a shit one at that


…and of course after a fast glance tru it i already found sweet sweet illuminati material for my mother of pearl theory. i swear, this book was made for people like me…

check this shit OUT:


THEORY ONE: These holes used to be home to an ancient civilization of BEACH GNOMES!

Unlike their grumpy woodland cousins, Beach Gnomes loved fun in the sun. They wore tiny shell hats, rode hermit crab carriages, and made surfboards out of Popsicle sticks! Whenever a hungry seagull would circle by, the Beach Gnomes would quickly climb into their holes and pass the time by playing some sort of video game system made out of clams.

OTHER THEORY: Rattlesnakes live in the holes. I’m too scared to stick my and in and find out which theory is correct.

HMMMMMMM…………………. suspicious isn’t it? i think there’s a lot of clues here but a lot of it is swapped around so it’s not too obvious. ‘almost right’ as ronaldo usually is. so heres how i interpret it:

the beach gnomes and their woodland cousins are the gems and the mothers. the gems lived on the surface while the mothers hated the sun and lived in the water. the ‘shell hats’ are actually the mothers hairstyles, not hats (looks like maxima’s hair is on point, lmao). the mothers used cephalopod-like creatures as transport (alike gnomes using hermit crabs as steeds). they would surface sometimes (hungry seagull) to search for ‘food’ - the gems (they eat gems to produce nacre and in turn make pearls). the gems hid in their holes to escape the mothers, as the mothers often could have been too afraid to reach into the holes, or just hated being on the surface for too long.

tell me how you think, whenever you agree it’s foreshadowing or think i’m crazy like ronaldo, lol

Hey I know we still bitter (bitch I know I still am) but the finale was full of amazing Valmani moments that are begging to be gifed. Please y'all talented artists, help heal my soul.


Thank you @vosplay for the idea and template to do this! ♥

I redrew your adorable Makkachin just to ensure a crisp image but oh my god he’s perfect! Unfortunately my iron was a little too hot and discolored the cutie’s body under the pocket :(

1D Hiatus: Day 529

* More pictures of Louis shooting in Doncaster a few days ago are released

* Caspar Lee’s video featuring Liam will come out on Sunday

* A video with bloopers from the set of Caspar and Liam’s video is released

* Louis meets a fan in London

* Niall is on the cover of Billboard Magazine’s June issue

* HQ pictures of our handsome boy Niall for Billboard are released

* Niall posts nine pictures on Instagram

* It’s the day of Niall’s performance and appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

It’s May 25th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #164

One Piece Ch. 866 - Mother Caramel, Elbaf, Hajrudin, Gerth, and... oh, Linlin

Let’s start with cover story okay?

HOLY SHIT… this country is doomed! Dammit Cabbage.

HOLY SHIT, that is one big kid! Oh… it’s Linlin. Moving on,

HOLY SHIT, holy shit it’s Dorey and Brogy!!! Wooo hooooooooo!!!! I missed them so much!!!

HOLY SHIEEEEET, mother Caramel used to be a hottie!!!!  

holy shit, ok… *silently walks away* (on serious note, she’s extremely kindhearted and compassionate tho, love her motives)

HOLY SHIT Karse and Omoi!! Kinda forgot their names, cmiiw, but who’s in the middle? Cant seem to recall, but he’s strikingly familiar to me…

And drumroll please! my new OTP! >xD Hajrudin x Gerth, with evidence!

HOLY SHIT She’s such a cutie tho! If we recount he and Hajrudin used to be the same age as Linlin back there, they actually at around 60-70 years old on the current timeline. Ergo, if we counted their ages by comparing human and giants longevity in general, they should at least at their 30s right now.

And kinda smartass tho, but I loves her so much!

Hajruddin on the other hand was already a fighter since he was born. I guess it’s not too far-fetched if he’ll someday lead the army of giants to help Luffy. And along with prince Loki, ofc. I hope there’s dispute between them to make a little drama.

And just how she doesn’t like him? He’s the embodiment of the very Elbaf warrior race itself!

I mean, ignoring Linlin’s being there, look at Gerth’s blushing at his resolves! xD

What am I even doing?! xD That’s all for my rant about the chapter. Vanishing jutsu! *vanished*

Oh for the last, I almost forgot…


HOLY SHIT! RIP Lorde Yorle!!!

i promised @scientiaa some ignoct fluff for when she gets off work so here’s some cinderella au i guess ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

“do i have to?” noct asks, keeping his eyes on the mirror. he watches ignis’s reflection reaching around his face to hold up his masquerade mask so he can tie it in place. “i really don’t want to.” 

“it is tradition,” ignis replies on a sigh. they’ve had this conversation before. he’s tired of it, noct knows. he doesn’t care. “every heir of lucis has a coming of age celebration that they must attend.” 

“but i don’t want to.” 

“and i honestly could not care less what you want,” ignis says, flippant. he finishes tying noct’s mask in place, the delicate silver mesh a high contrast to his dark hair. “it’s only for tonight. i think you’ll live.” 

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Follower PSA
I get why plenty of people in the fandom do not ship Otabek and Yurio, or Yurio with anyone at all. However, what I don’t get is the blasting or blacklisting of every individual who posts or reblogs a canon interaction between them without anti’s assuming they ship them.  
The thing is, even when including this Welcome to the Madness content, the interactions are completely ambiguous.  There’s no defining line that clearly divides them from: bros being bros to: explicitly romantic/sexual DOA.
I don’t know what kind of friends you’ve had in your life, or what experiences you’ve shared together, but one thing’s for sure: I’ve done arguably more suggestive things with and/or for my friends and, just because I’d let them stick their finger in my mouth to pull off their glove with my teeth for a shock-n-awe performance, does not mean I want their cock down my throat, etc., etc..
There’s a difference between shipping Otabek and Yuri, and posting Otabek with Yuri; please don’t be presumptuous the next time you consider un-following, blocking, or shaming someone because you couldn’t be bothered to look beyond the post that showed their faces in the same image, or their names in the same sentence.  
This is a YOI blog.  I post YOI content.  Otabek and Yurio’s friendship is YOI content.  I love Otabek.  I like Yurio.  You will see them on this blog, sometimes in the same post.  Thank you.

