a simile in my sink

The only thing I’ve done today is lay in my bed and cry about Rooster Teeth. Crying because Jack cried, crying because of Caleb’s response to that RT confession, crying because of Burnie’s response of ‘I try not to be me on camera because I know me and I’m not that great’ in the AMA on Reddit, crying because I’m so proud that RT raised so much money for charity and they’re all so proud.


Random fact of the day: I watched Achievement Hunter videos for approximately three to four months without having a single idea of what they looked like in person. I would watch videos to match names with voices and gamer tags. It never occurred to me to look up who they were. The first time I saw what they looked like was the four year anniversary stream, and I remember being so surprised because they looked nothing like I envisioned in my head. For example, I thought Gavin would look like an absolute British unattractive nerd. I thought he would wear glasses. I was really fucking surprised to find out he was actually really hot.

do you guys think michael sings under his breath at the office

i mean, he’s a pretty decent singer for someone who i bet never really pursued singing/any sort of musical arts in school

and i think he doesn’t want anyone to say anything but he does it subconsciously and the guys catch him and tease him about it and actually find it very endearing 


Hello everyone! As you can see by the shiny new PayPal donation button on my blog, I have decided to do fic commissions. I need some money, so I might as well do something I enjoy while making money. They say you never work a day in your life if you love your work, right?


  • Fics will be one cent (1¢) per word. This means 500 words is 5.00 USD, 2500 words is 25.00USD, and so on. Fic must be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for completion. I have academic work to complete, which obviously comes first.
  • Please fill out the commission request form that will follow at the end of this post and put it in my submit

Pairings I Am Willing To Write

Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth

  • Michael/Gavin
  • Geoff/Jack
  • Gavin/Geoff
  • Michael/Lindsay
  • Burnie/Gavin
  • Lindsay/Ray
  • Gavin/Ray
  • Ryan/Jack
  • Michael/Ray
  • Gavin/Ryan
  • Barbara/Jordan
  • Achievement Hunter OT6


  • Kurt/Blaine

Commission Request Form:

Name/Tumblr URL:

Word Count (minimum of 500):



Any triggers I should know about?

Additional notes, if necessary: