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For those of you who don’t know. “Poison” is Komaeda’s character’s song. It’s a bonus track for the Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Progressive Album. It was also used for the Island Mode in Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It can be found on YT with english subtitles.
I believe “Poison” is Komaeda’s song directly dedicated to Hinata. It also explains Komaeda’s feelings about what has to be done. There are subtle hints which showing he knew everything about Hinata’s “true identity”. It’s extraordinary how analazying it can lead to DR3/SDR2.5 hints! I wrote an interpretation after watching SDR2.5. That means all hints from OVA are included. For those of you who are interested, rest of the post is under “read more”.




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Bartimaeus, Kitty, and Nathaniel all getting their CREATIVE on~! 

Just an idea if the gang were to be attending @jonathanstroud ‘s upcoming event on creativity ~

Recycling Archetypes, Fairytales, and Master Plots: where all your Hollywood movies come from
It’s a cruel irony, Aaron Sorkin cannibalised his view on artistic “recycling” from T.S Eliot’s brutal reflection of creative realpolitick:

This is a great (slightly long) read that summarizes all of those basic story archetypes you hear about so much (and some that you’ve don’t). Examples of what it covers: 

Aristotle’s “Poetics”

  • Mimesis: forming a picture in the viewer’s mind 
  • Mythos: the plot, or message structure of the work.
  • Opsis: the physical and visual presentation of the drama.
  • Desis: the “tying” together of story elements that result in the end.
  • Anagnorisis: a discovery, or incident that sparks the story events.
  • Lusis: the “untying” of the story’s “mess” into a climax.
  • Katharsis: the audience’s emotional “purging” from experiencing the story.

The Three Appeals

  • Ethos: the credibility of a subject or author.
  • Pathos: the emotion (e.g. pity) of a subject.
  • Logos: the logical reasoning of a subject.

The 16 Master Archetypes

  • Osiris Saviour (good side) vs. Punisher (bad side)
  • Poseidon Artist (good side) vs. Abuser (bad side)
  • Zeus King (good side) vs. Dictator (bad side)
  • Hera Matriarch (good side) vs. Scorned Woman (bad side)
  • Isis Saviour (good side) vs. Destroyer (bad side)
  • Perisphere Innocent maiden (good side) vs. Troubled teen (bad side)

The Unspecified Abstract 7 Plots

  • [wo]man vs. Nature
  • [wo]man vs. [wo]man
  • [wo]man vs. the Environment

The 7 Basic Plots — Christopher Booker

Overcoming the Monster: The protagonist sets out to defeat an antagonistic force (often evil) which threatens the protagonist and/or protagonist’s homeland.

Rags to Riches: The poor protagonist acquires things such as power, wealth, and a mate, before losing it all and gaining it back upon growing as a person.

Tragedy: The protagonist is a villain who falls from grace and whose death is a happy ending.

The 20 Master Plots — Ronald Tobias

Quest: The hero searches for something, someone, or somewhere. In reality, they may be searching for themselves, with the outer journey mirrored internally. They may be joined by a companion, who takes care of minor detail and whose limitations contrast with the hero’s greater qualities.

Adventure: The protagonist goes on an adventure, much like a quest, but with less of a focus on the end goal or the personal development of hero hero. In the adventure, there is more action for action’s sake.

Pursuit: the focus is on chase, with one person chasing another (and perhaps with multiple and alternating chase). The pursued person may be often cornered and somehow escape, so that the pursuit can continue. Depending on the story, the pursued person may be caught or may escape.

The 36 Dramatic Situations — Carlo Gozzi/Georges Polti

  • Deliverance
  • Crime pursued by vengeance
  • Vengeance taken for kindred upon kindred
  • Mistaken jealousy
  • Conflict with a god
  • Rivalry of superior and inferior

Admiral Raddus and Admiral Ackbar are probably both such brilliant space tacticians because they are Mon Calamari. This is not because they have large brains or heightened intelligence, but because they have spent their lives in an aquatic environment, which means they instinctively think in three dimensions when plotting a battle strategy.

