a ship i never thought i would sail

“So how’d you meet Yuuri?” Victor asked of the mermaid seated on the railing of his ship. Phichit had scaled the side without Yuuri’s assistance, showing off the sharpness of his nails. Which he’d polished casually against his own scales upon planting himself on board.

“Stumbled on his cliff a couple years back,” Phichit chirped back, grinning. The resemblance his teeth bore to a shark’s was even clearer up close. “He was singing all by his lonesome. What a tragedy.”

“It doesn’t affect you then?” Victor said, his eyes on Phichit’s shoulders. The sun shone off his golden markings, but that was not his focus. It was the little white bunny-like creatures crawling over them. “His voice?”

“Nah, merfolk aren’t as weak as humans.” Phichit answered, another one of the cute white things making its way around his cupped hands. “Plus there’s nothing he could offer that I wasn’t already happy with. He tried telling me to go away at first, but it didn’t work.”

Victor could imagine Yuuri attempting to order a strange and shiny mermaid to leave him be, then sulking cutely when it didn’t. He would have had that pout on his lips.

“Never thought I’d find him on a ship of all places,” Phichit laughed in continuation. “He hates ships.”

“He likes this one,” Victor defended. The siren was nearby, aiding his crew to change out the sails.

“Ohhhh, I know. He told me. Said he likes something on the ship in particular.” Phichit’s smirk spoke of traded secrets whispered out on the water. “You know that sirens mate for life, right?”

Victor did his best not to choke on air. “No, he didn’t mention that.”

“Oh. Well, maybe that’s something you need to talk about.” The gaze the mermaid cast was pointed. “Anyway, a pirate, huh? You got a lot of good treasure on board?”

“What kind of treasure does a mermaid like?”

“All kinds. That one’s caught my eye,” Phichit said, placing the creature in his hands on his shoulder with the other two.

Victor followed his eyes to see that they were directed at Chris, who was helping roll up the thick sail fabric to set it away. The cook caught their stares and waved at Phichit.

Phichit waved back with his tail, gold scales sparkling in the sun. “Hey there. Fancy a taste of the sea?”

Chris tripped over the sail and Phichit laughed loudly, clearly pleased with the effect. “What?” he asked, seeing Victor’s surprised and skeptical look. “You might not be the only one with a bit of an inter-species kink.”

“Noah told me.” Finn Wolfhard

Plot: Noah is kind of a match maker

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x Reader


“Guys! Stop! Oh my gosh!” I giggled. Sadie, Millie and I were having a sleepover, and we were talking about boys and crushes (because what else would we talk about?). “Okay but we all know you like Finn.” Sadie replied. “I do not!” I retaliated. They were always joking around and saying I liked Finn. I would never admit it but yeah, I like Finn. I mean c’mon, what 13 year old wouldn’t?! He’s freaking adorable.

“But you have to admit that he likes you.” Millie chimed in. “I mean have you seen the way he looks at you?!!” We laughed, even though I knew Millie was joking. “It’s true, the boys are bad at having inside voices.” Sadie laughed, winking as well. “Guys, this is a ship that will never sail.” I responded. “You’re so blind! And guess what, we arent!” Sadie joked. “Okay, let’s ask Noah, he would know.” Millie mumbled, getting out her phone.

“Hey! Whats up girls?” Noah answered the facetime. I was behind the camera because Millie thought Noah wouldn’t answer if he knew I was there. “Does Finn like Y/N?” Sadie shouted. “Is this why you guys called? Damn I was lonely.” Noah pretended to cry. “Answer the question Noah!” Millie exclaimed. “I have a feeling you guys know, have you seen the way they look at each other? Yeah Finn likes her, and I’m pretty sure she likes him.” Noah answered, making my heart race. “Hey! Don’t make accusations!” I yelled, taking the phone from Millie. “Oh shit, Hey Y/N….. Did I say that out loud? Haha I actually meant I think he likes you, He totally never actually told me.” Noah said in a fit of nervous laughter, adding a ‘Finn’s going to kill me’ under his breath. “Okay then… also I like him too.” I whispered, winking and hanging up. “Told ya!” Millie and Sadie said at the same time.

I was excited. Tomorrow Finn and I had a photoshoot for a magazine together. We had already done an interview for said magazine a few days ago but we couldn’t do the photoshoot then, because we were super busy. Before photoshoots we always goof around, and since the others wouldn’t be there it was going to be interesting.

Finn and I were in the car on our way to the photoshoot. “Oooooo who’s texting you???” Finn questioned, making his voice sound higher. “It’s just Millie, no one interesting.” I replied, chuckling. “Oh no honey Millie would disagree with that. ‘Im british! You can’t call me uninteresting!’” Finn said, putting on a fake accent to impersonate Millie. “Oh my god Finn you are so dumb!” I laughed, putting my phone back in my pocket. “Ouch, I would like to let you know, I took that to heart.” Finn fake weeped, smiling after.

