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ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

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Funny Hat Facts: Hats are going back to 30,000 BC, so they've been there for a really long time. In 1797 a man named John Hetherington was given a £500 fine for inciting riots in the streets, because he was wearing a top hat. It is said that it's great height and shiny silk luster incited terror and panic. Honestly Black Hat would probably, as soon as he heard of this, decide that the top hat will be his main look.

BH was probably like “this is it. the most villainous hat ever. i n e e d it.”

  • He gets into immediate rivalries with anyone who’s hat is tALLER THAN HIS–
  • “uh boss i think he just likes wearing hats?” “Don’t be ridiculous Flug do you see how stupid that looks? What kind of moron wears a hat that tall!?!”
  • (Said hat is like. an inch taller than BH’s. Flug kinda stares at BH’s hat, then at BH, then back again. “really.”)
  • BH probably sells villain fashion tbh; branding and appearance are just as important for a client as the actual weaponry.
  • “NO CAPES. CAPES ARE SOOOO EARLY 2000′S– Have a coat instead. This is much, much edgier more evil.”

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oh!! draw him in a lil christmas outfit yeah lil santa conductor giving presents by.. a flying train(???)

there he is !! ready to bestow gifts on those he deems worthy

bonus :

and oh my goodness you just gave me a wonderful idea


“I learned two things yesterday. One is that I should never let my sisters pick my last minute costume and two Mel hates me in make up.” -Calla from Twitter

Last minute Halloween pics that are late. I’m bad at this, can you tell?

6 Selfies of 2017

I was tagged by the beautiful @drakkatz !

1. Me with brown hair and a victory curl because I got bored in my dorm one night and really wanted to be Peggy Carter but I ended up just feeling like Belle

2. Me with brown hair and a hat anno.yed with the world bc a shit ton of guys came and sat down at a picnic table with me and started smoking and fucked up my concentration and asthma

3. A picture I took after my mom and I went out walking in the outdoor art museum in NC.

4. Me with orange-blonde hair idk just a random selfie

5. Me being a goofball because what’s new

6. A selfie I took after I tripped and fell on the floor in our new apartment and I was sending proof to Josh.

I tag….hmmm…. @megan-hufflepuff, @riseofthehufflepuffs (you don’t have to babe but I love seeing your face), @superstyles24, @topkay, @barnes-and-parker, @kenobi-and-barnes, @amiandivh, @artisticbroccoli

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Can I have some holiday headcanons for Shisui and Kakashi?

Out of all the characters, these two kept popping up during Christmas! They do seem like some of the best for holiday dates. <3

Uchiha Shisui

  • He’s kind a spazz during the holiday? He makes a lot of plans then cancels a lot…this is due to the fact that he realizes he forgot all these important things that include picking up secret Christmas gifts and family obligations.
  • Shisui LOVES Christmas music. If it was socially acceptable to listen to this genre throughout the year, he would, hands down.
  • Holiday dates are a BIG thing to Shisui. He’s super romantic, so going to light shows, special dinners, seeing Santa, and basically spoiling his S/O is what he’s ALL ABOUT.
  • When he has kids, his greatest holiday joy is reading the “Night Before Christmas” to his kids. Second is playing Santa while they still believe (he will want his kids to believe for as long as they can).
  • Talk about ugly Christmas sweaters. Shisui has a million of them.
  • Also the type to buy those ridiculous New Years hats and a shit-ton of champagne and confetti.
  • If the time is right, he will propose to his S/O either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, exactly at 00:00.

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Hatake Kakashi

  • The only gifts he gives are books. He just buys a shit ton of random books on Black Friday and gives them out randomly. He doesn’t like to think a lot about gifts.
  • Kakashi doesn’t look like he celebrates any sort of holiday, but that’s because he doesn’t see any point in decorations.
  • EXCEPT when he has kids!! He loves decorating once he feels the magic it gives his kids. He’s such a holiday dad.
  • Not to get nsfw…but while his S/O will get a book for Christmas, he’ll slip in sexy holiday lingerie. Garter belts especially.
  • He isn’t big on New Years either, even the organizing/cleaning aspect. If anything he’ll go to the shrine and pray, then visit Rin and Obito’s graves.
  • Often times he shows up unannounced for holiday parties. This is because he was always incredibly late in the past that people just stopped inviting him, thinking he didn’t really care. Kakashi believes he doesn’t receive the invitations anymore because of a hiccup in the postal system, so he shows up at his usual places - late - anyways.
  • Taking Pakkun and the gang for a snowy jaunt through the woods is Kakashi’s only holiday tradition. He has them race for the grand prize of feast scraps.
  • With an S/O, he likes just hanging out with them next to the fire or under a kotatsu during the holidays. The typical stress he avoids for the sake of his S/O’s well being, so expect Kakashi to be a relaxed holiday partner.

