a sketch i will never make better

Signs as artist problems

Aries: “Can you draw me??”

Taurus: “You’ll never make a living like that!”

Gemini: Scared of ruining a brand new sketchbook

Cancer: Realising all the mistakes once you post the artwork

Leo: “Did you draw that?”

Virgo: “Can I have that drawing once you’re done?”

Libra: Becoming paranoid that people will steal your characters

Scorpio: Drawing something and not knowing what to do with the background

Sagittarius: Too broke for art supplies

Capricorn: So difficult to create a distinctive art style,,,

Aquarius: The sketch looks better than the lineart!11!!1

Pisces: Proud of a drawing you did late at night but hating it in the morning


*sigh* I have. FINISHED.

Today’s prompt for this awesome week is Fusion, so here’s Larimar again 8D !

I slightly changed her palette because I didn’t like the old one. Not big changes, but it’ss till better I guess. And since I was not satisfied with one picture I decided I’d make several shitty doodles because why not - Now, I’m gonna tell you about my stupid headcanons about her ~ (I’ve already talked about some of them, but well.)

  • Larimar likes to tell jokes…and laugh at them. Yes. She likes to laugh at her own jokes. And then she tries to stay serious and usually fails. Yes. She does like fart jokes.
  • Lapis and Peridot’s laughs fused too :^) So as you can see in the last sketch, she snorts, but also have Peridot’s “Nyehehehe !!!” (I’ll never get tired of this laugh)
  • When she feel bad, stressed, or threatened, Peridot’s side will show. It means that she will , by reflex… grab her own arms. And then she’ll tell herself it’s okay. Sometimes she will let go, sometimes not.
  • She’s usually kinda calm. If someones makes her angry, she will *cough* resolves the problem with an authentic Lapis Idon’tgiveashit Lazuli’s face™.
  • Her theme would be electro-swing. Electro because Peridot (I don’t have to explain I think) and swing for Lapis, because well…it fits her personnality tbh (seriously the first Larimar picture I made was while listening to Parov Stellar, Alice Francis and Caravan Palace. So yeah it’s visible on her XD)
  • Something like Alice Francis’ voice. Just…imagine. (Or go listen if you don’t know her because she’s  a m a z i n g)
  • Also she’s a good tapdancer. Just because Shelby said she’d like Peridot to tap dance to fuse. So boom tap dancer Larimar.
  • She loves Steven. Well, like all his family and friends. But I just needed to remind you because
  • If someone touches the child *angry Sr Pelo noises* she turns into the Giant Angry Woman ™. Don’t touch the child.
  • She likes to hug Steven or herself. She’s basically a giant mom/aunt/being that have plenty of love to give.
  • Again, don’t touch the child.

Aaaand I guess that’s all ? I don’t know actually, if you want to ask something go ahead lmao

Also the Larimar + Morganite picture was kinda random first but I found that fun. There was another one, but maybe another day, because now I’m just too lazy to finish it :v

(Also before I forget - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week / @jenhedgehog cuz‘ the tags don’t always work :| )


Bad Bunny ❤️🐰🌙

a punky usagi i worked on off and on all last year-i’m just not satisfied with my colored pencil work anymore, so i took markers to it!! i guess her silver millennium tat would be better on her chest, but… it’s fiiine! i’ll probably put this in a future sketch dump. i feel like i’m making up for the fact i never drew any SM fanart as a kid, slowly….

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Hi there ania~ It took me quite a lot of effort, but I'm at a point where I'm really content with the pace I'm improving at with my art. But I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make it look less plain and more whole? If that makes sense? I feel great about my work, but it feels like it's missing something. Is there any advice you could give about that? Thank you!

I’m so happy that you are happy with your improvement and art!!! It’s such a simple thing but is a very difficult stage to reach. I’m not sure if you are talking about final illustrations that you are doing or sketches (or just everything you do in art in general), but I’ll take sketchbook examples that can apply to all art.. I’m pretty sure.

1. Smooth line art never fails to make artwork look finished. The smoother your lines, the more ‘whole’ the artwork looks. Unless you’re painting or it is on purpose that it is not smooth. So it’s important that you practice your strokes (but it will get better over time automatically as you draw anything)!

2. Color! If you use your colors right it’ll look so much better. I drew this old man and colored him in orange highlights and colored in a blue background (the opposite color of orange!) so that he pops.

3. Decorative elements: use your imagination. Even the simplest decoration behind what your drawing will complete your art. In this case I drew a guy smoking and used the cloud shaped smoke as decor. (this art looks dirty because the graphite kept smudging. if you want to prevent this, use hairspray! it really works!)

