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I don't know if this is just me or not, but I've really been missing the 2009-2013 kpop era. 😥😥😥

Before the awful year of 2014 ruined it all…

-EXO OT12 was the instantly popular new group
-SNSD was whole and the most popular girl group
-Big Bang at peak popularity
-Groups that are now dead were at the top (2NE1, Afterschool, e.t.c)
-F(x) at peak popularity
-SHINee is immensely popular
-Super Junior was super popular
-The Kdramas were megahits (Heirs, You’re Beautiful, Dream High, Secret Garden)
-BTS Debut
-2NE1 innovates new girl group concepts
-All our now classics came out (Fantastic Baby, Sorry Sorry, Gee, Bubble Pop, Wolf, The Boys) e.t.c)
-SISTAR challenges beauty standards
-Co Ed School existed
-Miss A OT4
-Kara existed
-Led Apple existed
-Hyuna breaks into the kpop scene with her unique image
-Pledis cared about Afterschool and Nu'est
-Orange Caramel at peak popularity
-MBLAQ existed
-Bom was respected as a person and an artist
-People didn’t freak out when they found out idols were dating (like the human beings they are!)
-Glam existed
-EvoL existed
-5dolls existed
-Gangkiz existed
-HAM existed

This is in no way meant to say that kpop isn’t good now, because it’s AMAZING. I love all the new groups, concepts, and songs. I’m just recognizing how great it used to be.

It’s smart to recognize good things in media you don’t like and it’s smart to recognize bad things in media you DO like. It’s okay to like something and still see flaws in it, and vice versa.

Be critical of your media, especially if you are a writer. Every movie or tv show or comic can be a valuable lesson.

Individualistic temperament
aries: ruled by mars, the instinctual/animalistic ego and conscious personality. Purest essence of being.
leo: ruled by the sun, the shining singular identity, the spirit and creative self expression.
aquarius: co-ruled by uranus, the progressive rebel and act of nonconformity, swimming against the current while still practicing togetherness and equality through social union.

Emotionally responsive
cancer: ruled by mother moon, mirror of solar light and ascendancy of emotions. Rules the 4th house of the soul; reflects, absorbs and nurtures the mood and emotional need of others while dealing with their own. subconscious reactions to life.

Chameleons (or mimics)
gemini: ruled by mercury. Changeable, dual and flexible approaches of the personality, many faces.
libra: ruled by venus, the handheld mirror. Reflects the character of others to socially resonate and accommodate.
pisces: co-ruled by neptune, easily impressionable and absorbent nature, dispersing energy.

virgo: ruled by mercury the thinker, analyzer. Observant, detailed and digestive of information, able to take mental notes on human behavior.
scorpio: co-ruled by pluto, the psychic surgeon. solemn and silent concentrated focus. Able to dissect and pervade people and the overall energies of atmospheres.

capricorn: ruled by saturn father time. Hyperconscious of social patterns and structures. rules over the midheaven, the sky of the chart, looking over everything and therefore able to master the human experience and serve as a mentor / provider to others.

taurus: ruled by venus planet of beauty and values. Savoring of the preciousness of life and holds respectable, moralistic principles. Master of patience, the greatest resource
sagittarius: ruled by jupiter the explorer and professor. Life’s lover; indulges in wisdom gained through life experiences and practices impartiality, good-natured character and ethical structures. Distributes knowledge

How You Interact: Dating Wilford Warfstache

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-Though he’s a stuck up, egoistical bastard; he puts you first. 

-He adores giving you gifts and making sure you have everything you want. 

-Only the best for his “Shining Star”. Amazing food, beautiful clothes, good books. Nothing is second best or left undesired. 

-He likes showing you off. Wilford will have you tucked under his arm and introduce you to people by saying. 
“Here is my lovely co-star, (Y/N). Aren’t they just glorious?” 

-Anyone who disagrees or says something bad about you is shot. Point blank with no warning. 

-You sometimes have to talk Wilford out of killing someone. You’ve even hidden his gun a few times to assure no one is hurt. 

-Others come to you when they’re worried that Wilford might be over-stepping some boundary. Or worse they’re afraid he’ll kill another contestant. 

-Wilford listens to you of course. But it doesn’t stop him from hurting others if they say something he takes as an insult or a misunderstanding.

-He consults you about his plans. Whether it be about Mark, a new show or the way he dresses. He likes having your input. 