It took about an hour and a half after we got there to get dressed and ready. I was still putting on my shoes when Finn came into my dressing room. “Aye? What do you think?” He said, showing off his outfit. He was wearing a black white and grey flannel; buttoned all the way up, and some black jeans. “Pretty snazzy right?” He added. “You look like you always do.” I rolled my eyes, smiling; even though he did look quite nice. “Aw, c’mon, I look good.” He posed, flashing a toothy smile. “Whatever you say, big guy.” I responded, getting off the couch to get a drink of water. “Just admit it, I’m right.” He smirked, getting in my way so I couldn’t grab a waterbottle. “Finn, yes you look good, you always look good.” I said, rushing my words. “You do too.” He mumbled, blushing. I had my hands on his chest, because I was trying to push him out of the way, but I stopped when he said that.

The atmosphere changed. It was lighter before, but now it was more tense. I could feel his heart beating fast under my hand. I could feel his eyes on me even though I wasn’t looking back. I didn’t really know what to say. “Noah told me.” I mumbled. “Noah told me too.” He mumbled back. I looked up at him, my heart beating faster, along with his. You cut the tension with a knife. Finn moved his face closer to mine, our lips almost touching. “I really want to kiss you.” He whispered. “Then do it.” I whispered back. And he did it. It was something I wanted for so long, and I could feel he did too. It was not a short lived kiss. He pulled me closer by the waist as I moved my hands to his shoulders. The lights flickered, indicating they wanted to start the shoot in 5 minutes. We pulled apart. “I think that’s our que.” Finn smiled, making us both laugh a bit.

I grabbed my phone before walking out, quickly texting Noah

Y/N: Thanks Noah, ya freaking match maker :)

Noah: Might as well call me Cupid


I would never!

You and your best friend Jackson were drinking Boba in a store near the JYP building since it was both your breaks. Your group Pure Eternity decided to go have some Bulgogi instead and you weren’t that hungry so you went with Jackson instead. Your Korean wasn’t as good as your english so you and Jackson always spoke in english. He kept making jokes and you were dying. Your best friend is just so funny, he put straws into his nose and that’s when you blew up laughing “OH JACKSON! STOP HAJIMA!!” You were gonna pee your pants. “Ok ok come on break is almost over we have to go back” reminded Jackson “nahhh Jackson we have english class next so we don’t have to go. Ohh can you teach me Chinese, I wanna impress Winwin!” After a few, more like 100 tries you finally learned to say “I love you” and “I am winwin’s only” and Jackson secretly taught you “I am stupid” by telling you it meant “I am Jackson’s best friend”. An hour later Jackson told you he will drop you back home so you can rest, you told him you can go alone but he is too protective so he didn’t allow it. Once you arrived home and Jackson left after eating all Winwin’s favorite candyㅋㅋ you decided to take a nap.

An hour later you heard the door open and you knew it was Winwin. You excitedly stood up and went to hug him, but you were surprised when he pushed you away. Confused you asked in a nervous tone “Winwin… What’s wrong?” “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!? YOU’VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH THAT GOT7 JACKSON. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO KEEP YOU IN JYP TO MAKE BOYFRIENDS WITH THESE SUNBAES!!!” You were taken aback. Shocked. Frozen. Your eyes welled up. Tears were fighting to fall. “Win..” “DON’T, DON’T START” he pushed everything infront if him and they shattered on the floor. You got so scared and so sad that he was doubting you like this. You thought he would trust you. You ran out of the house to Pure Eternity’s dorm.

You started to cry to your members as you told them what had happened. They were disappointed at what Winwin had said and they were surprised on how he got this information. Your leader quickly checked the internet and her prediction was right. It was all over the internet headlined “A MEMBER OF PURE ETERNITY DATING GOT7 JACKSON” you felt your stomach flip. JYP was gonna kill you and Jackson. All the photos from the article were taken today when you were at the boba shop. You didn’t blame Winwin for believing them since they looked pretty convincing but you were so sad that he didn’t trust you and that he didn’t let you explain. Your members prepared your room and you immediately went to sleep since you were so tired.

The next day at the JYP building JYP asked to see you and Jackson to discuss the false article “So explain you two” started JYP. Jackson started explaining that you two were only best friends and that you were at the boba shop for your break not a date and that all the rumors were false. JYP believed you since he knew you were dating Winwin and that you and Jackson were indeed very close. He sent an email to his assistant to write an article saying it’s all fake and to clear everything up. Many of the comments were surprisingly surprising saying things like “Awwww I shipped them alot” and “Dammit I thought my ship was sailing” you wanted to laugh but Jackson started tickling you for no reason

Back at your apartment Winwin couldn’t sleep for the night. He was busy recalling the events that had happened and the harsh things he said to you. And once the new article was released he felt worse. He didn’t know why he believed the article. He knew you would never do that but jealousy took over this little cute boy. He wanted to call you but he thought you might be mad at him so he decided not to. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He ran to open it hoping it would be you however he saw someone he didn’t want to see: Jackson. “Hey, I got you a Chinese book so you can… Oh hi Winwin! Wow! You look like a mess and the house too!! What’s wrong?” He asked Winwin with concern. Winwin was shocked at how nice Jackson was. “No wonder she likes you more!” Winwin spoke. Jackson was so confused. “Who?” And after Winwin said your name Jackson burst out laughing. “HAHAHAH ME!? DUDE SHE LIKES YOU SO MUCH SHE MADE ME TEACH HER CHINESE JUST SO SHE CAN IMPRESS YOU!” And Jackson continued laughing. Winwin was shocked at his words. He felt so happy that you like him but he also felt sick. “Hyung what do I do now?” asked Winwin. Jackson gave Winwin a great plan and Winwin decided to do it. Him and Jackson started planning it.

