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i found this totally crazy batfam fanfic the other day where jason todd and tim drake teamed up constantly, getting in life-or-death situations while engaging in sass-offs, then the next few chapters had damian wayne learning how to be human and not a tiny furbie monster with beady eyes that constantly craves blood, then i think there was bruce wayne with no memories leading a normal life and embracing his lumberjack fate, and there were a shitload of robins. a shitload of robins. more robins than bruce wayne will ever adopt. kinda not sure what that “new 52” title was all about but whatever


Here’s a match ft @soda-slosher, @jetsquelched, and @lucky55689

splatfest was hella fun im glad i got to king :’D

Of ghouls, vampires and other monsters- AUs

“I accidentally bit you and I’m so sorry are you okay? Though you’re kinda tasty tbh" -au 

 "You just saw me in my true form and it turns out you’re the really well known journalist please keep this a secret I swear I’ll do anything!“ -au 

 "We’re both immortal beings and living forever is the fucking worst you feel me bro.” -au 

“I got lost in the woods and found this mansion where you live alone and it seems so lonely so I’ll come again even if you tell me to stay away, wait are those fangs?” -au 

“I’m not human and I need a place to hide so I snuck into your basement and it’s actually kind of cosy here so I won’t leave for a while.” -au 

 "You have watched too much movies and no, I don’t sparkle in the sun.“ -au 

"Your blood tastes really good and I really just want one tiny little sip but you refuse every time fml” -au 

“I need inspiration for a novel and I just found the perfect material so please stop running away I only want to touch your fangs I swear *cough*” -au 

“You’re really hot and keep asking me over for cake and I really wanted to go so here but actually I can’t eat human food and I there’s no way I can tell you these brownies taste like concrete” -au 

“I’m a succubus that accidentally made you fall head over heels with me and make it stop, or not because hot damn.” -au 

“I’m a monster that looks really scary and people run away when they see me even though I only want friends, but you stayed.” -au 

“You may be a man-eating monster but I’m in a really bad mood today and if you even breathe in my direction I will smash your pretty face with my metal bat.” -au 

“I sort of turned you into a vampire and now I feel kinda bad so I’ll make it up to you, somehow.” -au 

Angst edition 

“If I’m seen by a human I’ll disappear but I once passed your room and heard you crying, so I tried talking to you and the more we talk the more I realize I’m falling in love with you.” -au 

“I’m a monster that crave human flesh and right now I’m at the edge of starvation so please don’t come closer, I don’t want to hurt you.” -au 

“There’s no way to turn a human into an immortal and all I ever wanted was to grow old with you but that’s impossible for me.” -au 

“You’re a person that can see beings like me but on your 18th birthday you’ll loose your power and there’s only one month left.” -au


Noragami Aragoto || OP + Colors
↳ Kyōran Hey Kids!! by The Oral Cigarettes

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I saw people suggest Zendaya get cast to play Allura and I was like,,,,, honey no just no 😷😷😷, can we please stop white washing allura

I love Zendaya I do but like…I see about a shitload more women that would fit her better.

Let’s get that good dark skin rep we all need and love pls♥

The unspoken friendship of Pikachu and Meowth.

I see many times throughout the fandom that people often forget that Pikachu and Meowth probably have one of the most secretive / intensely unique relationships in the series. This is because it’s often hidden in other moments or scenes where many are too busy focusing on the humans again. So I figure it’s high time we went into the details starting from the OS until now.

Now these aren’t all going to be in order. I’m tired and  can’t put them all as such. But english episode titles are provided !

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I kept thinking about this shirt and I continue to think I own it but I don’t ha
but while it was in my mind I figured I’d draw Crona in it cause pfff why not

I also made a lil signature for myself to put on my art now

please do not like or reblog if you are kin or anything related with Crona, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!   ^u^ /)

Scoundrel (Rob Benedict x reader)

Characters: Rob Benedict, Reader

Word Count: 1,052

Summary: Just a little drabble…reader works on the SPN set and attracts Rob’s attention by doing her hair like Princess Leia. 