They have their moments

The cockpit was dark, the indicators and displays lending a soft glow to their faces, the engines almost completely still as the ship clung to the side of the Star Destroyer. When they spoke, it was in quiet tones, as if worried that the Empire would hear their words.

If not for the gold-plated protocol droid slumped over in the seat next to Lela, the Wookiee waiting at the landing claw, the mass of Imperial ships ruthlessly hunting them, and the blasted broken hyperdrive, it would almost be romantic out here among the stars. It’s too bad, Han thought, trying to shake off those thoughts. We just ran out of time.

Leia pulled up next to him. “What did you have in mind for your next move?” she asked quietly, her voice surprisingly gentle, considering the mess they’d just been in. And hadn’t quite escaped yet.

Han kept looking straight ahead, but he could feel Leia’s eyes on him as he explained Imperial procedure and the pre-hyperspace garbage dump. He could smell a faint hint of the shampoo she used, the bottle he’d brought back on a supply run once because it had the same name as that Alderaanian flower that was so rare now. Arallute, that was it. He breathed a little deeper to smell it again.

“So we just float away,” he explained.

“With the rest of the garbage.” There was no trace of rancor or derision in her voice now; even her dig at his ship was obviously meant to be a gentle tease rather than an insult. “And then what?”

Ain’t that the million-credit question. Han knew what probably had to happen between them now: nothing. Or, nothing more than what had already happened, though he refused to regret kissing her in the circuitry bay.  

For now, he had more practical concerns. “Then we have to find a safe port somewhere around here. Any ideas?”

She leaned closer, and they both peered at the navigation screen, scanning nearby systems for one that would work. We make a pretty good team when we’re not at each other’s throats, Han thought, enjoying their closeness.

Then he saw Bespin on the map, and remembered his old friend. “Card player, gambler, scoundrel. You’d like him,” he told Leia, and was she blushing when he said that? “It’s a long way, but I think we can make it.”

Then it was time for Chewie to release the landing claw, and soon they were adrift in the garbage, the Imperial ships disappearing into hyperspace one by one.

“You have your moments,” Leia admitted, leaning down to place a kiss on his cheek. Her lips were soft, and he could smell her arallute shampoo again. “Not many, but you do have them.”

Han looked ahead as he steered them from the garbage, but his thoughts remained on Leia. It would take a long time to get where they were going. Maybe they weren’t out of time yet.

It’s a long way, but I think we can make it.

“USS Chicago (CA-29) off Guadalcanal the day after the action, showing crewmen cutting away damaged plating to enable the ship to get underway. She had been torpedoed at her extreme bow during the night action of 9 August 1942. View looks forward along her port side, with # 1 eight-inch gun turret in the upper right. Note life rafts hung on the turret side and destroyers in the distance.” 

(NHHC: 80-G-34685)

So it begins...

It had just been a bad mission, all around. Pilots tending to be at least a mildly superstitious lot, Biggs is hoping this isn’t an omen for the rest of his time with the Alliance. Of course, he’d done well enough, all of Red Squadron had. Garven Dreis made sure to let them all know that, that none of the blame for the failed mission is theirs, at all. Didn’t mean they aren’t all sitting around getting drunk now, feeling half-sorry for themselves.

Biggs maybe more than the others, because, well, he’s not even sure where he fits in with the squadron yet, despite having obviously made the grade skill wise. Some of the others seem wary of ex-Imps and he can’t blame them, and the rest of them… well, they’ve had more time to become a functional, polished unit. Integrating newcomers is always as hard as it is necessary in their line of work. 

Which, he tells himself, is why he’s sitting off to the side, nursing a fourth (or was it fifth?) shot of Corellian whiskey and feeling a bit lonely instead of diving right in, the way he usually would. unbelievably, he’s finding himself feeling a little homesick, even, something he’d managed to keep at bay during his time at the Imperial Academy. Then again, at the Academy he’d known where he was going to be, had been able to tell his family, his friends…


Oh, just be honest with yourself, Darklighter. You miss Luke and you’re pretty sure now that you’re never going to get to see him again. His aunt and uncle are good people, but they’re never going to let him off that rock and they’re way too good at making him feel too guilty to leave. He slams the shot, pours another when the bottle comes back around. Besides, you don’t even know if he felt that way about you. Chances are, where you both grew up, the way things were there? He’d have been disgusted if he’d ever learned.