You decided to go back to your apartment, since you knew Winwin would be at practice at this time, to grab some stuff. However when you entered you weren’t expecting to see NCT standing in a line holding a rose each. First in line was Kun he gave you a flower and said “Sorry” the same thing was done by Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeil , Taeyong and Johnny. And after that you felt hands cover your eyes and someone whispered “I’m so sorry. I got so jealous I burst and I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you so much” you felt a drop of water on your shoulder so you turned around and saw Winwin crying. He pulled you into a very tight hug. You hugged him back as tightly as he was hugging you saying “It’s okay. You dont have to be jealous though. I love you too much to ever cheat on you!” You wiped his tears and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Okay thanks guys you can go now” and so left NCT, Winwin hugged you again. He was so cute, he looked like a baby.

Winwin wouldn’t let you go until you reached the bed you shared. He tucked you in and told you to rest until he came back, and once he came back he gave you a beautiful necklace with both your initials as charms. You looked at him with sincere eyes and thanked him. He hugged you once more and scooted next to you pulling your head into his chest still wrapping his arms around you “I love you” said Winwin while stroking your hair, you looked up at him about to answer back but you were shut up by the softest lips crashing into yours. He kissed you for almost a minute and once you let go he had the biggest and goofiest smile ever on his face. He was too adorable he put your head again into his chest, however this time to hide himself from you because he was so so red. “I love you too Sicheng” you said in Chinese and you hugged him to sleep. “I love you way more” he layed a kiss on your forehead as he too went to sleep.

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Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Summary: You’re a writer for the Spider-Man franchise, and manage to get Harrison hired as Harry Osborn. You would never tell him that, but he finds out eventually. 

Warnings: None, I don’t think. Just fluff :)\

Requested: Yes!!

You sat at a table filled with Marvel writers, bouncing ideas off of each other. You had been hired to be one of the writers for Spider-Man Homecoming, and now you were back for the second movie in the series.

“This movie is adding in some new characters from the comics, Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, and Miles Morales, does anyone have anyone specific they could imagine as these characters?” someone, who undoubtedly was important to the movie’s production, called out.

Ideas were thrown out, various people around the table taking notes. You thought about Harry Osborn, and a lightbulb went off in your head.

“Harrison Osterfield could be Harry. He’s an amazing actor and I’ve read that fans really like the idea, they’ve started petitions and everything, plus we already know he has great chemistry with Tom,” you piped in, speaking up to be heard over the large group.

Everyone silenced and looked at you, all looking like they were deep in thought.

“I like that idea, someone call him,” a man spoke, nodding his head. A rosy color spread over your face, still not used to being praised by such well known and talented people.

A woman got Harrison on the phone, and asked him to send in a self tape. She explained everything she could to him without revealing any secrets, not even telling him what part he would be auditioning for.

Once that was done, a couple more names were bounced around for the three roles that were up for grabs, making more calls to agents. You were still buzzing about speaking up to hopefully get Harrison the role, not attempting to hide the smile on your face.

Once filming started, you make sure to be on set whenever you could be. You were ecstatic when you heard Harrison landed Harry Osborn, practically squealing when you got the email. The only downside was that he was no longer able to hang out with you, as he always had to be on camera. While Tom was filming Homecoming, if you were on set he would sit by you occasionally while you were working. You got flustered when he came around, and barely said 5 words to him during the entire filming process.

You stood behind a large camera, watching Tom and Harrison acting together. Their chemistry was off the charts, leaving everyone dumbfounded. The scene they were filming was a dramatic one, both staring into the other’s eyes. You found yourself not paying attention to the scene, and only to Harrison’s bright blue eyes. They distracted you from everything around you, completely captivating you with their color, comparable to the sky.

He looked away from Tom and to you, taking you by surprise. Your eye’s widened, cheeks flushing immediately. You placed one hand on your cheek, feeling the warmth radiating off your skin. They finished the scene shortly after that, both Tom and Harrison done for the day.

You made yourself look busy, shuffling through papers you were holding in your hand. In your peripheral vision you could see Harrison making his way over to you, and your brain went into panic mode. Talking to him wasn’t easy for you, he just made you so nervous and you couldn’t explain it.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said with a lazy grin, shoving his pants in his pants pockets. He looked so cool and collected, and you imagined how nervous you must have looked. You looked up at him, paper’s ignored, and offered him a shy smile.

