a smoky


Smoky Quartz!!!

“If you’ve got a problem with Earth, I’ve got a problem with you!”

For @snapbacksteven​ and @pyjamathyst​, two fantastic quartz siblings!!!

A collaboration between me and @snapbacksteven! I did the sketches, coloring, and shading while Ben did the lines!

I really love Smoky and I hope we get to see more of them in the show soon! I don’t often draw them, but dang, doing so is a ton of fun! 

And no doubt that they give the best hugs around. 

anonymous asked:

I'm going to a warriors basketball game with this guy I really like but I have no idea what to wear or how to do my makeup. Help! 💞

Jumper dress with knee high boots & smoky brown eye xx

Idea for D&D extra life game.

Matthew Mercer, Chris Perkins, ProJared, Griffin McElroy, and Frank Kim play a game. The roll to see who starts as DM. They are given a plot point map and let to make the rest up. The catch. Whenever someone rolls a natural 20 they become the DM until the next natural 20. They continues until he game is over. When NPC’s are introduced every DM must use their version of the voice listed, ex: if an NPC is labeled “regal, peppy, smoky, feminine voice” the voice should sound kindof like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. What do you guys think.


It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
all together!

I am so damn happy with everyone’s response that I feel I could explode! the point was to make you happy and share this with everyone to show that we do have amazing people in this fandom too! we should celebrate that too! this show is about love!  

Rainbow Quartz by @l-sula-l | Opal by @atta | Sardonyx by me! (NSFW for boobs) | Smoky Quartz by @jamiedraws | Sugilite by @panthra | Stevonnie by @asheface | Garnet by @jen-iii | Malachite by @azzles | Alexandrite by @snowydesertfox