a simple yes or no would be acceptable

like of course it would be niall and zayn, whose love has always been a positive affirmation rolled in an endearment bundled into a soft giggle, of course it would be the two that are the essence of firm&casual, the two that encompass the feeling of ‘sick tune boys’ and ‘he fell out of love with it.’ their acceptance is so much softer for the truth of it, the acknowledgement of the reality of each other without begrudgement, but also without zealous extol. 

a simple and true ziall; a handshake, a well wish, a nod to the past and a yes to the future. 

30 Days of Super Simple Spells Day 7

Sweet dreams- a simple potion of promoting a pleasant and restful sleep.

1. Honey
2. Sugar
3. Milk
(yes almond and silk are acceptable subsitiutes if you can’t find minllk non dairy creamer is an option not a pleasant tasty option but it would work)

1. Place a fair amount of honey on a spoon
2. Place a drop or two of milk on the honey
3. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on the mixture
4. Consume
5. Got to bed

It was the debate of a century. Live up to the cliche everyone was expecting from her or go on trying to prove she was something more to only find out her life was boring when she couldn’t. Poppy did not know what she wanted anymore. Her life was destined to be dreadful until she learned how to except her fate. She had to options, accept life for what it was or going on being a cynical self-pitying whiner. The rode to enlightenment did not seem clear to her. Maybe a simple ideal to live by would lead to some needed change. Yes. One word could hold so much power. 

It had been an eventful day of yes that had lead her to the unordinary bar she was at now. Burlesque dancers on little stages sprawled around the room. People drinking expensive drinks, sitting at small tables, probably talking about their boring lives. There was a certain flare of the past that drew Poppy in. The words slipped from her mouth as the bartender placed her drink down. “I could do that.” When the woman behind the bar simply asked then why didn’t she, Poppy nodded. Yes. It was a powerful word. It did not take her long to talk herself into a job and manage to get herself on stage. 

Years of ballet and ballroom prepared her in many ways for this moment. Though her mother would not like the idea of all of those hours training leading to this. Unzipping her dress, she let it fall to her feet as the music began. Dancing around on stage in a slip was not some cry for help or some drunk decision. It was more of a realization that Poppy could do anything with her life. When it was over, she made her way back over to the bar, giddy on applause and adrenaline. Feeling a presence near her, she giggled. “Yes, that was me.” She teased slightly before the person could even speak. 

$15 Commissions!

Hey everybody! I’m sorry I keep posting this, but I haven’t gotten any commissions in awhile, and I still need money.

ANYWAY as before, you can get a colored sketch commissions for only $15! From ANY FANDOM YOU WANT. THATS RIGHT. If I’m not in the fandom, it doesn’t matter anymore! I will draw literally anything for you.

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  • I have every right to deny a commission if I do not feel comfortable accepting it.
  • Paypal only!
  • I will do tasteful nudity. I will not do any porn.
  • I will draw for any fandom!
  • I will do any OCs!
  • Yes that does include furries, I love furries!
  • I will do simple references!
  • If you want a character doing something sexual with another character, that’s fine, and again it will not be pornographic. It will be like what you see in pg13 movies.

If you have any questions please contact olliev2984@gmail.com. That is not the same email I use as my paypal email, but I will disclose that to you via email when you have decided to commission me.

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'You belong to ME'

               “I don’t.” The answer is short and simple, yet he knows it won’t suffice for her – no answer would. He looks to her and it’s somewhat akin to looking in a mirror. The same fierce emerald eyes, the unwavering demeanor. He is her child, yes. There is no denying the fact. Belonging to her? She wishes. “I am my own person – I owe nothing to anyone. That includes you.”

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I’ll just pack my bags omg

frickenpasta submitted:

( for the aromantic aces ace story series :) )

i truly understood and accepted my asexuality/aromanticism in late 2014, but i think i realized at least four months prior to that. all summer, i had been questioning if i was asexual. i remembered reading the word late one night on tumblr and looking it up. i disregarded it immediately; i had to be straight. i simply had to. with a family as traditionally christian and marriage-enforcing as mine, i had to be straight. there was no other option.

that was july.

october 16 (yes, i remember the exact date), i decided i wanted to figure this out for good. i hate gray area, and i was tired of being confused about something as simple as my identity. after reading a little more about it, i sat back and nodded. and i told three of my best friends shortly after. i knew they would accept me - why wouldn’t they? - but i was still terrified.

(i was right). they loved me all the same and said they suspected it anyway.

those were online friends. it was so much easier to come out to them, hiding behind a screen to disguise my fear.

one year later, october 23, i came out. it started one friday during fourth period. my three friends and i got off topic as usual and we began talking about the heteronormativity of society - how people exclude gay, pan, bi, ace, etc people. and one of my friends went “oh, asexual? steph, you tweeted that thing about asexual awareness last week.” i sort of awkwardly nodded. then he asked, “are you that?” my heart started beating uncontrollably in my chest and i swore he heard it, but i told him yes, i was. but then the best thing happened: the two others smiled and said it was cool as hell, but he googled asexual on his phone and started figuring out what it was, asking me questions about it. honestly, i almost cried right there in the middle of fourth period. it was the best thing anyone’s ever done in reaction to my coming out.

that’s what inspired me to come out (via instagram, as i’m only comfortable behind screens) later that day. i posted on instagram with a short explanation of what my sexuality meant, how i was the same person as before but they now knew the name for it. terrified, i avoided my phone for as long as possible.

my friends commented. they were amazingly supportive, and i love them so so so much for it. for the year i waited to come out, i thought they’d call me broken and strange, but they didn’t.

it was my family who was the problem. my seven cousins and i have a group message. one of them screenshotted the post and sent it, causing a debate about what it was; whether i was a plant or not, if i was simply going through a phase.

all i said was (and i quote): “you can believe whatever you want about my asexuality, but i won’t change simply because you don’t think it’s true. besides, who knows me better than me?“ 

for the most part, the said okay and that was that. i get the feeling that they still are doubtful, but it’s okay. i said what i needed to. one of my other, very accepting cousins, messaged me outside of the message. she was so supportive and said she was glad i figured myself out and said she’d always be there if i need her and i love her every day for it.

there were some people who asked why i felt the need to come out. it’s because i was tired of people trying to talk to me about their relationship problems and boys and sex when quite frankly, i didn’t care. and i was tired of hiding. others said i would never face discrimination. but don’t i? in an overly sexualized and romance-centric world, am i not forced into believing that romance and love is the only way to be happy? it has been so ingrained in my mind that i must marry that sometimes i catch myself thinking when i get married, i want… and it takes me a moment to remember that i really don’t want to. it’s just the society i’ve grown up and been forced into.

anyway, i know this is long, but i just wanted to say: it isn’t as bad as you think it is. i’m so grateful to have the asexual community standing behind me. of course, i haven’t faced the wrath, disapproval, and skepticism of my parents and older relatives, but so far, so good. i’m so happy i came out and that i can finally make jokes with my friends about how uncomfortable sex and romance makes me (and, to be honest, the best part is making puns in front of everyone and not having to awkwardly explain myself).

sorry it’s so long, but thank you so much for reading. i’ve never been as happy as i am to have discovered this community that i completely and wholly belong to no matter what.