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My partner Nick started his own Etsy shop recently to share some of his rad vintage finds. Everything’s super affordable and most things are unisex! He’s specializing in badass 80s/90s apparel♡Show him some luv and check out his shop here:

NicholasVintage on Etsy!

Zero Waste Tips

Whenever you go out, bring with you:

-a reusable water bottle filled with water (this prevents the purchase of plastic water bottles)

-an empty reusable coffee mug that can be filled during your travels, or a full reusable cup mug that you filled at home (prevents paper coffee cups and gives you a discount at many coffee shops, including Starbucks) 

-some kind of small cloth that can be used in place of napkins, tissues, and paper towels

-at least one reusable shopping bag (I have one I bring everywhere that folds up into a little square pouch) 

-a reusable container (useful if you eat out and have take home food) 

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What other brands do you like?

Answering this publicly because it’s important to support other small (and queer for the most part) brands:

Young Fellow Clothing
Arrowhead Apparel
Support Your Brothers
Let Live Apparel
Awarew0lf Apparel
Still Sane
Bobo Academy
Be A Good Person Brand

there’s a clothing store in town
  • it’s a small cute shop with a big front window and two wooden mannequins modeling dusty, floor-sweeping gowns on the other side of the glass
  • the shopkeeper repositions them every night. she must, because they are standing differently each morning you walk past them. their hands out as though adjusting each other’s straps or fixing their hair or smoothing their skirts
    • once you remarked to the shopkeeper as she brushed the snow from her front step that you’d never seen mannequins that could be repositioned so many ways, and she gave you a smile that was not quite a smile at all even as you saw amusement in her eyes
    • maybe you should feel more distrustful, but you only feel a sort of vague friendliness with the models, their wooden hands always entwined
  • the store’s name is written in gold on the door but no one can quite make it out among the swirls of the script it’s written in. you’ve never asked the shopkeeper. you’re not sure why
    • those not-quite-smiles are distracting. it’s hard to drag your eyes away from her until she looks away first
  • it’s a store for fancy clothes, probably. you never come out the door feeling like you managed to look at everything on the hangers, and despite the clear glass of the front window the clothes you can see beyond it are always slightly blurred
    • when you go inside the shopkeeper draws your attention to something in particular, a floating scarf or an elegant blue dress, something that keeps you from paying too close attention to anything else
    • it’s almost embarrassing how well she knows what you’ll like. you wonder or maybe you hope that she notices what you’re wearing when you past in the mornings
  • you haven’t bought too many things there, but you wear the scarf almost everyday. it’s light and settles on your shoulders like a snow drift, cool enough to wear even in the summer, but sometimes when you put it on in the winter its softness warms you like a kiss on your cheek
  • it’s possible the shopkeeper makes everything she sells. there are always bolts of fabric cluttering the counter and she embroiders flowers on the hems of the skirts while you browse the shelves
    • you asked her once how she thinks of designs and she only not-quite-smiled and said it wasn’t all that interesting
    • “i just make the things people want”
    • sometimes you have to think about this memory for a moment. did she say “want” or “need”?
  • she lives in the second story above the shop. sometimes when you are walking home later than usual and the store is closed you’ll see her bedroom window lit up, the fuzzy edge of her silhouette against the glass as she continues her embroidery in the window seat
    • you feel compelled to pause and look for just a moment, head tilted up, breath fogging in the cold air, the softness of your scarf brushing your cheek
    • you’re not looking at the mannequins but you feel like they might be looking at you with knowing not-quite smiles, hands still entwined
    • you’re not sure if you’re thinking “i want” or “i need” but it feels good and full and soft regardless
  • you have to get home before it’s completely dark. you keep walking, winter air swirling around you, flakes of snow catching in your hair and melting on your scarf. the flowers on the hem of your blue dress seem to wink like stars as you leave.

after that scene at the ferry, peter does that mumbling thing when a kid gets scolded by his parents while hes being carried around by tony and once they get to a small gift shop near the pier tony subtly picks out clothes that would fit peter and looks out the window and sees peter sulking with his arms crossed and kicking pebbles like an actual child


You knew by the way Niall was glaring at you that this was going to be a long day. The boys had been asking you to join them for a round of golf for a while now and when you finally accepted their offer you figured it would be a fun relaxing day. So when you arrived at the golf course dressed and ready for a fun day of swinging clubs to say you were surprised by how professional Harry and Niall looked was an understatement.