4. Lets say you drew only a character called Lucy and you’re really proud of her, but it doesn’t look finished or enough for it to get to that ‘wow factor’. Don’t be afraid of adding elements around Lucy. Draw her at a scene, in a dream, draw her best friend next to her, draw her again but in a different pose, or even just color her in!


If you look at other people’s sketchbooks, you can see how their art looks complete too: (smart composition) ( use of lettering and color) (line art is important!) (dont be afraid of drawing big or using the whole page)

Sai’s linework tool

So, here’s a little feature of Sai that I rarely ever see anyone use:

This is the linework tool. It’s very handy, it’s a special type of layer designed specifically for the lineart of a piece. 

It uses a vector based system, you draw the line and it identifies major vectors used to distorting the line. 

No one ever gets their lineart perfect on the first try. We do it over and over and over because it never quite lies on the sketch or because we overshot it but just a bit too much. Sai’s linework tool makes it so you don’t have to keep redoing it, you can just fix the line itself. 

I find it a much better alternative to ripping your hair out because you can’t get the line quite right.

(yes I made the banner in MSpaint don’t judge me)

Here is the long awaited list of Art Tips I mentioned a few days ago! These are Mostly things I’ve learned to help me improve this year. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

  1. Set “practice” goals. Give yourself specific goals, but always word them as ‘practice’ not ‘improve’. Improvement takes time and can be difficult to attain. Meeting a goal to practice things is significantly easier and more rewarding. Improvement happens with practice and you’ll see it later on. Be specific with your goals. For example: “Practice Angry Expressions!”

  2. Give yourself a solid time frame for your goal. Define exact dates. It could be a week, two weeks, even a month. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

  3. Do Studies. Studies are a series of sketches, doodles, paintings, etc.. Done following research, usually looking at a photo or physical reference. I usually fill a whole page with quick, haphazard sketches of what I’m studying. If you’re studying birds, fill a whole page with birds, or hands. They don’t have to be good, they aren’t meant to be perfect. It’s just to get the idea on paper to help you form the visual on paper and in your hand.

  4. Change your goal as soon as you feel ready, after your last one. If you feel you’ve completed your goal, feel free to wait as long as you like, but it’s a good idea to have a list of goals so you aren’t left floundering for one. (Since it’s always harder to think of something when you NEED to.) For example: Angry expressions, Faces at low angles, two-point perspective, cool color schemes. It’s easier to move forward with a list of your own making, than leaving yourself hanging.

  5. Thumbnail. I can not say this enough! Before jumping into a big project, you’ll want to get in the habit of doing thumbnail sketches beforehand. No bigger than 2 or 3 inches, I usually fill a page with them. Thumbnailing can help you figure out how to get that posing just right. Or how you want your composition aligned. Small quick sketches of the different ways you could do things, to find how you want to do things.

  6. You can trace your own sketches. That’s right. It took me twenty years to figure out I could just trace my own sketch onto another sheet of paper to make lineart and do color so I didn’t fuck up my sketch. Digital artist, you can use a new layer over your sketch. Traditionally though, THIS IS HOW YOU DON’T FUCK UP YOUR SKETCH. (also if you trace very lightly it erases way better than trying to erase a full sketch. If you’ve never tried to color over a partially erased sketch it is hell.)

  7. Use References. You’d be surprised how many young artists out there think using references is wrong, or cheating. Let me tell you something. Did Leonardo Da Vinci have a reference for the Mona Lisa? You bet your ass he did. As far as I know he had at least two! All the great masters knew to use references. Actually looking at the thing you’re trying to recreate is the easiest way to master it. If you can’t find a reference for something, look for something that looks similar. Having a concept of what you want is quintessential to improvement. Hell, keep a whole folder of references. Hold onto them to fall back on later. Use them to their full extent.

  8. Draw at an angle. For traditional artists, drawing flat on a desk can often result in disproportionate drawings. Things farther away from the the eye tend to look smaller so things on the farther side of the paper can end up enlarged to compensate for our own eyes perspective of the paper. Drawing at an angle fixes this problem. It brings the paper into a better angle for your face. (I just lean my drawing board on top of a box of staples. It works lol)

  9. Watch other artists. Written tutorials are a phenomenal resource to many artists. But Video tutorials are some of the most helpful things in the world. Video tutorials can show you, in real time, how it’s done. Actually seeing it happen can really help. (I watch hours of tutorials and speedpaints. I just let them play in the background while I draw.)

  10. Try different materials. I’m not gonna lie, I loved digital art. But it just didn’t work for me. I discovered copic markers and my art has improved so much with a material that I feel more in-tune with. So experiment. Borrow from your friends, try new things in school, in art clubs. Whenever. Sometimes, you just need to try something different, to discover something that works better for you.