“Hey Harrison, um, that was a really good scene there,” you said quietly, looking at the floor.

“I just wanted to say thanks,” he replied with confidence, you looking up in confusion. What did he have to thank you for?

He seemed to notice your confusion, and he backtracked slightly.

“Jon told me it was you who mentioned my name at the meeting for the new characters,” he explained, smile still not leaving his face. You blushed once again, this time feeling even the tips of your ears burn.

“Oh, that? No problem,” you mumbled, laughing nervously. You tied your hardest to not be awkward, but hearing his perfect accent and looking into his eyes proved to be too much for you.

“No really, thank you so much. Tom and I talked about me getting a role in the franchise but w never thought it would really happen, it means a lot that you thought of me.”

“I’m glad it worked out, you’re amazing.”

It was his turn to blush this time, and you watched as the pink shade spread over his face. You were glad he was nervous too, it gave you an inkling of hope he felt the same way about you did about him.

He looked as if he was about to respond, when Tom appeared from behind you and stood next to Harrison. He clapped one of his hand’s onto his best friend’s shoulder and smiling wide at you.

“Hello Tom,” you greeted the brunette boy, now clad in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Everyone knew taking off the suit was Tom’s favorite part of each day, he was always pulling at the fabric in places it was too tight for it comfort.

“How are you today, Y/N,” he said in a charming tone, easily making you smile. You didn’t have feelings for Tom in any way, but it would be dumb to say he wasn’t cute.

“Pretty good, you?”

“Fantastic, I was wondering if you would come to Harrison and I’s apartment tonight? Some of the cast and crew will be there and we would love it if you stopped by, isn’t that right Harrison?” Tom presented his offer to you, whilst simultaneously giving Harrison a light punch in the shoulder.

“What? Oh, of course, you should come,” Harrison echoed, nodding his head profusely.

You nodded once he finished, surprised at yourself. You normally wouldn’t accept an invitation with such ease, and would have to contemplate it for a while before giving a solid answer. When it was an offer coming from Harrison, in a way, and knowing he would be present, made it sound worthwhile in your mind.

“Sure, yeah, thanks for inviting me,” you added with a smile in Harrison’s direction, choosing to ignore the fact that Tom was the one who invited you first.

“Yeah, my phone’s all messed up so I’ll just give Harrison your number and he can text you the address and time, is that okay?” Tom asked with a head tilt. You were oblivious to the fact that he was just saying his phone was broken as an excuse to get Harrison your number, truly believing he was having phone difficulties.

Harrison on the other hand knew Tom was lying, he had just seen him using his phone perfectly fine, and he could see right through Tom. Even though Tom was an amazing actor, being his best friend meant you knew when he wasn’t telling the truth.

“Sounds great, thanks,” you concluded, taking a few steps backwards. You were eager to get ready, not so much to look good for Harrison, more to feel good about yourself. If you were’t looking the best you felt you could, you wouldn’t have enough confidence to put yourself out there.

“See you then,” Harrison called out as you walked away, one hand reaching back to scratch his neck.

Both boys gave you a wave as you walked backwards, only turning your back to them after you had waved back. Upon reaching your car, you drove to your apartment and began the process of getting ready.

You were in the middle of doing your makeup when your phone buzzed, a text from an unknown number showing on your lock screen.

Hey, Tom and I’s apartment is (insert apartment building/number) and you can come around 7:30

It’s Harrison by the way :)

You added him as a contact, giving him a quick response back before getting started on your makeup again. You didn’t apply as much as you would to go to a bar or club, but enough to cover your insecurities. When you looked in the mirror you were satisfied, so you picked out an outfit and slid into it.

By the time the cycle of getting ready was done, you had made perfect time to leave and get to their apartment at 7:30 on the dot. Driving there was easy, and you used your phone as a reference to get to the boy’s apartment.

Raising your fist to knock, you took a deep breath. There was a good chance you wouldn’t be close with any of the people in attendance. Sure, you had worked on Homecoming as well, but being a writer meant that you weren’t on set every day, you weren’t given as much time to form bonds with the cast.

The door opened wide, revealing Harrison with a smile on his face. He was out of costume, and no longer looked like a rich 16 year old. You smiled as he welcomed you inside, taking a look around their shared apartment. It was nice, and not to mention clean. Every surface was tidied, not a sign of mess anywhere. Cast and crew were scattered throughout the living room and kitchen, and not everyone seemed to have arrived yet.

“Do you want a drink or anything?” Harrison asked, guiding you into the kitchen where less people were situated.

“I’ll have water if you don’t mind, have to be onset early tomorrow,” you decided with a sigh, you hated early mornings with a passion. He was already pouring water from their filter into a cup, nodding at your statement.

“Me too, I’m deciding to be a little rebellious and have a Pepsi though,” he teased while wiggling one eyebrow. You let out an airy laugh, glad you weren’t feeling as shy as you assumed you would.