-Wilford will allow you to play with his mustache. When your cuddling or getting dressed, if you ask nicely, you’re able to stroke or style the pink hairs. He doesn’t mind. 

-Wilford is a cuddle bug. He likes having you close almost at all times. 

-He gives you a big whiskery kiss before going on a show. Making it look as dramatic as possible. 

-Wilford likes to spoil you to exquisite dates at fancy restaurants. 

-He’s a goofball, but a dangerous goofball. However, he makes sure you are safe. Away from the other egos or anything that puts you in harms way. 

Pet Names: 
-Shining Star 
-His Beautiful Assistant 
-My/His Dear
-His Gem

As each day goes by, there was never a time that you werent in our thoughts. some express theirs loudly, while some hold on to their silent hopes. either way I hope they reach you - our unending concerns, well wishes and unwavering support.

I feel like there is something missing.. and that part will only be whole once you return - a happy, healthy, stronger, wiser and better jinki that is. you are loved and I hope never for once will you doubt that.

My TF2 Comic Series

This is a rough idea as to how I’d plan out a new on-going TF2 series if I were given the chance, based on what I know of established plot and my major assumptions about what some of the final developments are likely to be. When (if?) part 7 of the current TF2 comics storyline gets released, a lot of this may get rendered moot. I’m just spit-balling, anyway. It’s fun!

So! Here we go.

Picking back up in the spring of 1974. Everything is different yet also pretty much exactly the same.

Demo gets saddled with Merasmus, first as a roommate, then as a magical mentor. Merasmus knows he must eventually train a successor to carry his arcane knowledge into the future, and while this guy may be drunk half the time, he actually has a lot of potential. And besides, he did Merasmus a solid when he took him in. So Demo embarks on a wondrous-yet-annoying quest to unlock his magical potential and claim his alchemical heritage. Merasmus and Mrs. DeGroot get along like they’ve been friends their whole lives, of course. Demo’s home life becomes a wacky supernatural sitcom starring himself, Merasmus, his mum, and his three familiars Eyelander, Bombnomicon, and Mini Monoculous. (Those three have their own weird dynamic. None of them actually like each other very much.) And hey, magic powers!!!!

Zhanna and Soldier have the biggest, stupidest, most elaborate Hawaiian wedding ever because it’s the furthest thing from that frozen Siberian hellscape she could imagine. (Soldier grumbles a bit that it’s barely even America, but finally relents.) Literally everyone is invited, including any and all NPCs, old enemies, the ghost of Tom Jones, a clan of raccoons, and close family of the mercs. We get to meet Soldier’s weirdly normal family and catch up with Zhanna’s family. Soldier turns into a drama-bomb groomzilla while Zhanna is just overwhelmed with happiness. She falls into a coma from the mental shock and is roused out of it when magical intervention annoys her into returning to reality. Once married, they immediately begin furiously attempting to conceive a child. Like, more than they were before.

Heavy himself is adjusting to his new family situation and being a little overbearing (unintentionally.) His mother is happy to be taken care of, so he moves her to America and builds her a beautiful cottage not too far from where he lives. It has all the amenities, including a high-powered laser mounted on the roof. Zhanna is starting her own family, and he’s secretly giddy at the idea of being an uncle. Yana and Bronislava are both off on their own world-trotting adventures, but they don’t write him as often as he would like. He’s collecting the selfies they mail him from all the exotic locations they visit into a photo album, which he likes to flip through and feel that big brother combination of pride and worry.

Medic has to deal with his past, such as his parents. He’s finally gotten around to going through the box of keepsakes and documents left to him by his mother, where he makes some interesting discoveries, and his elderly father comes sniffing around, presumably to take advantage of his estranged son’s advances in rejuvenatory medicine. Meanwhile, occasional bids from Mephisto, Perdition Representative and current minority shareholder of his souls, to tempt him into trading for more favors are casually swatted away. (I mean, until he actually wants something he can’t accomplish himself.) Medic really shouldn’t underestimate a sufficiently pissed-off devil, though. They have ways.

Throughout every story, hints are occasionally dropped that Pyro is an alien. Some are subtle, some… less so. Someone important apparently takes notice when Pyro begins to be followed around by 70s-era X-Files style FBI agents. Balloonicorn delights in terrorizing them, but Pyro is looking forward to making real good friends! Ultimately, nothing is ever revealed one way or another about Pyro’s nature, so everyone just ends up kind of confused.

