a skate


Yuuri: I think we’ve all accidentally asked out someone before in our life.

Viktor: Yea- wait, accidentally?!


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Japanese pair’s team Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara are using Yuri on Ice for their short program music this year! 

Ryuichi Kihara is a two time Japanese national champion with his former partner, Narumi Takahashi. They represented Japan in Sochi and placed nineteenth. The pair parted ways in 2015 and Ryuichi has, as of 2015, teamed up with singles skater Miu Suzaku. 

They placed second this year at Japanese Nationals, and they train, ironically enough, in Detroit. :D

(By the way as with all the debuts at Skate Detroit, these are early versions of the programs, so expect them to be a little more rough and unpolished then they will be during competitive season, but it’s still cool!!)

Yuri on Ice Midsummer Night’s Dream was such a nice official art and both Yuri and Yurio were soooo adorable! But yeah, Yuri Katsuki with similar clothing but adult sized! His eros is showing and I am dying XD although, if he portraits a kind of love, dressed and acting like this, I feel ludus would be a better match… I don’t know, what do you think? :/