Wedge is in the center of a rowdy bunch of pilots, loud and getting louder. They make up the core of Red Squadron, all seasoned veterans, all survivors of numerous missions–good ones and bad ones. It’s not a clique, precisely, but they are clearly a cohesive unit unto themselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Wedge doesn’t keep an eye out for the newcomers. It’s not just because he’s got a good heart, although he does. But the sooner they can get the new guys pulled in, the sooner unit morale improves, and the sooner they’re back to being a stronger unit. Plus, with so many ex-Imps, it’s just common sense to make sure that all of them are who they say they are, and all of them are as loyal to their new cause as they should be.

When he sees one of the new recruits–what’s his name, from the Outer Rim, Darklighter, that’s it–sitting by himself and drinking like it’s his job, his trouble sense goes off. Novice Alliance pilots like that are either missing something they can’t have, or dealing with being in combat for the first time (which can’t be the case here, not for a former TIE pilot), or questioning their decision to sign up for a maybe-lost cause. Wedge hasn’t missed the way Darklighter sometimes eyes the other pilots, male and female alike, but he’s never made any overtures to anyone, not that Wedge has heard of. Could be there’s somebody back home, could be that–oh hell, if he’s from the Outer Rim, it could be a cultural thing. Darklighter ends up looking like a kid staring through transparisteel at a treat he can’t have.

In any case, he looks like he needs somebody to drink with, if nothing else. Wedge slips away from the others and settles in beside Biggs. “You know, you were pretty damned good out there, especially for somebody who went through the ‘TIE Pilot Can’t Hit The Broad Side of a Star Destroyer’ school of flight instruction.” His grin is friendly and teasing, and he offers to pour another shot into his glass.

Lost in his own thoughts of home and Luke, Biggs actually jumps a little when Wedge settles in next to him. He clearly wasn’t expecting company, whatever it was he’s been thinking about. He nods to the offer of another shot though; maybe enough alcohol can dull this weird longing he has for a place he doesn’t belong to anymore and a person he probably never did belong to.

“Ah, thanks. I think.” He manages something close to his usual cheeky grin, and no one really knows him well enough here to see the bits of it that are missing. A gulp of whiskey to fortify himself, and Biggs shrugs. “I flew with Fel’s Unit. We were…” No, no, don’t go on about being elite, you’re just going to sound like an Imperial asshole. “…we were encouraged to actually learn how to fly and shoot, rather than just being run through the program as disposable targets, I guess.”

Wedge whistles. “Soontir Fel? That explains a lot.” He raises his glass to Biggs, with something like respect showing on his face. Clearly, he doesn’t think Biggs is an asshole. “I’ve heard stories. You know, there’s actually a good chance that you and I have flown against each other a time or two before.” He sprawls lazily in his seat, and can’t resist throwing out a test of sorts, just to see what happens. His dark eyes drift over Biggs slowly and deliberately and he smiles. “His loss is our gain. I’m glad you’re on our side now.”

Ever since @starfightercommand introduced me to the idea of Wedge and Biggs as a couple, it’s been eating our collective brains, and after a lot of thinking about ways to drag the rest of you into this, we decided a blog was a good way to start. 

We’re hoping, in addition to reblogs of stuff, to share some original art, RP logs, headcanons, fic, and oh yes: ask Wedge and Biggs. (Please ask them things. It may be the only way to keep them out of trouble.) Oh yes, and speaking of trouble: there’s likely to be smut. Lots of it.

Star Wars is a fandom where it’s easy to get lost in rarepair hell. Come join us in ours, won’t you?


Wicked Game

Word Total: 2117

Pairing:  General Hux x Reader

Warning: Smut in the end… so yeah

Notes: I have to write it with a straight face, that’s why is so weird….


Y/N smirked as General Hux turned his head to scowl at her, a severe façade adorned his face. Intentionally, her finger slowly ran up his hand. His skin was soft at the tip of her finger. She winked at him and marched out of the desolated black hall.

It was a wicked game, everything time she saw General Hux; she “unintentionally” touch him. She was entitled to have fun, being a Knight of Ren had its perks but it was getting to the point everything seemed tedious and repetitive.

Pissing off, the General of the Destroyer was more fun. Killing people, inducing chaos wasn’t amusing anymore. This was far more rewarding than being praised by the Supreme Leader Snoke himself. Why could she say? She like playing with fire.

Y/N walked through the Destroyer. It was one of her leisure days, Kylo Ren was somewhere destroying another room in the Destroyer; it was one of those days that she felt something inside him. Something shining in his darkness. Anywho, she had nothing to do for the day; his tantrums made her free for a least three days, her master hid in that shrine of his; which she wasn’t allowed to enter.

She shrugged it was none of her business, what her master did in his “meditation” days. Something or rather someone else was in her mind.

“Looking for the General, Y/N” She looked up to see Captain Phasma carefully holding her blaster in front of her. Y/N shook her head, the Captain was scary and that’s why she never bother to play pranks on the tall Captain of the First Order. She rather made fun of a Wookie. And she seemed to carry that blaster anywhere she went…

“No…”  She shrugged her shoulders “Why would I? Master Ren, is unavailable for the moment. So…” Y/N thoughtfully added pointing at the direction of the distinctive sounds of a lightsaber crashing against metal.  “Maybe you need report to the Ge—“

“I have important matters to attend, you’ll report to him” Captain Phasma commanded taking a turn and walking the opposite direction from the sounds.

“Yes, ma'am” Y/N shouted at the tall Captain. Everyone in the Destroyer seem busy, she scoffed; nobody wanted to deal with the pettiness or wrath of Kylo Ren.  “Let the pet do all” she growled taking a sharp turn out of the command center.

Y/N walked to the other side of the Destroyer, she closed her eyes and feel if he was anywhere close by. A smirk appeared on her face. Just him. She raised her hand about to knock when… behind the doors… a very disturbing sound reached her ears.

Was that a moan?

She shook her head, maybe she was heari—


Her eyes widen like plates, she took a few steps back. General Hux was moaning her name.

Y/N tilted her head, maybe this was a training room she never knew about. Maybe he was beating the shit out of a mannequin, yeah… “What are you doing here? You’re off limits, L/N”

Y/N jumped back and glared at the Stormtrooper. “This are the General’s private chambers”

“Really? I didn’t know… Just tell him that Master Ren is destroying the ship again” Y/N said with a small smile as she slowly back away slowly. A strange hot sensation ran up her neck and spread through her cheeks. She quickly made her down to a desolated hall. She put a hand over her chest, her heartbeat had erratically risen. Did the Gener— No, yes he was a human male with bodily necessities… but with her.

“Maybe if— Using the force for that, but…. No” Y/N paced around the desolated hall, trying to come to rational conclusions. “I admit, he’s cu— no Y/N, you’re a damn Knight of Ren, heartless, merci—“

“Talking to yourself again?”

FN-2187 stood behind her. “I was giving myself a pep talk, are you looking for Captain Phasma?”

“No, she was looking for you. She said to inform you that you need to clean your Master’s doings and then report them to the General” The Stormtrooper stated, Y/N scoffed, of course, she was the maid in this damn Destroyer. “I could he—“

“Don’t worry, I can handle it,” Y/N said with a small smile and went to the direction of the destroyed room.

“Why don’t I go clean the communal showers too?” She growled and all the pieces of metal went flying everywhere. “Stupid First Order, they shall call it I Order you Around” Y/N moved her hands to move the pieces of metal and cable into a neat pile of trash. At least, she knew how to use to the force in that perspective.

