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The best feeling is when you go to a concert of your favorite artist exactly by the time you know all the songs but haven’t gotten tired of any of them. Basically at the peak of your obsession.

what we had | bill skarsgård

Requested by @weallhaveadestiny: Hello sweetie! If you do take bill skarsgard request, could you write one where reader has a double date with her sister and his boyfriend bill. Her sister doesn’t know but reader and bill were together in the past, it ended badly. But now, years later, is there any feelings left? Hope you feel inspired by this! Much love xx   

I’ve changed it up a little from the original req. It’s a friend’s wedding reception than a double date, but I hope you like it! I haven’t written fic in a long time and I know this is terrible, so please bear with me. I also haven’t beta’d this so if there are errors, I’ll fix it in the morning.

Word Count:
3.7k (lmao i got carried away)

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Honestly Rey being either a Skywalker or a Solo has been dead for such a long time now, not only because of all the hints that those involved with the production have been dropping to disprove the theories, but because the canon timeline doesn’t allow for it without completely compromising the original trio’s integrity.

In Bloodline, a canon novel revolving around Leia taking place around six years before TFA, we learn that Ben was travelling with Luke up until it was exposed to the public that Leia was the daughter of Darth Vader. She had (understandably) wanted to take this secret to the grave, but the news had left everyone in shock– especially Ben who had no prior knowledge to being Vader’s grandson. He must have been devastated and confused, causing him to fall to the dark side during a moment of weakness.

Rey Solo is not only dead because neither Han nor Leia recognized their daughter in TFA, but throughout Bloodline Leia gives no hints to having ever had another child. Her thoughts always lead to Han or Ben, and when the news of Vader broke out, she rushed to send a message to Ben trying to explain it to him before anyone else got the chance to. She never thought about a supposed second child. Again this book is canon material and there would be some major continuity errors if the thought of her ‘lost daughter’ never crossed her mind.

Rey Skywalker is also dead with Bloodline because Rey was abandoned on Jakku roughly 15 years ago, whereas the destruction of Luke’s temple and Ben’s defection happened only 6 years ago. If Rey was Luke’s daughter, that would mean he abandoned her on a dangerous planet and then continued to research Jedi lore and train Ben, his nephew. It makes absolutely no sense and compromises Luke’s character. I know– and expect, Luke to be far more cynical  and morally grey in TLJ, but that’s because his confidence in himself has been shattered from his failures and Ben’s fall to the dark side.

These theories have been dead for so long and I’m not sure why they’re still so largely accepted in the fandom. I now that most fans tend to stick to just watching the films, but even if that’s the case, TFA itself makes it quite clear she isn’t related to our former heroes.

me: *puts clean sheets on*

Raven: *gets into the river chasing ducks*

me, when we get home: *takes sheets off until she dries so she won’t soak them because I don’t have any other clean ones*


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like do I date Zig or Becca or Chris????

Oooorrr Sean or Quinn????

Ooooorrrrr Emma or Michael?????

OR Mira or Blake?!?!?

Like???? WHO??? DO??? I??? DATE????

I don’t know cuz I’m TOO GAY to know!!!!

did I ever tell you guys my first exposure to the concept of furries was when  I was 8 and watched CSI with my family one time and it was that episode about that furrycon yiff orgy where someone got straight up murdered in a fursuit

Lastly, the person you claim I hate and am a bad fan of hugged me, looked me in the eye, thanked me, and told me I’m amazing.

Lastly, the person you claim I hate and am a bad fan of hugged me, looked me in the eye, thanked me, and told me I’m amazing. 

Tell me. Did Louis hug you before or after you told him you think his child is fake?

Did Louis hug you before or after you referred to his child as “it”?

Did Louis hug you before or after you told him that you think his sisters are forced to carry around a picture of their mother that includes their nephew that you said is fake?

Did Louis hug you before or after you told him you’re a fucking conspiracy theorist?

Oh I know. You didn’t tell him ANYTHING because you’re a fucking coward.

You also know that had you said ANY of that, had you ADMITTED to your conspiracy theorism, you would have seen in his eyes how he feels about people like you. Not love, not appreciation, but sadness and frustration. And you know that’s how he really feels. I hope you see these words. You should feel guilty for all of the bullshit you put out there. Apologize.

My school’s drama program is holding auditions for the Legally Blond musical that they’re gonna preform and even though I’m neither legal nor blond I still might try out for a small role lol