Originally posted by hunters-hiraeth

   It was one day after Carrie Fisher had passed away so in her honor, Y/N put her long Y/H/C hair up for work in the famous Princess Leia buns. She used a shitload of bobby pins, more than she had ever had in her hair at one time but it was worth it. Everyone she worked with said her hair looked cute, even the older lady who always found something to gripe about.
      Y/N worked on the set of Supernatural as a Best Girl Grip. She had been with the show since it started and was damn good at her job. There had been murmurs that she would be promoted to Gaffer but she didn’t want that; she was content with her job. Especially when it got her close to Rob Benedict, the actor who played God/Chuck Shurley, on the show. Y/N had been nursing a crush on him since he started on the show almost eight years ago. Whenever she realized that shed been mooning over him for such a long time, she would feel idiotic and start to troll dating sites. Nothing ever worked out, though, and she would end up back at square one, desperately trying to think of a good reason to approach Rob and strike up a conversation.
      There was one day that Rob had finished shooting his scene early but stuck around for some unknown reason. They ended up discussing a cornucopia of subjects, including music. She asked him what his favorite band was and he surprised her by saying Pavement, a band she hadn’t heard of. Y/N prided herself on being uber knowledgable about music so she said she would check them out after work. That night, she was shocked to find a Facebook message from him telling her which songs to start with. The fact that he remembered their conversation meant the world to her. She ended up downloading most of their discography and she listened to it whenever she could, hoping he would ask her about it. Sadly, he hadn’t. It was almost as if the conversation never happened.
     Today had started out bad and progressed to worse; Y/N was having an issue with a lighting rig that refused to co-operate. She had exactly two hours to get it working before it was time to film. She was so stressed and aggravated that she didn’t see Rob walk onto the set. It wasn’t until he cleared his throat that she looked up, a scowl on her face that disappeared quickly when she saw him. “Oh, hey,” she managed. He was in street clothes: black jeans, sneakers, and a black button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His blue eyes twinkled as he smiled at her.
      “You,” he said, pointing at her, “look super cute today.”
      “Thanks,” she beamed, her stomach suddenly a convention of butterflies. He raised his eyebrows at her before walking away towards wardrobe. A grin that had a life of it’s own spread across Y/N’s face. She couldn’t focus on the amazing comment for too long, however, as her time was running out.  She tinkered and cussed for at least an hour before she heard, “You need some help,” from behind her.
       “No, I’m good. Thanks,” Y/N answered tersely without looking to see who was speaking. She went to hook up the wires she had been working on but the mystery man stepped forward, blocking it with his body. She was shocked when she saw it was Rob. She narrowed her eyes in confusion. “What are you doing?”
       “Come on, admit it. Sometimes you think I’m all right.” Y/N had to bite her lip to hide her smile as she recognized the Han Solo line from Empire Strikes Back. 
        “Occasionally, maybe,” she replied. Rob’s wide grin almost made her break character but she forged ahead, “when you’re not acting like a scoundrel.”
       “Scoundrel? Scoundrel?” Rob moved closer to her and his smile got bigger, more devilish. “I like the sound of that.” He took another step towards her and she involuntarily stepped back, her back hitting the cold metal shelf behind her. She shivered as a chill ran through her.
       “You’re trembling,” he told her, reaching out and capturing her hand in his.
       “I’m not trembling.”
       “Maybe it’s because I’m a scoundrel.” Rob leaned in, his voice getting husky. Y/N was torn between staying where she was and seeing how this played out or ducking and running. “There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”    
        “I happen to like nice men.” She barely got the line out; her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry.
        “I’m a nice man.” He was leaning closer, his ocean colored eyes on hers.
        “No, you’re not, you’re…” She stopped because in the movie that was where Han kissed Leia. But Rob didn’t kiss her. He just continued to stare at her. “Okay, maybe you are a nice ma-“ He moved so fast, Y/N didn’t see it coming. His lips were on hers in a hard kiss and his arms circled around her body, pulling her closer. She kept expecting someone to come over and interrupt them a’la C3P0 but no one did. The kiss grew deeper and she found her hands sliding up the back of his neck and into his hair. She moaned against his lips and he let his tongue find hers.
       When he finally pulled away to breathe, she looked up at him. He smiled down at her, licking his bottom lip. “You taste like mint,” he pointed out.
       “You taste like scotch.” Rob laughed. “Yeah, I might have had a shot or two before I came over. Glad I did, though, or I never would have had the courage to go through with that.”
       “Then I’m glad you did, too,” Y/N beamed, her hand still entwined in his thick, curly hair. Her face burned where his beard has rubbed against her skin but she didn’t mind at all.
       “So…” Rob chuckled and stepped back, rubbing the hand he still held with his thumb. “I’m gonna let you get back to finishing this but…can I take you to dinner tonight when we’re all done?”
       “I would love that,” she answered.
       “I know,” he smirked as he walked away.


Okay seriously Idk how some people can have a favorite dog type like holy shit forreal look at them all!










LITTLE POMPOMS (and let’s be real here, pomeranians and other little dogs can be real bastards sometimes but they still cute af)






WEENIE DOGS (or dachshunds whatevs)


My point is they all deserve love and I want them all and I don’t have a fave. So hug your dog today (or cat if you’re into that). Let them know you appreciate them even though theres a heck ton of other dogs out there that are cute too. Vivant et canes