’s how social constructs work.

Just like you don’t get to decide the value of your dollar, society tells you how much your dollar is worth. Money is also a social construct.

Gender is a tool of oppression. Femininity and masculinity are assigned to women and men. Femininity and masculinity do not actually exist inside of us.

Dear cis feminist

Please acknowledge that not all men have male privilege, not all men are seen as male, not all men are “manly enough” to have male privilege. And some men have life experience as a woman. And some people you assume are male aren’t.
~just a friendly​ reminder from your neighborhood transgender folk.

since it apparently needs to be spelled out for yall cis fucks:

  • you cant be born as the “wrong gender”
  • you dont have a gender when youre born. gender is a social construct. gender is something you develop.
  • there are as many genders as there are people, because everyone has their own unique experience with the concept
  • biological sex is also a social construct. genitalia can not be easily divided into two subcategories as society would lead you to believe
  • trans women are the same exact thing as cis women, the only difference being their genitalia, and sometimes not even that.
  • same with trans men vs cis men ^^^
  • many different non-white/european cultures have more than two genders
  • it really is not that hard to respect people and their gender identities! it really isnt!