a skyrim tale

How To Be Vahl

1. Sleep standing up

2. Freak out around trolls

3. Have more than one follower at any given time

4. Be a Dark Elf

5. Also be a werewolf

6. Have a voice in your head

7. Adopt a human

8. Adopt a Khajiit

9. Dress up your followers

10. Don’t trust glowing armor

11. Be a politician

12. Save skyrim

13. Have a Tardis

14. Slay vampires

15. Obey the mighty console

16. Summon cheese wheels

17. Avoid being a frozen elfsicle

18. Talk to slow-talking dragons

19. Make your own engineer adorable

20. Loot everything


22. Crash your Tardis in a river

23. Accidentally buy a troll

24. Make nerd references

25. Name any big metal thing Daxius

26. Summon dragons

27. Destroy all the thalmor

28. Change the hairstyles of your followers

29. Dress like a bird


I don’t mean to be a burden, but I have a fanfic that mixes A Skyrim Tale and A Fallout Tale from a while back and thinking about bringing it back, so I’ll have you guys check it out if you’d like-Also just a warning the first chapter is a bit heavy on the negative side of life.
SkyFall Part 1
SkyFall Part 2

Well here’s the Skyrim Tale drawing I’ve recently been working on. I think it’s going to be my favorite lol. I probably will be adding to it or something. Hope you like it and I’m always taking fan art requests or suggestions towards helping my art. PS Viraak for life. Sorry not sorry.