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I Hate You, I Love  You (Harry Styles Imagine)

REQUEST: (from @draginy-moon-shine) Your mum died and she was one of the boys mums best friend so she takes you in? And he sort of is against it but falls in love with you eventually? Xxx

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I can’t even begin to explain the heartache and sadness that I am feeling right now.

Who would’ve thought that I’d get to wear a white dress not on my wedding day, but on my mother’s funeral? My mom’s friends and family all came to console my broken heart, but nothing’s working. My friends supporting me and keeping me comforted still did not do the trick.

“Honey.” A voice said. After my mom’s coffin has been lowered down, all I ever did was stare at the newly covered spot where she lays. I slowly looked up and found Anne, our neighbor and my mom’s best friend. Feeling weak, I just gave her a small smile.

“I know it’s hard losing a mother. But I know you’re a strong woman. You can get through this.” She said, handing me a piece of paper.

I read the top part and it said “LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT”

“What is this?” I asked?

“It’s your mom’s. Your family lawyer explained everything to me because apparently she doesn’t trust your aunts and uncles and made me your guardian until you’re at least 21.”

I read the writings as if they were from a strange land. I never thought my mom would leave me with all these properties and wealth. Since dad left, all mom did was work.

All her hard work paid off.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re 19. In two years you can live your own life the way you want it. But for now, if you’ll allow me, I’ll be your “mum” for a while and you can stay with me and my family yeah?”

After that day, I moved in with the Styles’ and hoped for the best.


For the past few days, I got to know my new family.

Robin, Anne’s husband, was a big man with a big heart. He and Anne both treat me like I wasn’t a stranger to their home. Of course they saw me grow up as the live next door, but they treat me like their own and not just a random neighbor’s daughter.

Anne was the best. She treated me like I came from her own womb. She made sure to get to know me better by finding out everything about me. She asked about my favorite food once and cooked it during dinner. She made me feel at home.

Gemma, their eldest daughter, was a three or four years older than me. She and I get along very well because we treat each other as the sister we never had. She became my instant best friend. I can talk to her about anything. We also watch Rom-Com movies and paint our nails together. She was even the one who wanted to share a room and not let me stay at the guest room. I declined though, I know how important privacy is at my age, especially hers.

And then there’s Harry. 3 words. He hates me. Apparently we’re the same age and he did not appreciate his mom bringing another girl in the family. He made my happy life a little less happy.


“Give it back!” I shouted.

Here we are again, bickering like cat and dog. Apparently he came into my room and found my journal, the journal my mom gave me last before she passed. That journal contained poems and stories written mostly by her and a few me.

“Harry, if you open that journal or even scratch the cover I will destroy your face!” I shouted as I follow him around the house. He then ran towards the backyard.

Oh no. It was raining.

I had a bad feeling about this.

“Harry I’m fucking serious! Give it back.” As soon as I caught up with him, I was too late.

Harry had a sheepish smile on his face, my journal no longer in his hands.

“Where’s my journal?” but I did not need his answer because I got a glimpse of a wet journal on top of the garden table.

“Fucking hell!” I said, trying my best to dry it out with my hands.

“I’m sorry! I slipped and fell. It fell on the puddle right there.” He said pointing out the puddle. I took notice of his wet shirt and hair but I did not care.

“Do you have any idea how important this journal is? Do you? Do you even care about my dead mother and her remaining memories with me? Do you know that she wrote most of the things written here?” I shouted. The entire family must’ve heard my outburst and started gathering by the door.

“I said I’m sorr-”

“But sorry won’t fix this! Even if this dries out, it’ll be in bad shape.” I said. Reality set in and the thought of not being able to read her poems to sleep made tears form in my eyes. Seeing me cry will add to Harry’s triumph, so I quickly ran up to my room and locked it.


A few days passed since the incident. I haven’t talked to Harry since. He’s tried apologizing countless of times but I just shrugged him off and continued not noticing his presence.

Today as I got home from school, I saw Harry watching the telly. I just passed by him and went straight to my room. When I enter the room, I saw small box on top of my bed. I didn’t say who it was from so I guessed it was from Gemma, since she was the only one who knew it was my birthday. When I opened the box, it contained the exact same journal that Harry ruined. When I skimmed through the journal, it contained the same poems and stories from the old one, as well as my mother’s handwriting and mine - exactly the same. A piece of paper slid off it and I immediately recognized the handwriting.

I’m sorry. -H

I quickly ran down and saw Harry by the kitchen, sipping tea.

“Ho- How did you do this?” I asked in disbelief.

“I have my ways.” He said, winking. I didn’t say anything else and just hugged him.

“I do care about you. I just needed to get used to you.. But I got too much used to you.” He said.

I was about to ask what he meant when I felt his lips on mine.

I didn’t stop him. I kissed back and that started a great relationship between us.

#5:Sing To Me *
*mature content

“You look so pretty, I am sure Harry wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you once he sees you,” Lou cheers Y/N ecstatically, as she puts the curling iron down and admires the lovely work she painted across Y/N’s face.

Y/N smiles timidly, and thanks Lou for being so generous and kind to spend this long on preparing her for the party. She hugs her dear friend, clears out if she’ll be joining them and then with a last goodbye, exits the studio.

Lottie waits outside in the car, herself dressed in a short orange dress, her hair open and make up done to the point.

They hug and greet enthusiastically, giggling at the fact that they finally get to see the boys after almost three months.

With the releasing of the new album, the work load now had been doubled for the fans and media really were expecting too much from the four, now. Tours after tours, promotions and advertisements and lastly the music videos - everything had consumed them so much, that Y/N had hardly had a long conversation with them in a while.

Finally today that the album launches, Y/N feels absolutely enthralled to see them all, and especially her beau, Harry.

God, he was missed so much. Everyday, every night, every moment. His glimpse a day was really enough to make up Y/N’s day, but there were times when the distance really depressed her. Wanting to feel his arms, his lips, his warmth and just him around her were the feeling that thirsted her for three months. Today, she really was expecting to have him all night; she made up her mind to greet him with a long, wealthy kiss and positively stay by his side the whole night.

The car halted in front of the huge building where the launch party was to be held, and with the music pumping till outside and the continuous stream of people entering through their door, the place reflected the party like atmosphere.

Lottie and Y/N got down, hand in hand, and subsequently started the flash lights and camera, the paparazzi creating a holler around the two ladies, making it extremely difficult for the two to get it. But with the guards by their side, not a moment later they both found themselves inside.

Smiling at each other, they walked to the back room where the boys were, and opening the door, they were greeted by warm hugs from Niall.

“Aye, ladies. You both look fantastic! Missed you guys so much.” He plants affectionate kisses on both their cheeks and refrains from getting one from them because they have lipsticks on.

Liam comes next and hugs the two together, making Louis then lunge over them and squeeze them all in his arms.

“You guys made it!” He muses with a big grin, his eyes crinkling at the corners making him look absolutely cute.

The three are smartly dressed. Their tight fitted jeans and dark colored shirts make them look masculine and maturer, and the smiles and excitement they hold on their faces adds to the beauty of them.

Y/N looks behind the tall men, but the person she longed to see seems no where in the room, and catching her impatient eyes, Liam rests a hand on her shoulder and comforts her.

“Don’t worry, babe. Harry’s just gone to grab something to eat. He’ll be back.” He smiles at her and Y/N in gratitude, hugs him again.

They pull away and Liam, in order to distract her, begins to talk of the events that would take place; he gives a rough idea about the guests joining in and informs about the meals and drinks provided. Everything he talks of seems extremely expensive and well managed, and the excitement inside for all increases some more.

“Lottie!” Finally after a while comes the voice Y/N’s ears thirsted to hear, and as she turned around to look at him, she felt her eyes fill with tears.Finallyshe sighed.

Harry hugged Lottie dearly and admired her dress and look, then on Lottie’s saying, he looked over her shoulder and his eyes landed on his girl.

He grew blank for a moment. The beauty with which she stood in front of him was beyond words, and just the happiness that blinked from her eyes made him tear up. He had missed her, so much and just so much.

She looked flawless in the red, sleeveless dress she wore, her big, brown hair falling to her shoulders and her soft, pink lips dressed up in a big grin.

He hurriedly moved to her, his eyes directed only towards her, as he pushed past all the other people to reach her.

Y/N advanced a few steps and let him in a warm, big hug, the comfort and warmth being felt till her heart, as they eagerly wrapped their arms around each other in order to hold one another all together.

