a slight flaw in your plan

anonymous asked:

Can I please request an imagine where Jun has been wanting to kiss you in the rain for ages, but it just won't rain?


Wen Junhui had almost everything. He had a handsome face, a sculpted body, overflowing talent, etc.

The one thing that he didn’t have, however, was luck.

He was the epitome of happiness, the very embodiment of excitement. He always had a story to share or a plan to cook up. Rarely, however, did said plans go as intended. This was especially true in matters surrounding romance.

For years he had been planning p since he was a child, even - for the perfect kiss. He had seen in time and time again in movies, read it over and over in books, and heard his friends gushing about the idea incessantly. He was absolutely positive that there was nothing more romantic in the world, and if this didn’t make you want to stay by his side forever, then nothing would.

A kiss in the rain.

For all the years he’d put into planning this, he had it pretty well worked out. He’d take you on a walk on a day that he knew it was supposed to rain, making sure that you didn’t know anything about the weather. You’d spend maybe half an hour walking, and he’d be careful to ensure that you were far away from any buildings or shelter - that would ruin everything, after all. Then, the rain would begin. You’d be distressed - what would you do, stuck out in the rain like that? That was when Jun - brave, masculine Jun - would step in. He’d hold out his hand to you, wet hair clinging to his face in a way that optimized handsomeness, and ask you to run. You’d run for a while together, but of course you wold get tired and need to stop for a while, still in the open under the rain. He’d put his hands on your shoulders, concerned for the safety, and ask if you were alright. You’d say yes, but with his face so close to yours, you wouldn’t be able to stop your eyes from flickering between his lips and his eyes. He’d notice, naturally, like the great boyfriend he was, and would wear his trademark smirk for just a moment before leaning in and pressing his lips against yours, thus having the world’s most perfect kiss ever.

It wasn’t difficult for one to see that this was something he thought about on a regular basis. 

However, there was but one fatal flaw in this nearly perfect plan of his.

It simply would not rain.

He checked the weather daily, prayed with all his might, and, hell, would even admit to doing rain dances from time to time in the hopes that maybe - just maybe - it would trigger something. At this point, he would take even a slight drizzle, but even that seemed to be too much to ask. Regardless of what he did, it just wouldn’t rain. 

So, in the end, he decided there was nothing that he could do but to take matters into his own hands.

It was the middle of the day when your phone began to ring, showing that Jun was trying to call you; an extremely strange occurrence, considering that he and the band were often working hard in the daytime. Regardless of how odd it was, however, you, of course, picked up.


You weren’t even able to say ‘hello’ before Jun exclaimed your name, a level of excitement you didn’t often hear from him evident in his voice.

“Hello to you, too!” You laughed, taken aback by his eagerness. 

“Are you free today?” He breathed, voice still coming off strongly.

“Yes,” you answered, laughing again. “May I ask what all this excitement is about?”

“Great!” He exclaimed, seemingly ignoring your question. “Meet me in the park at noon then, alright? See you then!” 

You weren’t given a chance to say yes or no before he hung up, and you were left trying to comprehend what sort of a whirlwind had just passed you by as you stared at the phone in your hand in disbelief. Shaking your head, you smiled as you stood from where you had been lounging on your couch previously. It was 11 now; you had to get ready if you wanted to make it to Jun’s impromptu date on time. 

You strolled into the park not a minute past noon; no surprise after his previous eagerness, Jun was waiting there as well. He seemed well composed now, however, nonchalantly walking to meet you with his hands deep in his coat pockets. “I’m glad you’re here, ______,” He greeted, smile of his enough to melt the hearts of anyone within a ten mile radius. “I’ve been wanting to see you.”

“We just saw each other yesterday!” You laughed, playfully nudging his shoulder. “Why did we have to meet outside, though? It’s freezing!”

“Just trust me!” He insisted, removing one hand from his pocket and taking yours in his hand. He began to walk, seeming as though he had no specific destination in mind as he meandered about the park with you, even walking through the grass as opposed to staying on the path.

“Did we really just come here to wander?” You asked incredulously. At first you were certain that he had some greater purpose in calling you out so suddenly, but as time began to pass, you couldn’t help but to wonder if this was really all that there was to it.

“Good question,” Jun answered with a sly smile, evasive as ever. 

You couldn’t be certain for how long this continued on; a cycle of walking, asking, evading. Easily ten times. Just as you were preparing to ask for the eleventh, however, suddenly, Jun stopped. 

More confused than ever, you stopped alongside him, raising an eyebrow at his peculiar behavior. “Really, Jun. What’s up with this?”

“______,” he began, turning to face you and capturing your other free hand with his. “Have I ever told you how much I wanted a kiss in the rain?”

If you were confused before, now you were entirely baffled, perplexed, lost… whatever you wanted to call it, you were it. “You have….” you answered tentatively. “But, Jun, I don’t understand what that has to do with-”

And that was when you felt it; a drop of water against your skin made infinitely colder by the surrounding air, followed by another, another, another….. until, suddenly, you were drenched. You let out a squeal of surprise. “Wen Junhui, what is this?!”

“Sprinklers!” He shouted back, utterly giddy. “This is the last time they’re running them for the season, so I knew it was now or never!”

You couldn’t wrap your head around what on Earth this boy was doing - then again, you didn’t have to, because before you could get your wits about you, you had his arms around you, and he was bringing you in for a kiss.

And it was everything that he had dreamed of; messy, romantic, lighthearted as you laughed in disbelief against one another’s lips… a little colder than he had anticipated, perhaps, but beautiful nonetheless.

You stared at each other for a few moments before both breaking into what could only be described as hysterics, laughing harder than you thought you ever had.

You weren’t sure what on Earth you had done to deserve such a strange boyfriend, but you were sure as hell glad that you had done whatever it was.