It was already late, the halls were deserted and her footsteps echoed against the metal black walls. She found herself in front of the General´s private chambers. The doors were opened, she shrugged her shoulders and one…

There in all his glory was General Hux doing some pushups. Her mouth opened, his pale skin glistened with sweat. “I—“The General quickly stood up and glared at Y/N. “You’re and Kylo Ren, don’t understand the concept of knocking”

“What can I say? The students follow the teacher’s philosophy” Y/N said trying to look anywhere but his defined pectorals. How can a man so thin be so marked? “Since I like to go and take a break, here is the report, now can I go? Or do I have to clean the communal dining room”

“That would be a good idea, for your incompetence” The General stated taking a few steps towards her, but Y/N took a few steps back. A foreign sensation formed in the pit of her belly. A hot sensation settled in her chest.

“Is so hot in here” Y/N commented, she never understood the usage of black clothing. It enclosed the heat so fast. Her eyes locked with the General’s, something inside her ignited her desire for the General. She quickly took a sharp turn. “I need to go” She quickly stated and quickly took an escapade out of the door. She wasn’t allowed to have any contact with the human, sexual intercourse was forbidden.

“I am not finished”

A cold hand settled on her wrist. “General Hux, I—“She gritted her teeth, a strong persuasive impulse wanted her to turn around and kiss him. “Need to go” she looked over her shoulder and saw him. She found herself at the level of his heart, why everyone in charge was so tall? Y/N licked her lips instinctively. “Stupid rules”

Y/N turned around and raised her hand taking the General’s neck and meet his lips into a harsh kiss. She had done this a lot of times when she was younger, but nothing could compare to this. His lips were cold against her warm ones. His hands settled on her waist pushing her against his lithe body. Her palms settled of his chest. His heart erratically beat against them.

They separated for air, Y/N was breathless and her lips felt swollen. “That wa—“ She felt so light headed.

His cold lips attached to hers again, now more demanding. He bit her lips, she moaned as he squeezed her ass softly. Something hard was poking her stomach. And it wasn’t a gun she was sure. Her hand lowered and ran a finger through his clothed member. “What?” She dreamily asked as the General looked down at her.

Without a response, the General took her by her waist, instinctively her legs wrapped against his waist. She let out a breathy moan as his member hit her warm core. “We shouldn’t” he breathed in her ear.

“Nobody has to know about it” Y/N smirked licking the outer shell of his ear. She hit the mattress with force. “Should we keep it a secret?” She inquired as she seductively removed the upper part of her outfit, showing some of her cleavege.

General Hux growled and pounced of her quickly removing the top layer of her outfit. “I am not a very patient man” the General smirked down at her as he slowly removed the rest of her clothing.

“I can see that” Y/N smirked flipping him, she sat with her knees in each of his sides. “Now, General let’s get started shall we”

General Hux tried to get up but an invisible force maintained him against his bed. “Sir you shouldn’t be so impatient, patience is a virtue that is well rewarded” She whispered in his ear and slowly kissed down his neck down chest to where his pants started. Y/N locked eyes with him as she slowly removed the clothing from his lower regions. Her fingers made a trail from his thigh to where his cock; his member twitched at the contact of her hand.

The General let out a groan, Y/N stood up and quickly removed the rest of her clothing. He tried to raise his hand to touch her but a force suddenly was over his hand. “Patience” Y/N reminded him and lay on her knees in front of him.

“For the…” Y/N took his cock in her hand and slowly stroke it, her thumb smeared the precum around his cock for frictionless strokes.

“What are you…?” She had stopped stroking his cock.

Y/N smirked and raised her arm. General Hux felt the invisible restraints disappeared. “You´re insufferable”

“I am, no—“She was flipped on her back. “Oh shit”

She almost had a heart attack watching the General between her legs. Her hands gripped the black satin sheets below her. This was something she had never experienced in her life. Her body was made into jelly, as the General bit, kiss and licked her core. “You taste it better than I imagine”

“Oh… fuck” They were no coherent thoughts in her brain, she could only feel the ecstasy her body experience. Fuck the First Order and everything… this was the best thing that had happened in her miserable life. “Faster…” She bucked her hips against the General´s face that quickly took matters into his hands. His put his arm in her lower stomach to prevent her from moving.

“Patience,” General Hux said in a mocking tone.

