a silent and secret soul


Underneath the dark sky, he lay wondering about the stars, some shining bright, others not so much, he was in awe of the beauty of them.

Just like some days, when we’re shining bright and on some, we dim our lights.

Why would we dim our lights though, he wonders in desperation, afraid he might not like the reason.

Yet he looks at the stars, hoping to find the answers, past the silent night.

In their brightness, he finds a peace that he didn’t feel existed.

In that moment the joy and happiness seeps in, the company of a billion stars brought him the love, that merely the world couldn’t give.

He couldn’t hold back the tears from falling though, the celestial love was indeed the best of those that existed.

He could only wish for a companion who’d admire the silent side of the universe with him, because that’s all he seeks for.

His longing for her increased in such situations, it was as if the stars were shining for them and yet she was far away.

Maybe even she wondered the same, longing for his presence but the universe had it’s own charm, to collide souls in its own magical way.

He wondered if she was staring at the same sky as he was, she always loved the stars he recalled, and in that moment he wanted to reach out to her, but no means.

So all they could do, was look at the dark shiny sky, and admire the different shapes of the clouds, searching for a face that only their souls knew about.

In the brightness of stars they found each other, tear stained, broken smiles and not wanting to let the other go, yet it was but a mere mirage.

Blinking eyes, and trying to fix that smile they believed the universe had a lot to offer, for the kind of souls they were, they wouldn’t stop until they’ve found their crystal.

The crystal they desired was the other person and both trusted the universe to make it work for them for they knew when one wanted something all the universe conspired to help that person achieve it.

That is what kept them going, in spite of being stabbed a couple of times. They knew the universe was in their favor, and things would eventually fall back into place.

Stabbed yet they didn’t perish, neither did the love they had for each other.

So they sent their love to the stars, wishing to keep it safe.

Sending their love, they smiled, a smile, no longer broken, but hopeful, they shall meet again.

- trustonlystars & DG

A collaboration by:

@trustonlystars & @fragments-of-my-mind

theperfectfart  asked:

What games are you into? What is your favorite genre of games? Specifically which one is your most favorite game to play and always come back to.

XD Thank you for the interesting Question Perfect…etc

Lately I’ve been playing a gross amount of South Park: Fractured But Whole, as I had an obsession with South Park: Stick of Truth before hand and South Park in general.

Mostly I enjoy weird games with involved but unusual stories; Things like: Binding of Issac, Silent Hill, LoZ: Majora’s Mask, Oddworld, Dark Souls, Dropsy, Fallout, The Secret World—

I guess I can describe my favorite games as Lynchian or Lovecraftian - and mostly I play atmospheric things.

My friend is sitting across from me, telling me about the future she and her boyfriend are planning together.  I want to tell her to run, to get out while she can to avoid the heartbreak, but then I remember that they aren’t us.
—  A text I’ll never send #3 // mistakenharmony
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