“What the bloody hell are ya wearin?” Niall was walking towards you with his eyebrows practically touching his hairline. “Ya can’t go in there dressed like you’re ready fo a yoga class princess.” His voice was harsh as he motioned towards your outfit.

You looked down at your black yoga pants and loose fitting tank top with a pout and when your eyes drifted towards Harry who was giving you a sympathetic smile you couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“I don’t know what proper golf attire is Niall,” you mumbled as you crossed your arms over your chest all of a sudden feeling self conscious. “I’ve never played before.” You added causing Niall to chuckle as he stepped to your side and slung an arm over your shoulder.

“Well good ting ya got us them hmm?” You just nodded as he pulled you into his side as the two of you made your way towards Harry who was pulling his hair into a bun. “Our princess here needs a bit of a makeover.” You rolled your eyes as Harry leaned over and placed a kiss to your cheek.

“This is gonna be fun.” You shook your head as Harry opened the door to the clubhouse. You were instantly surrounded by fellow golfers who that if you weren’t with Harry and Niall would’ve been throwing you sideways glares.

The man at the desk just smiled and waved at Niall and Harry as the three of you walked by, the three of you rounded a corner and ended up in what looked like a gift shop but strictly for golf gear.

“In ya go love.” You felt Niall give you a gentle push towards the only changing room in the small shop, Harry was already walking around the racks of clothes with a look of concentration on his face.

“This would look good,” You heard Harry’s voice and soon a pink polo and a white skort was being handed to you. You let out a huff as you looked at the bright shade a pink, you knew Harry more than likely had a huge grin on his face knowing pink wasn’t your favorite color to wear for some reason you just never thought it looked right on you.

You quickly changed into the outfit and when you pulled back the curtain you saw Harry’s whole face light up, Niall turned around so he was facing you and when his eyes landed on the skirt his eyes went wide.

“Harry ya knob we can’t have her legs all showin, she’s gonna get gawked at!” You rolled your eyes as Harry just shook his head while Niall rushed around the shop in search for pants.

“Look lovely, like a proper golfer.” Harry’s voice was soft and reassuring as he closed the gap between you and put his arm over your shoulder. “Niall, mate she’s not gonna wear long trousers it’s bloody roasting outside.” You laughed as Harry dropped his arm from your shoulder and went over to where Niall was pulling out a long pair of khaki trousers off the rack.

“Can we get this show on the road?” You asked as you started heading towards the doors that lead you to the golf carts. You heard Niall let out a groan as Harry laughed.

“Look at our princess, shoplifting and golf all in the same day.” Harry’s words made you slap a hand over your face out of embarrassment as you heard Niall’s laugh fill the shop.

“I’ll get it love, you lot jus go get tha cart.” Niall said as he waved you and Harry off.

You smiled as the warm sun hit your face, you slid on your sunglasses and turned to look at Harry who was headed towards a cart that seemed to already have his and Niall’s golf bags loaded on the back. When you made your way over you raised an eyebrow at the bucket of multicolored golf balls that was sitting on top of the backseat.

“Why do we need all these? I thought you only used one ball per game?” You asked causing Harry to give you an impressed smile.

“Can’t have you goin on the course without a few lessons first love.” Harry explained as he slid into the drivers seat.

“We cant have ya goin makin divots all over da course and slowin down other people, need ta show you how to hit the ball and do proper swings and all that.” Niall added as he went around and sat in the back allowing you to take the seat next to Harry. You just let out a sigh as you took your seat and when Harry pressed on the gas Niall nearly dropped the bucket of golf balls due to the slight jerk forward.

“Sorry, so sorry!” You laughed as Harry turned his head and saw Niall shooting him a glare as he slid on his sunglasses. “Now off to the driving range!” His voice was full of enthusiasm and you found yourself feeling excited to learn about golf, something the two of them normally saved just for themselves.

