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Do you ever just

Start shipping two characters and you don’t know how
Or why
Or what made you
And sometimes it’s such a ship that the characters have v little interaction or they’re super platonic n stuff
but you’re just like

Bc why the fuck not

Of ghouls, vampires and other monsters- AUs

“I accidentally bit you and I’m so sorry are you okay? Though you’re kinda tasty tbh" -au 

 "You just saw me in my true form and it turns out you’re the really well known journalist please keep this a secret I swear I’ll do anything!“ -au 

 "We’re both immortal beings and living forever is the fucking worst you feel me bro.” -au 

“I got lost in the woods and found this mansion where you live alone and it seems so lonely so I’ll come again even if you tell me to stay away, wait are those fangs?” -au 

“I’m not human and I need a place to hide so I snuck into your basement and it’s actually kind of cosy here so I won’t leave for a while.” -au 

 "You have watched too much movies and no, I don’t sparkle in the sun.“ -au 

"Your blood tastes really good and I really just want one tiny little sip but you refuse every time fml” -au 

“I need inspiration for a novel and I just found the perfect material so please stop running away I only want to touch your fangs I swear *cough*” -au 

“You’re really hot and keep asking me over for cake and I really wanted to go so here but actually I can’t eat human food and I there’s no way I can tell you these brownies taste like concrete” -au 

“I’m a succubus that accidentally made you fall head over heels with me and make it stop, or not because hot damn.” -au 

“I’m a monster that looks really scary and people run away when they see me even though I only want friends, but you stayed.” -au 

“You may be a man-eating monster but I’m in a really bad mood today and if you even breathe in my direction I will smash your pretty face with my metal bat.” -au 

“I sort of turned you into a vampire and now I feel kinda bad so I’ll make it up to you, somehow.” -au 

Angst edition 

“If I’m seen by a human I’ll disappear but I once passed your room and heard you crying, so I tried talking to you and the more we talk the more I realize I’m falling in love with you.” -au 

“I’m a monster that crave human flesh and right now I’m at the edge of starvation so please don’t come closer, I don’t want to hurt you.” -au 

“There’s no way to turn a human into an immortal and all I ever wanted was to grow old with you but that’s impossible for me.” -au 

“You’re a person that can see beings like me but on your 18th birthday you’ll loose your power and there’s only one month left.” -au

im tryna look up armor refs and there’s…. so much ladies’ armor where they have their titties out. why. that’s not gonna protect shit if they can shoot you straight through the heart with an arrow. and ice/fire/elemental magic is gonna do a shitload more damage like man you gotta design that armor better.

Gajevy Love Fest Warmup

Prompt: No Panties
Word count: 1220


“Dammit, how did the council figure that job would go anywhere but downhill?” Gajeel growled as we stepped through the door of his captain’s quarters.

“I’m not quite sure what went wrong tonight…” I muttered mostly so myself, replaying the battles events over in my mind for the umpteenth time as I carefully removed my coat and placing it on the table.

“I’ll tell you what went wrong,” he huffed, removing his own heavy, now blood-stained council coat and throwing it angrily onto a chair. “There were a shitload more of those guys than we were prepared for! We barely made it out of there in one piece!”

“I did all the calculations. I guess I hadn’t accounted for the possibility that there might have been more than the reported number.” I scrubbed at my face, too ashamed to look at the injured, infuriated man behind me. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that…” I breathed, running my hands through my now-knotted blue hair and squeezing my eyes shut. “You weren’t supposed to get hurt! It was supposed to be an easy victory, in and out, routine!”

“Levy, it’s not your-”

“It is though!” I whirled around to face him. “I was the one who messed it all up in the first place. I’m the reason you went in the first place! I’m the reason you-” I choked on my words, taking two slow steps closer to close the gap between us. Not meeting his eyes, I lifted my left hand to brush my fingers lightly over his bicep, careful not to get too close to the large gash there. “I’m the reason you got hurt, Gajeel.”

“Levy, quit talkin’ like that. None of this was your fault, you hear me? None of it,” he placed his hand beneath my chin to tilt my head up, where I found his gaze already resting on my face. “It’s not like I’ve never gotten hurt before right?” He smiled slightly.

I clenched my jaw, trying to hold my tongue as several replies came to mind, but knowing him he would just reject anything else I’d have to say on the matter. So I simply nodded and reached past him to pull out a chair.

“Let me at least help clean your injuries,” I finally spoke.

“Levy, I’m not worried about those. I just want to sleep,” he protested immediately.

Rolling my eyes, I quickly traced a few letters in the air before flicking them to his chest. There, a little “push” stuck, throwing him off balance enough to send him back into the chair. “Stay there, got it? Some of those look pretty nasty.” I raised an eyebrow, daring him to challenge me. With a defeated sigh from him, I turned on my heel to go retrieve the bandages and a wet cloth.

Upon returning, I found a shirtless Gajeel leaning back in the chair, fingers interlaced and resting on his lower stomach. He had his eyes closed, head back against the wall, and the sight made me freeze for a moment. He opened one eye, peering at me curiously with his pierced eyebrow raised.