From the other room, Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob stood in a huddle, trying not to make it obvious they were watching the two of you. They all shipped you, constantly giving Harrison hell about his massive crush on you. They never thought their ship would sail until Tom had the idea for the party.

While the group of three watched, you and Harrison were hitting it off. You were still nervous, leaning on the counter top so you didn’t fall over, but conversation came easily between the two of you.

As the night went on, more and more people showed up. The apartment was growing more crowded, making it difficult for you and Harrison to find a quiet spot to talk.

“I have an idea that I wish I had thought of an hour ago,” Harrison blurted. You were interested, raising an eyebrow at this statement. He motioned for you to follow him as he left the two rooms the party was held. He walked into what was clearly a bedroom, and onto the balcony on the other side.

You both stepped out, the cool breeze immediately hitting your faces. There was a gorgeous view of the city, lights from buildings making the landscape stand out against the dark night sky.

“Wow,” you breathed out, settling in the couch, Harrison doing the same right next to you. The blue eyed boy smiled at your reaction, looking out to see the view. He, on the other hand, couldn’t tear his gaze away from you. It was dark, but the lights from the streets made your face glow. He was in a trance, in awe at your ethereal beauty.

He hardly budged when you noticed him looking at you, blushing like mad.

“What?” you questioned, hands moving towards your face to hide it, “is there something wrong?”

“No, no, you look, I mean, wow. You look amazing,” he managed to spit out, feeling himself at a loss for words. Your blush spread all the way to the tips of your ears, you could feel the heat spreading from your cheeks.

You were looking right at him now, butterflies unleashed in your stomach. Both of your eyes were trained on each other, neither of you brave enough to make any moves yet.

Maybe it was the soft music you heard playing from the next room over, maybe it was the city lights before you, maybe it was the sounds of nightlife. Neither of you would ever really know what gave you the confidence on that night.

You both leaned in at the same time, your smooth lips meeting his slightly chapped ones. It was a soft kiss, not hungry or desperate. It felt like a first for both of you, even though it was neither or your first kiss.

You sat out there for a while after the kiss, your head resting on Harrison’s shoulder and his arm around you. It was a comfortable silence, both of you perfectly content with just enjoying the moment. You had to go home eventually, but you would see each other in a few short hours.


Hey guys!! ;W; I still can’t believe that this ship has sailed <3333
I planned to do a lot of Victuri/Victuuri art before they’re canon XD but I never thought that it would be canon that soon <33 Episode 7 was sooo damn wonderful! Love them <3

Actually I wanted to redraw a screenshot..but now it turned out a little bit differently ^^“ I hope you don’t mind c;
I haven’t drawn a kiss scene for ages!! It was so hard for me ;w; But it was a nice experience <3 I really want to draw more kiss scenes in the future<3

I hope you like it c; 

Flint and Abigail

Hi there, here’s that Abigail and Flint fic I toyed with writing. I’m so glad I got around to actually putting it down on paper…er…screen. It was pretty interesting to try and nail the Flint Voice, I hope I at least got close. Please enjoy!

It was quiet now.

Abigail did not know pirate ships could be so quiet. From the stories her father and nanny would tell, ships run by pirates were always loud, wild and unhinged. Constant plunder and pillage and gunfire, never-ending death and danger. But now, she sits on the stern she sat on this afternoon, this time in the dead of night, with one lone man controlling the ship; the very tall, very quiet one. The only sounds around her were the low creak and rumble of the ship as it glided through the water, and the rustle of the flag when hit with a breeze. She closed her eyes, and let the sweet breeze kiss her hair, she inhaled the smell of salt that wrapped around her, feeling truly free for the first time in…she can’t even remember.

Abigail felt a chill run through her spine, wrapping the blanket she draped over her shoulders tighter, a gift from Lady Hami—Miranda. She remembered the terrifying haze she was in for days, only to be revived of that to be moved to a dark, dank belly of a fort, where a man thought money was more important than her life. Millions of thoughts ran through her head, the loudest one being if she would ever see the sun again, be outside again, breathe again. She wondered if she would ever stop being someone’s prisoner.

But sitting on this ship, with the moon clear and the stars bright, with her skin feeling pure fresh air and smelling nature in what felt like years, Abigail began to feel freedom again, she felt as if she were returning to herself, slowly piecing together what it felt like to be human, to be alive.

She jumped at the light thump from behind her, her nerves rattling and turning to see who was approaching. Her nervousness dwindled—slightly—when she saw that it was Captain Fl—James McGraw—moving slowly to stand a few feet away from her.

“I did not mean to frighten you,” Mr. McGraw says, voice rough, trying to make his voice gentle for the girl.

Abigail shakes her head, her movement slightly fidgety, “I did not mean to jump,” she replies, her voice small.

“Are you alright?” he asks, keeping his movements slow as he walked towards her.

Abigail nods, “I could not sleep…I thought the air would clear my mind, but…I find my thoughts reeling now more than ever.”