  11. DON’T. STOP. DRAWING. You don’t have to be churning out a completed piece every week. No. But you should always doodle, sketch, scribble. Hell, even if you just scribble out some squiggly lines, you’ve done something! You don’t have to share with the world. Just. Don’t. Stop.

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

Undeniable Heat Chapter 46: Jumping to Conclusions

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next day you felt as if you were floating on clouds the entire day. It was Jensen’s busy day at the convention, and you were more than happy to stay in the shadow, watching as he interacted with the fans. It was interesting, watching the way he handled them with such ease.

From his photo ops, he went to the main panel, and you stayed off to the side, laughing along with the fans as Jared was his usual goofy self. Continuously running the ring around your finger, you couldn’t believe what had happened. It was something you had never expected happening, and you wanted to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t just a dream.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kimbk !!!!! Thank you for all the amazing stories and support you’ve given this fandom!!

i hope you like anime girl body pillow seb 

@lisa-franck did the sketch for this and I colored it ;;u;;;

swiftsnowmane replied to your post: request for you if you’re able to do it: obi and…

ehrmahgerd…is Obi-Wan clean-shaven for Satine in this? :3

lolol indeed, tho, I guess it might depend on which AU you want it to be?

If he left the Order for her pre-TPM, maybe the beard never happened?

But if you prefer Clone Wars canon divergence, then you can imagine a late-term pregnant Satine being a bit cranky and uncomfortable, and Obi-Wan being all sweetly concerned and asking, can I do anything to make you feel better?

And she just…

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So i followed this blog and their drawing is DIVINE. Its really good and i recently learned that they are 16. This made me very self concious because i am 16 ! Why cant i be like her ? Honestly i havent really found my style yet in terms of drawing digitally and its really frustrating to look at someone ur age (especially younger) who can draw better than you. Do u have any advice ?

I do.

Try not to compare yourself to other people, especially in terms of age. Age in someone’s drawing journey has literally zero importance.

This person you followed… You never know how much time they have put into learning how to draw. It’s not only how many years they have drawn, because the person might be drawing for five years say once a week, and someone can draw for five years drawing every single day making a bunch of sketches. You never know someone’s background. 

Sometimes people are going to be better than you, sometimes you’re going to meet people much younger than you who are much, much better. Maybe they are naturally more gifted, maybe they have drawn extremely a lot, much much more than you yet have. 

Take your frustration and put it into the right way, practice more, learn more, draw more often. Try to not self-pity yourself and get self conscious because you “can’t be like her”. Someone’s success never diminishes yours.

And don’t forget that you are already better than someone else. There is someone who is worse than you, there is someone who is better. It’s life and the only way is to accept how things work. 

Body Positivity;Ten

Request: hello hello! can i request my boy ten for the body positive series?

A/N: this series is rather short, im so sorry and i hope you don’t mind!

  • im glad many of you are liking this series!
  • and that it helped y'all in any way possible
  • hehe so im back with one again yay
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • okay but ten’s such a positive and happy person

  • he wouldn’t understand why you were feeling insecure at first
  • because in his eyes your near to perfect
  • even your flaws are beautiful to him and he loves you for who you are
  • but he’d realise how much it’s affecting you so he tries his best to make you feel better and be more confident
  • he’s always so sweet
  • he’d compliment you everyday
  • and he loves smiling at every single word you say
  • and his smile is the warmest and prettiest you feel a little bit more confident when you speak
  • would draw and sketch little drawings of you in this small black little notebook he carries around with him
  • and below every drawing he’d write down reasons why he loves you
  • so whenever you feel insecure he gives you the book to read
  • and it never fails to make you happy because he’s so sweet?
  • “your smile can make me feel better every second, smile more babe”
  • “y/n’s unique and i love you for that”
  • “i’m happy to have you by my side and i can never ask for more”
  • “decided to draw your eyes today because i get lost in them so often. they’re too beautiful”
  • shows his love through actions
  • and would hug you whenever he senses that you’re feeling upset,
  • and remind you again how wonderful you are as a person
  • is willing to be your listening ear when needed
  • or even when all you need is a word of comfort,
  • he’s there for you
  • he always has his hands on your body
  • and sometimes, would give small little pecks at the areas you’re most insecure about
  • or just caressing them to show you that he isn’t affected by them at all
  • doesn’t judge you at all but in fact, is willing yo do anything that’d help you feel more comfortable and happy
  • which was why the two of you went to the supermarket once in your pyjamas
  • not caring about other people’s words and opinions because you both are happy together
  • and because of that, it helped you gain a little more confidence
  • when he sees you comparing or looking at other people,
  • he stops you and hugs you
  • and he assures you that you’re fine the way you are
  • and that he’d always be there to assure and remind you that
  • “i’ve seen you at your worst but still think you’re the best”
  • “nothing should bring you down”
  • “im here to tell you i love you and every single part of your body”
  • “so you should love yourself too”
  • he often brags and talks about you to others
  • and he says things so sincerely it makes you feel better because you know he truly loves you
  • “even after dating her for a year, she still catches me by surprise every day. wow she’s so beautiful”
  • “i don’t know how is it possible for someone to be this great i just love her so much”
  • you need encouraging and sweet words? ten can give it to you
  • affection? ten would be more than willing to shower you with kisses on your body
  • as long as he sees that you have more confidence in yourself,
  • he’d be happy and contented
  • he takes on the responsibility of keeping you happy
  • and never once found and will never find it a burden
  • because he genuinely loves you with all his heart