You soon found yourself kneeling on the ground glaring at a hot pink golf ball that you had tried hitting off the tee for at least ten times without managing to hit it once.

“Listen here you little thing, I️ just want to give you a gentle smack and send you flying down a nice squishy grass hill okay? It’s not too much to ask for.” You could hear the sound of Niall and Harry snickering behind you as you spoke. You stood up and fixed the front of your skirt before turning around and glaring at the two of them.

“Ya gotta bend the knees love, to uptight.” Harry explained as he walked over towards you. Niall walked to the station next to you and you watched him in awe as he effortlessly swung his club and with a thwack the ball was sailing towards the end of the hill towards the net that kept the balls from reaching the actual course.

“Make it look so easy.” You mumbled and soon you felt Harry’s hands maneuvering your shoulders and he was leaning over you placing his hands over yours holding the club.

“Just relax, now turn your head and look down the hill and visualize where you want the ball to go.” You rolled your eyes a little as you reluctantly turned and looked down the hill towards where you saw Niall’s go. “Now look at the ball and bend your knees a bit.” His voice was a low whisper in your ear and you did as he instructed and bent your head down to look at the hot pink ball that has been causing you trouble since you first started.

“Oi! Got ta make sure she turns her head as she swings.” You laughed as Harry let out an annoyed groan at Niall’s words of advice.

Harry slightly tightened his hold on your hands as he brought the club back at bit, you kept your head down and when you felt his hands drop from yours you swung the club back and your head went from looking down at the ball to looking down the hill as the same bright pink golf ball made its way down. Your eyes went wide as you turned around and dropped the club on the ground as you saw a grin form on Harry’s face.

“Did you see that?” You squealed as you jumped up and down a bit, that damn pink golf ball might not be by where Niall’s landed but it was off the tee and that was good enough for you.

“Knew you’d be a natural love!” Harry cheered as he wrapped his arms around you in a big hug. You wrapped your arms around his middle as he gave you a big squeeze.

“Keep that up princess and I’m gon ta have to sign you.” You smiled even bigger as Niall joined in on the hug. You knew they were just being polite but this was something you loved about them, they would take the time to teach you and never get frustrated with you when it took you longer than normal to learn.

“Golf isn’t so bad.” You told them as the three of you pulled away from the hug and you bent down and picked up your club. “Think I’m ready for the course now!” Both of their eyes got a bit wide and when Harry slowly turned on his heel and headed to his golf bag you just rolled your eyes.

“Bit more practice lovey.” You just groaned as you watched Niall drop a lime green golf ball onto the tee and then step back.

“Okay little ball, lets just do like your hot pink friend and go down the hill in one go.” You mumbled as you got situated causing Niall to chuckle as he walked back to his station and began setting up his own ball on the tee. You smiled as you looked over your shoulder at Harry who was sipping on a glass of water in the golf cart. This whole golfing experience wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be and you could see yourself coming here with them more often.

Clexa Country AU Chapter 1 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/11031408/chapters/24586920 

Clarke and Lexa have known each other all of their lives and grow up on a farm together. This is their country story from being close best friends as kids, and falling in love as teenagers whilst over coming slight homophobia, and their own fears of being in love. Ain’t no love better than Clexa love, ain’t that right?

“They practically lived together and never went a night without sleeping beside one another, or eating dinner together. They were known as the town’s closest friends, and they were a force to be reckoned with if anyone tried to separate them. Everyone in town knew everyone. It was a small town filled with bars, cowboy clothes shops, fields, barns, farms, chatty women, and strong, ranch men. Gossip always spread around town like wildfire, but Clarke and Lexa were only kids and could care less about what Miss Alenin said about Mister Humphrey’s new wife, or Miss Ellen and Mister Raster’s love affair. They loved their town, and they loved each other more.“



We open in the land of Ooo, which is under the threat of an impending space disaster. Our current protagonist, Finn the Human plans to take princess Bubblegum’s spaceship and use it to save the day, but princess B expressly forbids it, as Finn does not know how to pilot a spaceship. Finn waits until the Candy Kingdom’s guard is down, and then enters the spaceship and achieves liftoff, after a brief period where he wrestles with the controls and ultimately leaves Ooo’s atmosphere, he is never seen again.