“I’ve missed you.” Harry whispers in her ear, and moves up to press a kiss in her hair; a pure form of ecstasy washing over him with her fragrance filling his senses.

“I’ve missed you too, baby, so much.” Y/N pronounces her feeling in his neck, her lips brushing over his skin causing a tingling effect to rush over him.

They pull away and then move forward to attach their lips in a small peck, due to the face that kissing passionately might get awkward and in front of so many people.

Loud cheers echo through the room, the pleasure of all of the people ringing in loud claps for having witnessed the lovers meet again.

Harry rests his hand on her cheek and asks of her well being, and after a little more chatting with each other and the group, the event manager informs them about the commencement of the party.

“I’ll see you.” Harry murmurs to her as his lips leave a small kiss on her forehead before he joins the boys and walks away from Y/N.

Sorrow envelops her, but it is quick to vanish when Lottie comes beside her to push her with her into the party.

The hall is jam packed, and dark, with just a few colored lights here and there. The environment feels healthy and approaching but as the party begins, Harry doesn’t look around any where.

Lottie and Y/N stay close by the whole night, interacting with a few big personalities and sharing snaps and love with all. Amongst all the interactions, Y/N still hopes for Harry to come around from somewhere for her but she finds herself only waiting till the end of the party.

The thought strikes her then - it was inevitable to stick around Harry for the whole party; he is here the main attraction and people are all here for him, why would he bother to pay attention to his girlfriend when he has named people wanting his attention.

After restraining for long, Y/N finally agrees upon accepting the drink Lottie offers her, and one glass is over so hastily that after a half an hour, she has had around five glasses.

Y/N feels drunk and uncontrollable now, as her body on its own sways to the beats and tunes played on the dance floor. Lottie and her get together to break the dance floor, their active participation making everyone join them on floor. Y/N enjoys and giggles the whole time, her hands going up and her body performing steps after steps with the music. The feeling is amazing.

Everyone seems consumed in dancing and jollying around, and Y/N braces herself for the next song when she is pulled off of the dance floor and pushed to a hard chest. The scent and minty fragrance is familiar as the person drags her across the room, bangs open a door, pushes her inside and gets in himself before locking the door behind.

With huge mirrors and wash basins, the place is recognized as the restroom and the voice of the person is recognized as Harry.

“Finally.” He sighs deeply and moves closer to Y/N, pinning her back to the granite slab as his hands hover above her sides.

“Finally.” Y/N chuckles drunkly.

“What’d you drink, honey.” Harry muses at her, as his hands move up her body till around her shoulders.

“I don’t know, but it was really fun. You see, I was having fun without you.” She states to him blankly.

Harry chuckles. “But I was getting really lost without you. Thank god I found you, baby.” He ducks down to her neck and begins planting kisses down to her collarbones.

“You deserved it. You were the one who left me.” Y/N stubbornly remarks as she refrains Harry from working any longer on his neck by bringing her shoulder up.

Harry looks at her with sad eyes. “I’m sorry..” He moves his hands back on her hips and pushes her on the granite slab.“ Now show me how much you’ve missed me.” He breathes over her lips.

Y/N shivers and moves closer. “Oh, so much, baby.”

She pulls him into a kiss. Their lips collide and Harry loses all his mind. Facetimes and pictures have been enough of a tease, it’s time he got it real. He hungrily pushed his lips on her, biting and licking her lower lip to hear her moan. His tongue enters her mouth and he explores her with flicks and licks, before Y/N tugs his hair back with her hand and pulls him away.

“Slow down, you boy.” She chuckles and replaces her mouth again over his. This time she takes control, keeping the kiss soft and mellow, going in slow and deep and then finally releasing him to conduct a passionate lip lock.

The eagerness is uncontrollable, as Harry moves down to kiss her neck when at the same time his hand slips into her dress. Her panties come in hand, which he slides away to have the wet, hot skin of hers on his fingers.

“Ah, baby, so good.” He whispers to her in the neck, and with the cool contact of his fingers on her clit, a shiver and moan subsequently come rushing as an instinct.

Y/N doesn’t take long and look for the button of his jeans, fidgeting with it to tear it apart. Her fingers fondle with button until it finally pops open and then slides down the zip, after which she slips her hand inside his jeans.

Harry groans, his head falling back as Y/N takes him in her hand. His bulge grows bigger and harder with every sensual and slow stroke Y/N plays on it as she gets down from the slab on her feet and presses her lips on his neck.

Harry could not control and he yanks away his jeans, and grabbing her hand in his, he guides her to the inside of his boxers, leaving it when she gets her control. He attaches his lips to hers and they manage to kiss in between the moans and groans Harry releases often.

“Harry, I want you..” Y/N feels out of words, as she releases her hand from inside the boxers and pulls it down, having his member spring and press to her stomach.

Harry doesn’t wait a while and spins her around, bending her over the sink as he lifts her dress violently, and pulls her panties down her legs.

His fingers rub over her sensitive area, collecting the wetness and teasing the swollen entrance of hers while she moans to have him inside her. He licks his fingers, and makes an eye contact with her in the mirror, his fingers releasing from his mouth to plunge inside her.

She curses out loud and takes his name twice and thrice. The sweat glistening on her skin, the worn out expression on her face, and her dirty mouth spilling curses after curses - everything turns Harry on and now he himself seems to lose patience.

“Harry..” Y/N’s voice comes out after he has pulled out his fingers from her.“ Sing to me..sing to me while you thrust inside of me, baby. Please, I love it.”

Harry obliges without any hesitation.“ Which song, honey?”

“Something from the new album….What A Feeling?”

“Do I love your choice? Absolutely.” Harry grins and clears his throat.

“I want it all nice and in melody, alright?” Y/N chuckles as she gives him a look from the mirror.

“Aye, aye, baby.” Harry chuckles and makes an eye contact with her, before bending her down and positioning himself.

“What a feeling to be right here beside you now, holding you in my arms….”

He thrust into her, filling her at once ad making her groan loudly from underneath.

“When the air ran out and we both started running wild, the sky fell down…”

He grabbed her hair and pulled her to his chest, slowly moving inside her as he takes heavy breathes on her neck and shoulder.

“ But you’ve got stars, they’re in your eyes..”

He turns her head back to him and kisses her lips, then looks in her eyes and sings:

“And I’ve got something missing tonight…”

He thrusts hard this once, and Y/N’s eyes close and her head falls back on his shoulder, her chest rising and falling in quick gaps. Harry thrusts harder again, and then again, making her bend on the sink with the support of her hands.

“What a feeling to be a king beside you, somehow, I wish I could be there now..”

He thrusts once more hard again, and with moans and curses, they come down together. Harry pulls out of her and slides his boxers up, the turns her over to face him, a cloudy smile surrounding her face with exhaustion and tiredness.

“I love this song..” Y/N comments and chuckles musingly. Harry grins at her and then presses his lips in a kiss - slow and soft.

Y/N reacts instantly, wrapping her arms around his neck and continues the kiss in passion and satisfaction.

“I love you.” Harry says as they pull away.

“I love you too.” Y/N says and they chuckle to each other before getting dressed and joining the party back again, this time with more enthusiasm and ecstasy.


Can you write something where Harry & the missus get into a fight & don’t make up that night & the same night something is wrong with one if their kids (maybe their baby’s first illness) & Harry comforts his wife & they have take care of it together.

I might have changed up the storyline a little bit but you understand the gist of the story. 

This one is also a little rusty due to writers block however I’m getting back into the swing of things, I promise you. I’m feeling like I’m getting my mojo back in creative writing. Thank you for sticking through this with me and being the amazing people that you are. Also, this is probably the only story that I’ve done this amount of description in so I’m rather pleased with this creative mind of mine, haha.

Enjoy. xx

* Remember, requests are closed up until some time in January 2017 when my ask box is almost empty. *

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love you goodbye (h.s.)

This isn’t how this is supposed to happen,” Harry’s whispered dismay cut through you like a blade. “This isn’t supposed to be happening at all.”

“I know,” your voice was barely audible as you clenched his plain black t-shirt in your fist.

Your 2 year relationship with Harry was beautiful. Life was beautiful. You loved each other like crazy, as if everyday was your last day together. Everything happened naturally. You couldn’t believe that this enormous heart fully made of gold was all yours. He couldn’t believe someone as endearing as you was his. He often spoiled you materialistically and romantically. You were his world, and he was yours. 