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Hello, love your art! Random question: do you have any art that is solely Marg and Loras, or the Tyrells? I saw somebody on A03 with an icon of what looked like Loras and Marg and it was your style, for sure. Thank you. I love you have. Hope your enjoying your day.

Hey! Yes, got lots of the Tyrells sketches actually, but I think you are talking about this one here, right? They are crying there cause Loras broke one of Mace’s most expensive flower vase and Marg is crying too just because her brother is crying.
Most of these (i leave some of them i never got to post before here, but there are more tyrell stuff here , here , here and here (tho this last one is pretty old) are sketches I did talking with @khaleesi-in-the-north , she’s pretty fun to talk to tbh ! ALSO she writes AMAZING fics, i’ll leave her ao3 here too <3

this last one is baby marg and mace <3

improvement! when i started watching yuri on ice i knew i have to learn drawing male characters to make fanarts (before december i rarely drew men) and as you can see my first non-chibi fanart looks like shit XD there’s half a year difference between the two drawings and i think i improved a LOT. i wasted a huge amount of paper for sketches in the meantime but it was worth! (right? XD) so if you think your drawings are not good enough then don’t give up, just draw a lot more and you’ll get better :) <3 btw i’m coloring that lineart atm and i think i’ll never finish it as i want to add some many details XD

Was trying out Mobcrush app for live broadcasting through Procreate, and I prefer it over Periscope! It’s more stable, doesn’t lag as much as Periscope and the quality is sharp and HD where as Periscope’s are low quality and blurry AF.

And while I’m at it, I’m learning a few tips and tricks on Procreate’s tools to better understand their uses and thus, making my life a tad bit easier lol

I’ll post up the process video in a few.

A light hearted sketch study on lighting (yes, STILL) and the egg. Never get tired of him being my subject matter.

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LaF Kiss Game: On the seaside, interrupted by a screeching seal

@lucycamui, I’m going to just,,,, casually leave this here,,,

The port of Torvill in the kingdom of Nikiforov is bustling with activity from the boats and carriages coming in and out. Gulls cry overhead as they soar over the bright blue surf crashing down onto the golden sand. An entire fleet of ships line the wooden piers, bright flags from all sorts of nations fluttering in the wind.

Yuuri jumps out of the cart and onto the cobblestones just before the pier entrance, shouldering his bag and waving at the cart driver. Several dockworkers begin unloading the other goods from the cart and carrying them onto the ship – crates and bags and barrels full of food and materials to trade with the surrounding kingdoms. Yuuri would be riding with this ship out as well, sailing towards distant lands, away from the cold apprehension which seizes him every time he sees his beloved prince and all of the things that could go wrong from loving not wisely but too well.

The ship would sail out at midday, and it’s nearing eleven according to the bell tower of the nearby church. Yuuri has time for a quick bite and a drink, before he has to be onboard. He’ll be helping the ship’s cook in the galley to pay for his fare out to Iglesia. It’s a good thing the captain didn’t ask too many questions as to why a baker would be wanting to flee the country in the first place.

But just as he’s about to cross the street, the crowds in the street begin to part. There’s some sort of commotion further down, it seems; there’s the thundering of hoofbeats and the whinny of a horse. And then there’s murmurs.

“What is he doing here?”

“The Prince!”

The street is cleared. A white horse gallops into view, slows to a canter, a trot. And his prince is on its back, looking out through the crowd, his hair and clothes dishevelled, his eyes wide and anxious.

“Yuuri?” The Prince shouts.