We now enter Jake the Dog’s point of view, he is very depressed because Finn is probably totally definitely dead for sure, so he goes into the forest to sleep off his sadness. Unfortunately, since Finn is now a wanted man,he  is captured and tortured by the Candy Kingdom’s most elite agents for, the rest of his life probably.


We now shift to the point of view of me, waking up after the events of a previous dream wherein I put something in my coffee and had crazy hallucinations and shit. I wake up from my hallucinogenic coffee induced nap, and a woman claiming to be my mother enters the room so as to scold me for putting things in the coffee pot, and then I tell her to leave my home because she is most definitely not my mother. The woman complies and exits the room along with a very short, bald man who has been disappointedly shaking his head with his arms crossed the entire time for some reason. I now realize I am late for school, so I run into the desert (because I am in Arizona for some reason?) in search of a school bus. My pants disappear without warning and the woman from before starts chasing me with a camera. I find a school bus and jump onto it, my pants reappearing as I do so.

I notice the school bus is full of very small children and realize its destination is likely a preschool of some sort. When I arrive at the preschool, I notice the walls are painted with scenes from my hallucinations, and learn shortly thereafter that this preschool is also a cult with many small shops attached to the building. I enter a clothes shop and see a man on a stage yelling at another man about some thing or another. I leave this shop and enter another, this shop appears to be a gift shop, I purchase a map so I can navigate to my school rather than try and find it myself and also purchase a lot of pink lemonade so that I don’t become dehydrated on my journey. I make it about one block before I burn through all my lemonade and pass out due to a heat stroke. I am woken up by a man in black shirt and the dream ends.

Dear Journal,

I want to write everything down now so i won’t forget any part of it. I’m sitting in the common room near the fire. James and Sirius had detention again so i’m alone with Lily and Peter. I told everything to Peter this morning. He already knew for some reason. He told me that it was obvious. I was happy that he was okay with it. It was like telling my friends that i was a werewolf all over again. Today we all went to Hogsmeade. The weather was perfect and light snow was falling from the sky. When we arrived at Hogsmeade, we got hot butterbeer to warm us up and walked around to stop and look at the small shops. The girls entered a shop where they selled vintage clothes, but us boys, went to honeydukes. I didn’t get anything because i already had loads of chocolate bars up in our dorm. Peter almost bought the whole shop! He had his arms full of sweets. Sirius and I shared a box of Bertie bott’s jelly beans. He almost ate all the bad ones and i felt bad for him! But it made him laugh because he always had bad luck while eating those sweets. After that, i told the boys to continue their walk because i wanted to buy the new book my favorite wizard author had just released. “You guys continue, i’ll be at the book shop.” But Sirius turned and said “Wait Re! I’ll come with you! I’m so cold, i need to warm up!” Peter sent me a wink and I smilled at myself because i would be alone with Sirius again. We entered and i smilled. I love books. Sirius looked at me with a smirk and furrowed brows. “Who knew a room full of paper and words could make you smile like that!” We both laughed and i went to search for the book i wanted. While searching through the bookshelves i could feel Sirius’ eyes on me. I sent him a look and asked him why he was staring at me like that. “Why are you staring like that?” He looked down smirking “You look cute that’s all.” He said. I blushed and looked down too. “Get that smirk of your face Black!” He laughed. I like making him laugh because that means i make him happy. I found my book and paid. I couldn’t wait to read it! I carefully put it in my backpack so it wouldn’t get wet from the snowflakes. We walked a bit more and arrived at the end of the village. From where we were, we could see the shrieking shack. We stopped and Sirius giggled and hugged himself. “I’m so cold! You were right Moony i should’ve put something warmer than my leather jacket!” He said. Right there, I saw an opportunity. “Do you want one of my jumpers?” I asked. He then looked at me smilling with his brows furrowed. “You put two jumpers on?!” He said laughing. “Yeah so i can save my best mate from freezing off!” We laughed. I took of my coat and removed one of my jumpers. It was warm and soft. I gave it to him and he put it on under his cold leather jacket. It looked way to big for him. He looked cute all snuggled in one of my jumpers. “I look like an idiot.” He said pouting like a puppy. I laughed. “You look cute don’t worry.” And his cheeks went red again. So did mine. He looked up at me through his thick black lashes full of snowflakes. His grey eyes were shining. His skin looked so soft i wanted to rub my cheeks against it. He was bitting his pale lips with a shy smile. He looked nervous. He kept playing with the long sleeves of my jumper with his hands. This might be a lot of description but i want to remember him in that moment. He was close to me. Closer than usual. He put his hand up to my neck. His fingers were cold against my warm skin. I shivered. He looked at my lips and i looked at his. We kissed… it was just a sweet and slow peck. His lips were soft. I ran both of my hands through his hair and felt electricity go through my veins. My heart was going faster than it ever did. When he pulled away he looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I was shocked and nervous so i just quickly whispered “I’m in love with you…” i waited for his reaction and he smilled at me. “I’m in love with you too…” i couldn’t stop smilling. We both giggled, feeling a bit shy but he pulled in for another kiss. He quickly pulled away and asked me “Be mine?” And i just nodded with this huge smile stuck on my face. And we hugged. Since he was a bit shorter than me, he had his arms around my thorso while mine were around his neck. I burried my face in his long black hair while he had his cold cheeks on my neck. “Let’s go back to the castle, your freezing cold.” He nodded and asked me “Can i hold your hand in the village?” I agreed and took hold of his cold fingers. We slowly walked back to the village, enjoying the moment. When we saw our friends. They all looked at us in shock but they all started to smile seconds later. James screamed “Finally Sirius! I told you he liked you back!” I looked down at Sirius and he smirked at me. All this time he loved me back. Lily went to give both of us a hug and we all walked back to the castle. When we entered, Sirius was still holding my hand, walking with his chin up, as if he just asked the prettiest girl of the school on a date. But this time it was me. “Do you mind walking hands in hands with me in here?” I asked him, just to be sure he was okay with everyone seeing us. “I want them all to know you are mine love.” And he kissed my cheek. I blushed at the sweet name he used. We walked back to the common room, heads were turning towards us. People were whispering to their friends. Some were even smilling. Sirius hold my hand tighter. He was proud but he had to leave with James for detention. He went on his tippytoes and whispered in my ear “When i’m back, we cuddle.” I smilled and nodded. I looked at him walk away in my big jumper and realized I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll write tonight.
January 14th 1976
(I’ll always remember this date..)


