a silent dialogue


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.


Benophie AU: Pretty waitress

There is no spoon

I loved the pop-culture/sf reference extravaganza of this episode.

David is stuck in a corner of his mind that looks like a coffin with only himself to talk to. And David’s superego is British in a nicely meta way that plays both on Dan Steven’s nationality and American stereotype that British accent means one is smart (also that moment of American doing a really bad impression of British accent while Stevens was imitating Patrick Stewart - stellar).

And then to break out of their prison the rational mind David tells himself there is no coffin and to science the shit out of what is happening.

Meanwhile, Syd gets the glasses that show you what is real - including real monsters. In black and white of course (true They Live style). And it’s also a silent film with dialogue cards and everything. And then Lenny was doing her best Beetlejuice/Edward Scissorhands impression.

This is episode was made of references. And that’s even without all the Professor X fighting Shadow King cartoon David recreated. That was a cherry on top.


Suited for Success - canon strip.

This has to be one of my favorite Meet The Pones strips, as I will always take the opportunity for silent storytelling (no dialogue!) choosing instead to portray context with body language and character placement. This strip even works without the context of having seen the episode it’s based upon. Reading left to right;

Rarity is looking smug with herself, she’s wearing the glasses she uses when dressmaking, and has measuring tape around her neck. Next the others are wearing an assortment of gorgeous dresses, all especially made for them. All except for fluttershy on the end who’s wearing an upturned cardboard box for a dress. Her expression and huddled body language (all four legs together) show that she’s not as extatic with her “dress” as the others are with theirs. Set-up and punchline all in a single image.

This one was a lot of fun to sketch out, the dresses are super pretty and I got to show off the mane six’s different body shapes. I intend to tmake them more pronounced in future, with Fluttershy being the tallest and lankiest, Dashie the most petite with her gymnast body and Pinkie being the most pleasantly plump.

How would I show the difference between Rarity, AJ and Twilight though? Keep in mind that Twilight is just a unicorn at this point in the show, so she doesn’t get to be the tallest just yet. How would I make AJ seem more solidly-built without making her look too masculine? If these were humans there’d be plenty of reference materials for muscular girls, but ponies not so much! Rarity was originally going to be the shortest, but when I was working on TBOI’s epilogue I decided on Dash getting that honour.


After seeing Bewteen the Buried and Me for the second time, I have now completed my signed discography of theirs! (Most of these (all but 3) have multiple LPs, I just didn’t feel like taking both out for them all)

Okay but imagine this:

It’s 5x16 and Lydia is finally out of Eichen. They take her to Deaton so he can help her somehow and the scene ends with Scott telling Stiles to take Lydia home because she needs to rest. We don’t see them for a few minutes, because the other characters are dealing with their own shit.

Next thing we know Stiles is sitting on the edge of his bed looking worried and exhausted. Suddenly, he looks towards his door and his eyes light up. Lydia walks in wearing one of Stiles’ shirts, her hair is still damp from the shower and she smells fresh and clean–she smells like Lydia.

He stands up, still staring at her. When she approaches him with a soft smile on her lips (which seems out of place, considering everything she’s been through), Stiles simply envelops her in a tight hug, lets her bury her face into his shoulder and breathe him in, so she knows she’s safe. Her smile is more sincere when she looks up at him.

She takes his hand and tugs him onto his bed, where they lie beside each other, under the covers. Lydia crawls closer to him until her head is resting on his shoulder, one arm draped over his chest. He wraps an arm around her waist and they breathe together, their eyes closed.

The episode ends.