Yes, it was hard being away from him most of the time as he toured and performed all over the world, but it made the moments he was home so much sweeter. The reunions were overwhelmingly exciting. He always came home with some sort of gift for you; which you typically scolded him for, claiming he was your present, and that you didn’t need anything. That statement was always followed by a sarcastic eye roll from Harry along with, “alright just take the damn gift and stop sounding like a Christmas homecoming commercial, wudja?” He would flash that famous sideways smirk, that never failed to make a crinkly smile find its way to your face and cause your insides to twist and turn. 

Having the role of Harry Styles’ girlfriend came with an immense amount of pressure. Your relationship was dubbed the one to watch in young Hollywood; “the next Brad and Angelina”, or “the next Beyonce and Jay Z”. No matter where you went, together or apart, cameras always seemed to find you, flashes continuously following you. Rumors were always swarming your relationship, whether it had to do with one of you supposedly cheating, the two of you breaking up, or eloping, you couldn’t escape them. You also couldn’t escape the pedestal you were forcibly thrown on. You were a normal young adult and did not sign up to be a role model, but that’s how you were seen. Not only were you alone considered a role model, but so was your relationship itself. The words “perfect” and “flawless” were linked to it, and that scared you. Your relationship was far from perfect, you and Harry were also far from perfect individually. Arguments, disagreements, and sometimes fights took place between you two, as they do with every couple. You were simply not perfect.

Right now, your insides are in fact twisting and turning, but not because you were presented another gift. There were no smiles in sight. Only tears.

There was no screaming. No fighting. No argument took place. You and Harry just simply broke. There were cracks in the walls that grew deeper and deeper, until they finally fell down. More and more weight was added to your shoulders, until they finally gave out. The pressures placed on your relationship crushed your chests. 

Now here you were, laying on your shared bed, holding each other. You were flush against his side, right leg thrown over his lower half, with your face in his neck, clinging to the t-shirt across his abdomen. You were shaking as you silently sobbed, allowing your tears to fall onto his creamy skin. He had his strong right arm around your back, his hand tightly grasping your hip. His left hand reached across his body to your waist, his thumb gently caressing your clothed side in an attempt to console you and bring you strength, although he couldn’t find any himself. His chest rose and fell heavily as he tried to keep his own cries as soft as possible, failing for the most part. With each connection of your tears to his neck, he felt a bit more of his heart break off. His own tears rolled freely off his face.

“I think I would prefer to fight and scream with you, than do this. This is torture,” He couldn’t even begin to hide the pain in his voice.

But he was right.

A breakup shouldn’t be brought on by you both breaking down out of the blue. A breakup shouldn’t consist of holding the other as you both cried and cursed the world. A breakup shouldn’t end with the two of you still longing to be together. A breakup shouldn’t have claimed this relationship.

But it did.

“I love you. I love you,” your breathing picked up as you spoke, as well as your cries. There were no other words you needed to say besides those. Whether they were words of comfort, or unintentional knives in his chest, you didn’t know.

“I love you so damn much. Fuck,” Harry’s voice cracks at the end, sending him into a fit of sobs with you.

“What are we doing?” you yelled into his neck, attempting to sit up before Harry’s left hand met your head, gently laying you back down, his fingers running through your hair.

“I don’t know, baby girl. I don’t fucking know.”

“It’s too much. It’s all coming down on us.”

“I know, baby.”

“I hate it, Harry.”

“I know.”

Both of your voices lowered back to whispers. Silence fell over the room again, except for the sniffling and periodic sobs and coughs.

“One more time,” Harry’s raspy voice was slightly above a whisper.

You raised your head slightly to look at his face, as his eyes closed. Your eyebrows drew together in confusion.

“One more time,” his eyes opened and met yours. His green eyes bright and prominent against their unusually blood red background. He caressed your cheek as he whispered his clarification.

“Let me love you goodbye.”

As if a magnet was drawing you together, your lips connected moments after. They quivered as tears continued to spill out of your eyes as well as Harry’s. His strong hands latched onto your hips as he encouraged you to straddle his waist. Your hands were fists that held the shirt on his chest as his hands also clenched the shirt on your back, pressing your chest against his. Your lips moved slowly against his, the passion and adrenaline racing through your bodies. You might end up regretting this later, as it may make leaving too hard to handle.

But later is not now.

One at a time, you both slowly disposed of the other’s articles of clothing. Your shirt, his joggers. His shirt, your shorts; leaving them in an unorganized pile on the floor next to the bed.

He carefully pushed you onto your back as he climbed over your smaller frame. His green eyes captured yours in an instant.

They always do.

“Please, do something,” your voice was so small, you practically only mouthed the words. He knew you weren’t just begging for pleasure, but for a mend to your breaking heart, as well. You wanted him to take you intimately, as well as physically. You wanted, needed him to take you in his arms and sweep you away to a secluded place away from the media, the fans, the public, so the two of you could be together in peace.

But that wasn’t going to be the case.

“I’ve got you, baby.”

For a moment, you could’ve sworn you saw his eyes well up again, but he broke his gaze away from yours all too soon. He slid his hands under your back, unclasping your bra as he’s done so many times. This time, however, you could feel his hands tremble as he slid the straps down your arms. There was no cheekiness to his actions this time. Now, his eyes were wide with admiration; the kind of admiration where he was taking in your body for the last time, as if in hopes of capturing this moment and saving it in his memory for when you leave him.

You lifted his head up and used your hand on the back of his neck to guide his lips down to yours, possessing them. Your smaller fingers ghosting over his skin as your hands slowly traveled down his sides to the waistband of his boxers, sliding them down his body.

His lips left yours, causing a small whimper of disapproval from you. A glimpse of a small smirk found its way to Harry’s mouth as it attached to your neck, sucking and biting the sensitive skin under your ear. You hummed in satisfaction as his larger hands swiftly slid your underwear down your thighs.

“You are and will forever be the most beautiful thing on this planet to me,” he whispered after leaving one last kiss on the fresh love bite.

“So if you meet some alien girl from Mars, there’s a chance she’ll take the number one spot?” You teased him, attempting to lighten the somberness engulfing the both of you.

“Okay, never mind, I take it back. You’re the worst,” a chuckle leaving his perfect pink lips. He reaches over to your nightstand, pulling out a foil packet.

“I think you’re beautiful, too,” you ran your hand through his long hair as he rolled the condom down his length

He kissed you again as he carefully pushed into you, both of you releasing sighs of relief as he did so. Harry took your hands in his and pinned them above your head as he began making love to you. He broke away from you, leaning his forehead onto yours, his lips barely touching your own.

“Harry, please,” you moaned into his mouth.

“God I love you so much, baby. Holy shit,” he buried his face into your neck, gently nipping at the skin.

The room filled with whimpers and groans and sighs, as beads of sweat started building on both yours and Harry’s foreheads. You lost yourselves in each other multiple times, hoping this would last for as long as possible. You tried your best to memorize every detail of his body; the way his strong and hard hips thrust into yours, how the delicate pink color of his lips would turn to a much darker pink after kissing you, the way his large hands completely engulfed yours, the light whimpers that turned into throaty groans when he hit a much deeper spot inside you. You were going to either thank yourself because of your need and longing for these details later, or hate yourself for remembering what could have been so clearly.

You knew this was going to destroy you.

You woke up the next morning around 10. Your eyes felt droopy and dry, while your body felt heavy and tight. You were wearing only your underwear and the plain black t-shirt Harry wore last night.


Last night.

You quickly sat up and looked to your left. Empty. His phone wasn’t on the nightstand. The black boots that were normally placed by the bedroom door were gone. You slipped out of bed and padded to the closet. You took a deep breath before opening it. You let your breath out in a fast, sad sigh as you realized most of his wardrobe was missing.

He left.

A familiar article of clothing was still left in its usual spot, hanging. That jumper. The blue jumper that belonged to Harry. It was your favorite, and you constantly stole it from him. He left it for you.

You yanked the sweater off the hanger before clutching it close to your chest and collapsing onto the closet floor. You reluctantly let the sea of emotions crash over you once again. 

He was gone. And now you had to find a way to pick up the pieces, alone.