The murmurs grow worried. Yuuri tries to shrink down, tries to edge back towards the docks, but suddenly the Prince’s head turns, and their eyes meet, and there’s no way Viktor wouldn’t recognise him now.

Yuuri feels his face burning. He swallows, straightens his back again, smiles hesitantly. 

“Yuuri,” breathes Viktor. He practically jumps off his horse, and the people left between them dive out of the way as the prince strides towards him. “Where have you been? I woke up this morning and you weren’t there. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“I…” Yuuri trails off, fidgeting, as the words he wants to say desperately elude his grasp.

“What will it take to convince you not to run away from me?” pleads Viktor. 

Yuuri bows his head, looks down at his feet. He says nothing, because the last thing he needs is something completely idiotic to fly out of his mouth in a moment of panic.

He feels a gloved hand on his cheek, feels the prince’s body stepping closer to his. His heart is pounding in his head, harder than a drum, faster than a rabbit. He can’t bring himself to look up, to see the overwhelming emotion that he’s sure must be tucked into those beautiful blue eyes. Viktor is too close

There’s a loud farting noise. Yuuri startles and turns to see a seal flopped out onto one of the smaller docks in this port. Its mouth is open and it is, for lack of a better term, clicking and screaming fart noises at them

Viktor laughs. “I think that seal is trying to tell us something.”

Yuuri watches, morbidly fascinated, as the seal begins to slam its flippers onto the dock, continuing its terrifying screams as it does so. “Why would you say that?” he asks.

Viktor shrugs. “It seems to be very… enthusiastic.” Already people are turning away from them towards the rowdy seal, clapping and cheering and making pocket sketches of it. 

Yuuri feels part of the knot in his stomach ease at that, and he turns to look up at Viktor, whose expression is sheepish but still so overwhelmingly kind.

“I’m sorry I keep…” he gestures towards the ships. “I was just scared that maybe sleeping in your bed will be too much, or that once we get together you’ll tire of me, or that you’ll find someone better –”

“Shh.” Viktor shakes his head, puts a finger to his lips. “I’ll never tire of you.”

“You say that now,” Yuuri chastises. “But what if –”

“No,” says Viktor. “No what ifs. This is here and now, Yuuri, and right now I love you more than the sun loves the moon, more than the ocean loves the sand. And since my love outstrips them both, it must last longer than the sun can shine and the ocean can flow.”

A part of Yuuri melts at that. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

“I’m thinking about writing a book,” retorts Viktor. “How The Prince of Nikiforov Had His Heart Stolen. It’ll be the second to last line.”

Yuuri swallows. “What’s the last line, then?”

“This,” replies Viktor, and kisses him.


Meanwhile, out in the ocean, Katsudon the seal munches at a fish. “Thanks,” he clicks, in the selkie language.

Phichit, hovering just a couple inches above the waves, laughs and manifests another fish into his hands. “I owe you one, buddy.”

“You don’t think it was overkill?” wonders Katsudon.

“Well, it would’ve been better if Selkie for ‘just fucking kiss already’ sounded closer to English, but you know, we can’t have everything.”

If seals had shoulders, Katsudon would have shrugged. Instead he settles for a twirl that conveys about the same amount of je ne sais quoi. “It worked, though,” he points out. “Not in the way you expected, but it worked.”

“Thank god,” says Phichit, and throws him the other fish.

Follower milestones?!!! Requests?!!!



So I hit 1k on my art blog and 3k on my main blog and holy wow!!!! I never really expected to get so much support and interest in my art like this!!! ; v ;  I still have a lot of work to do to create better art but I hope I can continue to make content that people enjoy!!!  ❤︎ ❤︎

As a way of showing my gratitude to you guys, since i don’t really have anything to give away, I was thinking of drawing any requests you guys send me within the next 24 hours? They’d all be like, done properly and not just quick sketches! The only “rules” would be: 

  • You have to be following either my main or art blog
  • Please stick with requesting anime characters or human-like OCs
  • No NSFW, animals, or complex mecha 
  • Since I might be receiving many requests, please be patient with me as I try to complete them!~ 

And uh..yeah! Deadline to request is May 18th at 8:45 p.m.! I’ll tag any requests as #hinatassmile3krequests  

I’ll do my best to draw your ideas ^^  ❤︎

ROXY: see
ROXY: im a goddamn rogue
ROXY: i TAKE shit
ROXY: and now ima take back from the WITCH
ROXY: everything she stole that shoulda been ours
ROXY: promise of a better life
ROXY: a future for humanity and trolls alike
ROXY: all that shit
ROXY: im going to swipe its lack
ROXY: and make it all start being a thing again
ROXY: lets never let all that stop from being a thing ever again
ROXY: k guys???