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heeeeeyaaaaa ♥ if you wanna: the chocobros (plus luna and aranea if it's not too much?) with a friend that calls them babe, love, darling etc - like how would they react the first time their friend goes "hey honeybunch, whatcha doin?" - that kind of thing ^^;

Everyone else calls him Prince Charmless, but when you drop Prince Charming into casual conversation for the first time you’re going to thoroughly derail Noctis from whatever he was saying.  His face will be the poster for poleaxed, but when he recovers he’ll toss the nearest available object at you.  If you get Gladio saying it he’s going to kill you.

What’s up buttercup?  You better have fast reflexes, because sneaking up behind Prompto while he’s lining up a beautiful shot will more than likely have him dropping his camera.  Not even from fright, but because of the nickname.  Catch it and nab a picture of him while his face is still red.  Steal his camera a couple of weeks later and you’ll find he kept the picture.

You might only be friends with Gladio, but you’re not blind.  So it’s only natural that you ever so casually call him Hot Stuff at some point, although maybe saying it just as he’s waking up from being charged by a garulessa isn’t the wisest idea.  You just want him laughing, and instead you have him wondering what cosmic drink the Astrals are piss-drunk on if this is his afterlife confused.

What’s cookin’, good lookin’?  Now Ignis is not a man easily ruffled, you know this.  You’ve seen the outright war of wit and words between Gladio and he.  So you really, really don’t expect him to drop the spoon.  But he does.  Right into the soup, never to be seen again, unless he wants to burn his hand fishing for it.  It’s the first time you’ve been witness to Ignis Scientia speechless.

You don’t really mean to call Luna cutiepie, it just sort of… slips out.  In front of Ravus.  Who takes immediate offence to it and you’re preeeeeeeeetty damn sure he’s two seconds away from running you through with his practice sword, but Luna starts laughing and calls you sweetheart and pretty much saves your ass from a royal kicking, you could kiss her for that quite honestly.

Hey honeybunch, whatcha doin?  It seemed harmless enough to say, but when your back connects with a wall and you have certain death glaring you in the eye you realise teasing Aranea Highwind might not be your smartest idea ever.  “You, if you’re lucky.”  And then she’s smirking at you and sauntering away and wow, okay, your cheeks are warm to the touch and she totally wins that round.

lovesick boys will write you lovesongs

[read on ao3] | 15k | narry

When Niall walks through the gate at Dublin Airport at four in the morning, jet lagged to hell and back, he feels like he’s home. He thinks he’s never felt so happy to hear an Irish accent, and he certainly has never been so happy to have no fucking clue what he’s doing.

(Well, he has some idea of what he’s doing, he just isn’t sure it’s going to work out the way it does in his head.)

(An AU where Niall dreams of his lost love and finds himself going home to search for him.)

So I’m house-sitting okay, and I’m sitting at the bar eating my pizza and drinking my diet coke, when I glance over to the stove and THIS FUCKER catches my eye. I cannot fucking escape this fucking quote. Two of my teachers and now this. Fuck. What the fuck. Thanks Mofftiss, what’s next? You two fuckers whispering it in my sleep? It’s fine. It’s cool. But behind the TEAKETTLE? REALLY?

Not About Angels


Character: Jeon Jungkook x Female Reader (third person)
A/N: AU! Where angels walk amongst humans and are considered an upper class who don’t usually associate with humans, and are only there to protect them. But Angel Boy Jeon Jungkook has been your best friend and watched you grow up. One day he shows up to your door, battered and bruised from another failed attempt at aviation, and finally breaks down, revealing how hard it is to be one of them.

How unfair, it’s just our luck
Found something real that’s out of touch

Could they truly do such a thing, he wished his wings would just fall from their perch on the blades of his shoulders. He yearned for their absence, the weight of them too much to bear, not within his body, but deep within his young heart. 

There was too much life held by the boy. That’s all he was, after all, a boy, hardly 70 years old, fresh in the eyes of a divine. Only just learning how to navigate the world he was deemed to protect.

Forever, he would move with the body of a young man. A never-changing face that was always inclined to smile. That same smile seemed to contain the mesmerizing qualities of a star-ridden night’s sky, and his eyes the same.

But, there were some things that even those of higher being found struggle in. His own existence was the worst of them all.

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“Open your eyes.”

Where was he?

He can’t remember… anything. Other than the destruction. 

Were they safe? Are they… alive…?

He steps from the chamber looking thing he had been lying in… The place is cold, inciting a shiver out of him.

His clothes. Where were they? He had no shoes either, making the cold stone underneath them unbearable. 

He’s cautious. There’s a glow from a pedestal nearby. On it lies a strange looking device…

Picking it up, its glow grows. 

“You’re the chosen one…”

What did that mean…? What was this voice? 

There was a shaking as the wall began to open before him. He flinched, shielding his eyes from the blinding light that seeped in from the outside world. 

As he stepped out, he looked to the field before him… the mountains in the distance… and the sunrise. 

“This is your kingdom…”

He began running. He did not remember this place being so… quiet… 



Be safe.

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Tumblr is a horrible place. Delete your tumblr.

- Misha Collins

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(( tbh i dont agree with favourites or cliques either in roleplay

i’ll roleplay with literally anybody so long as you’re not a twat which i think is fair game, it’s just that im super busy and have like one hundred thousand other roleplay blogs so getting a starter out of me is like getting blood out of a stone 

but honestly, sup everyone hope youre good ))