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Relationships: Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison/Reaper | Gabriel Reyes

Characters: Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison, Reaper | Gabriel Reyes

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It snows in Gibraltar, causing Gabriel to have some magical changes and causing Jack to feel very cold.

They decide to warm up.

In the only way they know how - bad jokes, lots of swearing in English and Spanish, a ton of blankets, and some “fun.”

(…you can’t see it but I’m winking)

(…also, I’m sorry for the Spanish in advance)

honestly, despite the shortness of the sequence, the scene in which clarke screams “it’s lexa!” in 3x11 is such a stand out moment to me. it’s her reaction that sends shivers down my spine and the way she reminds the audience how much of a presence lexa has had in her life (esp in s3), that you finally get some better inside of how terrible that loss is, and how attached she’s to it.

it’s amazing how the scene is not necessarily part of the bigger arc in that episode, because that way the effect of her outburst is even more chilling and creates a stand-still. like, it’s just not predictable and therefore really strong.

i mean, compare that reaction to how she handled herself in 3x09 it’s quite a difference. her scene with murphy, for example, went like this

she denied herself the personal connection to what happened, because her people are her priority, which is why she tried so hard to make aden win, and then stole the flame after ontari killed all nightblood children in their sleep.

but when you look at 3x11 her outburst has little to no connection to the people around her, and is attached to her personal feelings, because she believes that a part of lexa is still existent in the artifact, like titus told her back in 3x09.

i dont know. people are not big fans of clarke grieving, but i felt that this was actually very very necessary and i am glad that kim shumway gave her this.


Summary: You have a fever and Shawn takes care of you. Tons of cute, caring, kind Shawn. 



You wake up feeling cold, so cold that you’re almost shivering. Your head hurts and despite the fact that you slept all night, you feel like you haven’t slept in days. You look over to your boyfriend to see that he’s still fast asleep. Lifting his arm, you scoot closer to him, hoping to steal some of his warmth, but it doesn’t help. You still feel cold.

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Marinette teaches art/ home ec wearing her cute homemade outfits and is her sweet self, but when she teaches gym, she's in black and red yoga pants and form fitting shirts, competing against her students ruthlessly and smirking at their cries of pain.

Home ec Marinette: If your toothpick comes out clean, that means your cupcakes are done! *bright smile*
Home ec students: *sparkly eyes*

Gym Marinette: *sees a kid get beaned in the face by a volleyball* Walk it off, Pierre.
Gym students: *shivering*

Health Marinette: *deadpan* Genital warts is no laughing matter.
Health students: *too scared to laugh*


Pairing : Draco x Hermione
Words : 1,341
For : slytherdornet’s new beginnings challenge

The Malfoys are missing for months after the war. Aurors are searching for them, they’re on every wanted list, there’s a hefty bounty on all three of them, and there are posters everywhere.

So Hermione is more than a little shocked when Draco shows up at her doorstep late one rainy night in October. A bit dazed, she lets him in but looks to her fireplace and thinks about calling Harry. But when she looks at him and sees that he’s soaked to the bone and shivering and bleeding she realizes that it may not be the right move.

“You have to help me, Granger!” he pleads, his eyes wild with panic and fear and she’s genuinely a little frightened of what’s happened to him. “I don’t know where else to go, please.” So she tells him to calm down and sets a drying charm to him, then grabs the blanket out of the basket under an end table, leads him around to the sofa, and goes to puts the kettle on. She watches him as she fixes the tea; he’s tense and scared and running his hands through his hair and his leg won’t stop bouncing.

“Milk?” she asks when the tea is ready and he actually jumps a little before shaking his head.

“Sugar,” he replies, his voice cracking. Hermione brings the tea to the living room and he takes his and wraps his hands around the mug but doesn’t drink. She sits and waits and watches - but he doesn’t say anything, he just bounces his leg and stares at the floor. She takes in a breath and, just like she would have with any other person sitting in her living room in such an abnormal state, reaches a hand out and places it on his knee.

His leg freezes and she can see the goosebumps form on his arm as his head snaps in her direction and she almost pulls back. Instead her resolve hardens and she puts a little more pressure in her hand. “Tell me what happened,” she instructs, because she knows that what’s going to happen won’t matter if she doesn’t know what’s already happened. He sips his tea and she can see that his lip is quivering, but whether from the cold or something else, she’s not entirely sure

“They found us,” he finally says, his voice cracking.

Her brow furrows in confusion. “Aurors?” she asks, and then catches just how naive she sounds and she looks on in horror as he shakes his head and tears finally start rolling off of his cheeks and into his cup.

“D-death eaters,” he says with a sniff. She takes his tea from him and puts it on the table when she sees his forehead crease and his mouth pull into an ugly line across his face. He tries to keep it together but a sob escapes anyway. “My mother… they - they-” but he can’t say it, and his hands come to his face as his shoulders start to convulse.

Hermione moves her hand but it’s only to wrap her arm around him and pull him closer and she just holds onto him while he cries into her shoulder. She’s at a total loss and has trouble thinking of her next move for longer than she’d care to admit but it’s really hard to think with a sobbing mess of a boy who’s just lost his mother clinging to you for dear life.

After what seems like hours, his sobs subside and he’s just breathing, big breath in, shaky breath out, and eventually he pulls away. His face is wet and red and his hair is going in every direction and he’s apologizing over and over himself.

“You’re sleeping here tonight,” she says, getting up and heading towards her hall closet to fetch some pillows.

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Haven’t Been Sleeping

Request: No request I’m just salty so here’s sad lil Remus :)

Words: 795

So I know I said I’d be getting James Sirius up, but today was busier than I thought it would be so I finished this up really quickly to get something up for you guys :) I hope you like it xx

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She woke up suddenly, shivering when she moved her legs to a colder, untouched side of the bed. Her eyes remained closed as she reached her hand out, searching for him to make sure he was still there, still alive - but touching no warm body. She frowned, opening her eyes and letting them adjust to the dark as she searched their bedroom for him, and seeing nothing. She sighed, biting her lip in an attempt to keep the tears at bay; how could she have fallen asleep at a time like this? He needed her now more than ever, and she’d dozed off like a child. Cursing under her breath, she threw the covers off and swung her legs over the side of the bed, standing up and walking out of the room. She wished momentarily that she was wearing something other than just his shirt, but the thought slipped from her mind when 

She found Remus in the living room of their shared flat, a fire lit, him sitting on the couch with an unopened book in his lap. He stared at nothing as he ran his fingers up and down the spine of the book, his eyes glassy. She leaned against the door frame, unnoticed by him, watching him with a broken heart. After a moment, she stepped into the room, and he looked up at her, a sad smile playing on his features. “Hey love, why didn’ you wake me up?” she asked gingerly, kneeling in front of him. He shrugged, setting the book on the arm of the couch. “You haven’t been sleeping,” he mumbled, leaning down to press a short kiss to her lips. She shook her head, biting her lip as she crawled onto the couch with him, sitting next to him and taking his hands in hers. “Remus, love, we’re in this together,” her voice cracked, and she took a deep breath. She ran her thumb over his rough hands, tracing scars from his transformations; leaning her head on his shoulder, she took another deep breath. “I miss them too, baby. I miss them just as much as you.”

She looked up when she felt tears hit her shoulder, realizing that they were coming from him. “Remus, baby, please don’t cry,” she choked, sitting up and placing a kiss to his forehead as she took his face in her hands. He began to sob, reaching up to cover his face with his shirt. “Baby, baby, stop, look at me. Please m’sweet boy, look at me,” she begged, holding onto his wrists, tears threatening to spill from her own eyes. “Remus, you’re okay. Baby, please look at me, you’re safe.” He pulled his face from his shirt, leaning forward to bury hi face into the crook of her neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She reached up, stroking his hair as she pressed a kiss to his temple. “Shh, Remus, baby. You’re okay, we’re okay,” her voice was high pitched, tears falling freely down her cheeks as she tried with everything in her to give him some reassurance. He sat up, wiping furiously at his face, still sobbing uncontrollably. “James would kill me if he knew I was crying,” he yelled, grabbing his head. “Every one of them would have something to say about this!” He was yelling, hitting his head with each word. She grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands away from his face. “Remus, please listen to me,” she cried, tugging his arms gently to get his attention. He looked up at her, biting his lip to keep his sobs quiet as he continued to cry.

 “Love, you know there’s nothing you can do to get them back. Dumbledore wouldn’t give us Harry, we can’t clean out their house, even their bloody cat is off limits to us,” she began, letting go of his hands to reach up and hold his wet, red face. “But we have memories, and pictures, and Merlin knows plenty of stories to remember them by.” She took a shuddery breath,closing her eyes to block new tear from forming. “We’re allowed to miss them, baby. We just aren’t allowed to wonder why them.” Remus shook his head, more sobs racking his body. “It hurts so much, Y/N,” he mumbled, looking up at her through his tears. “Make it stop hurting.” She shook her head, looking down at her hands. “It’ll never stop hurting, Re. You know that,” she muttered, her voice cracking as she looked back up at him. “But we’ll be happy again. We always are.” She forced a smile, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his middle, burying her face in his shirt. Tentatively, he ran his hands up and down her back, pulling her closer to him and nuzzling his face in her hair.

