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This Artist Was Offered A Full-Time Job After Someone On The Internet Properly Credited Her Work
"Always credit authors. It's important."
By Tanya Chen

“However, more often than not, people will liberally share artists’ work without attribution. (Just ask any self-employed artist online about this.)“By doing this, they are making it more difficult for people interested in our work to find us, and therefore, losing chances of getting a job,” López explained.“For someone who lives [off] occasional commissions, it’s vital that every work we share has a proper credit."In late October, López received an email from a Spanish editorial company asking if they’d be interested testing for a position as an illustrator.”

if you think that sex and gender being social constructs means that dysphoria and transness are no longer meaningful, you have grossly misunderstood what a social construction is

money is a social construction, but that doesn’t mean that there are no real world consequences from your bank account balance. knowing that money is socially constructed doesn’t change whether or not you need to pay bills.

@dkharbour: Jane…Jane, listen to, listen to me.  I am not carrying you back to the car…I don’t care if you’re tired…well then levitate on your own or something, I’m not doing it, my back is killing me…you walked here so you can walk back…Jane, Jane, do not look at me with your arms spread out like that and that whiney face…OH GOD FINE!! …your sunglasses?  They’re right here, yes, the, yes, they’re here, the yellow ones, yes…


Paladin Vlog: Things Pidge loves: friendships, technology, friendships with technology…

Capitalist countries: *Invade and colonize the entire globe,take possession of the resources in Africa, South America and the Middle East*

A few countries: *Get independence* “We want to be socialist now.”

Capitalists: “That’s why you’re poor! Not because I stole all your resources, but because you want to switch to socialism! Now I’m going to embargo your countries and destabilize your governments to prove how wrong socialism is and how it doesn’t work!”

All right internet, if the powers that be ruin the whole internet in the name of corporate greed - and it looks like they are about to - I best not hear a single bootlicker crying about the free market for the next fucking ever. Join with the people that have actually been on the good side since day fucking one and lets end capitalism once and for all.

How to Improve your Confidence

1. Be willing to fail more often - as that means you’re taking on more challenges, and being prepared to try, learn and grow.

2. Keep track of improvements, positive changes, successes, growth and accomplishments.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people. The only person you’re competing against is yourself. Also, we have an unhelpful tendency to compare our struggles with other peoples’ successes and high points.

4. Work on your posture and your fitness levels as they affect our appearance, and how we feel about ourselves.

5. Don’t just hang out with people you are comfortable with. Also, gravitate towards those who are new or different.

6. We’re influenced by those that we spend time with. So, make friends with people who seem warm and confident.

7. Be a true friend to yourself – and shut off the commentary that is negative, attacking and lacking in compassion.

8. Commit to practicing these different skills – as they’ll take root in time, and change the way you act and feel.