a silhouette at last

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


Aku Infected Jack

~11 of these are just redrawn poses from the episode. Still had to tweak them though (fix tangents, make clear silhouettes, change expression etc)

Nonetheless, I had fun making these. That last image of complete Aku!Jack is my fave of them all qwq

Fake AH Crew Gothic
  • the penthouse has six rooms. the penthouse has eighteen rooms. the penthouse is a modern-day daedalus’s labyrinth. no one has seen gavin in weeks. the minotaur is pleased with its sacrifice.
  • there is always A Heist going on. you are uncertain what the details of this heist is. in fact, you cannot recall ever hearing any concrete details about a heist, only that it is A Big One. it is So Big. something rumbles nonspecifically in the distance.
  • every nondescript silhouette with a handlebar mustache is geoff ramsey. you cannot remember the last time geoff had a handlebar mustache. perhaps it has been centuries. a handlebar mustache the size of a rottweiler floats by. you tell geoff hello. 
  • ryan has plants, for reasons you are unsure of. so many plants. a trail of leaves seems to follow ryan wherever he goes. ryan opens his mouth and bright green vines spill out.
  • you cannot remember the last time you did any work. you spend your days having romantic and sexual trysts with your friends. it seems unreasonable for any person to be having this much sex. you try to stop and find you cannot. condoms do not appear to have ever existed. why are you using that as lube. why are you using that as–
  • the b team is doing something Important and Necessary. you are not sure what that is. no one else appears to, either. when you ask b team, they disappear in a cloud of uncertain smoke. you are so glad b team is around to help.
  • a man named ray is dead. a man named ray is very much alive. a man named ray is both alive and dead. a man named ray perhaps did not exist at all. you get a different story every time you ask. you do not ask anymore. 

It’s only taken me over two years, but AT LAST! I’m finally selling some Mystery Twins Silhouettes!!

These are a very limited run of paper silhouettes of everyone’s favorite Mystery Twins, Dipper and Mabel! There are only 11 available, and,  unless I find more frames, there will only ever be 11!

Each silhouette has been cut by hand and they are approximately 5x4 inches.

Due to the limited nature of these pieces, I will only be selling/shipping to customers in the United States, as it makes tracking much, much easier for me. I hope you understand.

unusuallyzealousburgette  asked:

I don't know if this has been done, but could you do Parent Wolfstar with baby Harry?

Your wish is my command! 


Awendaw, SC / Oct. 2017 

A great horned owl has been a frequent late night visitor to the empty lot next to my house these past few months. Their preferred perch seems to be the radio antenna tower that sits out alongside the utility poles. 

I lucked into getting a few photos of them in silhouette during a full moon last month. Today is my birthday and in the early hours of the morning I gladly cashed in my birthday wish when I came home to the sound of two owls hoo-hooing. 

Breeze blown black cat shadows. Curious observers cut out in moonlight before a waxing gibbous. My late night visitor had made a friend. 

May all your mice be slow. Hoo-hoo!