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for anon who is dysphoric about their height. i’m stuck at just below 5’3 and i wear Doc Marten shoes. they’re pretty expensive, but their boots usually have at least 1-2 inch soles and make you just a little bit taller. they’re also super androgynous!! i’m also a fan of demonia’s creeper style shoe. they’re, in my opinion, are very masculine and they have a wide variety of height on their most popular platform style. hope this helps!!


Andrew Allen has a brand new part in the new Hockey III promo & him the masked marauders are hopping on a cross country tour starting tomorrow at NJ Skateshop in Hoboken followed by 

@Upriseskateshop in Chicago on 10/25
@subsectskateshop-blog n Des Moines on 10/28
then @Escapistskate in Kansas City on 10/30