Clearing my throat, I made my way across the room to his side, placing the bandages on the table to my right. Upon taking a closer look at the wound on his arm, I realized it was fairly deep, so I ran to retrieve an antiseptic and a healing salve before returning to the injured dragonslayer.

“This’ll probably hurt,” I muttered as I poured some of the antiseptic onto the cloth and beginning the process. As I carefully dabbed blood away, I felt his arm tighten beneath my fingers, his jaw clenching in obvious pain. It almost brought a small smile to my face, seeing how hard he was trying to hide his discomfort. I probably would have laughed a bit if I didn’t feel so guilty.

“God dammit that hurts,” he hissed as I began wiping gently at the wound itself.

“Just hold still, I’m almost done,” I assured him softly. My throat tightened as he fisted his hands in the fabric of his pants.

Once the cut was properly cleaned, I applied the salve and gestured for him to raise his arm a bit so I could bandage it. He watched me closely as I moved my hands back and forth, wrapping the dressings with practiced ease. As I finished, he turned his head away just as I looked to meet his eyes, and I quickly turned to pick up the other cloth I’d brought.

Stepping in front of him, I tilted his face up, moving to clean the cuts there. He moved his feet apart then, placing his hands on my waist and tugging me into the space between his legs. Closing his eyes once again, he placed his head back against the wall as his fingers traced shapes on my hips. Feeling my cheeks warm, I took a deep breath to try to calm my heartbeat before he heard it’s manic pace.

Running the washcloth over his forehead, I wiped away a patch of blood that came from a small cut along his hairline. I suddenly realized something then.

“Hey, why didn’t you wear the headband I gave you?” I asked quietly, breaking the silence between us.

He shrugged, staying silent for a moment. “Guess I just forgot,” he admitted, letting his hands slide a bit further down my hips.

“I thought you said it was good luck. Maybe if you’d worn it, we would’ve won,” I challenged mostly jokingly.

His eyes opened, revealing those intense red irises that I’d grown to love. “Is that so?”

“I’m just saying, maybe if you’d worn it…” I smirked slightly.

“Well, I’ve got more than one good luck charm, y'know,” he whispered, his fingers ghosting over the skin of my upper thighs, sending a shudder up my spine.

“Do you now?” I brushed a piece of hair back from his face, letting my fingers trail along the sharp contours of his cheek. I trailed them down over his jaw, before walking them up his chin, making sure to land a finger on both of the studs in his skin. Just before my index finger could land on his lower lip, however, he swiftly caught the tip of it gently between his teeth, giving it a playful squeeze before I smiled, rolling my eyes and pulling it away.

“C'mere,” he mumbled, tugging me closer by the backs of my legs. He moved forward more to sit at the edge of the chair and sat up straighter as I took a small step closer, his legs warm against mine.

“Gajeel…” I whispered as he leaned forward and kissed the hollow at the base of my throat. I buried my hands in his dark hair and placed my cheek against the top of his head as his lips gradually made their way up my neck.

I was vaguely aware of his hands as they slowly inched up my thighs. His mouth had my mind a bit frazzled at the moment. So the next thing I knew, his fingers were playing with the waistline of my panties, his lips just beneath my ear, making it impossible to miss his next, growled words.

“You won’t be needing these tonight…”

something that really irritates me is when two women are dating and everyone automatically assumes that both the women are gay

  • look, good for you for supporting two women in a relationship
  • but that does not mean that both women are lesbians
  • for example, it could be a lesbian and a bisexual
  • or a lesbian and a pansexual
  • or bisexual/bisexual
  • pansexual/pansexual
  • lesbian/homoromantic asexual
  • or perhaps even heteromantic homosexual/bisexual
  • idgaf literally anything listed above and a shitload more just stop erasing any girl/girl relationships that aren’t lesbian/lesbian ok

ajax-daughter-of-telamon  asked:

art asks: 1, 6, 11

1. What is your favourite colour to work with?

Err…I really just use whatever colour works best for the character and setting. Although, any excuse to add purple into a picture is a bonus for me!

6. Tag your favourite artists/inspirations.

OOh, this list could get long. Just off the top of my head, a few of the art blogs I follow on here are: @joxster-blog her art is amazing. @toluenesister is another one as well as @euclase and @elithien. There’s also @sibandit ​ @tormentedshadow @sombrero-de-copa @batemeuma @wolffang91, and I have to mention @dracze because her stories have provided me with a shitload of inspiration! There’s a shitload more, too but I’d be here all day if I listed every single one.

11. Warm or cool colours?

Defiintely cool. I love blues, purples, greys and greens etc. They’re just really easy and pleasing on the eye, for me. I like warm as well, but prefer adding a splash of that, rather than using them too much.

Thanks for the ask!