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Oh, your prompts are open. I just had this Ironhawk idea. So, Clint and Tony are an item for a while and they decide to go public with it. And just like that, everyone belives, the only reason why Clint is with Tony is because of his money. Everyone thinks, because he's an orphan and circus kid, and because he walks around in shabby clothes all the time, Clint is broke. But he's not. He's in fact loaded, he just doesn't show it... and not even Tony knows about it. Time for Clint to come clean...

Clint squinted as he jabbed his pinkie in his left ear and pulled out earwax. He grumbled as he reached out to Tony’s spot on the bed, even though he knew it would be devoid of the warm body he currently wanted to cuddle. He shivered and wrapped one of the blankets from the bed around his bare torso. He sifted through the nightstand for his hearing aids and put them in. He grimaced as the world got louder and the sounds he’d heard before became more distinct. He waited for himself to adjust then shuffled out of bed and toward the living room. 

“I get it, and I did mentally prepare myself for this, Honeybear, and Clint did too, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Tony, fully dressed in a business suit and already wearing one of his ridiculous pairs of shades paced the living room with a tablet in his hand and a hologram projection of Rhodey’s face in front of him.

“Just remember, the media did this with you and me when we were in MIT, and they did it with you and Pepper too. It’s going to be fine.”

Tony scoffed. “Of course it’s going to be. That doesn’t make it less annoying.” Tony flicked his finger across the screen of his tablet and suddenly a hologram of the front page of a magazine floated in front of Tony.

There was a picture of Clint and the headline blazed Avenger a Gold Digger?

Clint scoffed and lounged against the doorframe. Really? The media obviously hadn’t done their research if that was their headline. Then again, it was a gossip magazine. Such headlines were how they made their money.

“I mean look at this!” Tony waved his hand at the headline.

“We’ve both seen worse, Tony,” Rhodey deadpanned.

“I know, but just wait a moment, because first it was that headline, but then…” Tony tapped something on his tablet and the projected front page of a magazine changed into a different one that featured a picture of all of the Avengers. Printed across the page was: Avengers so Poor They Sell Themselves to Tony Stark?

The second headline caused something in Clint to snap like a bowstring. For weeks, Tony and him had discussed if they should go public with their relationship, and one of the things that had stopped them for so long was the fear of how it would affect the team if they let the world know they were a couple. Everyone on the Avengers had supported them though.

To see the media going after his friends and family put a bad taste in Clint’s mouth.

Clint pushed himself off the doorframe and trudged over to Tony. “Someone want pizza for breakfast?” Clint asked as he wrapped his arms around Tony’s shoulders and pressed a kiss to the back of Tony’s neck.

Tony stiffened for a second then relaxed at the contact. “You’re not allowed to use your ninja skills at home.”

“He’s been standing there ever since you brought up the first magazine,” Rhodey’s hologram pointed out.

“And you didn’t tell me?” Tony feigned hurt.

Rhodey rolled his eyes. “You were too busy panicking.”

“I do not panic.”

Clint and Rhodey huffed unison.

“I don’t,” Tony said.

“I’ll let you take care of him,” Rhodey aimed at Clint. “Good luck.”  Rhodey ended the call and his hologram disappeared.

Clint shook his head and kissed Tony on the cheek before unwrapping his arm from Tony’s shoulders. “I’ll make more coffee, then we can figure out what we want to do about the press. I don’t care what they say about me, but the Avengers is a different matter. Not just because they’re our friends, but the Avengers represent something to people too. Implying that everyone on the team is prostituting themselves to you goes from gossip to slander.”

“I’ve already contacted a few lawyers to get a cease and desist for now, but I’ve also been conferring with PR, and one of the concerns is that by responding legally, it may add more fuel to the stories. While some of the smaller magazines will be scared off by the threat of legal action the companies who are larger and are used to threats are more likely to hold their ground. They’ll also point out that the article questions and theorizes that the Avengers may be doing favors for me in return for money, but that it doesn’t state that is what is actually happening, and therefore they have nothing to retract and that I’m trying to stop the freedom of the press.”