Summary: Becoming the newest tailor in the First Order, you find yourself becoming friends with someone you never expected to.

A/N: It’s been two weeks since I’ve done a request, sorry my friends! Although this isn’t a request, it is an idea I had for a while. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 4.4K+

Warning: None

A smile grew across your face as you found yourself sewing up the last few pieces of the outfit you had created. It had been a good few weeks since you first started working alongside the Order as one of their clothing designers. Although you were allowed to design outfits and uniforms for everyone, you were specifically assigned for one person who tended to ruin things he was in. You could easily remember your first day on board the Finalizer as if it had just happened. Little did you know you’d end up becoming good–great–friends with the one person no one wanted to be close to.

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Request: Hi gorgeous! Can I have a Steve/Fem!Reader where she’s his girlfriend he realises something is happening to her from small details(like…Skin and hair colour fading,a strange way to approach food.),and the little things grow to big things when she moves in with him (she’s a lot skinnier than what seems healthy,faints constantly,never eats with him,hits gym more than necessary…) ‘til he find out she’s anorexic and decided to help her? But can you do it without the whole pity party angst?Without the"I’m ugly and I want to be beautiful"line that is in every F one of the stories with this theme,but with reader being a model(that’s how they met)and living under pressure to be 'perfect’ to the media and to Steve?I think of something in the lines of wanting to be in control and LOOK like she’s in control of her life.You could end with him convincing her of finding help,no unrealistic accepting herself for him. Thanks, love. - @becaamm

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Anorexic!Reader

Word Count: 3,152

Warning: Fluff(?), Cursing, EATING DISORDERS TRIGGER WARNING, Angst. 

