a ship in harbor is safe


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What if Adrien inherits his dad’s mansion and just fills it with everyone he loves.

Like first it’s his best friends (Nino, Alya, and Mari). Then Chloe and Sabrina just kinda start kicking it there until he just gives them each a room. Then everyone else just has a standard room that’s ‘theirs’ and they come and go as they please.

All the regulars have an understanding that everyone loves everyone else a certain way and it’s not weird if one week Adrien and Mari are close and then the next Mari’s with Chloe and Adrien’s with Nino. Also everyone has their own boundaries that are respected. So no one would push two or more people together unless it’s what they want.

Basically I just want all of them to be happy and to have fun game nights where everyone’s required to hang out no matter how busy they are. And pillow forts. And Adrien being surrounded by infinite amounts of love. And an open-door policy where anyone can come and join in or be invited…

I just want everyone to be loved okay?!

Little Bird // Sirius Black

A/N: so, this got longer than I wanted it to but also short as well ? i started this with completely different intentions of where it actually went and don’t know if i really like it? but again, oh well. i wrote regulus as exactly as i imagined him to be - a mysterious, quiet, attractive young boy who’s kind of a rich spoiled brat who’s always doing what mummy says, but also has a rebellious, sly, flirty side to him as well and is just really good, ya know? so, i might write some regulus stuff soon? like a dating regulus would include or something ? but, anyways. i don’t speak french and only know basic words that you should know from every language really - like hello and thank you and i love you and colors and stuff. so, i was relying on google translate and hope its not wrong :) hope you guys enjoy this possible trash. 

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“Oh, darling,” your mother wailed. “Oh, don’t you look lovely?” 

You painted on a fake lopsided grin and ran your fingers over fields of beads yet again. A silky soft, beaded dress in the creamy beige color that reminded you of antique pictures and coffee with far too much sugar hung from your shoulders. Exquisite dress robes fell to your beige Louboutin heels. Your hair was curled into a halo-like updo and your face was weighed down with makeup. You looked just like every other pureblood girl your age did - elegant, intelligent, and wealthy. Except unlike those other girls, you had a Black family heirloom sparkling on your ring finger. 

Unlike those other girls, you were engaged to the future your mother had built for you - Regulus Black, a mansion on a hilltop, and a life devoted to filthy prejudice. Today, you’d catch a three hour long glimpse of the life you were destined to live at your engagement party. You’d be surrounded by people that were better than everyone else, on Regulus’ arm smiling at his witch of a mother, and flashing everything you had in everyone else’s faces. All of which sounded tolerable a year ago. 

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“Snowy Reunions”


((Bad name? lol))

Word Count: 2,524

Warning: uh….mentions of prostitution…I think. That’s about it.

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I don’t think anyone could love (the way I love you)

a/n a post 5x23 Olicity reunion fic - some aspects, William wanting to be a firefighter, are inspired by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34‘s great Olicity verse. On AO3 here

He’s holding his son, his beautiful boy, in his arms, his head buried in his blond hair but all his mind is doing is screaming at him. Screaming to go back and torture himself some more until he knows for sure that they are gone, that even if he has son he’s lost. It’s like a pounding chorus running through his mind, singing, “Fel-ic-ity, Fel-ici-ty, Fe-ic-ity.”

Taunting him, tempting him to forgo reason, leave behind logic and let his heart rule the day but then he hears sniffles. He looks down and sees William, trying in vain not to cry.

“Hey, hey buddy.” He says in what he hopes are soothing tones and his son, god he has a son, looks up at him, takes a deep breath and says, terror clear in his voice, “Oliver, where’s my mom?”

Oliver bends down, carefully keeping him in his gaze. His son shouldn’t have to see the body of his kidnapper or the smoking ashes of the island, so he positions them in just the right way that William can see the smoke but not the fire.

“I don’t know but I know she’s safe.”

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not the stars, but ourselves

A/N: I’ve had a “Snow and Charming are being exhausting with wedding planning and Emma needs a break so Killian takes them out on the Jolly Roger and they have a secret wedding with just the two of them” headcanon for so long and canon gave me the opportunity to write this. Also I’ve had Killian’s vows written for literally a year and wanted to work them into something eventually so here you go.

Rated G, 1.5k words, FFN

It has made me better loving you … it has made me wiser, and easier, and brighter. -Henry James

Emma stood at the bow of the Jolly Roger, breathing in the relaxing scent of the cool, salty air. The wind was pleasant and the temperature surprisingly warm for how close the sun was to the horizon. Most importantly, the only sound was the creaking of the ship and the gentle crash of the waves below her feet. She loved her parents, truly she did, but with their arguing over wedding plans and their stubborn refusals to compromise even a little, she had just needed a break. Killian, being the incredibly intuitive man that he was, had suggested taking the ship out, and she had agreed almost before the question was out of his mouth.

She heard his footsteps on the deck behind her moments before he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his nose into the crook of her neck. Her eyes drifted closed, revelling in the peace and security of being in his arms.

“Thank you for this,” she murmured. “I know they mean well, but if I have to hear one more argument about where we should get married or what food to have or whatever argument they’re having now I might just rip my hair out.”