Clint nodded along as he went into the kitchen and poured himself the last of the coffee in the pot and then brewed a new pot. He sipped his coffee and returned to Tony. “So you do anything and it looks like you’re some ogre trying to stop the first amendment, or at least the bigger media outlets will spin it that way.”

Clint gave a thoughtful pause. “What if I threaten legal action?”

Tony stopped in the middle of typing something on his tablet. He seized Clint up for a moment then shook his head. “An interesting thought, but I don’t think they’ll take you as seriously. Plus, they’ll still know I’m the one funding any legal action, so they can still-”

“I can pay,” Clint stated.

Tony’s brow furrowed. “… I know SHIELD paid well, but I don’t think-”

“Nah, Tony.” Clint drank a mouthful of coffee and enjoyed the bitter taste as he mentally braced himself for Tony’s reaction to what he was about to reveal. “I got money, Tony. A lot. Like… I can actually pay you for all of the weapons and gear and you’ve given me over the years and not break a sweat.”

Tony’s eyes skimmed over Clint, his frown deepening. “Prove it.”

Clint rolled his eyes and held out his hand for Tony’s tablet. “I’ll show you one of my bank accounts.”

Tablet relinquished the tablet. He bit the inside of his cheek as Clint went to his bank’s website and logged in. “So if you really are rich, how did you get your money and why am I only learning this about you now?”

Clint shrugged and finished pulling up his account. “You never asked, and all the stuff I like is cheap. Well, except cool cars and bows and arrows. Oh, and I guess my dream pizza isn’t too cheap either, but for a billionaire it’s cheap.” Clint passed the tablet to Tony and grinned as Tony’s eyes widened to the size of tea saucers.

“As for how I got the money, I invested in a lot of things. A lot of start up pizza companies and coffee shops. Oh and I had this apartment complex I bought years ago and fixed up, and now it’s a chain, which is weird, but cool.”

Tony gaped at the tablet screen.

Clint cocked his head to the side. “Something wrong?”

“Nothing, but… this is one account, right? So you have more?”

Clint nodded.

“Clint, I think you might be my Sugar Daddy,” Tony stated very seriously.

Clint laughed.

Tony remained very serious looking.

Clint stopped laughing. Concern gnawed his gut. He took a step toward Tony and touched his shoulder. Clint was relieved when Tony didn’t pull away from him. “I’m sorry for not telling you, Tones. As I said, the things I like tend to be cheap, and fancy stuff just turns me off most of the time–it’s why I was so surprised when we clicked. But, I mean, that’s not the point. You know what it’s like dating when people know you have money; there is a certain expectation. Maybe not to buy everything, but to splurge and go on extra fancy dates with them, and spoil them on occasion. So I just stopped telling people–even you. I’ve been thinking about telling you for some time though, but how do you tell someone you’ve been dating for months that you’re secretly rich? I’ve never had to do it before because most of my dates broke up with me before then.”

There was a moment of silence. Tony had stopped gaping. He had one hand to his mouth as he mulled over Clint’s confession. “I’ve never had a Sugar Daddy before.”

“It’s a terrible piece of candy; you don’t want to eat it,” Clint stated.

Laughter ripped out of Tony. He leaned into Clint and rested his forehead on Clint’s shoulder. “Sorry, I’m just still wrapping my head around this. Wow, okay. So you’re a secret billionaire, who made his money off of pizza and coffee.” Tony chuckled. “That sounds so much like you, I just-” Tony chuckled again. His smile widened and he hugged Clint. “I love you, you dork.”

Clint’s heart swelled. “Really? Even though I kept my money a secret from you?”

“Have you met me, Clint? How many secrets do you think I have? Plus, you worked for SHIELD, I’m not surprised that you have some secrets from me. I’ll still give you a hard time about them when they come to light, but I’m not going to judge.” Tony paused. “Okay, I will judge a little, but that is because I am a critical and analytical person. I cannot stop thinking for a moment, and therefore I cannot-”

Clint kissed Tony.

Tony scowled as their kiss broke. “No kisses to shut me up. Shutting me up requires a full make out session, and we still haven't’ solved our media crisis.”

“Will it still be there in twenty minutes?” Clint asked.


“Want to spend the next twenty minutes making out, then figure out what we want to do about the media?”

Tony glanced down at his watch. “Make it fifteen. I’m supposed to go into the office some time today.”

So I started Yuri on Ice recently

Episode 1 : “Oh yeah, the animation is not bad, the hero’s annoying, but it’s cool to see many cultures in a japanese production”


I honestly got shivers.

Plus the whole Yuri/Victor is basically my own love life, and I have hair like Yurio.