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Beach and war with all characters~?

2p Beach:

2p Germany:  Depends, if it’s a nude beach he’s all out. If not board shorts maybe a speedo.

2p Italy:  Swim trunks.

2p Japan:  Nude, or swim trunks.

2p South Italy:  Depends, sometimes it’s swim trunks, maybe a shirt, but always a big hat, the occasional speedo.

2p Prussia:  Shorts, shirt, hat, a shit ton of sun screen.


All of them wear their assigned military wear, they all have little things they have though that they hold close, little trinkets.

2p Germany:  Has an old compass that Gillen gave him when he was small.

2p Italy:  Has an old wooden cross necklace that Flavio gave him when they were very little, he always wears it.

2p Japan:  has a silver ring he always wears, often he has it on a chain around his neck.

2p South Italy:  Has a locket with a picture of his brothers.

2p Prussia:  He has this old strip of cloth that is stained with blood and mud and the grime of wars, he has worn it in every war he has ever been in. He calls it his lucky charm.

Niall and Jade? Or is it Actually Niall and Hat

I figured it out.  I know what’s going on.  Niall was getting tons of shit for his hat before.  They set up a Niall and Jade video so that the fans could get riled up and defensive.  Suddenly the hat is no longer the enemy.  The hat is a friend. Everyone is announcing their love for Niall/hat over Niall/Jade.  

It’s all a set up to gain acceptance for the hat.  A very very clever set up that’s actually working.  Soon there will be the “real” Niall/hat shippers who loved it from the beginning *cough*me*cough* and the “fake” Niall/hat shippers who only jumped on the bandwagon after Twirl-gate.  It’s already beginning.

It’s obviously well-planned.  First, Niall introduces us to the hat.  He’s seen out with it quite often.

It shows up in pictures, but no one is intentionally drawing attention to it.  The fans notice anyway because that’s what fans do, but it’s nothing official.

Then one of Niall’s friends draws attention to the hat.  They just mention it casually though, almost joking around.  Not many people put the pieces together because it’s a slightly lesser known member of the LIC.

Then, as we see it around more and more often, people start to get uncomfortable.  Is Niall really that attached to the hat?  What does it MEAN to Niall if he’s seen with it that often?

He stops wearing it all the time though.  Sometimes he has it and sometimes he doesn’t.  Are they, aren’t they?  Will they, won’t they?  Niall doesn’t wear it on his show appearances or on the red carpet.  That would be too high profile of course.  It also gives people a chance to calm down and get off the defensive, to get used to the idea.

Then it makes a firm return to the limelight.  A second round of fandom speculation begins.

Niall mentions the hat for the first time on his Twitter.  Even though he gets questions long before, a specific day is chosen to address the fans’ concerns. Niall keeps the mentions positive and upbeat.

Incorrect.  Niall is as Irish as possible already.

In any case, with attention drawn to the fandom’s speculation on Twitter, gossip sites start picking up on it and reporting.  

Typically, the different sites can’t quite agree on the name of the hat. One calls it “Baker Boy” while the other calls it “Newsboy”.  I’ve done some in depth research and I’m confident they’ll soon figure out it’s actually “Milkboy”.

However, the reception of the hat is still extremely poor.  For the first time ever, a diabolical tactic is put into play.  I suspect the influence of the new team as this is far too competent for Modest.  

Niall is linked to a new contender, Jade.  Now fans are up in arms at the idea. Suddenly they yearn to return to the days of Niall/hat.  They realize that actually, Niall/hat is pretty cute and they ship it.  This was likely to happen no matter who they chose as “the other girl”.  It’s nothing against Jade, but people generally don’t like change.

The scare tactic worked!  Quite diabolical.  All that’s left now is an official announcement of Niall/hat.  The hat was actually in the video with Niall and Jade, so Jade can easily be explained away as a friend of the happy couple who was just there to help them out with keeping their relationship low key.

I’m impressed by the new team.  They haven’t even officially taken over yet, but this is the caliber of their tactics.  I think there’s a bright future ahead for our boys.