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I have no words my very dear friends! Thank you for your solidarity… sometimes all a person needs is support and kind words; it is my duty to recall my inner force and redirect whatever it is needed to be amended. I cannot conceive any other way to participate in a social net but to be free to share whatever one deem convenient … to have the courage to share not just pictures but feelings is another way of making art and that is the way I understand life. Solidarity is more than a word emptied of contents, or a word one use whenever feel affected by a certain situation but forget when the the problem is other’s; solidarity, real solidarity, is what you, my very dear friends had the kindness of doing today with me by making coments in public or in private or just placing a heart to my post. Thank you very much; I will reply each one of you that made any comment by tomorrow. It is a bit late now here… For now please receive a big THANK YOU and my heart to all of you: @hjs-photography @snowghoul @nurnielfa @henricoudoux @jasonlowder @shinjiaratani @istmos @crinaprida @doortjehannig @madonnacathy @lena-copal-die-dritte @kreflections  (hope I mention all of you <3 )

“And I Am You And What I See Is Me” (from Pink Floyd’s Echoes)
Dear friends; It is very possible that at the beginning of June I can not keep posting for a time that I do not know. If that were the case, I shall return as soon as possible. My life in recent times is a complete mess. My book, the book of my life is running out of arguments, and the letters of the future that I imagined months ago are erasing, as diluted in the water of sadness. I have been so deluded that I came to think that good people have a right to happiness, but in the end, the projects, the plans, the hypotheses are nothing, because people betray and leave the ship when they are needed most on board.
My circumstances, my illness, the fact that a few months ago I left the safe harbor that supported me, to have been brave and courageous in the struggle for my life, all that has led me to an economic impoverishment that I never foreseen. I do not regret anything; I just open my heart because I want to, because I feel like it, because I’m like this, because I’m alone and I need to vent, because if I do not do, something chemical inside would burst to plunge me into the path without return of madness … and I do not want to go crazy; I am already a guy prone to depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and sadness, may be the most imperfect being among all human beings, but my heart is huge, warm, affectionate; All that has made me very strong, but even being a very strong person, I start to be tired …
If I were not able to settle my affairs in the next few days and I would be held without communicating options, I will try to return as soon as possible. I love you all, those who love and appreciate me and those who dance with joy in view of my bad luck and my misfortune. Those who blocked me, including some poor fool who has blocked me without knowing anything about me and my person. I just wish that life brings you all the good things we deserve.
Here I will continue as long as I can and circumstances allow me to remain.
I copy below a fragment of the only prose text that Pablo Neruda wrote; I identify myself fully, and perhaps you, or some of you, can understand, provided you want to read it, this way of exposing my heart to all the issues that life faces me.
I’m not a fool; Although I may be a bit crazy and imperfect to the utmost degree and do not use the calculator when it comes to love affairs, I am a man with heart and balls well put in the place that corresponds to them, and when I commit In some adventure I fight for my happiness to open tomb, without looking back and breaking the bridges that are behind my back. My mother died at the age of 48 and since I was a child I know that life is too short, that it is necessary to live it with the heart, because that is the only thing that will remain of us when we are no longer here: the memory.


Pablo Neruda, prologue to THE INHABITANT AND HIS HOPE

[…] I always have predilections for great ideas, and although literature offers me with great hesitations and doubts, I prefer to do nothing to write dance or amusements.

I have a dramatic concept of life, and romantic; It does not correspond to me that does not reach deeply to my sensibility.

It was very difficult for me to combine this constant of my spirit with an expression more or less own. In my second book, Twenty Love Poems and a Desperate Song, I already had some triumphant work. This joy of self-sufficiency can not be known by the balanced assholes that are part of our literary life.

As a citizen, I am a quiet man, an enemy of established laws, governments and institutions. I am repulsed by the bourgeois, and I like the life of the restless and unsatisfied people, whether these artists or criminals.
(the above is a free translation)




Here’s a health to the dear lass that I love so well
Her style and her beauty, sure none can excel
There’s a smile upon her countenance as she sits on my knee
Sure there’s no one in in this wide world as happy as we

Our ship lies at harbor, she’s ready to dock
I hope she’s safe landed without any shock
If ever we should meet again by land or by sea
I will always remember your kindness to me

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While searching through wreckage of a recent war site, Hanzo/McCree/Lucio find a person who begs them not to bring them to a medical place. The stranger somehow persuades them to just go to their home and as they clean up, the man sees that they have huge bird/bat wings and the person has become almost fully healed from being injured in a matter of hours! Thanks! {Angel Anon}

(Oh hello again, Angel Anon~ So nice to hear from you! This kind of sounds like an OC idea? Are you planning an Angel OC? I can totally help match them for you if you want. This one turned out to be pretty long, though, so I put it under the cut.)

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I’ll Take Care of It (Part 5)

Killian x Reader

Word Count: 2503

Rating: M

Warnings: smut, language, mentions of violence, mentions of kidnapping, mentions of murder

Notes: I wrote this somewhat in response to a request I received quite a while ago, where Killian is rough and dominant with the reader. Enjoy!

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I'm going to be honest at first I was annoyed at the fact that Helene may still harbor feelings for Elias after book 2, but then I realized thats realistic. She's known and loved him for a long time. Feelings like that don't just go away. As much as I ship Elaia I sympathize with my baby Helene! It takes time to get over someone and to figure out your real feelings. #dead

Yeah, you know, I think if a person has been in love with their best friend, it’s a situation where it takes a loooooong time to get over those feelings. Those feelings can sometimes even become a seemingly safe place that you come back to, even though it’s unhealthy to do so. And I think that’s where Helene is at. 

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I'm going to cheat a bit because I can’t just pick one! Fav Carraville – I’m going to double cheat and pick both ‘The Ocean and the Coast’ and ‘And the River Brings You Home’ because they go together in my head and they’re both so so gorgeous. There’s such a lovely parallel between the scene in Gary’s room after Barcelona and the one in Jamie’s car. And "It's always been enough" and "Listen, Gary, he thinks. You will always have this" and "maybe that's why we lost"... oh god my heart just ACHES

dfgjldfkgj SCREAMS ok i lov u bc i feel like those two are kinda, idk, more low key so the fact that you actually like them is just !!!! warms my cold bitter heart!!!