Saxton Hale has stepped down as the big boss of Mann Co (handed over to Miss Pauling, who will sometimes call for advice) but remains an investor. He and Mags are now a power couple, but he’s going through a mid-life crisis in which he’s seeking out and wrestling the most legendary, dangerous monsters in the world, which is getting dangerous even for him. Mags has her own complicated feelings about the rekindled relationship, including the baggage from her past marriages, brief as they were. Eventually Saxton must face the fact that the most challenging foe he must wrestle into submission is… HIS DUTY TO MANKIND (and Mags.) They return to Australia to help rebuild after the loss of all the world’s Australium and oppose Charles Darling’s growing post-apocalyptic Thunderdome-esque zoo-based empire.

Sniper has manned a disastrous submarine expedition to the sunken ruins of New Zealand (because he built it himself and refused to ask for help) and barely survived. He reluctantly asks his fellow mercs and Miss Pauling for help in a second expedition, recovering artifacts of his lost heritage in return for sharing it with Mann Co. He also gets roped into Mad Max-esque adventures with Saxton Hale and Mags. And of course, his birth parents are still at-large, which he doesn’t know how to deal with AT ALL.

Miss Pauling is juggling several explosives at once. First, she’s just getting the hang of being Mann Co. boss (including having people do things FOR HER, her assistants Bidwell and Reddy), dealing with the terrorist cult Rise & Shine that’s out to ruin the company, hiring new staff (Driver to help with the cult situation and a new merc liaison to fill her old role, Chicken Girl), forging her vision for the future of Mann Co., and deciding how to deal with the company’s inconvenient ward Olivia Mann. She has her fair share of frazzled moments and sudden urges to dump all her responsibilities and run far, far away, but she never does. That’s not who she is. Oh, and she gets a girlfriend, so that’s nice.

The new liaison Chicken Girl (as everyone insists on calling her after Scout recognizes her) doesn’t actually remember Scout and finds him very aggravating, but not enough to quit her new super-legit job, which she’s actually very good at, once she gets the hang of it. She just wishes they’d stop calling her Chicken Girl. Just “Chick” isn’t an acceptable substitute.

Engie is increasingly called on by Miss Pauling to consult on developing exciting new tech for Mann Co, which is especially important in a world without Australium to fuel effortless scientific discovery. The McMANN is his first such success, and he’s so excited and proud! He collaborated with Driver, the new blood, on its final design, but it was 95% his project. (He’s pretty sure that goes without saying.) Engie spends a lot of his time quietly tinkering away at ideas to make the McMANN even better, but he cooking up some other stuff that he knows Miss Pauling will be interested in. Even though some of it’s a little… weird.

Scout, Spy, and Scout’s ma are awkwardly trying to form a conventional family unit. This is extremely complicated because Scout is still convinced his father is Tom Jones and there are all those older brothers to deal with. The most successful moments happen when Scout’s ma tricks the two of them into spending time with her for a nice outing like a picnic at an outdoor concert, a baseball game, a demolition derby, etc. (Of course, there are shenanigans.) We also learn about the history behind Scout’s parentage.

The Mann brothers are all still hanging around as increasingly irrelevant ghosts, doing silly ghost stuff. Since they’re triplets, none of them can move on unless they all do, and it’s a constant source of arguments. Redmond & Blutarch just want to pull spooky pranks on people, but Gray takes as much time as he can to try to influence and even possess his daughter Olivia, which she eventually starts fighting.

I would include Driver in this new set-up, as previously mentioned. As the new recruit, she’d be the one to ask questions about stuff the audience might want answers to, which is a useful function in fiction where a bunch of crazy shit happens all the time. She’d have her own little character arcs, too, but I’ve gone on enough about all that.

And do keep an eye on that weird new cult that has it out for Mann Co. Rise & Shine? Yeah, I’ve mentioned them a few times. To the public, they seem so cute and harmless, with their chubby smiling mascot of a guru, talk show coverage, novelty songs, and funny comic book series. But we know better.

Daily Notes

Summary: The one time Bucky decides to go get coffee, he finds you, a feisty barista, along the way. Strangely enough, you’re the exact reason he continues to keep coming back.

Word Count: 1,324.

A/N: After many visits to my local Starbucks, I’ve gathered up some inspiration for this fic and I really loved how it came out! Big thanks to my friends @heaventide & @galaxayy for helping me come up with these sweet notes included. Hope you guys enjoy, and as always feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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