The thing about looking back is,
hindsight is such a cruel god. 

Everything you loved and long for
is so much warmer 
     and softer
          and achingly unreachable 
through his rosy glasses.

Every step we stumbled and missed
is so much sharper
     and heavier
          and starkly unforgiveable
through his unblinking eyes.

Standing here, now,
with his breath snaking down my neck
     and his fingers shivering into the spaces between my ribs–
with the past we lost hovering behind us like the shadows of ghosts
     and the future we never asked for haunting the horizon like a storm–

All I can say, my love, is this:
sweetheart, we were young

—  but i’m not sure if it’s a plea or an absolution ( j.p. )
Double Trouble

Summary: They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

This is the first part to my new series! Yewwwww. Fair warning- this will get darker as the chapters progress. You have been warned.

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Time stamps its feet
and the earth rumbles
like thunder underneath our bodies
dun grasses shiver
blue mountains pebble and slide
and we are caught
like some fluttering moths
in a silken sack
we throw our bodies into the future
ripping our wings
on teeth of the past
our shoulders are rags
under its bite
if we can escape
all the universe is there to comfort
blessings like shimmering lights
grace like pinked clouds
hold us aloft
here we can be healed
salved by the balm of deliverance
we rub it into each other’s tenderest wounds
only one deeply pained can soothe another
with the gentlest breath of mercy

One Hundred Ways to Say: “I Love You.”

I’m going to write something even if it’s such a STRUGGLE

All these drabbles

#9    “Is this okay?”

Every last nerve of hers was on fire, like the kind that burned hotter under the surface. It was fire over oil, the hardest to fight. It lapped at her, dancing like feathers of heat.

Lucy shivered when a hot, calloused palm pressed to her cheek, rough fingers sifting through her golden hair and dragging along her scalp. A shiver that came out as a breathy exhale, her eyes fluttering when his thumb rubbed at her temple.

He was touching her like he was worshiping her, savoring every little second as they became moments. He was taking his time for once, enjoying what was given at a leisurely pace.

It was such a variant from his regular spark. but then again, his regular spark involved breaking things.

He’d never want to break this chance.

She tilted her head into his hand, listening to his own shaky inhale as he watched her closely. His long lashes were mesmerizing, but not as captivating as his onyx eyes burning into her like hot coals.

“Natsu.” she whispered, licking her lips. His gaze followed the motions, his body leaning closer so that his breath mingled with hers. Yet, their lips didn’t touch.

Hooded gaze flicked up to her, desire boiling back behind it.

“…Is this okay?” His voice was rough, guttural, like he was speaking from the chest. He was trembling, barely holding on the the idea of pulling away versus pulling her closer. 

Was it okay? Lucy turned it over in her mind like a slow roast. He was her partner, her best friend. He was her biggest supporter and her greatest ally.

He was also the man she loved.

She licked her lips again, catching Natsu’s low groan at the teasing action. He really was hopeless sometimes.

“Just kiss me, you idiot.” she whispered with a laugh, sighing when his fingers became even more tangled in her hair.

His eyes flashed, the flash of a grin blinding, and he purred a soft huff.

Then, he gladly accepted her challenge with blazing lips.

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I'M GETTING SHIVERS.. atleast ur not saying løl.. cause that just.. I just.. WHY ARE PEOPLE DOING THAT ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE ITS FROM OR THE PRONOUNCIATION AND THEY USE IT FOR THE AESTHETIC AND IM JUST DYING IN THE CORNER OF CRINGE.. i swear.. "I løve TØP" is the worst thing you can say to me, wait i take it back.. it's "bæ".. people say that.. instead of bae!! And everything I think of is a sheep.. because they say: bææææææ

lmao I got these two asks at the same time 😂

Just like (I assume Norwegian/Danish) anon above who is dying I also absolutely CRINGE when I see people use the Northern extra vowels for aesthetics, because believe it or not it’s not pronounced even slightly like you think! In Swedish å, ä and ö are three completely independent letters. å and ä are not pronounced like a, and ö is certainly not pronounced like o. 