Her body started to feel hot, something was building in her lower belly. She tried to close her legs for friction but the General hold her legs apart. She bit her lips trying not to moan, but the ministrations of his tongue on her core were making impossible. “I think I—“ She saw white and a strange ringing noise in her ear wake up from her stupor. “That was” she was panting, Y/N noticed her body was sweating along with his. He lay beside her trying to regain his breathing too.

Y/N felt his lips on her neck. Another wave of desire ran through her, she never knew that the human body was so fragile. Her hand immediately lower and started to stroke him again. “We need to stop,” The General said between labored breaths.

“No, I need you inside me” Y/N muffled her moaned in his neck. A tingling sensation was still present in her core.

General Hux was above her looking at her. “If that’s what you wish” He commented, he aligned his cock to her entrance; he contain himself not to take her right there and fuck her mercilessly.

Y/N couldn’t breathe as he slowly entered her. She closed her eyes waiting for the pain to her lower body subsided. It was being replaced by pleasure. “Move” She opened her eyes looking up at the General.

General Hux started to move slowly. “You’re so tight and wet”

Y/N opened her legs wider to let the General entered her further. She moaned wantonly as he hit something inside her. “Right there, oh yes, fuck” Her orgasm started to build faster than before. Y/N put her hands around his neck and kissed him, as he entered her faster and faster.

She played with his auburn hair, Y/N hanged on life to him; as General Hux kissed her neck. The sensations were stronger than before. All her body trembled with ecstasy. His rhythm started to falter. An intense way of pleasure hit her body, she felt something wet running down her buttocks to her back.

“Where were you?”

Y/N stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder. Kylo Ren stood behind her. A smile was on her face that quickly faltered into a frown. “Nowhere”

“Such a coincidence that you and the General were missing for hours”

Y/N just shrugged her shoulders. “Master Ren, I hate then man I as much as you do” that was a very blatant lie.

She was in love with the man.

For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU): Part 6

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!  

My latest installment in the For a Lost Daughter (Adult Faith AU) story is below

This is the last installment of Section Two, and brings us current on the major pieces of backstory of how the characters got to this point. Subsequent installments will pick up with what the characters will do from here on out to find one another. 


Note: this story takes place in an AU where an adult Faith comes back into Jamie and Claire’s lives around the time of Voyager.

General spoiler alerts for Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Space Between, and more. 

Catch up on the story so far

SECTION ONE: Daughter : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

SECTION TWO: Fae: Part 4 Part 5

Part 6 begins below the break. 

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Coming apart.


“Stay together. Enemy destroyers port side.” The flagship called out as she sped along the surface of the water. this was the third sighting today, definitely a lot of enemy activity around and so she though it best for them to avoid engagements and report the increase to base. Radio silence had been viewed as key to getting out too, but now they had been spotted.

“Aircraft too, they’ve found us…” They shifted formation into a line.

“Doesn’t look like we’ll get out of here without a fight. Stay together and fire as soon as the enemy get in range, I’ll shift course randomly to defend against torpedoes so stay wth me.”

“Yes Calcutta, Hero, Diamond, are you ready?”

While the world is searching for the first LGBT+ character to join the MCU, let me throw out my support for Brian Falsworth, aka Union Jack.

Brian Falsworth and his boyfriend, Roger Aubrey (who took up Brian’s previous mantle of the Destroyer) fought side by side in WWII, making them, chronologically, the first homosexual relationship in Marvel comics. They even more were unique for their time, being portrayed as strong, independent super soldiers in a time when homosexuality was predominantly being displayed as a weak, unmasculine thing.

Union Jack’s legacy is continued in the form of Joey Chapman, the son of a dock worker, who was important for being the first non-noble to take up the role of Union Jack. He showed that anyone can work their way up to the level of lords, and did the job better than the next noble in line. 

Brian’s father, Montgomery Falsworth made a brief cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger as a part of the Howling Commandos, and the name Destroyer was used for the metal man Loki uses to attack Thor in his film. Although I do not expect Union Jack to reappear in the MCU, I like to try to spread his history whenever I can, as he is an important comic book hero who is too easily forgotten. 💙