a sniperspy christmas

TF2 Fanfic ~ Father Christmas

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Rating: T (because Spy likes swearing)
Pairings: RED Sniper/RED Spy, RED Medic/RED Heavy (implied)
Setting: Coldfront
Tags/Warnings: Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Dad!Spy, Christmas Angst, Childhood Memories, Abandonment Issues, Family Issues, Trust Issues, basically Spy has a lot of issues, non-canon and/or fanon names, personal headcanons
Summary: Rene can be a irritable, brooding asshole year-round, but December always seems to be the worst. Mick is tired of wondering why.
A bittersweet short story about a headcanon I cooked up for Spy that I’ve grown quite attached to.

(All complaints about the awful pun for a title may be directed to @lafayettesdick they made me use it.)

He hated Coldfront. Not that the remote base was popular with any of them, save maybe Heavy, who felt more at home in frozen mountains than the sun-parched main headquarters in the badlands. The outpost was tucked at the tail end of the Rockies, not all that far from the Colorado border. Frankly it made no sense to move the teams here, but the Administrator always did from time to time. It was all a bunch of overcomplicated politics that amounted to him standing at his wet bar staring into an undefined space on the wall and trying not to think about how cold it was despite a roaring fire.

“…You okay, Spook?”

The familiar voice with its drawling Australian accent shook Rene from his thoughts. Sitting with his too-long legs crossed in a manner that looked awkward but was apparently comfortable for him, was the team’s Sniper. He’d been staring at him in silence for several minutes now, and Rene had admittedly forgotten he was even there.

He sighed, and a few faint clouds that remained of the smoke he’d forgotten to exhale puffed out. “Oui, I am fine.”

Of course his teammate would know it was a lie. Mick was much more than his colleague after all. Still, if he brushed him off, the marksman would get the point that he didn’t wish to discuss it.

That did not mean he’d drop it.

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