a shoe for a shoe

We have customers for years now use our Luxury Shoes Care Service. The great advantage of this is that after a long time Dandy Shoe Care know very well the tastes and needs of the customer. This help to achieve a color that characterizes the personality of the client.

Like this Patina “Roberto”. A color created by Alexander Nurulaeff especially for our historical client and friend of mine: Mr.R.V.

anonymous asked:

dude, if you regularly come up with stories for your sims as captivating as finding marley, you should legit start thinking about becoming a writer or something

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This is a lovely ask, wow! I’m so happy that you think my story is captivating!  😊 And yes, I do sometimes think about writing as a career, but ultimately, I don’t think I have the talent, or the patience or tenacity to be a writer 😞 I’m actually a Ancient History major, but I do like to write in my spare time!! I guess I’ll just have to see where life takes me 💖