a shield

*Suffocates under the pressing weight of all the books, TV series and responsibilities I am yet to complete*

Some Underated Animation Noises:

- When Starfire says “Glorious!”
- The music playing when Steven summons his shield
- when Yang cocks Ember Celica
- When the Omnitrix powers on
- When A Powerpuff Girl punches someone
- Kim Possible’s four note ring tone
- Wall-E charging


Oliver: “Hey babe ..” 

Awa: “ .. Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” 

Oliver: “I clocked out 2 hours ago and when I saw all the photos lying around at home I figured you were here .. how long have you been sitting out here?”

Awa: *shrugs* 

Awa: “They will never get to meet their grandchild you know .. and Hazel will never get the chance to be the cool aunt”

Oliver: “Thats not true, she’s still gonna be the coolest aunt. We’ll tell the baby all about her and your parents. Tell them every story and show them every photo, we can even take them here to visit if you want to”

Wait a damn minute!!!!

So Fury is NOT in Infinity War, Captain Marvel Avengers 4 or Black Panther?! 

So where did he go? Because last we saw him was at the end of AOU talking to Romanoff about Bruce. 


Seriously though, we can’t call this a Shield reunion if all the members aren’t united. Roman is just as important as Dean and Seth! Until then, can we just say Dean and Seth are having “A” reunion and uniting and bettering their friendship! And while Ro is getting his angle and making his title shot, we just sit back and wait for the ACTUAL Shield reunion. c:

Steve Chen : #TBT #WCW #SDCC2015 After a long day of non-stop press junkets and panels, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening festivities. I captured this moment on the shuttle…a brief respite for the two. #tiredandgorgeous #MingNaWen #AdriannePalicki #AgentMay #AgentMorse #AgentsofSHIELD #shotoniphone