Mr. McGraw thinks on this, and nods. “You wouldn’t be the first. Nature plays cruel tricks like that more than you know,” he says, cracking the tiniest hint of a thing that could qualify as a smile. Abigail’s shoulders relax further, and works up the courage to move over on the small bench she occupied, offering the captain a spot.

Keep reading

Prompt #28

Han groaned rolling over and tangling himself in the sheets. “Fuck.” He hissed as the early morning light backlit his eyelids and slung his arm over his eyes to shield them. Where was he this time? Clearly this wasn’t the Falcon, this was natural light and the bed was large and comfortable. Ord Mantell, the mission with Leia.

He stretched and rolled back over coming to rest against a smaller warm body. He slipped his arm around her and buried his face in her hair taking a nice deep breath of star flowers? Leia? He opened his eyes and sat up a little, it was definitely the princess. “Shit.” He muttered. He’d been drinking the night before, they both had.

How drunk was I?

How drunk was Leia?

A drunk person can’t consent.

Oh, gods. He panicked, he needed to know what he’d done, if he’d pressured, her if he’d… “Leia.” He shook her gently.

She protested by burying her face into her pillow.

“Leia.” He shook her again, more insistent.

“What is it?” She spoke into her pillow.

“You awake?”

“I am now.” She moved onto her back still wearing his old T-shirt and shielding her eyes from the light. “Gods, is there a button for the shades?”

Han fumbled with the buttons on the nightstand and the room finally dimmed.

“Go back to sleep.” She reached out for him and pulled him down to her.


“Shut up.” She spoke curling up against his chest and putting her cold feet on him.

“Gods, your feet are cold.”

“You didn’t complain last night.”

“What happened last night?”

She sighed looking up at him. “You’re not going to let me go back to sleep are you?”

“I mean I remember that we both drank a lot, we didn’t…”

“Hmm, mmm. You were a perfect gentleman, you shut down my advances at every turn. You went on and on about how I couldn’t consent because I’d been drinking and how you’d never forgive yourself if we fucked and I wasn’t as sober as I thought I was.”

Han sighed. “Good.”

“You’re a good man, Han.” She spoke curling back up against his bare chest.

“Would you have regretted it, if we had?”

She sighed and moved to look up at him again. “No.” She spoke decisively. “No, I would not have regretted it.”

He sighed. “Missed my chance didn’t I?”

“For now.” She spoke burrowing further under the covers. “But I don’t think that ship has sailed just yet.”

He smiled slipping his arms around her.

“Go back to sleep Han.”

Prompt #28: How drunk was I? As requested by @knightedrogue

Just wanted to address something...


Soooo. Let me just explain a little something. I already know that one of my favorite ships, between Sanji and Nami is not cannon. I know it will probably never be cannon, as Oda even said it himself.

With that said, not everything I ship is cannon. In fact, almost any pairing I do is not. And that is totally fine by me. I believe in my own personal opinion that with whoever I ship, its because I see them as a good pair. Now it doesn’t mean they are or will be, but I enjoy seeing them as a possible couple in fan art or writings, and I will continue to enjoy it, whether it is canon or not.

We fans usually ship characters not because we believe they are or will be a pairing, but because seeing the characters together and the prospect of them being a couple makes up happy.

Even with that said, I will never be upset if someone disagrees with my ships, and I will never say or illustrate rude thoughts to those who ship characters that I do not.

Shipping is for fun, and for fans enjoyment.

Plus, it gives us RPer’s, writers and artists something to use as inspiration for our interests.

Please don’t judge my ships, cannon or not. As I would never judge another’s.

With all that said, leave your rude comments to yourself please, I don’t care for them and most of the time they will just be ignored.

I will never be upset when my ships don’t sail, because they have never even left the docks in the first place, and I am content with that.

My imagination does the job for me.

Hey, but Bender…

          Why are you doing one of these if these followers are probably the same that were following you before? They just followed you here from your previous blog.   

I’m glad you asked there, buddy. Let me start off by saying that, ONE) I don’t think I say this enough, and I’m terrible at communicating with people unless I know I can be my usual dweeb self with them but… I really, really appreciate every follow, every thread and every meme that’s sent my way, whether we plot it out or not. They really do brighten my days and I feel happy knowing there are people who enjoy writing with me, and reading and checking out what I do. TWO) I’ve gotten new followers! Which is always nice, and I thought I’d say hello to all of you, as well as warn you of the nice quantity of shit posting that’s going on here, I’mma be real, but let’s rp, yeah? THREE) I had this screencap of Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science sitting on my desktop, so I thought, wHY WOULD I MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY?

But before I become a bore, let’s go with the acknowledgements: 

         @queetzalcoatl​​ & @bextus​​: aka the original Potato Squad™: Adrian, MJ and that Hoe (aka me). OH MY SWEET JESUS. I’ve been hella absent and this past few months have been a binch to me, but I hella love you and I miss talking to both of you often. I FUCKING ADORE writing with you and knowing we’re all Satan at some point with ‘em feels. Y’all always be top of my list on this site. 

