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I was inspired by the growth of mushrooms, and how they relate to humanity. Externally, we seem to be total individuals, but underneath we are all connected by the same roots. 

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XO - Chrysta Kay

Amnesiac (Franticshipping)


Word count: 6,299

Pairings: Franticshipping (Ruby/Sapphire)

Of all things she could conquer, his heart was the missing puzzle piece.

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How to fall in love with yourself

Step one: Take off all of your clothes, maybe take a bath. Look at all of the parts of you that you love and all the parts of you that you wish to change. Accept that you cannot change them. Pay attention to how the light looks on your skin. Acknowledge that this body has carried you through your hardest days. Feel the pressure in your chest with each breath in.

Step two: Buy yourself something small that you enjoy, maybe new ink pens. Go to a coffee shop you love and order your favorite drink, then spend hours doodling or writing your dreams.

Step three: Have fun when you’re alone. Dance in your underwear while you cook. Have conversations with your cat. Rewatch your favorite movie from when you were a kid.

Step four: On days when you can’t get off the floor, acknowledge that there are people who love you, but sometimes you have to hold yourself. This is okay.

In case anyone was wondering what kind of tools I’m using now that I’m not drawing digitally for a while, here is a quick overview:


1: B pencil for detailed sketching
2: 4B pencil for rough sketching (I also use this for certain textures on the drawings, like the pants in this image)
3: Eraser to remove sketch after inking

The pencils are just cheap ones I bought in a local shop

=== INKING ===

4: 0.1mm inking pen, for small details
5: 0.3 inking pen, for most things
6: 0.8 inking pen, for the thicker outlines (and also for panels, when I draw comics in hand)
7: A dry 0.8 inking pen that I use for certain textures (like the top part of Max’ sweater in the drawing)

The pens are Artline DRAWING SYSTEM pens, which most of the bookstores in my area have in stock

=== MISC ===

8: Music is an important part of my creative process
9: So is skyping with my friends
10: 3DS for procrastination
11: Stylus to aid the 3DS in the procrastination