Punk Series #1 - "Hi, I'm..." (First Meeting)

Harry: It wasn’t your typical hang out place, but you and your friend wanted to go someplace different. When you got to the club, it was already pretty packed. Bodies pushed up against each other, music pounding, and the floor shaking. It was your typical nightclub scene. Approaching the bar, you waved the bartender over, ordering a drink and chatting with your friend. You weren’t planning on meeting anyone tonight, but whatever happened, happened. After about an hour of hanging out, dancing and just having a good time, you were back at the bar, settling down. Feeling a presence beside you and eyes burning into the side of your head, you turned, immediately holding the gaze with the man next to you. Taking in his appearance, you noticed his numerous piercings His stretches ears, his nose and lip ring, along with his tattooed-covered body. You were honestly mesmerized by this man and he appeared to have the same reaction to you. The two of you still hadn’t spoken a word to each other, staring mindlessly into each other’s eyes. Finally you broke the awkward tension, looking towards your drink. “Um, hi,” you chuckled, looking back towards him. “Can I help you?” You watched as his tongue ran along his lower lip, stopping just before the small piece of metal. “Maybe,” he smirked. “As creepy as this sounds, I’ve had an eye on you tonight. Finally decided to come talk to you. So hi…” he said, smiling darkly. “I’m Harry.”

Liam: It had been a long night of waiting on angry customers. One after the other, comments were being thrown in your face about things that was completely out of your control. Now you were down to the last two tables and the boys sitting at table 8 weren’t taking it easy on you. Every time you would walk away, you could feel their eyes burning into the back of your head. But it wasn’t the back of your head they were staring at. Bringing them their check at the end of the evening, the one with the heavy tattoos looked up, giving you a smirk. You tried to ignore it to the best of your ability. “Cash or credit,” you asked, keeping your eyes down on the notepad. “It’ll be cash, love,” the same one replied, pulling out a couple twenties and setting them on the table. “How much change would you like back?” The man shook his head, holding up his hand. “Keep the change.” You nodded hesitantly, putting the cash into your little apron, his eyes never leaving you. “This may seem strange, but may I ask your name?” The man asked, his lip ring catching some light. You chuckled, flashing your name tag. “Ah, right. (Y/N), that’s a pretty name.” Smiling again, he spoke once more. “Well (Y/N), hi. I’m Liam.”

Niall: Walking around the shop, you mindlessly eyed the clothes, occasionally stopping if something caught your eye. So far, there hadn’t really seen anything. You also hadn’t noticed the young man watching you subtly from the check out. When he was finally free of customers from the front, he gradually made his way to you, stopping only a couple feet away. “Did you need any help finding anything?” he asked, causing you to look up. “Oh, no I’m just looking thank you.” You smiled and went back to browsing, assuming he’d go away. But he didn’t. “Because if you’re looking for something specific I can point you in the right direction.” Looking up again, you shook your head.“Uh, I think I’m okay thanks.” You turned your back, but he did not take the hint at all. Inside your mind though, you weren’t too disappointed. At first glance, he may appear to be a bit taboo. But if you really looked, you would see the beauty in his expression. The way his piercings suited his face perfectly, and the way his tattoos were just sticking out so you could catch a glimpse. Under all the body art, as nice as it was, there was a very handsome man. “Well, maybe you can help me instead then,” he smirked, causing you to look back. “And what would that be?” “Well, first let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Niall.”

Zayn: “What part of no don’t you understand,” you said, getting frustrated with your boyfriend. It was like he just couldn’t keep his hands off you. “I understand, but I know you’re joking. I know you want it,” he chuckled darkly. Was he stupid? You were in a public place, right in the middle of the shopping centre where strangers upon strangers could easily catch you. “Look I said no okay?” Pushing him away again, he only flocked back, rubbing your thigh and pushing your limits. “STOP!” you yelled, gathering the attention of a few bystanders. He stood up, grabbing your arm and yanking you up with him. “Did you just yell at me?” Fear suddenly washed over your body and you shook your head, realizing you had just made a mistake. “You know what happens when you yell…” Evil could be seen behind his eyes, and you nodded. But before he could drag you out of the busy centre, there was a body, a stranger, standing between you, pushing you protectively behind you. “Walk away mate,” the stranger spoke, a firmness in his voice. “What the hell are you doing? This is none of your business.” Your boyfriend made a lunge to you, but the man kept him away. “Just walk away. Before we cause more of a scene. Walk. Away.” You watched your boyfriend scowl but give up, turning around and disappearing into the crowd. As quick as it had started, it was finished and you finally saw the face of your protector. His glasses were partially covered by his hair, a lip ring catching your attention. His neck and arms were coated with dark tattoos, but you had to admit they were quite nice. “Thank you… but you didn’t have to do that…” “Don’t thank me. And yes I did. I’ve been watching and I could see how uncomfortable you were. It’s not something uncommon for me… So I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” He smiled, flashing his teeth slightly. Holding out his hand, he decided to make light of the situation. “Anyways, hi. I’m Zayn.”   


Louis: Sitting on the park bench, you watched your brother run around the field with his buddies passing around the soccer ball. You didn’t have to come along, but you needed an excuse to leave the house while your mom had her friends over. As you were watching, you noticed a new guy hanging around, talking to your brother and hanging out with the rest of them. But he wasn’t like the rest. At least his appearance wasn’t. His arms and chest were heavily tattooed, and from what you could catch a glimpse of, he had a few piercings. It wasn’t a bad difference, in fact you found that you could barely take your eyes off of him. Taking a break, the boys spilt off momentarily, your brother and the man coming over where you were. He must have left his stuff over in the same area. “Why’d you tag along again?” you brother questioned, sitting next to you and taking a drink from his water bottle. “Because, mom has her friends over and I refuse to be there when they come over.” You stared at the field crossing your arms. Suddenly there was a shadow over you, causing you to look up and low and behold, there was the new guy. You found yourself staring, your brother nudging your arm and breaking your trance. “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for letting me play with you guys. I don’t know many people here.” His voice was beautiful, to you anyways. “Oh yeah! No problem mate. You should come play when we do. I can give you my number, here.” Like teenage girls, they exchanged numbers, causing you to chuckle. “Oh, and hi,” he held out his hand to you. “I’m Louis.”

#10 One of the boys tells you why you're so perfect for him


so here is my next preference. I actually really like the idea and hope you guys like it too.

Louis: You just go out grocery shopping and find Liam on the way back. You think of the bored and sick Louis at home and invite Liam over. You want to get back home as soon as possible because you are worried about Louis. He does stupid things when he is bored. It starts raining badly on the way back. When you get home you call for Louis but he doesn’t respond. You look into your bedroom where you have left him in the bed, tucked in a blanket but he is nowhere to be seen. “Louis!” you yell but no response again. “Is everything okay?” Liam asks “I can’t find Louis. His phone here but where is he?” You look around in the house and see him football playing in the garden through the door of the terrace. You gasp in disbelief and rush outside still standing under a roof safe from the rain. “Louis William Tomlinson!” you shout and Louis turns around with a shocked expression on his face. “Y/N? You already here?” “What are you doing outside in the rain?” you ask shouting ignoring his question. “Playing football.” “It’s raining Louis and you’re sick.” “I was bored and I already got better.” “Just a little and now you will get worse again.” “Y/N calm down” Louis says. “Get in the house, take a hot shower and get in bed. I’ll make you some soup and tea.” “Y/N” Louis whines. “Now!” “No.” “What?” “I said no!” You rush to him ignoring the rain and stand right in front of him. “Do you know how lonely a month can be although your girlfriend is always next to you but he won’t let you touch her?” Louis eyes widen in shock and he lets out a nervous chuckle. “You wouldn’t do that” he says, voice full of doubt. “Dare me.” Louis looks at you for a while and then sighs in defeat. Liam has watched everything from the living-room and smiles. “A long and hot shower” you shout after Louis. “Yes, your majesty” he says, voice full of sass. “Finally you admitted who the boss here is. And by the way, you’re going to clean this mess you made up when you finished showering.” Louis groans and leaves. “I love you” you shout smiling. You shake your head and notice that Liam is staring at you with a faint smile. “Sit down” you say and motion to the couch. “I’ll just change into some dry clothes and then I’ll make something to eat.” Liam nods and sits down, switching on the tv. You get into your bedroom and change your clothes fast. After that you hurry to the kitchen to finish the soup as fast as possible. You start making some tea and cooking the soup at one time. “Can I help?” You look up and see Liam standing at the doorframe. “Actually there is not much to do but if you’re bored you can join me” you suggest. He nods and takes a seat at the kitchen table. “You really love Louis, don’t you?” “What?” “I can see it. You really love him” Liam says looking you deep in the eyes. You burn your hand on the hot pot and break the gaze with Liam. You hiss in pain and shake your hand. “You okay?” Liam asks concerned. You nod. “Louis can be really stubborn, as you saw. He is the sass master, the drama queen” Liam continues with a smile. “Although he is a loving and caring person I never thought he could find someone as perfect for him as you. Many people just see this sassy side with this attitude. You don’t. You can handle him very well. You know how to react to his stubborn side, when he is childish, when he is being immature again. But also when he is caring, trustful and lovely. You always play along, are what he needs. A girlfriend, a nanny, a friend. Everything. I’m glad you have each other.” Liam finishes his little speech that takes you off guard and you almost forget the soup if it hasn’t been for Louis who just enters the kitchen. “What were you two talking about? I could hear you talk while I cleaned” Louis asks curiously. “He was…just telling me old stories from you guys touring” you lie and can’t prevent a smile. “Oh, okay. I hope you haven’t embarrassed me.” Liam chuckles and shakes his head. You tuck Louis in a blanket on the couch and give him his soup, also Liam. The whole you have to smile and shoot glances over to Liam who responds with a smile by himself. “Thanks for everything” you say to Liam when he is at the door ready to leave. “It means so much to me to be welcomed in his world. I mean it. Thanks.” “You are very welcome” Liam says and gives you a bear hug. You hug him back tightly trying to show him how grateful you are. “Oi, what’s going on here?” Louis asks appearing next to you. “Just a little bonding” you explain and go over to him. Liam leaves and you wrap your arms around Louis’ neck. “I love you too” he says and presses his lips lightly to yours.