He Was The One

Chapter Sixteen

“Where are you off to?” I heard his deep voice ask as he stood watching me from the bathroom doorway.

My attention was locked in on the smear of my lipstick as I had begun to put it on but I flicked my eyes up for a moment, catching his stare through the reflection of the mirror that rested above the sink. Hands planted up on each side of the doorframe slightly above his head, it made his stature seem almost doubled in size as his simple white t-shirt pulled up just a bit, exposing a sliver of his lower tummy.

My stare shot down his muscular body to peek at his tanned skin before I slowly looked back up at his face. “I, um…just O’Malley’s with Niall,” I said, focusing on my lips again as I leaned in to run my painted fingernail along the edge.

“You’re putting on lipstick to go to O’Malley’s?”

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totally random, but I ordered a bunch of books online and they finally came! Being an English Major, I spend all semester reading really heavy and intense books and I need a break LOL (: I can’t wait to read them all! I already started “The Calling” (which is a prequel to Origins) and it’s pretty good so far! 

Also, look how pretty WTNV & The Masked Empire are! Celene looks so badass. 

Gundam 00 Headcanons (5/?)

the world is awful and i’m really upset today, so have another (small unfortunately) set of Gundam 00 headcanons. Earlier sets are here, here, here, and here, and just to get everything in one place, the friendly reminders post is here

  • When Allelujah and Marie got married, Allelujah took Marie’s last name rather than the other way around. He gets very excited every time someone refers to him as “Mr. Parfacy.”
  • Chris’ birth name was Alexandra King. Her mother Megan gave birth when she was fifteen, and raised her daughter as best she could, but they lived at or below the poverty line for Alex’s entire childhood. 
    • Years after her daughter ran away at 13, even after she married and had another child, Megan refused to move from the tiny house Alex grew up in, left the porch light on a little later than necessary every night, and always watched out for thick brown hair just like her own in crowds. She knows Alex is more than likely dead…but if she ever decides to come home, she will welcome her with open arms.
  • When they were pre-teens, Lyle snapped about his mum mixing up his and Neil’s laundry one too many times, and found himself with laundry duty every weekend–to Neil’s unending delight.
  • Louise Innovated, going on to live longer than she really had any right to due to the increased lifespan. Saji didn’t, and died in his seventies.
    • Most of the Ptolemy’s crew also Innovated. However, Miss Sumeragi and Lyle did not.
  • Per NinthFeather’s art: Thirteen-year-old Lyle’s goth phase was ridiculous and out of control. His parents made him pay for every dye job and piercing out of his own pocket, but it didn’t deter him for several months. Neil kept the photos for years, for blackmail purposes.
    • (please imagine the crew finding them at some point)
  • Allelujah and Setsuna had to learn English from the ground up when they were recruited to the Ptolemy. Lasse’s and Lichty’s English was rough at first (the AEU doesn’t typically teach it in school) but passable. Tieria was furious with them all, until Sumeragi asked him whether he’d like to just give them access to Veda and download the language into their heads and make it easier on everyone.
    • She knows that’s not how it works for normal humans, and so does Tieria, but it drives the point home all the same.
  • Setsuna is a terrifying driver, sees no point in the speed limit when he has places to be, and thusly gets approximately 10000 speeding tickets on Earth before Sumeragi has to sit him down and explain very sternly that just because they can pay for him to go 30 over the speed limit on a suburban road doesn’t mean they should have to.
  • Allelujah, on the other hand, considers cars to be on the same danger level as guns (only to be handled when absolutely necessary, and then with extreme care) and observes all of the traffic laws to a pedantic T that the others would only have expected from Tieria.
    • When at all possible, the others learned to never put Alle and Setsuna in the same car.
  • Chris and Sumeragi and Ian once dragged the rest of the crew to an amusement park on Earth at some point before their armed interventions. Tieria saw no point to any of the rides or prize stands, and balked at the sheer amount of sugar in funnel cake and cotton candy.
    • Chris dragged Feldt around by the hand, found a stuffed monkey the exact shade of her hair, and begged Lockon until he relented and won the shooting gallery to give it to her.
    • Setsuna will never admit how much fun he had on the roller coasters. However, it turns out that when he’s not the one controlling the corkscrews and high-g turns, he gets really, really motion sick, and puked. Twice. On Tieria’s shoes.
    • One of the roller coasters took photos, and Sumeragi overrode Tieria’s furious objections at such a frivolous allocation of funds and bought a copy. All the non-Meister crew members agreed it was 100% worth it, and hung in a place of honor in the mess hall, super-glued to the wall so Tieria couldn’t pry it off.
    • (i drew this (badly) if you want a visualization
  • Ian was the de facto leader of their fractured crew after Fallen Angels, even before Miss Sumeragi formally quit, but more nights than not, Linda had to help keep him together and work through his grief. After all, he lost his best friend–as well as most of the crew that was less than half his age.
  • He fought Mileina’s appointment to the new Ptolemy, three years later, because she’s only thirteen, and it’s dangerous, and–(and he can’t lose his daughter too, though he didn’t say this aloud and no one but Linda read it in his face). But Feldt talked him down, and said she can’t do her job on her own, and Mileina wa more than qualified. And with Veda gone, with half their crew missing or dead, they really needed all the help they could get.