a single tree


. by Mikko Lagerstedt

Alright guys, I know things have been rough today so here are some humorous Batfam head cannons based around them playing a round of Disc Golf:

Dick would hit every single tree first on accident, then because he think’s it hilarious how irritated Jason keeps getting at the ‘coincidence’ 

Every single one of them have fancy bags for carrying their discs except for Tim. Tim has a plastic bag for his. “It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone here, I know all of you.” 

At some point Jason and Dick literally fistfight over a technicality. 

Tim being hit in the back of the head with a disc and Damian subsequently getting two penalty points.

Tim’s disc landing in every water trap and having to wade in. At one point he even slips in the mud and ends up waist deep. Damian was penalized with another two points for taking pictures instead of helping.

Damian scaling a tree after Dick gets one caught in it.

Cass stealthy moving all of Jason’s discs  back a few inches and all of Damian’s up some. She leaves Tim’s alone and totally stole one of Dick’s.

Damian replacing all Tim’s discs in his bag with putters of different colors. Tim not realizing until hole 10.

Jason elbowing Dick just before he throws and accidentally giving him a hole in one.

Damian trash talking everyone. Even Dick. *Dick bounces a disc off two trees in one throw* “Grayson we are playing disc golf not pinball.”

Damian might be good, but Steph is there solely for the trash talk, even though Tim gave her an official invite. 

“What are you Doing here Steph? You didn’t even bring discs.”

“You’ll notice I brought popcorn because there’s no way I’m going to miss this show”

By the end of the game Steph and Dami have teamed up with their trash taking and no one is safe. Everyone realizes it and tries to temper the trash talk:

Tim: Steph, Why are you throwing so much trash?

Steph: *shruggs* I don’t have any discs what else am I supposed to throw


Jason: It’s hot out.

Jason: *goes to stand by Damian*

Damian: What are you doing, Todd?

Jason: Hiding in all the shade you’ve been throwing.

i like to imagine that lavellan makes up ridiculous dalish customs just to piss off solas like

they’re in the hinterlands, solas makes an offhand comment about how Terrible™ the dalish are, a bit later he’s like “shouldn’t we go to val royeaux now?”

and lavellan is like “nuh uh! dalish tradition says i must kiss every single tree in the hinterlands and oh by the creators! i just lost count, looks like we’ll have to start all over again!”

The Underworld is a dark place. Darker and lonelier than he ever expects. It reeks of death, mold, salt, and pine.

Viktor’s bare feet pad across the cool earthen floor. Flowers and grass trail behind him; growing and dying almost in the same instant. Nothing can live long among the dead.

Yet, he spies a small garden: secluded but for a single pomegranate tree. The fruits are large and deep red, an immediate contrast to the maudlin darkness about him.

Yakov’s voice echoes in his mind.

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