Harry: Harry is playing with Lux on the ground while you are sitting next to them and watch them. You think it’s really cute how Lux shrieks when Harry tickles her or how Harry pretends to be weaker and lets himself get beaten by her in a play fight. Lux comes to you with open arms and you hug her tightly. “Hi baby” you say in a childish voice. Lux gives you a small peck on the cheeks which you return and goes back to playing with Harry. Suddenly both of them start throwing little stuffed toys at each other. “Harry, be careful. You might hurt her. Lou is going to kill you” you warn him. Harry looks at you with a wide grin and chuckles. “I won’t” he claims. “Maybe she will hurt you.” “She won’t, Y/N. I’m old enough to play with…ouch.” He suddenly whines and puts a hand on his forehead where Lux has hit him with a hard plastic toy. Lux squeals in enjoyment while your eyes widen. “You okay?” you ask. Louis who is sitting on the couch and also watching starts laughing. Instead of answering Harry hides his face in his face and pretends that he is crying. Lux gets up to her feet, goes over to Harry and tries to pull his hands from his face away. “Uncle Harry” she whines when he doesn’t put his hands away. Harry looks up with a fake pout but obviously Lux doesn’t know that and hugs him tightly. After that she kisses his forehead where she has hit him. “Told you you’ll get hurt” you say. Harry looks at you with a hurt expression on his face and crawls over to you. “Kiss it better” he says pouting. “What?” you ask laughing. “Kiss it better” he repeats. You roll your eyes but kiss the same place as Lux has.”It’s still hurting” Harry whines and you kiss it again but he still pouts. You take his face in your hands and kiss him all over it. After that you give him a soft and lingering kiss on his lips. “Better?” you ask. “Let me get again a glimpse of your magical lips and I’ll tell you” he mumbles smirking making you giggle. You shove him playfully when he tries to kiss you again. Harry goes back to playing with Lux and you join Louis on the couch. He looks at you smiling, then to Harry and back to you. “What?” you ask. He shrugs and leans back on the couch. “Tell me” you whine. “I just thought about how perfect you are for Harry” he says. You just look at him not knowing what else to do. “You love him I can see that but not only also every single thing that is important to him. Lux means a lot to him and how you treat her is great. And also us lads and you also show that. I might be the immature one in the band but Harry is the baby of it and you treat him so special. You are there to celebrate with him the tiniest things and cheer him up when he again gets a lot of hate for no reason. You make him forget the hate. Thanks for being the right one for Harry.” “Right one?” you ask nervously. “Yeah, I really think so” Louis reassures you. “I know that as much as I am here for him as much he will always be there for me, maybe even more.” “He will. He loves you. And we do too. For being Harry’s girlfriend you are getting so much hate. I think we don’t appreciate you enough.” “Nah, the hate is okay. I just don’t pay any attention to it.” “That’s how it should be. I am telling you the truth when I say that you’re perfect for him.” “Thanks” you say and smile widely. You look up to see Harry looking at you questioning. You blow him a kiss and he catches it dramatically making you and Louis laugh. Harry smiles at you before returning to playing with Lux. He trusts you enough to not question what you do and that you never have any intentions to hurt him. He knows that one day you will tell him what you and Louis talked about and he’ll wait.

Liam: “Liam, Zayn’s already here. Now hurry up otherwise we’re gonna be late” you shout. “I can’t find my phone” he shouts from your bedroom. “It’s on the night stand of my side. Why do you need it?” “I wanted to call Paul because of the car.” “I already talked to him and we can only get into that car when you’re finished.Go and shower now” you shout again. Liam appears in the doorframe of the living-room where you’re sitting with Zayn with a towel on his shoulder. “I have to call Simon” he says. “Already done.” “And the lads.” “Done.” “Family.” “Done, Liam. Done. Now go and shower” you say and push him a little towards the bathroom. He smiles and pulls you in to him by your arms. He gives you a soft and lingering kiss before Zayn shouts “Mate, you have one hour.” “Going” Liam shouts and and goes to the bathroom.“I put you your suit on the bed wear it when you come out. And don’t you dare to change some clothing."  Smiling you go back to the living-room and join Zayn on the couch. "He really loves you” you hear Zayn mumble and you look at him . “Huh?” “I said, he really loves you. And I’m glad that he has you.” You blush and look down while Zayn is looking at you with a smile on his lips. “I mean it” he says making you look up. “Liam is someone who takes all responsibilities, takes care of everything and everybody. He is really…altruistic. The thought of being egoistic would never cross his mind and if it does he will discard it immediately.” Zayn makes a little pause and while both of you stare at each other in silence you hear Liam sing as if he hasn’t an angelic voice and as if he can’t hit one tone on purpose making both of you laugh. “And even this side of him” Zayn starts again “is accepted by you. You don’t just see this responsible guy, you also get along with him when he is being a little idiot and even join him. You don’t only expect support from him you also support him.” “I just think that he puts himself under too much pressure and I’m just trying to help.” “You are, a lot.” “Thanks” you say just above a whisper. Liam comes with a pout into the living-room and is holding his tie in his hands. You stand up laughing and do his tie for him while he puts his hands on your hips. When you’re done he holds your face in his hands and rubs your nose with his. You free yourself giggling and take his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. “You coming?” you ask Zayn and he stands up smiling, watching you Liam be little lovebirds.