         @godcreates​​: My sweet summer child. I had just started writing with you when I sort of vanished due to real life kicking my ass but oh my God. Harley and Felicia were so unexpected and before I even realized I was all over them and tripping with my damn feelings, I mean, Angst AND Comedy? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am that there’s someone here is still writing Harley and developing him into such a cool teenager. 

         @ncglect​: Will we ever stop being terrible people to Laurie Collins? The answer is Hell No. I’m pretty much terrible to plot with because my memory is the worst and sometimes I can’t even remember what I did five minutes ago… so the fact that you stick around to keep talking about and planning the one ship we sail in single duet means the world to me ;_;. I would love to write 2453252 more stuffs with you in time, so thanks for the pain and the patience and everything in between º3º. And for believing in me and Laurie when nobody else did :’).

           @immorallcd​: Harry and Gwen are one of those ships I never even thought I could get to like but now I sit here like: “DAMN, SON”, and I want you to know this is all your doing. My only regret is that we haven’t written or talked much, but that’s all on me bc I just… * Mumbling mess * But yes. YES. I look forward to see you online when you are, reading about your Harry and how he interacts with everyone around him is super interesting to me, so this is me praying to shed the shame and jump in your IM to actually flail about it directly to you <3.

            @cyb3rn3tics: I just wanna serenade you, and thank you for jumping in on the mess of a blog I have to make something as EFFIN’ pretty as what he got going. You’re a super expressive and warm writer, it’s always a feel good ride when it comes to reading what you do, you have no idea. I’m an angst woman, have always been, probably will be for the rest of my life. But mY GOD, DO YOU WRITE THE PRETTIEST, SOFTEST FLUFF IN THIS LAND AND THE NEXT ONE. Keep that great stuff going, dear!

And to you, if I didn’t single you out:

        I just wanted to let you know I’m the shyest person in the world, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk to you or get stuff going. I really would love to get threads going, and ships, and friendships going with other muses but I’m not that good with words when it comes to being friendly myself. But legit, any idea you have, any ship, any thing that’s bothering you and you need help with or just someone to listen, I’m here and I’m happy to talk to you all.

        I enjoy reading your headcanons, seeing what you reblog, checking out your blogs… really guys, being here makes my day in so many ways I can’t begin to thank you enough for it. Thank you all!

Yo’! Let’s fuck shit up soon, a’ight?

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Nathan Fillion talks about  Christina Ochoa on Conan O'Brien | April 15, 2014

My girlfriend was looking at all these incredible toenail thing art online and I said, “I can do that.” And she said, “Oh, yeah? Put your money where your mouth is.” So I had to, I did- actually, that’s not what she said. She actually didn’t say that. (x)

Trapped Yet Loved

Summary: Pirates capture you for your mermaid tear and they’re going to hold you hostage, then when a certain sailor meets yours eyes, you start to get unknown feelings.

Genre - Romance

Phillip x Reader

Requested by Anon

Written by Admin Ashley


You were watching everything even before it started. You saw a large thing float overhead and observed how it created small waves from the sea. You were always the observant one; watching the fishes, watching the waves, well you were always watching everything. 

You’d been listening to people that were sailing by and learnt that the huge thing that floats on water was called a ship. You’d seen a lot of ships but you never knew the name of them. 

You thought they were fascinating. 

One calming night, you thought it would be a good idea to get a closer look. You swam quietly towards the small boat and heard chattering. You stopped and listened to them.

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ships-that-will-never-sail  asked:

Hello how is your day father? Mines going great! The question I have for you is What will eren and mikasas child look like? Also I would love some facts about them Thank you I hope you get this 😊

Imagine a grumpy looking, black haired, a little darker skinned child. There you go! (also I assume you mean would instead of will) 😀

  • Mikasa trains about three to four hours a day to stay in shape
  • She hates her muscles (Eren really admires that about her though)
  • Eren has problems sleeping due to his persistent thoughts about Carla and Grisha
  • Eren likes to cuddle and often gets red while doing it
  • When Eren is emberresed his ear turn red

I replied and reblogged a GoT S8 bingo card and mentioned I had a theory about who will kill the Night King. My original theory didn’t specifically target the NK but wights. I think The Hound end up at Winterfell . I feel he’s going to sacrifice himself to save Arya and Sansa from the Walkers and/or wights , setting himself on fire in the process so he doesn’t become one if them. Cruel irony and he dies a hero. The man that never thought himself to be a Knight, is the most “knightly” one on the show IMHO. As a bonus, I would love to see Arya and Brienne kill the Mountain in his honor 😉
This of course is JMHO, there are prolly holes in this that you could sail a ship through. But I will always stand by my theory that whether or not his dies….the man *is* a hero. 💜🐕


Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. I really hope it was well worth the wait.