  • å sounds like the “aw” sound in words like raw, if you say it in a very british accent.
  • ä or æ sounds like “eeh”, like when you don’t understand something. 
  • ö or ø sounds like the “ur” sound in guuurl. 
    • haha görl

kissing practice gradence for @nevospitanniy :
it starts chaste. Credence on grave’s lap, coaxed, drawn in; there’s something to looking *down* at graves that makes him less a witch and more a man, something credence could give kisses to, in theory, instead of have taken. in practice: he doesn’t know where to put his arms, and it takes him a bit of awkward calculation to slide his hands around the thick solidness of grave’s neck, feel the tickle of close-cropped hair shiver and burn against the meat of his thumbs while he pushes them up, leans in quickly, as if graves will disappear if held still too long.
he doesn’t.
Credence feels the masculine scrub of stubble against his lips, the smell of pomade citrus, other scents he has no vernacular by which to name. a dry kiss– if a kiss at all, funny as Credence learns how to slot their noses together, bump and fumble. he draws back, and graves hums. they share breath. then back in, and the whole world is the blurred, lush fan of grave’s closed eyes, the thrill in his chest of daring to suck slightly on that regal upper lip; Credence kisses with his eyes open. he can feel his heart beating in his entire body. the darkness inside him does something that makes his stomach turn, but in a good way.
“Open your mouth,” graves mumbles during their second little grace period, one hand teasing credence’s shirt from where it’s tucked into his trousers and slipping into the tiny cotton crevasse, up, across the hot, pale expanse of skin. his mouth is a feast; credence shivers, wets his lips, and dips in again to partake.

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how would kylo help fox!hux if he got sick?

Oh god. Imagine if Hux got struck down with the common cold.

He’d think he he’s dying. He keeps coughing, sneezing, shivering and he just constantly wants to sleep. Kylo would reassure him that this happens to humans all the time.

Kylo, having taken care of his cousin when she used to get colds a lot, would know what to do. He’d make sure Hux was comfortable, make him a new den on the sofa for him to lie in instead of alone in their bedroom, and leave water and a hot cup of tea on the table. He’d feed Hux soup, telling him to blow on it first, which the first time ends up in Hux blowing too hard and covering Kylo in the spoonful.

But Hux is so unhappy. His ears are just drooped all the time, his tail slack and seemingly lost its bushiness. So Kylo tries to think of what may put the fluff back in Hux’s tail, so he finds the Disney movie ‘Robin Hood’ for Hux to watch, and Hux falls in love with it. For once, the fox is the good guy and not the pest that Hux has heard foxes be labelled.

So they lie together on the sofa, Hux across Kylo’s lap, glued to the tv. Kylo knows he’s done a good job when Hux’s tail begins to wag.

Cold shiver down my spine
Like lightning
Striking in time
Like a pulse
Like morse code



(you will always be)

How to deny
Messages from inside
Striking from my mind
Trust your gut
I’m always told
This thought/pulse
Leaves my stomach cold
Like other truths
I’d rather not know

TW blamethebutterfliespoetry


This is a little thing I threw together in like 20 minutes. It’s not fanfiction and is more of a horror story. I’ve never put like my actual original writing on here, so enjoy!

The house groaned every time the wind blew. I sighed, closing my book and staring at the clock which always seemed to make minutes into hours. I switched off the lamp that was glowing with a soft light and the room was plunged into darkness, the only light coming from the occasional lightning strike. I wandered downstairs, using my hand to guide me to the stairs.

A cold draft blew through the house and I felt the goosebumps on my arms pop up. I shivered, rubbing my hands along my bare arms. It was cold outside, maybe I left a window open.

I continued my descent down the stairs until I reached the bottom, my feet coasting along the icy tile floor. There was another flash of light and I swore I saw something. I shook my head, reminding myself that there was no such thing as a ghost. It was a trick of the light.

With each passing step towards the kitchen, my dread only grew. A pit in my stomach that wouldn’t go away. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, a creak echoing throughout the halls. I once again reminded myself that I was alone, despite my heart screaming differently.

I felt eyes on me as I poured a glass of milk. A glare burning into my shoulder blades. No one was here. I was alone.

I made my way upstairs, the thudding footsteps following me. I was alone. No one was here.

I slid into my room, shutting the door behind me with a bang and clicking the lock. I felt the pressure release from my body. I walked back over to my bed, placing the glass gently on the bedside table. It’s okay, I was alone. I drifted off to sleep, my mind easing me into a warm dream.

3:29 A.M, the clock read. Sweat poured from my face as I watched the door open by itself. I gulped, my deep breaths doing nothing to calm my beating heart. The empty glass flew across the room, shattering against the wall. A scream ripped from my throat and I backed myself against the wall. Still, it inched closer, blood dripping from it’s long fingers. It smiled and I felt a new kind of fear wash over me. The voice that clawed from it’s throat was far from human and the words sent shivers rippling down my spine. 

“It’s okay dear. You’re alone. No one’s here.”