Niall: Niall and you have invited the boys over to a little BBQ in your garden because you haven’t spend time with for a week now. When the boys arrive they immediately grab a ball and start playing football. “Go, join them” you tell Niall who is helping you to prepare the food. “What?” he asks. “Join them” you repeat. “You sure?” “Yeah, I can handle that.” “You’re the best.” He pecks your and runs to the boys. You watch how they play while preparing the food and the table. “Guuuys, food is ready!” you shout and all of them come running. “Y/N, where’s ketchup?” Niall asks when he takes a seat. “Right in front of you, Niall.” “Oh, thanks.” “The burgers are delicious” Louis says. “I can’t get the ketchup out” Niall whines. “Niall, careful. Otherwise you’re gonna spill it on something.” Right when you say this Niall squeezes the plastic bottle and ketchup spills on his pants. Everyone starts laughing. “Seems like someone has his period” Louis says making everyone laugh even more and Niall blush a deep shade of red. “I’m gonna change my pants” Niall mumbles and stands up. “That wasn’t very nice, Louis” you say. Louis just shrugs and continues eating his burger. Niall returns and starts eating his burger. Louis continues making jokes about the ketchup accident making all of you laugh till you’re almost crying. You try to hold it in though for the sake of Niall and warn Louis about no jokes anymore but soon Harry, Zayn and even Liam join Louis. It ends up with Niall chasing the boys with a water hose. You call for him but he doesn’t respond. So, you decide to go over to him and suddenly Niall turns around making you wet from head to toe. You gasp and Niall turns the water hose off apologizing immediately. “I’m sorry babe.” “Niall, I’m all wet because of you.” He chuckles and a cheeky grin appears on his face. You snatch the water hose from him, turn it on and make him wet. He first takes a few steps back but then immediately tries to snatch the water hose away from you. Both of you end up on the ground Niall on top of you. He starts kissing you and yoz kiss him back. “Oi, get a room” Louis yells. Nialls helps you to get up and you go to take some towels for you and the boys. After that you convince Niall to join the boys because you want him to spend the day with them while you clean up. “Need help” Harry asks. “No, it’s fine. Thanks though. You should join the rest.” “I actually wanted to talk to you.” “About what? You know you can tell me anything.” “Yeah, it is about you and Niall. Or rather about me thinking how perfect you are for him.” “You do?” you ask confused. “Yeah. At the beginning when he was talking about you the whole time and how crazy he was about you I wasn’t  convinced but when I met you I was. Niall was alone for so long he thought he would never fond someone and none of us would’ve thought it would be someone as perfect as you. You understand him really good. For example earlier when he made you wet. I thought you’de be mad and yell at him but you didn’t. Instead you made him wet and goofed around with him. You will take good care of Niall, I now know that. And I want to thank you in advance for that.” “I should be the one thanking. This means a lot to me so thanks” you say. “You’re welcome” Harry says and hugs you. You hug him back and after that both of you join the rest, you snuggling into Niall’s side.

Zayn: You sit with Niall and Zayn in a room waiting for Zayn to be called out to Lou so that he can style him. The whole time Zayn has been writing messages with someone on his phone and when you’d asked him what it was about he would only say that it was his mother but not what it is about. So, the next time his phones goes off you snatch it and run away making Zayn look at you in disbelief and Niall laugh. Zayn chases you around the room. “Give it back, Y/N” he says. “Never ever” you shout laughing. You stand still behind one side of a table and Zayn on the other. “Give it back or…” “Or what?” you ask provoking. “I’m going to make you regret it.” “Hmm.” You pretend to be thinking about it but unlock his phone and read out his mothers message. ” ‘I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you’ Awww” you pause to pout. Zayn’s eyes widen in disbelief of your action and Niall starts laughing. ” ‘I can tell you for sure. We miss you as much as you miss us’. Is little Zayni homesick?” you mock. “Enough! You’re done, Y/N” Zayn growls. You scream when he suddenly jumps over the table and run away. You make a mistake and are pressed into a corner by Zayn. “Now what?” Zayn asks with a cheeky smirk on his face. You take a few steps back tryig to bring some space between you and Zayn but reach the wall in the end. Zayn puts a hand next to each of your sides on the wall. “That’s what I wanted to ask you too. Now what?” you ask biting your lower lip teasingly.”Now you’re going to make up for being a bad girl” he mumbles. “Wuhuu, I’m not scared of you” you say and put your arms around his neck. “You should be” he says pulling you into him. Just then the door opens and Paul appears in the doorframe. “Your turn, Zayn” he says motioning with one finger outside. You smirk at Zayn “Seems like you have to go.” “We’re not finished though” he says taking his phone and going away. “Badass bitch” you say and slap his bum. He looks at you with widened eyes but amusement clearly seen on his face. “You’ve got a great one there, don’t you?” Niall asks laughing. “Clearly I do” Zayn responds smirking at you. You just blow him a kiss and take a seat next to Niall. “I meant what I said” Niall says breaking the silence after a moment Zayn went out. “Huh?” You look up from your phone and look Niall in the eyes. “I meant it when I said that you’re great.” “Thanks Niall. That’s very sweet of you.” “I’m not quite finished yet” he says getting your complete attention. You have to admit you’re a little scared of what’s coming next. “Media loves to ‘proof’ that Zayn is a bad boy, the badass of the band and many people have really started to see him as one although they don’t know him. You on the other hand have clearly no prejudice when it comes up to anything and most important to him. You are open-minded and open-hearted and that’s exactly what he needs. A person he can be himself with, who isn’t bored with his chilled side, who accepts it and let him be in it. You are an adventurous person, clearly the opposite of him but still you manage to make him do stuff that he would never have thought of, like jump from a tree into a lake. Zayn is maybe a serious person most if the time but he is also someone you can goof around with and you do that. Thanks for being a perfect girlfriend for my lad.” “Thanks Niall. That means a lot to me. I always doubted if I deserve him and you showed me that maybe I do.” “Of course you do. You’re an awesome girl.” “Thanks” you say and give him a tight hug. “Did I miss something?” Zayn asks when he enters the room. You shake your head and pat the free spot next to you on the couch motioning for him to sit down neyt to you. So he does and you wrap your arms around his torso, cuddling a little with him.

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Ok, I have a Harry request. You both have been out on the town and are a little tipsy, Harry couldn't take his hands off you all night. You arrive home, late, and you just make it through the door before you have sex. The tension and longing was building all night. Make it dirty :Px

hi there! i LOVE THIS REQUEST! which is why as soon as it came in i started writing. and i love it. it’s one of my favorites that i’ve written so far! i hope you, and all the other harry girls enjoy it! let me know what you think!! - S x

You feel the world swirling around you. Everything is going in circles, the alcohol sweeping you into some kind of trance, the people around you slowly blurring out, swirls of cigarette smoke swaying in the thick air.

Sat on the couch in your favorite bar, your lovely boyfriend Harry beside you, his best friends and their girlfriends across from you, the booze is flowing non stop. You’re, by now, on your fourth drink, minus the shots, and Harry probably on his sixth considering the speed at which he had gulped each of them down.

Eyeing the boys opposite you, Zayn enjoying a cigarette and Louis sharing one with Liam, a familiar irish accent begins to talk again.

“So then, he..” Niall is introducing his next adventurous little story, however interrupts himself by a mild giggle leaving his own lips keeping his voice from continuing.
Everyone drunkenly cracks up at the sound of his laugh, which was, indeed, everyone’s favorite. And it was because it came from deep, deep down, because the sound of it was low and it was because that little cackling noise he made was adorable.

The atmosphere had been this great all night long. You were all having a laugh, giggling about silly stories and dumb knock-knock jokes, giggling about past times and future plans.

Out of the glimpse of your eye you see Harry looking down at you, eyes squinted shut slightly through his wide grin present on his face, with his perfect teeth showing and those small crinkles appearing just under his tender, green eyes. You shoot another glimpse towards Niall, now chuckling hysterically into Liam’s direction, Sophia nudging him gently.

You feel the warmth of a familiar big hand traveling up your thigh, reaching the hem of your dress. You turn your giggling gaze away from the boys, focussing on the one coming from above you. With that drunken grin still wiped on his face he reaches down to slur something into your ear.

“Let’s get out of here,” he half hiccups half whispers, causing another rush of intoxicated giggles to run through his body, simultaneously causing you to laugh out loud as his awkward silliness and his appallingly failed attempt to sound at least mildly sexy.

The music is loud and your mind clouded. You take another gulp of your drink and rest your right elbow on your thigh, your left hand reaching down to entwine with Harry’s, playing with his fingers. This was then when he thinks it right to attempt one more time to expose even more of your already half naked leg.

You giggle.

“Behave!” you drunkenly slur, swatting his hand away playfully. His head falls back onto the lean of the sofa, and a soft roar rolls off his lips. This was hilarious. But you were sure that if you’d all be sober, it wouldn’t be, really.

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The Masquerade Ball

Okay so this is my first time writing and I hope you guys like it. I ship ziam hard! and it was only right for me to do a AU for them What was suppose to be a one shot ended up turning into something more the more I worked on it. So here is the first chapter I hope you guys enjoy.

I’m gonna try and alternate between Liam and Zayn POV that way you get both side of the story.

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I'll Always Be Here

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You looked down at your three-week-old daughter, and thought to yourself, “How did I get so lucky?” She was perfect. She had every aspect of Harry. When you looked at her, you could see her bright green eyes, her dark hair, and a little bit of cheeky personality. You never imagined in a million years that you would be married to the man of your dreams and have a perfect baby girl.

You put Darcy down for her nap, went to into yours and Harry’s bedroom, and got ready. You sat down on the couch, with your cup of tea, when you heard your phone ring. You looked at the end table, and picked up your phone, to see Eleanor was calling.