Much to Daryl’s annoyance you keep calling him cute. One day he urges you to tell him why you keep doing this.

word count: 1734

approximated reading time: 9 minutes

“C'mon now, Daryl, it ain’t that dangerous”, I pleaded walking behind him. I had been following him the whole day trying to convince him that it would indeed be a good idea to take me on a run with him. I always got his back but somehow that wasn’t a good enough reason for him to just give in and say yes.
“No!”, came the expected answer. The same answer he had given me the last ten times I asked.
“Why not?” I began to feel like a little child begging for sweets when in reality I only wanted to spend time alone with him and there was no reasonable way to do that at home. At least not a reason where I could keep avoiding telling him the truth.
“Told ya before, it’s dangerous. I ain’t putting ya in danger if I can avoid it.”
“C'mon, Daryl. It’s cute that you think that way, but you could still take me with you. I know you’re sweet, cute, considerate. You don’t really have to prove that anymore”, I purred.
“Stop sayin’ that, will ya?!” He looked me up and down. “I ain’t cute or any of that shit.”
“Well, yes, Sir, you are, even though you don’t wanna hear it.” Maybe I was taking it too far but that was something to worry about later. Maybe he would give in just because he wanted me to shut the hell up. It was worth the try. And I wasn’t lying. He really was all that even though he didn’t want to hear it.
“How would you like it if I called you ‘cute’ all day!?”, he gnarled squinting his eyes.
“Well, I guess I would actually like it, feel flattered, you know, the whole thing!?”
I only got an angry glare in response. Replying with sarcasm and the like wasn’t the best way to talk back to Daryl and I knew that, even though I still couldn’t hold my tongue.
After another minute of silent glares he finally sighed deeply. “Ya wanna tag along?! Fine…” He took a step forward, brought himself closer to me as he gnarled: “No whining, no unnecessary risks. And don’t you dare make me run. You copy!?”

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replied to your post

“eliotswaugh replied to your post “the rungs of his broken ribs…”


BECAUSE I AM NOT SINKING IN THIS SHIP ALONE also you seem to like said ship lmao


replied to your post

“eliotswaugh replied to your post “the rungs of his broken ribs…”

honestly this is just a no win situation. because either it won’t happen, which means i’m yet again invested in a ship that’ll never even sail. or it will happen, which means the cw will inevitably make it into a clusterfuck nobody can enjoy.

my thoughts exactly. but hey. the fic potential is amaaaaaaazing. and if they get any touching scenes I might be able to make a gifset for them.

CS Fic: Ghost Ship (1/1)

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: K

Word Count: ~1800

Summary: Emma calls Killian down to the docks to help her figure out what is lurking in the fog.

Links: AO3/FF.net

“Killian, how fast can you make it down to the docks?” Emma asked without so much as a “hello” when he answered his phone.

She had worked the overnight shift at the Sheriff’s station and was due home shortly. Killian had spent a restless night until he gave up on sleep completely. He never slept well without Emma to anchor him to the here and now, and before she called, he lay in bed watching a thick fog roll in from the ocean outside his window.

Suspecting the weather had something to do with Emma’s call from the waterfront, Killian asked, “Is something the matter, love?”

“I don’t know…just…well, you’ll see when you get here, and then maybe you can tell me?”

“Aye, I’ll be there straight away.”


He pressed the “end” button and placed the phone on the side table. He’d rarely heard Emma sound so conflicted when it came to her job, and he wondered what strange thing was defying explanation now. This town was many things, but boring was not one of them. Cleaning up and dressing quickly, Killian hurried out the door and over the few blocks to the waterfront.

The dampness from the fog clung to him, beading up on his hook. Killian gave a fleeting thought to all the times he’d been at sea mired in a heavy mist such as this. An exemplary sailor could maneuver through it in an emergency, albeit reluctantly, but reason dictated the safer course was ceasing activity altogether and waiting for the woolen clouds to lift. Sound carried in strange and unsettling ways—some noises echoing in all directions—causing inexperienced crews to lose their bearings in confusion. In especially long instances of dense fog, with frayed nerves increasing among the men, more than one new sailor would take a shot into the gray, sure he’d seen or heard an enemy ship off the port bow. Without fail the result would generally be extra duties for the waste of ammunition or a flogging for a second offense.

He could see a small crowd gathering on the adjacent beach, some pointing toward the water and others shaking their heads. He spotted Emma, finally, leaning against the railing of the boardwalk near a local fish market and jogged over to her.

“Swan?” he huffed as he approached.

She turned at the sound of his voice and gave him a thin-lipped smile that was not the heartwarming greeting he’d been hoping for. She looked…bewildered and tense.

Killian shook his head and frowned. “What is it, love? You look troubled.”

“Yeah, you could say that,” she answered as she turned again towards the bay. She nodded toward the open sea, where the fog was shifting and trying to break apart in some areas. “I got a few calls this morning from some fishermen and dockhands who said they saw a ship out there.”

He shrugged, still puzzled. “What of it? I’m sure lots of ships come in and out of the harbor.”

Emma turned her head and looked him squarely in the eyes. “Yeah, but none of them are your ship,” she said, her concern finally breaking through her own confusion.

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