(A/N): FINALLY! RIGHT, BECA? I’m so sorry it took me this long, but since I’ve only had been on Steve’s side of the story, it was kind of hard for me to write this and I might (I did) have messed everything up, but oh well. BTW, EVERY INFORMATION AND ETC WAS TAKEN FROM INTERNET SO PARDON ME IF SOMETHING IS WRONG OR UN-REAL


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

You started as a model when you were a teenager, it started with small jobs at local clothes shops until one day, you were able to make a name to yourself and be called to more important and big jobs.

It was in one of those ‘big jobs’ – your first one, actually – that you met him, Steve Rogers.

You were a model at Stark’s new line of clothes, he decided to start it, since – in his own words – he was bored of designing and making almost the same things, besides, of course, the fact that all the money gathered was going to charity.

Being the awkward person you were, you stood on the corners of the afterwards party, trying to avoid all the drunk people in there and just chill after having to walk on gigantic high heels and weird clothes. But being a model did have its down sides, one of them being that just because you were a ‘public figure’ people thought they had the right to touch you without your consent.

That was when your knight in shining armor – or black tuxedo – went to rescue you from some jerk, his hands wrapping your waist while glaring at the idiot you had been trying to push away from you.

“Is he bothering you, love?” The men didn’t took long to realize that the blond was Captain America, and surely he didn’t want to mess with a hero, so he just backed away. “Are you okay, ma’am?” He asked, standing in front of you with concerned eyes.

You sighed in relief when you smiled at Steve, nodding with your head and extending your hand in front of you.

“Call me Y/N. How can I pay you for helping me with that idiot?” Steve smiled down at you and from that moment, you knew.

You were going to love that man forever.

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Hey I have the tiniest bedroom and like no money I was wondering what to do...?

Hey :) 

That’s no problem! There’s loads to do, you can first organise your room, throw out what you don’t need to make space for other things, (here’s a question I answered on organisation). 

Arrange your bookshelf if you have one in a way that decorates your room nicely at the same time (check here for ideas). 

You must have some posters and pictures you really like so put them up in your room to decorate it (check here for ideas).

Put some plants in your room! They are very cheap you can buy them in many stores, and plant pots are not too expensive, plus you can paint them in bright colours as well if you like.

Go to thrift shops/charity shops/vintage shops, or to markets and you can get great deals on cool items to put around your room :)

Lastly, try some DIY! e.g. this DIY clothes rack made from…a branch! Cheap and easy and would look great.

Hope that helped! xo

Abounded - Jongdae x Reader AU Series - Chapter 3

Servant!Chen x Reader

Warnings: Multiple mentionings of torture, but no descriptions of said punishments. 

Word Count: 4562

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   You hope to yourself that nothing bad will happen, then sloppily knock on the wood of your headboard to keep from jinxing yourself as you slip into the land of dreams.

   You’ve spent all day yesterday and the day before waiting for your father to call about your punishment for how you threatened your stepmother. The phone still hasn’t rung yet. In order to calm down, you’ve been painting, sketching, and completing unfinished projects so you can sell them. The good part about this is you now have plenty of things for sale on your online market, and you and Jongdae have had more time to properly get to know each other. The bad news is that your sleeping schedule is gradually slipping into non-existent, even though it’s only been a few days. Your overactive mind has been keeping you up so late anxiously waiting for that life-demolishing call.

   Although, to be fair, you blame the internet for current your horrible sleeping habits more than anticipation of the call itself. You won’t let Kyungsoo know that, though.

   You wake up once again on your bed, as usual, except this time you can feel the spirals that bind your sketchbook together pressing uncomfortably against your cheek. You groggily sit up and rub where it left red indents in your skin as you examine the rough sketch of Chanyeol you were working on at an ungodly hour of the night. Although, now that you’re more awake and there’s much more light seeping through your curtains, you can see that it doesn’t even look human, let alone a specific, silver haired one. It could probably pass as a zombie, you think just as Jongdae knocks and invites himself in.

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So like.... I'm a less than 5 foot butch and only wear a size 4 at most... Nothing, and I mean nothing in the men's section fits without it looking like I'm wearing a male friend's clothes kinda thing... I know you've suggested old navy for people like me in the past but... The closest one to me is cross the border.....

Can anyone help this small bean out?