Artist ask meme
MONSTA X REACTION: Girlfriend wanting a tattoo

REQUEST:  Can I request a monsta x reaction to you wanting to get a tattoo and telling them that you’ve already seen the tattooist for your consultation and you’re getting the tattoo done in a couple of days? Thank youuuu ❤️❤️
- Admin Kay

Shownu: he would very much be surprised at the thought of you getting a tattoo and would maybe be a little sad that you didn’t tell him before the consultation. He’d definitely make a plea to let him come with you for when you go to get it done.

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Wonho: He’d probably ask you where you’re getting it, how much the pain is gonna be and a shitload of more questions about the whole tattooing process and would most definitely come in with you to see the tattoo because he most probably wanted you to keep the actual design from him, a secret.

Originally posted by wonhobe

Kihyun: I feel like he’s the type to get slightly sad but only because you hadn’t told him the design. I think, if you’d let him, he’d love to be involved with what type of tattoo you’re going to get and would love to see the end product of your tattoo.

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Minhyuk: He’d think you’re hella cool and brave for going to the tattooist, even if it was just for a consultation and then he’d beg you to let him come with you to actually see you getting the tattoo done. 

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Hyungwon: He probably wouldn’t react a lot when you tell him about your consultation but once you come back with the actual tattoo, he’d be shocked and would probably say that he thought you were joking and, I think that he’d also loved to trace around the design of the tattoo once it healed.

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Jooheon: As soon as you tell him that you’re getting a tattoo, he’d tease you saying, “just because you’re dating a hardcore rapper, doesn’t mean you have to look the part too,” or he’d end up insulting himself in the sentence by saying something like, “look at that, a hardcore rapper’s girlfriend got a tattoo before him.” but ultimately, he’d also love to see what kind you’re getting.

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Changkyun: He seems like he’d love to get a matching tattoo with you and so, he’d be slightly sad that your next (or first) tattoo wasn’t one that matched with him and would very likely tease you about it until you guys do get a matching one.

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Okay, so we need to appreciate the beauty that is the last name puns of the ML cast

Adrien Agreste: “Agreste” translates as “wild” in french, which both shows the dichotomy between Adrien’s name and his mild-mannered personality and also calls back to the fact that he get to let his “wild” side out as Chat Noir

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: “Du pain” is French for “of bread.” Marinette’s father (Tom Dupain) is a baker. “Cheng” is Mandarin for “to become,” an obvious reference to Marinette’s transformations. The fact that it comes from her mother (Sabine Cheng) also lends some fuel to the headcanon/theory that Marinette’s mother was the previous Ladybug.

Alya CésaireCésaire was a famous French writer. Alya runs and writes the “Layblog” and, as we saw in “Horrificator,” is very passionate about writing.

Chloé Bourgeois: “Bourgeois” is an adjective that means, in English as well as in French, a person focused on materialistic values. Its more Marxist meaning is closer to “one who supports capitalism.” Chloé is a spoiled little rich girl.

Nathalie Sancoeur: In French, “san coeur” means “without a heart.” Nathalie is Adrien’s heartless caretaker

Aurore Beauréal: This is more a full name pun. This weathergirl’s name means “Aurora Borealis” in French, a space weather phenomenon better known as the Northern Lights.

Mr. DamoclesDamocles is the name of the principal character in the moral anecdote “The Sword of Damocles,” which focuses on how those in power are constantly in danger. Mr. Damocles, the principle of Marinette and Adrien’s school, is often attacked by villains such as Lady WiFi and Stone Heart.

Ms. Mendeleiev: While there does not immediately seem to be a pun here, this chemistry teacher’s name is pronounced the same way as the last name of Dmitri Mendeleev, the father of the modern Periodic Table of The Elements

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I know I’ve talked a lot about VTM and put a lot of work into Chicago 1989, but in the past few days

1: I learned that running Mage would be way easier than I originally thought it would be

2: I learned a shitload about Mage as a setting that makes it far more interesting to me than it once was

3: I realized that Mage has most of what I love about VTM, a shitload more I love, and the only thing about VTM missing from it that I super like is the ability to use Vampgen. (Which is spotty for us already.)

What would you guys think of playing Mage instead of VTM after the Airship game? I can outline my pitch for the game if you want, I’ve found out I actually had a shitload about it wrong before.

The game’s main themes would be the clash of different ideologies, most of which stem from differences in factions’ ideals for a ‘perfect world’. Something I had pointed out to me about Mage is that it’s very much about idealism and is far and away the most optimistic Old World of Darkness game. Also it’s a simple task to play a character who is a genuinely good person and still contributes to the group (and, rather than be ostracized or laughed at for their optimism and ethics, actually has people who support them and share their ideals.)

I haven’t decided what city or time it would take place in, but I’m leaning late 20th century and somewhere in the U.S. Definitely open to suggestions or ideas.

My favorite thing is when a character I like completely LOSES THEIR SHIT. Why?

•It proves they have a breaking point. It shows they are actually as human as a fictional character can be.
•It also acts as a way to prove their total badassery.
•I enjoy tormenting myself because said characters usually lose their shit during emotional scenes.

This is brought to you by my brain overthinking eVERYTHING.