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Part 4 of ? of the “Art Trade (with capital letters)” (at this point I think that anyway we can say we kinda have a never ending art trade xD) with mah gurl @trashmuh ! ♥  
She requested more Xalender and Muhren interactions, I wanted to work on lights. Cantina time ! Muh wish it was a date I suppose.

Shout-Out To....

@chiisana-sukima for the excellent thought-processing going on in THIS post. [which I’m not re-blogging simply because of the - totally valid! - length & not everyone has the post-cruncher on their dash]

Special shout-out stars go to this right here, though:

Would that I could strip the heavens for more. Beautifully put, and a valid critique at that - I bristle when people call things like this “hate” or “wanky” or whatnot. It’s not a complaint - complainers offer no specifics as to what went wrong and what went right, nor do they posit ways the persons responsible can improve. You did all of those things [more back in the linked post, of course]. 

And I don’t know you, perhaps you’re salty in real life, but I found this critique seasoned with just the appropriate amount of snark. My senses don’t lie. I have incredible taste. Humbly.

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the signs as shit said at my school

Aquarius -
Person1: Why am I needed here then???
Person2: You aren’t, u just walked in here and started criticizing us….

Pisces -
These fireballs from behind are really fucking my wizard *talking about a game*

Aries -
Person1: How do you connect the subject to the first solution?
Person2: By adding conjunctives…?

Taurus - Vaseline is gay

Gemini - the big supermarket puts tomatoes in the vegetable section, therefor it is a vegetable.

Cancer -
Person1: *calling someone* Hey John
Person2: where are you seeing John ???

Leo - *While trying to practice for a debate, the instructors start messing with the mic’s and making animal noises*

Virgo - *isn’t allowed to use the toilets after 11pm at home*

Libra - U like porn?? Name 5 sites

Scorpio - Bc ur my meme daddy

Sagittarius - Dicks out for harambe is almost an idiom

Aquarius - I hate it when cars honk at me, I want you to hit me not hit on me

The Signs as Puppies

*In respect for national puppy day*


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  • Aries: Have a sparkle in their eyes whenever they talk about things they are passionate about.
  • Taurus: Notice the small and intricate details about everyone.
  • Gemini: Keep others interested in them because their actions and words are always so unpredictable.
  • Cancer: Want to believe that others to have similar thoughts and feelings as them.
  • Leo: Walk into a room and own it like no one else ever can or ever will.
  • Virgo: Always look like they have their life together, even if the weight of the world is crashing down on them.
  • Libra: Have great conversations with anyone, no matter how similar or different they are from the other person.
  • Scorpio: Put so much passion in to everything they do, but still underestimate their abilities.
  • Sagittarius: Refuse to lie about anything and never miss out on an opportunity to show smart they are.
  • Capricorn: Come across as rude, but are really chill and sweet once you get to know them.
  • Aquarius: Give great advice because they look at life logically and try not to involve temporary emotions in decision making.
  • Pisces: Use their face as a clear billboard for their emotions.

here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

Best available dance partners~

A pretty bittersweet event, emotions jump back and forth rapidly but its really stood out as one of my favourite moments in Bea’s timeline. 

I’ve had another ago at some NITW art and drew this lively scene that stuck in my head long after it had ended. There’s something about watching characters dance and express themselves through movement that opens up windows of personality. When I dance I hope to believe I can look anywhere near as good as Mae does!

  • Since I had to suffer, everyone else should too: Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Aries
  • I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did: Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo
The signs on Valentine’s day

Aries: no *rolls over and sleeps*

Taurus: has their best friend as their Valentine unironically and ironically 

Gemini: “oh baby I love you” “flowers! aww you shouldnt have!” *cringes*

Cancer: middle aged married couple who eat takeout at 11pm

Leo: secretly wishing cupid will shoot an actual arrow into their heart and fucking kill them

Virgo: *gets flowers from someone* *they were from mom* *thanks mom*

Libra: actually has a Valentine. cute af with little present exchange

Scorpio: alone again hahaha *tears* *eats a kisses*

Sagittarius: just waiting until the 15th for discount candy day

Capricorn: *wishing for a Valentine but accepts the fact they wont get one*

Aquarius: dresses up as a cupid and shoots plastic arrows at people

Pisces: prints out pages and pages of funny Valentine’s day cards