“Hey El!” you answered.

“Hey babe! I hope you don’t have any plans next week! Cause you, Darce, me, Harry, and Louis, are going to California!” she screeched.

“What? That sounds awesome! But isn’t Darcy a little too young? I mean she was only born three weeks ago…” you asked hesitantly.

“Don’t worry! We’ll take the private jet! She’ll be perfectly fine! And you guys don’t have to stay in a hotel, since Harry bought that house in Beverly Hills when he was twenty.” she replied.

“Well, okay. I’m just nervous since; she’s never even left the house, let alone the country! I didn’t fly on a plane until I was seven and-“

“You know, you worry too much.” She cut you off.

“Alright, fine. See you then.” You said.

“Okay, babe. Love ya” she said.

“Love you too.” And with that, the line went dead.


The week went by relatively fast, with Anne and Gemma coming over every now and then, to give you a break from taking care Darcy, which was amazing. You were cleaning up around the kitchen while Darcy was asleep in her swing, when you heard the front door open…

You walked from where you were working, so you could see the front door from around the corner. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing.

“Harry! You’re not supposed to be home for another two days!” you said as you ran towards him.

“I know! Management let us leave early! I wanted to surprise you, love. Did it work?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yes!” you replied as you buried your head into the crook of his neck.

“Where’s my precious baby girl at?” he asked setting you down, and walking towards the living room.

“”In her swing, sleeping, waiting for her daddy to be home.” You replied.

“Wait a minute… She’s not sleeping. She’s wide awake!” he said grinning.

“She must’ve heard her daddy’s voice.” You walked over and placed a kiss on his cheek as he lifted Darcy out of her swing.

The rest of the night consisted of you, Harry, and Darcy cuddling, and watching movies.


“Is everything packed and ready to go?” you asked running around the house.

“Yes, dear. Just relax. El and Lou will be here soon.” He replied while holding Darcy on his lap.

“Okay.” You plopped on the couch, and let out a sigh, which caused the hair in front of your face to fly up, and out of the way.

You then heard the front door open, and a very loud British man yell, “Where’s my niece at?”

“In here, Lou!” you giggled.

“There she is! He ran over giving Darcy a kiss on the top of her little head.

Harry passed her to you, stood up, and gave his best friend a hug, while patting him on the back.

“How ya doin’, mate? Haven’t seen you in forever.” Louis joked, considering they saw each other yesterday.

“What do ya say, we get this show on the road?” Louis then asked, heading towards the door.

Harry took your hand into his and you couldn’t have felt happier.


You landed at LAX at about 1 o’clock that day. Everything went wonderful with Darcy on a plane for the first time, probably because Harry held her the entire way. Which was nice, because that meant you got to sleep!

When all five of you got off the plane, Eleanor and Louis said they would meet you for dinner at around seven. So you two were headed to your house, when you thought to yourself, ‘yeah my life hasn’t been normal since I started dating Harry, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We have the best of friends, and the boys have amazing fans, and we have a perfect daughter.’

“Love, are you alright?” Harry asked, his accent thick.

“Couldn’t be better.” You smiled, and gave your husband a kiss.


When you two got to your house, you knew there would be loads of paparazzi, and you were right.

Harry got out of the car, and waved a rather small wave, one that would say ‘Hey leave us alone. Thanks.’

The paparazzi stormed over to your car, flashing pictures, and trying to get a glimpse of little Darcy.

The thing was, nobody knew what you named your baby, or if it was a boy or girl. That had been the talk of the media since before she was born.

“Cover up her seat with a white blanket or something.” He whispered.

You got out of the car, only to be blinded by the pesky paparazzi, and being bombarded with questions.




You started walking behind Harry, with Darcy in your arms, snuggled into her seat, when you felt a jerk.

You turned around to see one of the paparazzi tugging at her seat trying to see your baby.

You tried to fight back, but it was no use, that’s when Harry spun around.

He stormed over to you, ripped the guy’s hand off of the seat, picked him up by the collar of his shirt and said through gritted teeth, “If you ever place your filthy hands on my wife or child, I will do something that I know for a fact I will not regret, but you might.” You had never heard Harry sound like that before.

He let go of the man, turned back around, and put his arm around you, and led you both inside.

“Harry… Are you okay?” you asked as you put Darcy down, and walked over to him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just, swear if anyone touches you or Darcy ever again, I’ll probably end up in jail. It’s a wonder, that I didn’t when they grabbed your arm, while we were going to the hospital.” He said running his large fingers through his hair.

“We are all okay, that’s all that matters. And I love you mister.” Your lips met with his, and they moved together perfectly.

“And I love you too missus..”

He walked over to Darcy and said, “And I’ll always be here for you, princess. No matter what." 


Thank you to the anon who requested this!

I am so terribly sorry that it took so long! My computer wasn’t working, so I couldn’t so anything! This might be the last imagine I write, because I’ve been so busy.

But, you can keep sending in requests for me to write, but they will definitely be shorter.

Much love, xx.


Random memories from Philly
  • Pretty sure Harry and Louis looked at each other every time they sang “I want to be free and I want to be yours” during Ready to Run. They moved closer together like they were drawn by magnets every time they got to those lines.
  • After Fireproof, Harry sprinted off stage. Like, way ahead of everyone else, you could almost hear Chariots of Fire in the background. Louis and Niall were also jogging back up the catwalk, but Niall stopped to talk to his guitar tech while Louis continued on backstage. Liam was talking, and Niall stayed on stage while H&L were backstage.
  • SO MANY RAINBOWS. It was amazing
  • The crowd was seriously Niall AF. I think he noticed, ‘cause it seemed like he talked a bit more than usual.
  • You’ve all already seen the Fresh Prince thing, I’m sure, but it was just such a great moment. I felt like it was a more genuine glimpse into these boys’ personalities and interactions. Since they got rid of the band introductions, there hasn’t been much room in the show for them to relax and be playful and creative with each other.
  • Definitely a lot of HL glances during 18. I think Louis said “him” again, but I haven’t listened to my video yet.
  • Random cute Harry moment: when he found a flip-flop someone had thrown onto the stage and was like, “…?” Then he found a second, different flip-flop and was even more confused.
  • They showed the ad for No Control on Just Dance 2016 before the show, and the whole crowd lost our collective shit. When Liam asked what everyone’s favorite song from Four was, there was very little doubt about the answer from this crowd! Never heard it that clear before.
  • People always comment about how Harry doesn’t usually stand up on the ramp with the other 3 at the end of DFWYB. He used to, when Zayn was there, but that was because they all bunched up. Now they stand in a row, and I don’t think Harry is trying to separate himself—there just isn’t enough room for him to stand comfortably next to Liam. So he waits until the very end, and then hoists himself up there for as long as he can keep himself stable. In Philly, that was literally just a few seconds on one leg before he wavered and stepped back down. Liam kind of instinctively reached toward him to make sure he made it down okay, and also looked quite fond/amused by him.
  • Not as much Lilo water fighting as usual, at least that I caught, but Louis did dump an entire bottle of water over Liam’s head. At the end of the song, Liam shook himself off like a puppy, doing his best to spray it all over Louis. Later on, Louis picked up a small water gun he had stashed, and marched over to Liam and held it to his neck like a stick up. It was fucking adorable.
  • Harry was darling as usual talking to the crowd, but my favorite part of it is always when the other boys heckle him from backstage over their mics. For example, every time Harry would ask the ladies to scream, someone (I think Niall) sang a bar of Single Ladies.

Overall, great show, so glad I went just one more time, even though now I have only 4 hours before I have to be at work.

Babe, it's been a long time coming

Summary: Harry’s famously bad at sports. And naturally, he never misses the track team’s events, because of the captain, Niall Horan.

Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles


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Hostage Series - Possible Competition:

Here you guys go! Sorry for the long wait, and thank for the patience :)


You were quite bored; Niall was out on a mission and you were left alone with Harry. You had barely seen a glimpse of him for the three hours you were alone with him though. He was in his room and you were in yours; not wanting to upset him. You were getting a bit hungry though, and you knew you had to eat something soon or you would collapse. You had free access to the food after you moved to the new house with the boys. You walked out of your and Niall’s room and into the hallway. Harry’s room was next to yours, and his door was open. Curiosity got the best of you, and as you passed his door; you peaked into his room. He was hunched over on his bed, holding a photo frame. “You know, it’s not nice to invade someone’s privacy.” You walked into his room, feeling guilty at having been caught. You caught a glimpse of who was on the picture. It was a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She was smiling, an innocent smile. “Who’s that?” Harry placed the picture down beside him. “That was my girlfriend. Just like with you, we kidnapped her. You actually remind me a lot of her; she had the same kindness in her that you have. I guess that’s why I’ve been so harsh to you.  She was afraid of me at first, but after a while she opened up to me; we got closer. I got to know her and soon I was falling for her. It seemed she was falling for me too, because we had our first kiss and we got together after that. Two weeks later the police found her in our house and convinced her that she had Stockholm syndrome, that she didn’t really love me. She went back to her family. I didn’t try to take her again; she looked so happy to be back with her family and I couldn’t take her away from them after they just got her.” Harry sniffed and wiped at the corner of his eyes with his finger. You could tell he was trying to stay strong in front of you. “Hey, it’s okay to cry. You don’t have to try and hide it.” You placed your hand on his upper arm as a sort of comfort. “No it’s not; leaders don’t cry over a girl.” “Yes they do, everyone cries sometimes, even leaders. It’s fine to cry because you lost someone.” 


Once you and Harry finished preparing that night’s food the two of you handed a plate to each boy, like you had to do every day. The boys were on the couch watching some football/soccer game that was on. Harry took a seat next to Niall; who was sat in front of the TV. There wasn’t any space left for you, so you turned around to head to your room. “Y/N, why don’t you stay? There’s some space left next to me.” You stared at Liam, cautiously making your way over to him. You had no idea why he was suddenly so… nice to you. You understood why Harry was nice to you; you helped him the previous day, but you barely talked to Liam. You sat down next to him; not really knowing how thin his patience was, so you didn’t want to upset him. You ate, a bit uncomfortable because you caught Liam looking at you more than once. Once and the boys were done you took their plates to go wash them. You got lost in thought while you washed a plate, so when Liam spoke up; you dropped the plate into the sink. “So, how are you?” You looked at him strangely; what an odd question for a murderer to ask. “Uh… I’m fine I guess…” You shrugged, returning to cleaning the dishes; anything to not have to talk to Liam. “Well, I’m not one to beat around the bush, so I’ll just come out with it; I want you to stay away from Harry.” You spun around on your heel at the mention of his name. You didn’t want to stay away from Harry; you wanted to help him. There were more parts to Harry than his rude, dangerous side and you wanted to get to know them all. “Look, for your own safety; I care about you and Harry is a dangerous person. If you do anything that really upsets him he will not hesitate to kill you. I’ve seen it happen more than once. Just trust me on this. I actually quite like you and I don’t want to see you be killed because you fell for him.” You opened your mouth to speak, but closed it again. Maybe you are falling for Harry? You certainly didn’t hate him as much as you previously did. “I’m not falling for him, but… I’ll be careful.” Liam engulfed you in a hug. “Just be careful around him, please…”


“I’m gonna get us some fast food at the Chinese restaurant around the block. Anyone wanna come with?” Louis walked into the game room where all the boys, and you, were spending the afternoon. Harry and Zayn were playing a game of table tennis, Niall was on his phone, and you and Liam were playing Playstation on the flat screen TV; one that was most likely stolen. It was quite a turn of events for you; from being kidnapped by thieves and being a ‘distraction’ for their wrong doings, to playing games with them. They weren’t as bad as you initially thought, so you couldn’t really complain. “Sorry mate, we’re busy.” Harry shrugged, hitting the small ball back to Zayn. “Me too, sorry bro.” Niall answered not looking up from his phone. “Come on guys, I can’t carry all the food on my own!” Liam paused the game turning to Louis. “Why don’t you take Y/N?” You were shocked by Liam’s suggestion; you never thought he would ever let you actually leave the house with just one of them going with you, you could easily escape. Liam must’ve noticed the shock on your face. “I trust you to not try and escape. See this as a test.” Liam smiled and sent you a playful wink. “Okay Y/N it is, come on!” You followed Louis to his car, where he shocked you even more than you were before by opening the door for you. Soon you were stood in front of the cash register, eyeing the menu. You wondered if Louis would order for you too; you were a prisoner after all, not one of their friends. “What do you want? I know what the other guys like, but I don’t know what you prefer.” You ordered something small; not really wanting to eat food that was bought with stolen money, but you had to eat something. Louis paid for the food and you helped him carry the food to the car. “So, are we as bad as you originally thought?” Louis spoke, but kept his eyes on the road. You were quiet for a moment before you answered him. “I guess not. I mean I miss my family a lot, and it’s not really nice to be locked up in a house all the time. But I guess someone worse than you could have kidnapped me.” You saw a smile form on Louis’ face as he tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. “Well to be honest; you’re not that bad of a kidnapee as I originally thought.” You rolled your eyes playfully, only causing him to laugh in return.


You stared at the TV anxiously, occasionally biting your lip. Zayn was sat next to you watching a show; one you hadn’t been paying enough attention to, to know what it was about. It was only you and him at the house because the rest of the guys were out; fighting for territory or something like that. You got along reasonably with all of the guys, except for Zayn. You hadn’t spoken a lot of words to him; most of the times you spoke to him were to greet him. A sigh caused you to divert your attention to Zayn. “You really need to calm down; I don’t want you to have a heart attack on my watch.” You quickly nodded, looking back at the television. Zayn released another sigh. “Maybe talking a bit will help calm you…” Zayn seemed to talk to himself. “I’m not a bad person you know. You can relax around me. You’re calm around Louis’, why not me?” Zayn moved on the couch to face you. You looked down at your lap, avoiding eye contact with Zayn. “I don’t know… I guess I just know Louis a bit better than you…” You could barely hear your voice as you spoke. “You don’t know me…” Zayn spoke to himself, in thought. You looked up at him. “Yes, I mean what’s your story? Why did you join the gang in the first place?” Zayn laid his head back on the couch. “Because of revenge; my mom and sisters were killed by a rival gang through an attempted robbery. I swore to myself that I would make them pay. I was offered to be part of the gang and I accepted. Nowadays I spent most of my time with the lads; they’re like my new family. So I’m really not such a bad person; I don’t regularly help kidnap girls or kill people. I only kill people for two reasons; when I have to and to get revenge. As for kidnapping girls; you’re the first girl we kidnapped.” You stared at Zayn, not seeing a murderer or kidnapper; you saw a person who only wanted to avenge the killing of his family, and strangely you understood. He said it himself; he doesn’t just kill people for the fun of it. “Thank you for telling me your story. I promise to try to be more comfortable around you.” You smiled at Zayn, and he sent you one back. Seems even murderers have hearts.


You walked into the living room where Niall sat by the TV watching a comedy show. The other guys were out and Niall was left to babysit you. Not that he was even watching you; you could easily escape, and that’s just what you were gonna do. All you had to do was sneak out of the front door. You took one last look at Niall, who still had his eyes on the television, and stepped closer to the door. You passed the couch, crawling past; not wanting to be seen. You breathed out a sigh of relief when you stopped in front of the door; your escape was so close. You got up and reached your hand to open the door. “Ya know, you would make a horrible spy.” You faced Niall who was leaning over the back of the couch, a smile on his face. “I could hear you coming down the stairs… I didn’t get accepted into Zayn’s gang for my good looks ya know.” He joked, leaning his head on his arms. You stayed quiet just staring at Niall. “Now, we could do this the easy way; that’s you staying in this house and we can pretend this never happened, or there’s the hard way; which involves me having to get up and walk all the way there to get you. Personally I prefer the easy way.” You weighed your options; if you stayed you would be locked up with the five guys for the rest of your life, and if you went they would most likely catch you, you would get punished (even worse than the previous time) and you would be there forever anyway. Your choice was made. You quickly opened the door and ran as fast as your feet could carry you; even the possibility of escaping is better than anything. You were knocked to the ground and turned over onto your back. “I really hoped you would’ve gone with the other option.” You glared at Niall. Your heart practically stopped when he leaned closer to your face. “If you’re a good girl; this can stay between the two of us.” He whispered in your ear. With a wink he got off of you and helped you up. “Come on; let’s go pretend this never happened.” He took your hand, and all of a sudden you didn’t know if it was to keep you from trying to escape again or just because he wanted to hold your hand.